Meet Rawaa Fattouh – Creative & Social Media Associate at Tamatem Games 🍅

Hello, my name is Rawaa Fattouh and I am the Social Media and Creative Officer at Tamatem. I started my journey with Tamatem four years ago as a Social Media Specialist and now I lead the entire Social Media and Creative team. I have always had a passion for games and there was a small part of me who really wanted to work. In this field my sister and I used to play Super Mario on the Atari when we were young and now I'm addicted to Resident Evil on the PlayStation 4 Social media has become very important in people's lives at Tomato We use social media to connect with our players Post culturally relevant content to promote our games Our Brand and Our Company Culture The Arab region is known to be one of the most socially active regions in the world We use platforms like Facebook Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube to connect with our players and provide them with high quality content in addition to managing social media accounts I also lead multimedia designers who are They create new designs to help us market our games and brand online plus To analyze designs data and conduct experiments to see how they perform to be successful in the field of social media, you must keep up with the trending news constantly and include it in the content of your pages.

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How to plan and employ your content in a distinctive way to establish your brand in the market I really enjoy working at Tamatem When I joined the company we were only 12 employees and now we are more than 40 employees It is amazing how fast our family grows We celebrate everything together Learn from our mistakes and grow together We are one family big.

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