In this video, Classmates I will share with you an earning application wherein we can get instantly $30 for free or ₱1,500.00 by just clicking Lazada application. Yes! We will just click, Classmates Let me tell you ahead We will not invest here. And our earnings is 100% free. And many have been using this application. And many have received their payout here. [instrumental music] [instrumental music] Hello Classmates! Welcome back to my channel! By the way, i am Rose. And if you are new to our channel And you want to earn for free. Kindly click the subscribe button. And hit the notification bell. to get updates on our new video uploads on how you can earn online. And now, Classmates We are giving away free ₱200.00 to those who will comment on the hashtag word that you can find in this video. But of course, before that Like and subscribe first.

So for today's video, Classmates I will share with you a new earning application wherein we can really earn big. So what am I talking about? Without further ado, Let's get started. So, Classmates The application I am referring to and what we will use today. is Social Good. This application, Classmates is available for Android and Apple users. So, we can download this in Play Store and App Store. Also, for you not to have a hard time. I will just place the download link in our description box below. So just check that out. And there, So, Classmates Since I am an Android user.

We are here in Play Store And Social Good has a ratings of 4.4. That ratings Classmates is already high for an application. And if you will notice here, Classmates The downloads is more than one million already. So isn't it cool? It means Social Good has many users already. So from here, Classmates We already knew that this application is good. And many have earned from here. So there, Classmates After downloading this application Let's open it. Then we will be re-routed here. So there's a brief introduction about Social Good. So let's skip that. because I will explain that later. And there, So we are here in their Dashboard. And here, Classmates The first thing that we need to do for our earnings to credit here is to register So for us to register here, Let's click the human logo at the top. So let's tap that. Then, there So here, Classmates We can immediately see the $30 Welcome Bonus that we can get here upon registration. So here, Classmates For us to create an account We can link our Facebook Google Twitter or our personal E-mail. So, for us, Classmates I will link our Google account.

So let's tap that. Then after that, We will be re-routed here And we have an option to put an invitation code. For us to receive an additional bonus. But that Classmates is optional It is for those who just like to. And since, I, Classmates I would like to receive an additional bonus. We will put an invitation code here. So let's put there. And there, After placing an invitation code. Let's select Register So let's tap that. And there, So we immediately received here $30 Welcome Bonus So there, Classmates Aside from the free money we got How can we earn big in this application? So to explain that, Classmates The Social Good is giving cashback in the form of cryptocurrency to their users.

So if you are familiar with the application we usually feature in our channel. Which is Shopback. So, they're almost the same. The difference, Classmates We have many options to earn. And we can get higher rewards. So here, Classmates They have three ways for us to earn big. The first one there is Shopping So here, Classmates In Shopping, basically what we will do is to shop online And we will open the online shop here. And by the time we will purchase. We can get here up to 100% rebate. In the form of cryptocurrency.

And that token is what they call SG Token or Social Good Token. And the current value of 1 SG token is $0.86 or ₱44.00. So, isn't it cool? That Classmates we can get for free here. And there, Classmates So going back, Let's use as an example Lazada, So for sure, Classmates Most of you have ordered in Lazada and like what I have explained earlier. If we will use Social Good before going to Lazada. We can get up to 1.61% crypto back. from what we have purchased. So imagine Classmates We have purchased from Lazada worth ₱5,000.00 or $97. So we will immediately have 1.61% rebate which is 1.5 SG or ₱65.00 that will be credited to our Social Good account. And we can withdraw right away. So technically, Classmates We did not only earned as well as saved, right? [laughs] So how can we do that process here? So, for our purchase from Lazada to get credited We need to open first the application of Social Good. Then after that Once we have opened it Let's proceed to Shopping tab. Then here, Classmates under the Trending Stores We can immediately see Lazada. So for us to proceed, Let's select Shop Let's tap that.

And there, This Classmates is what I am telling you the 1.61% crypto back If we will use Social Good before we proceed to Lazada. So to proceed to Lazada, Let's select Got it At the bottom. So let's tap that. And there, So we will be re-routed to Lazada application. And by then, we can now continue with our purchase here, Just make sure, Classmates that you opened Lazada in Social Good.

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For our crypto back to get credited. By the way, Classmates Going back here in Social Good. Lazada is not only their affiliate store Here, Classmates They have more than 1,800 participating stores, that we can choose from. So here, they have Ali Express eBay Booking.com Dhgate and many more. And this, Classmates take note, most of their affiliate stores the crypto back that we can get is up to 100%. Also, you can shop here up to $10,000. So imagine, Classmates That's 10,000 and we might purchased from an online store that offers up to 100% crypto back.

So, isn't it cool? It is like we did not spend anything. So there, Classmates If you have favorite online stores try to check that here in Social Good. To earn more here. Aside from that, Classmates just to give you an idea WIth their other competitors the rewards can be received within three months. But here in Social Good the redemption can be completed as early as thirty days. And aside from that, Classmates The other way to earn here in Social Good is by Staking. So let's proceed to Staking tab.

At the top. So let's tap that. So here, Classmates We can earn 15% annually by staking SG tokens. And take note, Classmates the rewards in staking can be received and will reflect in our Assets every six hours. Also here, Classmates the good thing we also have an option to buy tokens. Here in the exchange platforms like Bittrex Uniswap and Bitmart Of course, that's also good for us to earn more by staking in Social Good. But the best there, Classmates We can stake the SG tokens we earned here. Which we get for free So we get that for free. And if we stake that We can earn more here, For me, Classmates I highly prefer once we have earned SG Tokens it is better to stake it first For us to earn more here. And the third way that we can do for us to earn more here. is their Referral Program So we can see that at the top the Referrals So let's tap that.

So here, Classmates If we can invite and if they purchased at least $30 in any affiliate store of Social Good. Both of us will earn $30. Isn't it cool? You and your invite will both receive earnings here. But there, Classmates Like I always say, Inviting a friend is optional It is for those who want to earn extra Because here, Classmates You will definitely receive crypto back Regardless if you have an invite or none.

So now, Classmates Let me show you how to make a withdrawal here. So to do that, Let's proceed to Assets So let's tap that. And here, Classmates You will see our total earnings here which is 33 SG, or $28. And if we will convert that in to peso. We will have ₱1,450.00. And here, Classmates at the lower part Let's select Withdraw SG. So let's tap that Then let's select Withdraw with market value. So let's select that Then here, Classmates We will be asked which do we prefer either withdraw our SG or stake it. So Classmates, if you have few SG tokens it is better to stake it first to increase our earnings here. And to give you proof, Classmates that this is a legit and paying application I will flash on the screen some of the posts of the users who have withdrawn and have earned many SG tokens here in Social Good. So there, Classmates is the proof that we can really earn for free in this application So that's it for our video today, Classmates Hope you like this video And please share this video.

To help more who wants to earn online. So goodbye for now, See you on my next video..

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