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You can actually set up this digital Product once and you can benefit from it Again and again and again for the next Couple of weeks months or even years and I'm going to show you exactly how to do It without actually investing a single Dollar so all of this is completely free And I'm gonna walk you through the Entire process in this video step by Step so if that sounds good enough then Make sure to drop a like down below and Let us actually begin with a full Breakdown and the first thing that you Gotta do is to go over to a website Called the disk UW just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Track their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all you know this udemy is a Platform where you can find a free udemy Courses now udemy is a platform where

You can buy courses you can buy digital Courses and literally anything on Facebook ads Google ads you can buy Courses on Fitness and weight loss you Can buy courses or on Instagram you can Buy courses about making money online And building a business there's like Courses and literally everything on Udemy and this queue to me is a platform Where you can find some of those courses For completely free instead of paying Like 300 for a course you can find it For free so what you can do is you can Go to the search bar over here on this Q To me and you can find a free course and Literally any topic so let's say for Example I want to search for a course That's related to Facebook ads if I type In Facebook ads on here that's going to Give me courses that are literally worth Like a hundred dollars for completely Free so for example Facebook ads and Facebook marketing funnel crash course 2022 published on the 2nd of December 2022 only zero dollars if you open it up Unfortunately this one has expired so I'm gonna go back and try to find a Different coupon code so that one didn't Work let's just try to find a different One so that might happen to you as well You might see some course and it might Not be available at the moment that you Click on it but as you can see this one Is available so I'm going to click on

Take a course this is also 2022 Edition And that's going to give me my coupon Code which is this code over here this Link so this is the most important link You want to copy that you want to save That and if you actually click on that Link you're going to be able to see that It's it's going to take you to udemy Where you can get the course for free so Now what you want to do is you want to Go over to so is a Obviously free graphic design platform That we've been using in many different Videos so you're probably very familiar With it so what do you want to do in Canvas you want to go to custom size Over here and then you want to select a Custom size that's going to be 1080 by 1080. so you want to type that in 1080 By 1080 so the height is also going to Be 1080 and that's going to open up this Blank document now on the left side you Can just add some easy text which is Basically just going to be Congratulations it'll just make it a Little bit smaller and then you will Create two different buttons so you want To go to the elements section and you Want to type in a button over here and Then you can use one of these so let me See if I can find something that's Interesting so perhaps I'm going to use This one this is going to be the button Number one and this button is going to

Say click here to enter the 750 giveaway I'm just going to make it a bit smaller And I'm I'm going to change the color to White so that it actually stands out This is going to be the first button and I'm gonna duplicate it and I'm gonna Create another one so I'm gonna copy and Paste this and I'm going to add another Button which is going to be click here To claim your course so this is gonna be The second button now you can of course Customize your design you can go to the Elements section again and you can type In for example money and you can type You can add something or whatever the Course that you are promoting as a value Is about Fitness and weight loss you can Add some elements that are related to That I can perhaps add money on the side So this is my design now once you create A really simple design you just want to Download it as a PDF document so you Want to go over here you want to select PDF standard and you want to download This onto your computer now once you Have this into your computer you want to Proceed to The Next Step which is to go Over to and will allow You to edit that PDF and actually edit Those buttons which you created this is Going to be the first button for me so I'm going to add a first link and first Of all I'm gonna make sure that this Button is clickable click here to claim

Your worse and just in the external URL Box I'm gonna add my udemy link the Udemy coupon code so I'm going to copy The link again I'm going to go back to Here and I'm going to enter that link in The external URL box so that when Someone clicks on this they're actually Faken to udemy where they can claim the Course for free and this second button Is going to be the CPA grip button so You want to go over to which Is a Marketplace for for thousands of Different CPA offers and CPA stands for Cost per action which means that most of These offers pay you when someone Completely certain action which is in Most of the cases just submitting their Email address so you're literally being Paid to collect email emails so you want To log into your account after Registering an account for free and then You want to go to offer tools in the Left side go to my offers and you can Find these giveaways that where people Can enter the remolo trash for a chance To win something so they don't actually Need to spend any money or buy anything But you're gonna be paid two dollars per Email collected and in this case we have A 750 dollars PayPal gift card giveaway Where people can answer a couple of Questions submit their email address and When they do they've answered for 750 Giveaway and you will be paid two

Dollars per person so you want to copy The link for that offer and then you Want to go back to SATA and then you Want to add that link so you basically Make this clickable as well and then you Insert your external URL which is your Referral link from CPA grip so that if Someone clicks on this button they're Going to be taken to that offer but you Can submit their email address and you Are going to be paid two dollars per Email so now you can just click on apply Changes and that's going to give you Your PDF document now edited so now if You open up that document you're going To be able to see that these are Clickable so if someone were to click on This button they're going to be taken to Udemy now what you want to do right now Is you want to go over to Which is a platform where you can sell Digital products in PDF documents so It's a platform that's being visited by Millions of people so there is a massive Marketplace on gumroad and you can list Your products for free so you can go to The product section or just click on Create your first product and then you Can name it in this case I'm gonna name My product to whatever this this course Is about in this case it's about Facebook ads and Google my business and Google AdWords so I'm going to type in Facebook ads Google my business training

Program and I can literally sell it for Just two dollars so I can just go over To here I can paste it here and I can Say Facebook ads Google my business and Google ads training program 2022 I'm Gonna select this is a digital product And I'm only going to sell it for like Three dollars and then I'm gonna click On customize and then we can customize And add a brief description of what this Product is all about what this course is All about so what they will learn or I Can pretty much just copy the Description of the original post so I'm Gonna take this and I'm just gonna leave It in my gumroad description over here Now you can click on Save changes and You can publish this product in Government Marketplace and it's going to Be listed over there so you can of Course just go with that and just rely On the marketplace where you have Thousands of people you can potentially Find your product and they can see that You are selling a valuable course on a Certain topic and it's only like two or Three dollars and if they buy that not Only did you make two or three dollars Or from the sale but you're also going To potentially make money when they Actually click the first link which is Going to be the CPA grip link for a Chance to win something and you can help Promote your products you can copy the

Link for your product right over here And then you can perhaps go over to Shout card this is an optional step in If you don't want to spend any money you Don't have to but if you want to get Additional sales you can just go over to which is a platform where You can find influencers with big social Media following they can promote your Link in your digital product for a very Low fee so if you go to shout card and You only select let's say Instagram and You only find people that are that have Instagram pages in certain niches you Can see that they will promote it for Like five to ten dollars you can get a Shot and you can get a shot out for Literally five bucks so in some cases Like 20 000 followers and it costs you Only twenty dollars to pay them like you Just paid them twenty dollars and they Will post an ad on their Instagram Account to 29 000 people about your Product and if you're selling it for Three dollars at least someone will Eventually buy it potentially so in this Case if we do the maths and around 20 Around 20 000 and people actually see That ad out of those 20 000 people if 0.1 of them actually purchased the Product or even 0.01 not even 0.1 but 0.01 of them buy that's gonna be 20 Different people multiply by multiplied By three dollars per sale it's about

Sixty dollars just from the product Itself plus all of those people when They buy the product they will actually Receive that PDF document where they can Click on the CPA grip link enter the Email address for a chance to win Something and I'm gonna make an Additional two dollars without them Actually spending any money and remember To when you upload your Gamma Road Product you want to go to the content Section and you actually want to include Your PDF document so you want to click On upload your file select the better Content editor and then you want to Click on upload your files click on Computer files and just upload the Edited version of that PDF document so The one that you've downloaded from SATA So this one in my case it's called Congratulations PDF so I will just go Back and I will upload it over here so This is the content delivery this means When someone purchases the product they Will instantly get access to this PDF Document where they can claim the course That they bought for three dollars in This case but I can also click the Button to go to CPA grip so for me There's no additional work at this point It'll literally when someone buys this I Don't have to actually go and deliver it They will get instant delivery and That's the beauty of selling digital

Products online so I really hope you got Some new idea to make money online I Really hope you got some value out of This video and if you did make sure to Drop a like and I will see you next time

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