a REALISTIC Day in the Life (Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Manager)

Hey there, my name is Andrew. And this is
a day in my life as a digital marketing manager and entrepreneur juggling a
high-level corporate job end business on the site is extremely time consuming and
oftentimes very stressful so I want to give you a glimpse into what this look
like I actually left the corporate life a few months ago to pursue my passion of
building online businesses so the following is a collection of footage a
few months back and no my day definitely does not include the video you're
looking at now this is me traveling at the moment so let's rewind back
I wake up at 6 a.m.

Hopefully on the right side of bed the absolute first
thing I do is always make my bed as William McRaven said if you want to
change the world start off by making your bed the next thing I do before I
brush my teeth is fit in 20 push-ups this helps wake up my body and get the
blood flowing and also help start the day off right by giving me a sense of
accomplishment within 2 minutes of waking up I've already technically
accomplished two things I highly recommend implementing these two quick
tasks into your morning routine if you haven't already from here I then brush
my teeth and wash my face I spend the next 15 minutes journaling and then
meditating I used the five minute general to efficiently jot down my three
things I'm grateful for today three things that would make today great and a
daily affirmation to wrap it all up starting the day with gratitude has been
such a positive change being able to easily frame my mind in a positive light
reminding me of what is important and humbling myself daily you don't need to
buy an expensive a fancy journal to do the same
I recommend implementing this new daily routine starting tomorrow with just a
spare notebook or piece of paper we'll come back to the rest of this journal
later tonight to seal the affirmations and positive thoughts I spend another 10
minutes meditating on my balcony and really soaking in the morning air before
getting right into it I've recently cut out coffee from my diet so I find pure
matcha tea to be soothing and healthy replacement here I'm using a 100 prong
bamboo whisk bamboo scoop traditional matcha Bowl and Harouna tea to match up
I start by warming the bowl with water mixed me in the matcha powder with a
little water at 80 degrees and mixing with the bamboo whisk
full circle until fine and then I pour in more water at 80 degrees until the
ball is 3/4 the next step is to continue whisking in
quick W motions to produce to that foam on top of the matchup yes this is
pedantic way of making a tea but again it's a small ritual I enjoy and look
forward to plus it tastes great at this point it's around 6:30 a.m.

still my PJs and I spent a solid hour or so in my home office I always try to fit
in this time to work on my site hustles before heading out the door and focusing
on my nine-to-five corporate role as a digital marketing manager I run several
businesses which I went get into detail on in this video but if you're
interested in the side hustles I've built or if you are interested in
selling a site house with yourself then you may want to check out the videos on
my channel after this video within the hour I am typically doing high-level
tasks that don't require large chunks of my time and this means replying to
emails replying to my students and at this point it's usually really hard to
peel me off my desk to get ready for work because to be honest I'm so in the
flow when I'm working on my own business and having a blast but it's 7:30 a.m.
now so it's finally time to get ready for work
I take the train into work and during this time I spend the time reading
following up tasks for my business or just getting ready for the day ahead at
work I aim to get to the office at 8:30 a.m.

pexels photo 267399

I like to get into the office
earlier so I'm able to get on top of my workload and get out on time I work as a
senior digital marketing manager at a boutique marketing agency if you wanted
to learn more about the gig let me know in the comments below it's a pretty neat
place check it out get free breakfast so naturally the first thing I do is make
myself breakfast say hi to colleagues before the
headphones go on and it's go time spend the first 30 minutes going through
emails checking my calendar as you can see for the day and making a prioritize
a to-do list my role is extremely demanding and we
often juggle countless large digital marketing campaigns so being organized
and prioritizing work is quite tool as you can probably tell hi I love
marketing and getting immediate results from our efforts so checking in and
optimising ads is extremely rewarding to me I also get to work with large media
companies directly such as Google and Facebook which you'll see later in this
video and I might be biased but a career in digital marketing is extremely
rewarding for those wanting to work in corporate 95 so as part of my role there
are a lot of client meetings both over the phone and face-to-face so usually I
get these out of the way in the morning today I have a couple scheduled over the
phone after the meetings I'm back at my desk replying to more emails working
projects and basically putting out fires and keeping clients happy by
consistently producing a strong return on adspend across all their digital
marketing and it's finally 12 p.m.

I usually have
lunch at my desk while continue working on reading industry news I'm not the
biggest fan of eating lunch at a blog desk but I do this so I can cram in an
hour-long gym session I find when I don't go to the gym on a work day I get
really itchy and fatigued going to the gym really helps break up intense days
and leaves me feeling refreshed okay so that's enough backing for a day now I
spend another solid our action tasks or working on projects also leaving time to
reply to emails my inbox often fills up really fast
so again prioritization is so important today I only have about two hours before
a seminar who stood at the Facebook Sydney office so I'm just finishing up
this meeting setting up a digital campaign and then hurrying out to get to
the seminar every six months we sort of retailer the strategy I'm in this
document he's just asking what's the best price is going to Facebook on
LinkedIn and I believe a little Cuban sent email I just went back to in with
step by step process so we're just waiting already
cool just finish the mini red and our hog which is longer than usual
but is very productive and understand this room for a little bit longer and
just work on setting up some digital platforms we're now on our way to the Facebook
office I personally love trips to both Facebook and Google offices as it's a
great opportunity to be the first to market when it comes to changes to the
platform which gives us a big advantage it's also a great being at the forefront
because I can apply the learning to my business and share it with you guys
first also it's a great way to network snag up goodies food and of course free
booze the most impact yeah okey-dokey back at
the office now to wrap up the day I usually spend more time replying to
client emails and managing campaigns and projects you should probably start to
see a trend by now but today it looks like my colleagues have a different idea
working at a digital marketing agency we work hard and play hard we'll go out
after work game together and of course we even play beer pong and it's safe to
say it gets pretty rowdy unfortunately I have to cut the night
short and head home to work on my side hustles on the way home I enjoy catching
up on some light reading and today I'm reading radios principles so just got
home I shout and as you can tell it's been a pretty hectic day so far and I'm
gonna go now go cook and take this time to sort of one wine a little bit before
I get stuck back into it but yeah let's go start cooking tonight we're making a
simple yet delicious chicken thigh and vegetable curry chop up leftover veggies
fresh chicken thighs and in a few tablespoons of your favorite curry paste
and coconut cream and that's quick affordable dinner ready to go usually I
unwind a little during dinner before getting stuck into the third and final
round of work at this point I'm pretty exhausted but it's these hours that
define my success I work usually all the way up until midnight or even later and
this is the time I do the bulk of my work usually I'm bulk editing YouTube
videos even filming videos managing any business fliers replying to emails and
fulfilling online orders received for the day with my VA s I then jot down
notes in my productivity notebook to keep tabs on my workload for tomorrow
morning and the week ahead it's about three past midnight at this
point and I am blocked how I'm done at the moment so it's been a pretty hectic
day obviously not every single day is like the one that you see today but the
rough schedule is about the same so I hope you do hope you did enjoy this day
in my life and as you can tell running a business or side hustle while working a
full-time particularly stressful full-time job is not easy and so if
you're doing the same thing please let me know the comments below
otherwise if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for
more content like this and yeah I'll see you in next few videos otherwise thanks
for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you the next videos see ya

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