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– Every minute right now on LinkedIn, almost 200 people join,
9,000 connections are made, almost six people get a job every minute out of 4,500 applications
that occur every minute. – And every minute, 1 billion LinkedIn notifications
are sent to your inbox. Okay, I joke kinda but you know what's
having a moment right now? LinkedIn. You're almost hitting two
years at LinkedIn as CEO, happy almost work anniversary. What is different now at LinkedIn
than it was two years ago. – It's been fascinating
to lead the company over the last couple
of years through COVID, through a great talent reshuffle. Where professionals across the world are not only rethinking
where and how they work, but why they work and the whole world is turning
to LinkedIn these days. – [Joanna] Of course, that's
exactly what you'd expect the CEO of LinkedIn to say but I have to admit lately, I've also been turning to LinkedIn and not because I'm looking for a new job but because the other
social networks I use have all sorts of issues.

– I started Facebook, I run it and at the end of the day I'm responsible for what happens here. – We weren't expecting any of this when we created Twitter over 12 years ago. – LinkedIn has largely dodged
the social media backlash. Why do you think that is? – What it's all about on LinkedIn is connection for opportunity. It's about people who are
having conversations around trying to get a job or trying to hire or trying to learn a new skill, maybe trying to buy or sell a new product. Maybe trying to start a new company. – [Joanna] Basically people
act a lot less like a jerk when they're trying to network for work or when they're looking
for, as he puts it. – Economic opportunity, economic
opportunity, opportunity economic opportunities, opportunity. – So while LinkedIn may
have long been known as the most uncool social network. It's actually one of the most civilized and useful social networks and not only for us
old-seasoned professionals – We're seeing a lot of Gen-Z
join the network right now.

They're much more interested
in portraying themselves through video or through
a much more robust profile than maybe older generations. So we're seeing the platform evolve to much more cater to them. – So how is the platform changing to respond to the influx of younger users? With new features that stand to modernize and get you using the 18 year
old professional network more? The feature I found the most interesting and wanna see come to
other social networks. Is a no politics button,
it wipes politics news or chatter from your main feed. How does the system
decide what's political? – Through our editorial team, through our semantic classifiers, through what the
community tells us they do or they don't want. We're just constantly trying to figure out the types of content that make the most sense for them to see. – You guys are testing it right
now, small amount of people. Do you plan to roll this out
more broadly and if so when? – Yeah absolutely, I would
love to see how people use it. If they find it effective, if it's helping them better accomplish what they're trying to
accomplish on LinkedIn and then if that makes sense,
we'll roll it out to more.

– You can check now to see
if you have this setting. Go to account preferences,
feed preferences, there you might see a toggle asking if you'd like to see
political content in your feed. I haven't seen any
political posts in my feed since enabling it but to be honest, I didn't have a ton to start with. In the coming months, you'll also be able to launch a live audio or video event right on LinkedIn. Think clubhouse and zoom right in the LinkedIn app or website. – Especially through the pandemic we saw a ton of events
that moved on to LinkedIn. Obviously, professional events
you can't have in person. Then a lot of what we're
seeing work on LinkedIn are things like career
fairs that you couldn't, you know, kinda do in person or the small professional
events in webinars.

pexels photo 6953881

– [Joanna] You can now also add video to your profile photo. In the mobile app, tap your profile photo, then tap add cover story and you can introduce yourself
with a 30 second video. – Gen-Z really wants to
be showcasing themselves through video first. It's not just about filling
out texts on their profile, it's constantly sharing what
they're doing, what they know, how they do it, how they
know it, through video. – [Joanna] And just like
every other social network. LinkedIn is trying to attract creators. People who make content with new tools that let you reach bigger
audiences on LinkedIn, but Roslansky says it's more
than just sharing to go viral. – Oftentimes, you know, you think about creation
for entertainment's sake. There's also creation for opportunity, which is I have these things that I wanna be able to teach my network and I'm gonna find an
interesting creative way to showcase that on LinkedIn.

– Is there a compensation
model for creators on LinkedIn? – So we've actually taken a
small group of people where, you know, kind of compensating
them more than anything for their knowledge of like,
hey, what are you seeing and learning across LinkedIn that we should take into consideration as we think about building
features for the masses – He's talking about LinkedIn's
Creator accelerator Program.

A $25 million fund,
that's going to creators to help them build their
audience on the platform and finally, I couldn't
let the LinkedIn CEO go without asking about
everyone's top LinkedIn peeves. First it's the LinkedIn website, kind of a mess and cluttered. – Thank you very much for the feedback. Absolutely something we're working on. – For the record, that's what
LinkedIn told me in 2016, when I complained about the same thing. The next is a lot of
notification and emails. – We really wanna put control
in the hands of the members for what they do or don't
wanna get notified about. You can literally turn on or off anything that you wanna know about and I think it's really
important to understand that you have a ton of people right now who are trying to say, hey, any time a new job
is posted on LinkedIn that hits these criteria,
please notify me immediately.

– You can go into settings, communications and get very specific about what you do and don't wanna be notified about and then last spam in messages. – So again, something where
you can always, you know, decide to turn InMail off. If you want you can decide I only wanna hear from my network and we are testing a
variety of a kinda new UI and relevance models there that I think they're gonna
create a much cleaner inbox for people on LinkedIn. – But really how does the CEO of LinkedIn celebrate a work anniversary? – You know, I haven't hit
that two year anniversary yet, so I'll let you know. I'm sure you'll be notified
when I do with that anniversary..

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