[Music] and how are you doing, welcome to show that today is a really big show we have a special guest, the host with the most we got sos the ghost he hey, you see how i did it from a cold in chicago too, man, we'll talking about a controversial subject right from the start i see i am from chicago danny's from chicago new york and i say 100 percent we got a better pizza we got a better hot dog but i have to give pastrami that which is just so it's okay we bring all right now uh, wild one two blames later we got mikeball as well i think it's an executive producer or something with demons line but let's talk about it too but let 's have them here, we have sauce what's going on and then we got annie here fuck and let's go dude uh sos how you make a man good brother how do you say chicago has better pizza than new york we have little italy you have little italy there yeah we have taylor street man i 'll tell you something we talk got the sun, we got the bronx story right in m but Italy, come on pizza we got giancanos, we got rosatis Uh, I have to give you the first pizza [Laughter] I didn't know, I really don't know I really thought we're starting to get you now you'll say we're not known for the real pizza I was rather Irish, I didn't think it was like Italian oh here it's kind of real, it's like everything I mean, we have a Greek city we have a Chinatown we also have a little Italy, we have a man, that's all, man, then a humble park is all of Puerto Rican, so we got Puerto Rican food at the castle too, so we're good we have all the good stuff one thing about New York and you know people I'm going crazy because I know I'm a fan of the kids, but at the same time my American League team are yankees so I think that yes, there 's a crazy shit out there you hollywood um, i grew up like a cub because I played second base, I was shit, I didn't have a hand so I played second base, yeah, I was a waste bro, my dad wasn't here , you know I didn't grow up with my o but Ryan Sandberg was a star wrestler every year, so I was a big fan of cubs When I was growing up, I was actually like a cubs Mets fan and then you know you grow up in the Bronx, in the end you go to the Yankees right you have to if you want to survive at all you have to right well, let's talk about bronx man comes a lot of culture from the bronx, damn, we see a lot of movies that come from the Bronx and they are close people from what I hear in the Bronx neighborhood and things like that and one of the things I wanted to talk about uh right from the beginning because we get to uh you know how to get mcs and things like that and so the fact is that a lot of kids who come, you know, through a system of gangs and the like and possibly in mcs are really looking for that family unit When your parents aren't around and I think we're all experiencing this type of thing, so we wanted to get your story on it because you really did know you're king of the hill when it comes to creating content digging your ass, I'd rather not swear t youtube would kill us all commercially you really kill it which is a great story about how you came up you went through the prison system prison system and you created something of yourself where a lot of people give up and go back to the streets so we'll listen to you um so in Basically you know I grew up in the Bronx in the early 80's where everything you know was burned, I don't know if you saw the interview, but they used to call it a burned out Bronx because there was so much when fraudsters would catch on, they would just burn the whole building down, so as the police don't find their job, so they would literally be like crackhead residences and things like that when I lived on 183.

But where I grew up as a decatur ave the gun hill area it was just it was rough, you know how it was in 80s hollywood like you i know a lot of people think i'm super super young but you know i was at the time i was a kid in the 80s even though i wasn't like you an adult man I grew up in 90s, but you know New York was for t ebe rough i know it was, it was rough, it really was but what else that kraken was really bad then yeah like it lasted it cracked it took my dad away when i was four years old i didn't see my dad again until I wasn't 28 because I got stuck in the streets got locked up killed someone who got out but you know in those days you could actually get out if you know if you killed someone you didn't have 25 likes but liked a good 23 or something yeah and he was like he always did something and so and then I ended up following in his footsteps because I did it I was locked up from 15 to 17 because when we were young we were like robbers people we wanted we would be so poor that if we wanted to like chinese food, we would like to rob chinese i don't know if you did it all in chicago you all rob chinese man pizza man chinese man oh yeah yeah i couldn't think of it now like imagine you think some 14 15 year old is up to you and say like you give me your shit, like when you know what I mean just when you're watching my Christmas I also don't want him to demonize you and I used to deliver pizza and I had to go to the hood that you know I was in the hood and worked anyway and went I'm in the hood and what we were doing in chicago, we called and order the pizza you know the house and I look at it and I said a man I know I'm not someone you're trying to rob me today, bro like you take a page out of my own book doc and everything is chained and ready to roll and shorties come out the aisle, he said I'm a man, it won't be the type of party it's like, bro, we didn't even know you were the dog hey, tell someone else to come back [Laughter] what it was like for you where you knew your dad was, you know the guy from the street and he was locked up because he manipulated his business and things, but what did the emptiness do that will go away for you and maybe your mom or grandmother or who raised you what was left after your father, who went to jail, what I dealt with my abuse stepfather doesn't like sexual abuse, but like when you know back Like I don't know what it was like for everyone except where I'm from, everyone has kicked their ass like yeah yeah that's all, but if he's not really your father and he doesn't love you it's different when he kicks you yeah feel more like damn, you know like my mother beats me, it's like anything but you know, yeah, I've dealt with a lot of it and I feel like I feel like I think that's why I'm doing demons the way because I've never had that type of instructions don't do it don't do it because you'll do this get caught when you do what I've never had so I think that's kind of what inspired me to be our demon you know um, yes, it was just everything that is really great, man i listen, i keep it as real as t y I know a lot of people say oh, I've never lost a fight in my life that you just didn't fight so much, but like learning everything I did wrong was an asshole or something went wrong to know about shooting or shooting or something such was everything learned hard and that's why I'm like talking like the way in a number of demons it's because I'm trying to break it down so people don't know you caught up and I'm not perfect and there was something you all brought up about like um it's in chicago it's completely different, you know what i mean like it wouldn't be certain things i said on the show that chicago won't arrive and i even took it to the point where you could be in the same state you know what i say as I moved in my club would not be the same way I moved another club in my state it's different for that club I basically like to say like I'm telling my story and what I saw how to move not like inside a club thing But overall move when you're out, you know clubs or something if else you said your father is out now you have some contact with him um um, he's in the bronze shop and I barely speak to him because he 's as burnt out as he never learned english so he still speaks spanish and when i grew up from you i know that I'm a Puerto Rican like my mother didn't really talk to me like that my Spanish is as bad as I had a girl translate for me and like us not to be close, like I'm not one of those people who likes anything against him or my mother or anything like that, but we're just not close, like we're not in touch like my sister sees them, but I'm not one of those people who likes to think about the past all the time and wants to revive it right now, even though you know you've had a kind of abuse, when you were a kid you feel like those ass kicks actually prepared you for the streets and made you more aware of your surroundings and things like that and got you where you wanted to be motivated to be honest with you, i think it held me back because I feel like him I feel like my stepfather taught me to be a victim not to be an aggressor, so I was bullied so much that I didn't stop until I actually bought a gun and I actually had to let it be, you know what I mean, like it took so long.

long, so it's like and and that's what it's like when you don't have a father around, unless you're big brothers and things like that I didn't have if you know what I mean, so what led me to gangs and so was that type of circumstance, but all that bullying things stopped, like when I came home around 17 at the time it stopped, I remember the time when my stepfather actually slapped my sister and I just came home from lincoln hall, that's why I was locked, it's a division the youth division they call it in new york it's juvie and um well when i got home slapping my sister i put my hands on him like a wild son you know what i mean after that day i was never like i just got home otherwise, you know what i mean to be locked up to be locked up like a kid prepared me o on the street you know because i went like i went to spafford, i don't know if you know what it is but in new york spotford is when it was island rikers you're a kid you know what i mean i was a professional island of the right guys everything like i has been in the north and that's why I say I like my channel is more than just talking about one percent of life or anything else since I was 99 I was six years in the clique six years I was 12 years banging gangs so it's more like what I've been through on the street when I'm maneuvering, it's not just you know you're going to a mongoose party or whatever it is I've been the only guy in the bloody house in the north who kind of knows how to move when it's not a fucking cause yeah it's crazy in new york bloods run prison so in gowanda it's like there were like 10 of us it was stupid the blood of everyone else was like 60 blood in the whole prison so it's like you have to be some kind of substance and i always there are some kind of situations in them that you know I think that's what I think ipravilo, but I realized like all like what Hollywood said is like everything is a mess of things that happen and conditions condition it for your purpose you know what I mean you know the current type of life it was because you were looking for something to be part or it was something you wanted to make up for your father is not there and is not looking for a family so the way i got in is because my cousin came home came home from the green was closed he came home crip so because i already had something else situation in the neighborhood where people know who i was, i had some blood drove him out of the park and this is when the blood really started to rise in new york it was some time in the 90's about the time dmx was popular with get out of me dog and with all that really started to rise in new york and they were doing crazy shit like they would ask you what time it is and then if you look at your watch you would cut an old lady little girl who didn't care they were so mine cousin he was banished to park for some blood and i knew that big dude so i told him i squeezed homie and i told him listen listen this is my cousin i don't care about that gang shit this is my cousin this is family when you see him, stay away from him so he respected it and none of the crips had my cousin's back and people ask it was a serious street hm none of the people had my cousin back from which he came home jail with it and no one another wasn't there in the orchard as a place as when it first happened i told them i'm glad you're down with this and you have beef with people around you but you don't even have any of them here i was stupid and i I'm family oh, he's my family that's headless, let me get down with him I had to drive him out of it but instead I was like him I wouldn't change and if I started I would have other situations where I started giving hands on some blood in the neighborhood so it's like I've been labeled as a crip and this is my cousin so I won't let him it happened to him so it just got packed and before you know it, it's been like a long time I've been there, you know right to know you thought it came to me like a day with club stuff is you got involved in his protection, because you knew you wouldn't lose him right away yeah yeah yeah, I feel you feel like you know we'll get to the clubs in a minute, but with gangs that got a lot different than even when we went through it, you know my self was a real start 80's, it was a lot different compared to your 90's generation, where it was a little harder, but now you have things like in Chicago, you can't even walk in the west or on the south, there's a shy rock out there all in a row shoot, but on your side, if you have ms 13 which is so bad in your head uh, we've heard that everything in the news is something that 's really going on or it's the hype of the news I think overall crime is just rising for the sake of everything What's just going on in New York is just how New York is just a messy place it's hard to get At work, there are so many jobs out there but it's hard to get a job that people get crimes so young that you just can't get a job out there is so people people are trying to push the same jobs that everyone is trying to rush or do something tricky How to make money it's just and everything is so expensive you know what i mean worst worst one bedroom in the worst area is probably like a thousand dollars know in the wrong area you know so it's just everything is so expensive oh yeah expensive especially when you talk about housing and the like it's damn good yes it's great, it's crazy so you know your experiences as the rapist brought you in and you believe it's getting out or you know it's not even the same plane when you get to a motorcycle club because I always guess mcsang gangs no matter what the news says, it's just a few individuals who do things but you know we have to face the fact that you know a lot of people who were bangers are getting to the club, but I think about their whole ideology and their changes in thinking uh, you feel like it was a step up or you know it's something you want you know, get a part get a regular family that you know where to help you and it changed your mind i think it's hard to say because i'm not big on the rules i've always had a problem with the rules but um I definitely think when you're young i know some people may not like this but i think gang shit is a young guy shit when you're older you know you ride and things like that i think club shit is more some adult man shit you know what i mean i think you know it but honestly as always i say this i stopped being locked up when i got into clubs when i banged it was in and you know what i mean i think clubs are a much better choice for some little kids to get into you know i agree what you think clubs missing because we now have an average age of maybe 36 to 40 when in the past, When I arrived it was maybe 25 or more, but younger children just don't get involved and it's riding a motorcycle in general with getting bikes and things you think happening where younger kids don't want to be involved in any type of organization they don't have to be a club.

like moose masons any of that i think a lot of young boys are like basically what they tell me is like they just they don't feel all the rules and things you know like clubs have too many rules and are used to doing what they want you know i think that's a big part of it you think it's a lack of discipline oh yeah, you sure you know you know mcs come from a lot of soldiers too and like where i grew up there weren't too many people go to the army so i think it k it also belongs, you know right right you know you're on the same level as I politically we know but there was always one thing I always thought would be better you know our country as far as kids you're worried because others do it but maybe if you're not going to go to college, do d in years of service I agree and I agree this is one of the things you regret in my life I screamed at um six goals mc jimbo too because we just did an interview um, it's one of my regrets that I couldn't serve, I got my crime at 19.

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I had a naval recruiter and I went through everything was ready, he came to court with me he told the judge not to give him criminals, I would take him with me right away he did everything he had to do, he went through everything and the referee would not do it only gave me a crime and for some reason at that time they didn't let people with the crime properly and it's a pity it's similar to what happened to me man was literally the day I wanted to join I decided to wait until the end of the weekend I went on Monday and on friday night i caught my first crime and that's what drove my life from here it's one of my biggest regrets uh carlos here uh, my criminal partner how are you carlos yes we can't hear you so we'll keep going trouble with by the sound, here you hear me now with you we are leaving now we can hear you unfortunately yes we hear you we talk about um we talk to SOS about his experience how early in life he led him to the point where he is today and as I said before, a lot of people going through his situation don't have the strength to go where he is now they fall back into the streets and that's what a lot of people don't find hope or set goals like him and now he's starting to build an empire type media if you want what your colleagues are like, well, i think that just shows an example that it's not just common what people say because when you leave people on the street he thinks people will fall back into the streets and i know a lot of guys who were in jail before mc got to m.c and but that's not what could have changed his relevant little than he himself had the motivation to do what so many people did about it try to get on youtube people like to leave work doing things to do something you love besides you first you have to learn the things you hate doing what you love and what he probably did because I mean, k if he does it you make your own customization of all that shit yeah yeah I mean, I've always told people I'm going, man he does his thing no matter what I think gives amazing previews amazing customization has a great entertainment program alone for the audience and for people you really see, but he raised it, I think you have a lot of youtubers who complain and I and I don't know what their numbers you enter into work the result is the work you put in and it just shows an example that you can use your mind no matter where you come from where you have been and take advantage of any weaknesses or strengths that appear ahead to help you in the future either step back or don't think anyone else will help you in this life than you can give tools in front of you, but if you do nothing, I mean I mean a lot of people have the opportunity you give them a million dollars, they throw it away quickly, but you give the right person a million dollars triples it, so I think it just shows him testimony and shows that hey is n because you're from the street wherever you go, you're not an idiot and it means you don't have to have a title on either smart, I think there are a lot of books of smart people who can't do shit without common sense yeah so I think that's one of the main things you come from is it? came sos where did you say you know what i will do it i will do something demons world famous where it came from it came from the heart where there are a lot of success people go on to make it their ride and just say hey wait a minute you know that I won't let this keep me down or it keeps me down I'll make my own future so this is a good way to answer the question about the holy grail m.c culture as well as why I call it because I know some people think like they don't know me, thinks the holy grail of mcculture thinks it's better than everyone like that and when i say the holy grail it's like i bring up these topics and then we all get together and talk about it and there's things i have taught you know what i mean of all you know and we all come to this conclusion as I now know things I didn't know a few years ago you know you could learn from anyone I say this to say as always was like the Templars and and like the Roman Roman Empire and for me it has always been about heritage like where where i see when ever when everything is said and done where i want to sit and i want to sit in a legendary universe and i always thought that when a baby likes it it's like when we grew up, it was about remembering your name that you was you always know like in games I hate to go back to it because I know a lot of people you don't like but it was like you knew you put in the work so people would know who your name was ringing and so we grew up in New York, it was all about making a name I know you know so I don't know, I just always had the thing about one having a legacy that I'm leaving and when I leave I have that legacy you know I don't know why but I've always had it now you have kids because I felt personally if I want to achieve I want to do it, it's more for them than it was for me and they are such an inspiration to create you want to be better to be honest with you like my mine um inheritance is a selfish thing and I and I am a very sincere person and a transparent person I want to leave a stamp here and then leave the kids with a business that you know what I think they like but I want them to believe anything they can be I want to show them it's not about school or whatever you people feel about , do it, what me, is the right way because in the end we do what we love the
day, so if you do, you will be successful that in my opinion you know what I mean if you can make a living you are successful so it's so far, you want to make it, you know in my opinion you know yeah, well, it's kind of like it's something robert kiyosaki said are the ones that were bred to work and then there are the ones that were bred to stand up to the world themselves and be entrepreneurs and make their way she was the way they wanted to make the trip and you're doing it right now you know you have that you're on all the media platforms, you have a podcast ready uh you have so much on your plate that you say well I'll use time management and we go here we go there and I think I'll make a hole there and that's what I respect yeah, I respect you man, I feel like you did the same thing you know you swayed with a podcast that you know you're more demanding of it the party you know I feel like you're doing the same thing you know and our stuff was, like I said, always like a competition you know what i think but it was never harmful and like me say it in front of everyone, like when i was the only one who gave my look was hollywood, you know what i mean that's why i'm here right now like i don't forget when people do something for you know what I mean that's why I'm here too well, you have to remember the competition I think there is nothing wrong with the competition you need competition, such people increase their game, yes, I think if it was not for hollywood probably you would not step so much and if it wasn't probably because you forward others i would like to raise either i don't think one can talk, i mean i mean it's serious i think you can say the holy grail of course i can be personally what the fuck you know i don't want to swear but you know What does he mean, but then from a course where you explain things overall when you actually take a step back and forget about that bullshit i mean you means everyone does whatever you need to succeed point you do you know one thing i want to tell you um, the thing about the holy grail is like me i don't like that I deal with marketing as I would like to market the Templar because I'm a big fan of the Templars, I wanted to market it so it's more of a marketing strategy than a real one I think I'm better than I think I'm better than any other type of deal and I think that it's a good platform to say it because people maybe don't perceive it this way they might perceive it in a different way you say I know yes and that's not what it means you know yes, I think and that's the thing you I started, I just finished up here like me and personally this is how I took it originally of course when you say it but somehow I thought I was a marketer outside of youtube and marketing and branding is the number one thing if you can label it and mark money a phrase that is someday o I always say or think it's the coin itself so it's right well, I don't want to cut you well no forward like I grew up I grew up on wu-tango The cut is one of mine you know cut all about wu tango it was like karate this karate that i chose my lane will be like things on the templars bike so it was an influence you know doesn't say i'm a black belt and i'm better than everyone and i'll kick all the rappers you know your ass or whatever it was It was a marketing strategy, so I want people to understand that when they come across the Holy Grail it's about marketing, not about you knowing like I think you're better than everyone or what it's not about and that's what marketing is about and everyone together danny asked me about my business i was like a man we have a thing where you have to say it over and over and over again to get people into the heads of radio advertising and the like that and that's all you do is marketing, because it's a business and when a twitch came after you it broke me, i was like a dude, you know what you just don't agree you don't know you know you're trying to make a point now you 're going after that guy and it started me, I was like hell no man, that guy put a lot of work and you know it's fun when you go back and forth to me, it's just like joking but when you go to someone in a vengeful way that I just can't accept I can't do it I feel like he came, he came in a disrespectful way like if you come so don't do it on the internet, do it when you see me personally, you know what I mean like why you would go on the internet like ever before like disagree on whatever it was like you stated the facts you believed you didn't like something i did or anything i did n't care about shit like that it's a competition, but as soon as you're like a punk, you're what you 're like come on, bro why don't you say on the internet like who you don't know tell me when you see me in person it's a small world tell me until you'll see me in person, that's how I feel right, I'll fold it until uv I go in person, even though it's really guys who know me, I even say danny all the time I think if I ever have a problem that I would literally call straight, if I had a real problem with you before I publish something internet before I would speak upright and tell hey, I don't know you and I'll either talk about garbage or what a certain way, but I'd rather do it to someone directly than rather go to the computer you know and just post something a little bit of your hip that yeah you have to think about, while like I've never met anyone in person, so everyone who talks about me has never met me in my life you know this guy will jump in and be like you are a punk you are this you are there as if you never even knew me I've met me in my life, I didn't even know who it was so it was like it was just weird, it's just weird shit I Don't think any of us really knew who it was until it came out of nowhere I know that it is no longer on the internet but it still somehow killer well, I think that's the biggest thing even though I've always said that I'd rather have it all in person, I'd rather get in front of everyone to live with and do it in person if I had the chance it was yes yes yes no i agree i agree where is pub pub hollywood yes we have to go to the cause man, you can't say chicks or anything to my old lady is a stubborn fan of chicks and she oh my god wow summer but she you can't play with her husband she's not a joke danny well he knows we're all jumping on the plane with Carlos and you just started what you did you think you needed to do it grow where you were now it was marketing it was edit uh because your edits go uh I started with hip hop videos, that's why I'm good at editing, like I shot I don't know, you probably don't know I know, but as a French montana he's a pretty well-known artist, for whom I shot his team of coke boys you know I know what it is yeah yeah I I know you knew but um, I shot for the coke boys so you are m actually had experience with video shooting and similar editing, so when I entered I knew a little bit and I never went to school or anything but me yo honestly hollywood, I just watched the tutorials, bro, I'm still learning that's all, what i do i think it i think the key is just keep learning that you know researching everything youtube is just as beautiful thing everyone come here and try to learn something from us there you can learn things about all the adjustments yes, the lighting cameras, you know that's how i learned it all it's like elon musk, i think you can learn something about yourself online if you want to learn history, learn it online if you want to learn how to do math you can do anything online i don't like titles technically is semantics yes learn more yes computer right right you talked you talked about that music i sit here and I think, man, I only know david alenco whatever i wanted to crack in puerto rico now don't speak spanish man but new yorkers are like my boy cowboy was with a big club in the bronx and such but but uh but he speaks little you know a little spanish but you know when i was i hated it because when i was locked i have been since I was Crip I couldn't, Puerto Ricans were afraid to chill with me I chilled with the Jamaicans because the naked were annoyed so I had to sit there and listen to them speak their language all the time I do n't understand anything they say so I started chilling with the Dominicans Dominicans they weren't afraid of blood and they spoke straight spanish so I'm there you know what I mean the worst part is that we'll all go out somewhere together they'll speak spanish for you, danny and you then i'm who i'm the widest you're looking for that person with hollywood you're the one who speaks spanish and this is my first language in how spanish changed you, man, how it will change you it will make you like a man yeah yeah, everyone knows if you want to do it, you have to have strong skin but how you dealt with success um, that's great qman I don't know, I just keep working you know and try to keep growing it's basically what you know as I try to improve and learn more and like what I do wrong and then I really try to listen to the audience as they want and this sucks because I'll be 100 honest to you what they want is what hollywood gives them they want to hear hellish angels mongolian vagos you know what i mean they want to listen to the juicy shit you know so i try to be as creative as possible without having to do anything it 's a rough man, it's rough, it's a little niche we're in, so it's like it's hard and you know what they want because you give it to them all day so yes and you know what's a sad part of society and rather You hear about killing it or killing it instead of sitting down and saying you know well what SOS does or what Danny does, you know it's good for a community you know is funny when I look at all analysis you yes because when I remade this show, I was like well, we give something time but what you do but all you see are clicks forward and chapters where they are all bad yes well guaranteed as a whole when i started all my first videos a year ago appeared and don't enter club names i never mention from my videos not a single club name not one ever ever named so i don't get the viewing as i could if i gave like you literally know like hell angels you know something big with what you know cuts there so i just don't, it's something i like, i said that I have a different look at it in general so you can see the reflection yes if you've ever noticed that I never mentioned the club name yes, yes, right well you know what only once I mentioned that I think it's hard because to be honest with you like me and hollywood get hit directly by clubs like you listen, you can talk about it so sometimes it's like big homies it hits, i have to say the right way of presidents and things like that because i still have your know terminology or whatever another, but it is it's like uh sure presidents and high-ranking members who are like you this has just been spent in the media and they don't give it the right justice, you can say something about it so we're dealing with me and the hollywood agreement you know a lot about what i mean but there's always so much you can talk about too online and the creative part really gets back then the tough, you know you have to be really creative what you want i want to talk about now you're on the east coast and i watched you go west coast what is the difference between the scene and i know the midwest is like in yahoo country but you know me and danny talks about it all the time it's like damn that we're going into a night bike ride and it's all hairy old ass people but you're going west coast you have some girls and then go to a man from the west coast they have bad women ass bikes good music everyone has a good time yeah out here it's like an evening on a bike here it's a couple of support clubs dominant guys and bands of ugly ass women with ugly ass i just hang out at the bar, it's round the night is yes it's sad i love california, I'll be honest you love it all the women are beautiful there are so many clubs that it looks like there are about a million clubs but they all respect the big brothers out there as if they haven't played with them, but it's just I don't know man what I feel like where we're from, I feel like the prettiest bike is as regular compared to California as they do as much as their bikes amazing, it's art yes, even yes, like you lower riders i know it's just i don't know man i love it there, it's so expensive i wanted to move there but it's only as expensive as you know have you ever thought about vegas yes it's super expensive funny that you said yeah i was thinking about it today what do you think about it yeah my ship is always miami right in there you know whats about florida it's too stuffy i'd be upset all the time i can't man, there are a lot of goats all around shirtless and um and all those hispanic ways it's so wet though not what yours was like race women however in florida are not bad they are definitely in florida how was your reception outside on the west coast more love than on the east coast more love it's really crazy yeah i could n't i couldn't i i couldn't i didn't like mike you know what it is it's like mike people you know too many people he knows is as high as when we move around it's like it's just as much love as we went everywhere, it was amazing like i couldn't even believe it like i didn't realize the reach of the show and like that it's more, i think because the scene is much bigger like where where we live is cold so less people really really ride like you know sometimes do you think you're just uh it's like um people, what are you closest or you really want to see how you fail you know how there is such a weird saying like east coast yeah yeah just like when you work somewhere when you work somewhere let's say you want to say you grew up all your life you're a small child who b ylo hard work in a small grocery store then you become a manager, but everyone who works here always sees you as that little kid who worked there really does not see that you are moving up this area until you go somewhere new that no one don't see yeah so it's kind like yes i think i feel like in new york it's a lot of love but it's new york is very new york is very antisocial so they're not showing you maximum love california is much more i don't know how explain it's just them don't mind giving you show you love new york everyone is too cool to really like you know like oh yeah rock you'd show a lot of love but you know in cali they'll tell you like you i love you out here like it was just another thing you know yeah in new york and you know you pass they're wrong they give you that finger man yo let me tell you some hollywood like me i'm know i always tell people like where i grew up naked i'd know names and surnames of people and we go right next to each other, let's not say shit you work like this for the rest of your life as you can know i know it like I'm a certain girl here I know her brother's father's name everyone and I would never tell anyone she would never tell me anything we just go side by side it was a twilight zone twilight zone I wanted to say if you can do something again we will look back through your way as from youtube itself what would it be and you regret it or some adjustments if you want if only on youtube or in life only the creator of youtube who does not live in general because usually I really can't really what you went through in your life was what got you today, so there shouldn't be sorry, because no matter what we don't, we don't have a crystal ball, so there's no way to see how you change what you did know wrong but whatever you did brought you to where you are today but from youtube i meant i feel like your mistakes are what makes you so i'm starting to learn it like when you learn more through your other so when it happens for the wrong thing, the top is to take you to the next level so i wouldn't really change anything because if yes i might not be on your way you know if it makes sense you yeah yes um if you want let me think on youtube um one thing i would do in terms of like everything that was going on between me and hollywood i should have just called if i could rule one time i would just run into hollywood like listen bro bro you had my back when i came this you're little you know shit from youtube or whatever and i think we'll let it go a little too much you know and then it became a whole crowd of people you know like you were against me or what but that's one thing i'd change because me and hollywood were always every time we ever talked we like we were good, you know and showed love, so i think it's one thing i would do until youtube or whatever yeah sometimes it's the fastest way to get over something, it's actually just t refit right on yeah, just people talking and taking experience with these issues with us it's on a smaller deal with youtube, but now that you know the name of the show it's peace on the streets time to unite which is great such things we went through can start wars at this point in the streets and further in clubs but before we get to this topic, I have an interview with someone it's actually in my mind all the time believe in it has a raw setting uh, we talk a lot and that's freddy what you think yes i believe freddie as i talked to him free freddie freddie aguelo um i talk to him all the time and um is just solid as if he did it already makes 25 to life plus 30.

If he really did it he would just be like i did it , you know what I mean he really didn't do it, they built it because you know he's a pagan, it looks good you know and he wasn't really in the club at the time he happened he was just retired dragged into the club and always do I think I think the guy killed his wife because she was going to take him for all his p money and let you know it was a sexy headline in my opinion um no, I believe 100 percent 100 percent because they just got to do something like that yes, they got it six years later without real evidence, people just guess at them, you know right right so i want you to remember that man Freddie needs his case you know you go through all the appeals and things like doing medical orders at the discovery plus and i think it's important for them to be able to get their party story out but i don't believe this biker reports how the media throws out type uh you know propaganda and it's usually police propaganda because let's admit thanks to the media they make tons of money away from bikers, yeah you know that's where you had soa, all mayans do this type of thing, prot that bikers make you have a lot of money and I think the sticks are always put in this respect the money is spent there what you know you have the movement continues, you have a patch on your hat right now tell us about the patch and where you want to go with it I just wanted be the kind of thing where it's like when you see it you understand it like they want the same thing right now in a situation where they actually told us you have to stay home and you can't go out people lose their business like if we can't be on the same page like me i want to live in a world where as truckers truckers cyclists are like connected to each other and there is like some type of network that everyone doesn't have to hold hands and be best friends but at the end of the day when they say there is something new that has come i want to do it without knowing you get off because some things i say it demonet me and i don't want your video to be dismantled but when they turn around and say you know who many people are catching sniffing, let's say it like this everyone must stay d oma you know how many people come to lose their trades so at least if we comply with everyone else we can say no we don't do it we could turn it into jaywalking i know my goal is basically to be a bigger goal it's not a country goal no i realize that clubs won't crush a lot of beef like me brothers who are like never happened and i'm to the point where it's like if it exists if it exists i don't know how much hollywood how many clubs you know like numbers how much independence thinks how many clubs members oh, you're looking at united states it's really independent you just roll over you know clubs you know i think clubs are maybe two to three percent of the bikers population and it's related to a lot of things we stupid old people did during the day where you're more like okay men you know what's enough, we don't even know why it started, you know how many of these people don't know how big they started, it was after women but yes, independents that exceed everything are the biggest yeah, so what if what if 92 percent of the people I was all at least in line with the point where if they're like you like something happens and let's talk about I'm trying to say that you don't let them demonize um because they have vaping still antifa stuff yeah yeah like they beat me still I'll say it On A Small Level On A Small Level I want to live in a world where Hollywood is like I have to um me and I have an event in Chicago and we seem to put out an explosion and everyone goes there and then the money goes to Hollywood or something happens to the child and the whole community come together and help that child or whatever you know, things like that and more, but also the kind of situation where you don't even have to be in a club or you could be in a club and you know being with him downstairs , because I have a brother in clubs, which are down with it, but it's just like it's just because it's like being a bricklayer something like in that empire but it's just how long we're going to do the same thing and I feel like I'm honest, like I would feel the way the format goes as we enter a new era, you know what I want to say that these younger kids don't care what happened 50 years ago so we're going into a new era to change, you know what I mean, so I feel like we're at a point where maybe he could put something in control over some positive and push people in the direction you may want to get into the club but don't want to deal with politics you know right, I think there is another way to do it and if you change your mind, we could do it without all rules and mandatory this and you have to go to this state that you know when you came to work and you know this type of things without anything you know and look at Independence Day rides more than clubs after you know what I mean like half time was twice in the last years when all the clubs actually got together and it was a sight to see and come to the double peaks waco uh popeye and og of texas radio radio actually led a movement where all confederations of biker clubs came together to get rid of that damn prosecutor which ý exceeded his reach and the second incident was a new hampshire seven you know with the glasses when they lost uh their people so it is possible that you know it really can happen yes this is why i am talking about peace on the streets because you know as sosa said and i said it all the time you know clubs won't hold hands in cincum by uh, you know all the beef and some guys still stick to that crap and i get it i respect it ready but it's nothing else before Freddie is alive now so as not to interrupt you ready child said hopefully you get a good civil lawyer and start cutting off people like doctors orders manufacturers and bs presented as true yes he has, he has a channel he played on and somehow I don't know how they do it but I talked to him via jpeg and stuff like that so I had someone who likes it playing for and then tells him to tell Hollywood and so is it or what you know right right I really believe in his thing really do yeah and it's something like him going right now or some of these other trials that are going on it's happening right now when people are doing the need to unite and we've learned it out of fashion well my camera oh i'll put them here for a second that of the vagos in las vegas when they held together and by beating the ricoh government things now rico wasn't originally designed for organized crime like equip you cynic or mafia guys there are a lot of veterans out there we don't like it, we're nervous about it so let's go after them for every little thing and when you see these cases ricoh it's like it's okay we won't wear foil hats yeah you know no one is a scout but five people you say represents the whole motorcycle club where you work from nine to five or work 13 14 hours a day the whole club is not a gang man I really wish and sosa knows what I'm talking about because he's from New York I really wish the clubs the bigger ones would form pr visa type agreement because there is motivation to stick together as in the two peaks and new hampshire put it together yes i think like most of them the sets are like split in two so it is possible that if in the future like when the main things are going on because you know it you all know like me be also on a political tip and it's like a lot is happening in the country right now you know people do n't know well so it's like i want to talk about deeper things that are the only thing that I hate hollywood on youtube is like you really can't say certain things you know, I hate it man but rightly a lot of people I see a lot of people say they're glad we're three like connected, it also looks right you know like ours atmosphere oh yeah it does you know what i mean it definitely makes sense you need to finish and uh, your odyssey that i talk about a lot or a rumble rumbles really good for that too but that's why i started it online radio station is because i got sick incapable st say what i wanted to say on youtube and facebook and instagram and tik so they keep downloading me and i don't even know what i'm doing wrong oh yeah man nor do i start tick so bro i'm on my third page i should give like three million damn follower on i'm already there dude but i'm 18 come on it's dangerous and club stuff aside man biker stuff as dangerous as american citizens when you have this type censorship going on hey you hear I'm there now, sorry yes yes it happens yes we can see you we're not looking at your ceiling my damn dog got and just tore everything through the strings and yes blame the dog you want, he wants you to talk his song you want to talk his part he smells uh danny d low fingers like a man i have to get to it i just want to say uh about unity itself many times we have to p to admit that it goes to be impossible, we must know one day a video that a divided culture needs a united church uh and a divided nation needs a united united people just to know that we can't win them all, we won't win them all and then you have to start with the core, if you start with the core not the crowd, you will have a good time on it much better and you have to count as if we are counting on the percentage of what is the percentage that are in clubs that are not in clubs, what is the percentage of people that they're actually disconnecting the new generation with the old generation and then you have to focus on what you agree on, what you disagree with, you can't explain twice as much as you can explain what and how you know that solutions are better than giving advice, when people keep hearing we talk about running circles, that's what we're doing right and then the way society is now, unless it's a tragedy like there's a hurricane that's just destroying like Houston like Louisiana lice They met there I don't have people who hate helping each other, yeah, so I hope it doesn't reach a point that gets so bad that we have to do something like that, so that's why if you start with the kernel and that's what right now you're doing them a bit start more with core and exercise compared to trying to argue, you know, arguing with everyone through yes, more idea you know like but I really believe things change that I always know a lot of people I think that as realistically as I think the Romans thought the same thing as being up forever no one lasts forever and people need to realize you know times change you know so i know we are very rooted in the motorcycling world but i feel Like I've lived outside of it and inside of it and I see it you can always evolve and do something different, you know well, we'll ask the questions later everyone, but I wanted to continue this conversation from doing it much more intensely to the type of subjects on your channel and one thing which does get me is when we talk about them type p subjects that are intense what's going on in this country uh for one because it 's very important to talk about you get people to come back and say well I thought you were a biker channel wait why they're trying to put us in a box over hollywood that puts us in a box like you're a stupid biker and that's all you could talk about don't put me in that box, you know what i mean i feel right yeah why do you try to talk about the little other why do you think this is carlos where we are not, we are american citizens we have to work, we are a big election block bikers that we saw in texas well, we need to know the problems but would rather see talking about well the guy killed this or that guy instead of saying well, wait a while as said before we were locked up and people lost their damn business a lot of bikers also lost their own businesses yeah i don't want to hear about those things you have from old movies that people watched or old ones stories about uh back the day when clubs had what a lot of people people didn't have a job many mc in the beginning didn't have a job that came out of the war, they didn't have a job they were looking for people they somehow couldn't feel along with and they helped each other a bit but it's different, there are lawyers doctors there are trucks pi players, everything is fine now in the mc community and people are pilots, people you know as I said there is everything but people like to live on the old stigma just like uh if you see bikers wearing loose pants or tight pants and someone would say oh, you're not a real bat you're not a real biker, you look ghetto too, or you're not a real biker you look like I don't know like two of I don't know from Austin Texas but I think it's just what people do because they like all the TV stuff if there is something wrong, you put titles that they like, they will watch it because they like it that's what they grew up on movies and shows, but in fact I when a lot of people a lot of communities on the bike cycle He's running a community here in Texas it's actually like I think the mayor of a city that's a biker in a moderator so like I don't know if you notice, but as anytime I want to touch like something in the news I'm trying to show how like let's say any theme you know the pagans whatever i try to talk about it like it's going to be like one pagan who got caught doing what he does what he does and they look like it's a club you know the conspiracy of their criminal venture you know it it's not how it works, you know i really like you know how you're going to have a brother who's in a hurry or whatever, but he's not a criminal organization where it's like the sons of anarchy you're sitting at a table and they're like let's get in that truck and I don't say things like that right now as if things like that didn't happen right, but overall the clubs don't agree as you know it's nice of you that you raised a damn good point, a damn good point during Freddy's trial it wasn't about Freddy, it was all about some cases, on which deployed to lub court to convict him and that's something we have to be very well you know they did it all over the east coast because i was covering it up to the pagans uh, but that's the thing they do they use the exam on hand and go around the club and one of the things i always said and you know the old guys i learned as a kid i know my uh great uncle, he's uh, yes anyway uh they use that sum which means when you admit your guilt i have to say yes i did that, I'm part of this and this and this sum is the most damaging part of the exam, because now you're saying well that the club is a criminal gang when they aren't and the thing with Freddie is also such that they had a whole um TV specialty paints him like a monster before, before he sat in front of the jury exactly like any good lawyer would get fired, you know what I mean exactly because of that, and it's one thing that I'll know in the biker news and as you said, we talked to the clubs in the back scenes and so on, but there are a lot of things that don't they may say but why i would like you to know what happened to that scumbag, the jerk mass ball club came out and issued a statement put it down, they got their party story out but when the media go things like this in fayetteville right now and now on it's no pressure back they want to influence the jurors and i think it's something you know clubs you have to have a head start especially after seeing what happened to freddie or what bogos did in vegas and now when running angel in uh fresno with that ricoh the process you have to get ahead of it because the jurors are trying to influence them yeah, you're really good at getting these conversations as well as getting people like to talk, it's hard like me there's so much i know you, only i'll go through it like People would send you things and you want to touch certain things, but then I think you did a good job as the one thing I give you respect is a difficult position, but a lot of exposing similar rats and cops and you really have to give light a lot because be honest in many of t These clubs are infiltrated right now when we talk to you I know what I've been thinking about I'm always thinking about what that guy's finger said to what he said in every big club that had any type of media attention, plants are in the club and noticed I think I think those are the people who keep the war going and get deep into it and they get up who could go harder than a police officer that his job is to be a club member while club members are working on it What makes it even harder you know, so we're in to trap people and then a minute that talks about peace and and let's calm down and connect with these people boom, they're the ones who ran it again yes and until you know that you raised a good point so what do you think a former cop and you know i knew it when he did it because i was at the time uh, we knew exactly who it was, took down one of those part we don't get but what do you think about the former cop and secret appearing and trying to teach people how to o you know things to the motorcycle club i just feel like you've never been in it for the right intentions so what you really tell us you know you were in there to just ruin everything and pull it down so what could you really tell us say you're a brother i know he appealed to me too, but what i look like you know you have a conversation with dad you know what i mean no I am killed when i go among people who are like you i love your show it will be the same ones who shoot me as soon as they see me it's the biggest job the biggest criminal organization is the government and then you have you know whatever their detailed definition of organized crime you know all in unison, you wear the same insignia colors everything i think just write the definition about yourself and just like anyone used to, anyone disrupts what they are trying to do you think like let's say uh for drugs you really think that drug collection would sometimes stop with drugs and no it persists funds also come in, still feed there still feed the streets the same with anything else m doing this is why i said like on my canal and i'm trying not to get hollywood banned but um that the team out there that burns buildings down in seattle that have different states where cities are burning to the ground and not on them no rico but there is rico is turned on these clubs in which they have been infiltrated for two years and the worst thing they could say is like you know people have been with like this this is the thing they say as 30 guns they put some cuts and it's like they got it from a lot of different people like personal straps, I know people who have 37 just there man came to texas and every house is going to have 30 over 30 crazy guns yes it brings a damn good idea when minnesota as you know, they flew away to blame the 81 who started it for the first time in this offer of the autozone yes so now it points to one thing I like what your movement is doing you focus on independence I believe more than you know club things your time to unify things because when you bring independence to the game you are starting building movements and numbers and stuff like that well then then as you said most of the percentages that go to mcs all were independent, a lot of them yes so i guess if they can come up with thinking to mc uh if it can be a little contagious it's not a bad thing yes right yes you have questions, you can ask them in a community chat right now, we have sauce ghost and pound ghost and man everyone knows about it, uh we'll have mike later on the show talking about mike and how he and sos got together uh, it's a really great story uh but keep going wild in two, i know you i have some questions over me about um some people are going right here screw it up well a lot of people will look at the patch and could say hey trying to just play on the devil's lawyer is a little right trying just to sell things for his business or is he really trying to make a move and what next steps he would try to make your microphone off your microphone off continue uh so I'll give it to you until he gets back up hawk 43 says what is it your opinion on clubs from throwing a territorial patch and just putting the year and going back to the basics of fraternal writing and partying would never do it as i said before, you know we won't have unity as real unity but peace on the streets means everyone has stopped fighting for territory as you know as mentioned before you know you can have one or two brothers in a chapter you know it concerns some things but when i was in the club when he was in the club when any of us were in the club we were never like a bank truck robbery and all the other things we see on tv yeah and when you think about it it's as okay so nobody makes any moves no one sells women there is no one selling drugs there is no one with guns anymore not so what the hell are you fighting for except your trip to the ego, i just want to, i mean that's all it really is at the end of the day i want too say something because they twitch their fingers, he says but clubbers have special abilities and these don't and that's it.

people with those kind of attitudes who don't understand the whole idea I know what I mean you fight you want to fight and you want to argue over nothing nobody controls anything nobody really legally owns anything so what point is you know if there's no money in it why are you fighting hey mikey you put a link to community chat patches now i can't do this you can hear me i'll buy one so i'd rather buy it i hate you keep yeah no no one of the well one of the things you're talking about this is one of The main problems people have are ideas that somehow they have heard and believed as well as back in the day with racism with different races what people believe because this is what he was told when you ask them where to do it you hear they will say well since someone is not from what they learned or in he did the same thing they say like clubs have more power but it's powers and numbers like you would be you would be really surprised but that's why I want to throw it out there is the devil's lawyer, I think because I saw someone publishing something I hope they stopped uh nothing big just for your IDs in general uh because some people may say you're just doing a trick, you obviously know goods and things like that, but what's one of what I know we've talked about moves but what's one thing you really want to finish you try to do an event or something that you would actually try to bring people together well what i'm trying to do first is to raise awareness and then like that i want to get into it like me and i want a lot of talking i , me and hollywood still need to chop it up first build this awareness and then make it something real like not only uh not just like a slogan or something we say like something on earth like something real you know and i don't understand like i he wanted it to be like something I don't want to be t leader or nothing like that what i'm trying to do what i want to do is like creating something where we all have a voice and you know i know some leaders will show up but i don't want it to be a political thing so that's why it's just it's more of an idea now and it's and it's something I want to see come true , but I don't have all the answers to be honest I know what I mean, but I just want to create something where maybe we can get a little snowball and then maybe you can think of something you know like you, why don't we do it and then it will work, you know that's why I asked this question just because I kind of thought it was where you came from and I wanted people to make you I actually heard me say I'm not the one trying to get what you know as a leader or whatever actually played it hopefully you'd say I'd tell you something I'm saying something I've never said before broadcasting, too when I was in the club the only time i did it would make the sergeant guns because the president would be like you bro i need you to do it because i need you keep me down i need someone i trust but i'm not a person who would like to be president wants to be a leader something i want to do my way demons have fun and do some creativity things i don't want yet be a leader like everyone does what i say i'm president and all i think people who do it are personally banal you know what i mean so i want to be more of a thing where we're all like it was so level countries that like you know who is good, for example i don't know, maybe you know them while um you know um cartel poachers yes so i saw them in florida where no club was as deep as it was as deep as some of the clubs and they are just girls, they're cool guys, they have the worst bikes i know what i mean, and they just go well, but they don't all have to know that you have the money to have the most deceived bike in what i'm talking about but I want something like this where people have a good time and do the action to make you know one thing that disappointed me was after the double peaks, the first year was a big year and if you don't know what happened on the two peaks uh, you really have to get into it don't go to the media ehm, i was talking about popeye and og every year on the anniversary would protest on stairs in court uh, because rehearsals were still going on and remind you that rested uh 200 people, I think it was only one went to court to beat that one before the jury but the first year it was quite a turnout for unification, but then it went so somehow aside and I remember when SOS was brought up uh maybe meeting a million bikers and then you would sit and say well it will appear because they didn't show up when we were needed down in Texas and that's where I think unity with independence will really go good we have to show people we have to show get up and say you know what and twin tops are actually a case of how afraid our government is of all of us we get together because a bunch of us got together that day and what happened you know, that it was a turkey shot four uh four people shot by cops with ar-15s like shooting a gallery, so i think it's supposed to be a little smarter and i'll just bring up fantastic like what happened in canada, the law was canceled all the gold from me, that have been sent to truckers out there if we're all together, gofundme it's done word is out no one so they drop out of the store you know what i mean if we're really on the same page we're hundreds of thousands of bikers controlling lots of things bro as we could put company there people really underestimate this is the problem they think yeah, my voice my soul doesn't change, but when you start when you go it's like a domino effect it's collective it's a collective thing and i know i've seen some people write in the comments section of course no pat no patch no politics but we don't want to go the way australia is going, we don't want to go the way which is something you can't even wear even the patch that the resources weren't like that ebude allowed Don't get me wrong, I understand that if we all go to the same club we all wear different ones we normally wear different colors come to the club without colors we all get along great colors change the way people perceive each other previous ideas about stories we sometimes have I don't even know about um, so it's pretty funny as I think I hope we don't get to the route, but if people think they have n't tried in the US they've been trying for years yeah one thing is coming trucks, and that's you know what a perfect example when you covered truckers how many of them joined in canada and then when american truckers you know yes you know a little but they just talk, it tells you about our culture is why we respond to what canada did like movement you know you know more about trucker things than I do why Americans didn't get behind causing such I think I think like I was saying before we do like downtime companies and such things are stronger, I'm tired you know like because I went to a million Maga marches like a lot of people angry at me for such things, but I really don't care that my beliefs are my beliefs, so when like all truckers go to DC and blow their horns and things that I feel like it's like please me have my rights and I think bikers are more like we live according to our conditions, I think you know it, like I'm trying to save a way where they don't come to me as feeders, but I want it to be more moving there, where it's like we know you said it but we have people too and we won't bow to you you know what i mean like we'll do it we 'll be happy the rights we've been given God the rights we're going to exercise you can't tell us that We'll stay home and that's one thing I could say the bikers were out and everyone else wasn't, but we can unwrap it right a few questions when we're all down and everything I really am, my life hasn't changed much, you know that I have on my bike I don't actually I go to a bar, just like not a guy from a bar, I'm not a drunk so life doesn't change much you know, except for a job that was probably good that you said Danny works, which is a big thing that in Canada it is, what people in the usa sometimes I'm afraid of, I think u.s think I mean we work much more than we work at home more than home right so people are afraid and sometimes selfishness about making money you know you pay my bills and sometimes a little use that fear and use it for good and really like to say that this is what people are still afraid of the job, if everyone ends up at the same time believe me they will all get a raise and the like, but if one person says that with it disagree weaning then you're in hell because then they are that people stay at work yeah but it's the fear that this is the fear that our government has put in us as Americans you know our society is so weak not to run away from conversation man, I'll address you sweetly uh avoid the fact that you're all spreading the division you know what it is there was back and forth in the school yard crap crazy bs division i can try to stay calm guys uh the important fact is that everyone came back together everyone can have disagreements but at the same time you meet to overcome those disagreements and you move forward was divided between channels yes but now everyone is back to the same agreement where we are trying to push something good well that's the whole point of this show jerky it's so once we were divided and then we got together and said it 's enough, it's stupid and now we're all here together, which is what people are trying to prove to you and on the other hand it's me I 'm trying to prove it with club stuff when we can do it, you can all do it you just have to get up and say it's time to do it sounds like rocky and you are men in what men we make mistakes and then we talk exactly at the end of the day everyone here says what he wants to make a mistake and I try to fix it like no one is perfect, we are not perfect I don't know, besides that I think and you know what after this show just because we're all here hey, to know just because we're here with SOS and we're all dating and we're all fine it doesn't mean we'll all hold hands and agree on everything we all talk about we're still men and that's the way it is is, but you know what we can do with respect we can respect our channels we can respect each other as men and we can admit when we are wrong and when we are right simple as one of the biggest things was I came from another generation I came from where I learned everything that guy pumped my blood right, I learned from Vietnam veterans where it was a different thinking attitude and I didn't see where the sauce came from due to the generational difference and a lot it taught me oza last few weeks a month whatever wait a while, now you're an older guy these guys think differently like you gave hell to a generation that taught those times are changing we can't get stuck in days when you know it's always been yes you know we're never going to get along because we used to be good you behaving what our brothers were shot and got things in jail I wouldn't respect where the younger boys say you know what In the 70's I didn't even know that the two big clubs got into it abroad through stupid bullshit, but which led to kill people and which led to bad blood where it is possible to meet so was their division I would have to say mostly to my part I will not lie, I confess mostly because I did not see where it comes because I got stuck in my old ways I got stuck in a mentality well, this is how we did it, that's how it happens and i lived a different period of time than now it has always been like the biggest dumbest dumbest part of what people say from old school times as you well know you don't know how many of my brothers were killed, so that means let's continue this idiotic behavior and keep killing each other and we're losing more good brothers who are alive right now you know what I mean you know you're doing the same thing and expect other consequences of madness you know times then, I stepped back and I said well wait a second in fact it wants to do it's not a trick you know a marketing employee the same for the money he actually wants it to happen yeah and it really changed me real authors i wanted what the creator of my You shouldn't, I'll say I was really preparing for a fight night creators, which is what I wanted to do and I know you did, but you weren't all crying and whining when you beat you up creators yes, that's it, what do you mean but as a man I'll hug you at least what do you mean like when it gets into my hands twitch enter such an agreement I'm out of it that's what I say when someone has a problem man like you know street beef no, yes, yes, like that guy powerful mouse yeah yeah mighty miles yeah so a lot so a lot of those things just come old dog new you won't learn tricks yeah where sosa and guys like danny bilo carlos, they are the future and it's time i have to say old guys just step back and leave is doing its thing because we have done even my god hope our future doesn't depend on the wilderness on twos i really isn't damn right that no [Laughter] but it doesn't have to be that way we can work together and bring everyone else you know it's all man yes sir sir everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and use of individual strength each in fact help each other to get up and get better it is so yes yes right well you made that one video where you talked about the need where there are always older boys winking and moaning at younger boys but older boys you did not make time to learn I remember this video when you were uh running around, thanks for that uh geo uh on a bike and such and it really made a lot of sense yes, of course, many times people even the new generation sometimes don't want to hear it and sometimes they are really great advice great advice they might get but they don't want to open their ears just like many of the old school don't want to open their eyes for a change it's approaching um if you see how the world has changed in general they call me guys back in the day i wouldn't like mo white phones like the way they do it now, these guys are 70 years old and live off their cell phones now if they have the technology we do today, they will do the same, they will do the same thing and uh so and you always hear them don't confuse me, I'm glad there wasn't a cell by the way phones in the 90's oh my god I'll be yes these kids no none of us will be here yes we're all [Laughs] well tell me about mike uh sauce before i bring him and stuff like that went up uh a really hard time and he's actually an inspiration you can meet him and so on how to overcome a really bad situation yeah mike mike is my brother we came really close like it was weird as we started to get cold just before he had an accident and then we were alive and this crazy man lost his leg is on the bed, he just has his leg taken off and he lives with us like yeah, i just lost my leg i like what so everyone showed him so much love that it really helped him in rough time that you know and it's crazy that he was even like on his m the cereal phone really just lost a leg and this crazy guy gets on the bike in two months and it's not an exaggeration, he really got on it in two months even though I had, I had I had a wreck about four years ago and I had two elbow operations on shoulder I've been out longer on my elbow than he was on his leg lost my whole leg, he's a maniac I'd be on three with bubble wrap [Music] get your questions and stuff like that uh for sosa and uh we're right now I'll bring Mikey or let you know what younger guys always go what kind of miceball you have here, what happens mike how you do man whats good mike i respect you so tell us about how you met sos and uh your accident and how you chase you i know i persevered uh, how to handle hard times in your life, man you know it was all really a hiker and this is total now it could be written in a book I know it's a fairy tale now but also obviously gone through dramatic time and I lost my leg and how I said he was alive that Sunday and I happened to call you, you know what i got uh when i woke up from the first intubation i was able to call and be like hey bro, you know i just want to let you know i just lost a leg you know what i mean and i'm still in a good mood , we go back to the bike and we do shit and that's when you know that my shows really started to get the real connection you know and we were able to talk on the phone and lot on private, you know that and we became like you immediately know and so it was like I had to have him inside the socal, like he did so well to show that I was like you deserve what you need to be in the social here all the events are like I will show you and I'm sure the man did it when it appeared it was a fucking epic we had a party had an exclusive vip all bro it was a scene from the movie bro we got crowded with clubs when we were driving out of the airport just to get something to eat you know what I mean it's justice, you're crazy bro so how did your accident happen and you know that you lost a leg but at least you don't know you lose something between your legs that are even better for you absolutely how the accident happened well, uh there was a person i was who i just was i drove home i drove I went home with my previous club with them and I broke away from the pack and I was only two blocks from home auh there happened, you know you always say it's happening close to home yes there's this lady that was When I was saw, she came back from the bar you know what I mean and you made an illegal turn to the left and literally t-boned me, you know, he did 90 degree turns at 70 miles per hour, you know what I mean and this is a community you know what I mean like you obviously stepped on the gas when you wanted to break you know it was a total fucking situation sorry but you know she kicked me and then literally my leg was cut off at the scene and thank god there was a civilian there, no one there who walked was there a civilian i and I flew past him and as if he felt movement I came to him and he felt it and I walked past him and I fell down and I was conscious and bleeding, I saw my blood squirting from my leg, I mean it was really full every time my heart pumped it was rough and I couldn't turn around because I was I broke my shoulder blade so I couldn't even move my hands even like to take off my own belt on the turnstile myself I couldn't move my hands so luckily the guy that and never wears a belt accidentally wear that belt and save my life you know, and that's why you I really think people should know how to apply one you know but thank God for that gentleman, man yes it's my angel right there yelling at you how you are how you did your relationship with SOS give you the moment you know what helped you do to get back on track, you know it was you alone or it helped you say you know what happened, let's go through it was more like hey, let's go to work you know what i mean i never am did not skip the beat like the moment it happened when it happened, said j here if i live through this i have to accept it now you know what i mean and i did you know because when i woke up from that hospital bed when i woke up from that first coma i was happy i experienced it i remembered it all as you know, so glad I was right so if I survived, I was excited to this day I wake up every day I'm blessed, bro, like I got another day to ride and I think it sucks, but I even dropped yesterday or day before sorry on friday i went down unfortunately on the highway you know and i have a little bit you know but it's okay, the bike gets treated right now at the big homies house and then we'll be back three or four days and you know when it went man you have so much power you have such a positive attitude that it's crazy God bless you when he went through it, his soul was awake like the day it happened like it cut his leg up like I was just sitting and thinking like a man if it happened me, there is no way I could not be so after positive, I know I didn't like that I don't, I don't know man he's a crazy man until you go through yourself, I think even yes, or you can go, you know I think yes, you're right, you're right I would be able to overcome something like that earlier in my previous life right as i think, of course my life has changed dramatically since then and we know it's something to accept and um right it's just a blessing to be alive and when you are when your heart and yours you are actually grateful you're alive man you don't take advantage of a situation you shouldn't be so arrogant and turn off opportunities so fast you know what i mean well you and you see the price time absolutely worth the time you can either and he accepted the fact right now because they don't he dwell in depression and waste the time we live out of borrowed time what we noticed what today we have to leave tomorrow so that's what we look out for well you know and um I'm exactly as I said man and yesterday I went down and I'm glad I think people are like a damn man, what m your bike is messy blah blah blah i'm like a dude i i don't care like me if i can literally walk away from accident bro like this is a win in my book you know [music] how it deepened your relationship says with mike knew that by passed and kind was all over your report uh wanted to be a part of everything as it turned out with you i think mike was like mike's like uh brother from another life we d right away so we got close right away so it's hard explain that there has always been love with him like it was, it's very weird but people sometimes come into your life you're like shit as you know and so me and he were real close you know but the thing about him is like when i was in cali there is authenticity in him like he wants to see you when he wants to see you have fun you he is all i notice people's intentions are sometimes good but what is the result of what they like you i am trying to invent something good, like smashing down like well, I really believe it when someone says they're standing on their backs to the fullest and every time they do something it doesn't seem to work, I believe not having your best interests in the heart microphone is the type that will be like believe me and it will be amazing to fuck you and you're like that baby is like a miracle baby like just make me shit bro bring something and so much of it comes out of it and I've noticed that like if you really look at what's going on with the people around you not what they're saying, but what's going on says a lot about a person and it showed me that you know his character I know that there aren't many people like him you know is exceptional, he's a special person you know and that just shows in general as well as what we're talking about, even about unity and everything that is needed one person has a positive attitude and in fact, it's spreading because I bet his attitude and his positivity probably made you a better mere encounter he and then basically the more he expands to have a positive because he feels depressed and like one sympathy and then everyone around him will feel it and they will somehow react to it as well as you have 100 as far as you know, I think it's very true i could lie down properly and it was depressed because of that whole rabbit hole on the right i could have and no one should judge me that no one would be like yeah i think i would like you i know you a few people i understand like I'd be able to do it right, but guess what you lose all around you lose all you know what I mean negativity bro, it's just and it's a negative thing it's like a plague so I don't know man, it's just glad I'm fucking here really and it's like this pma man positive mental attitude can only change your life you know and i learned it right now because i wasn't so in my past you know an ally this you know this i feel like he did I'm a better person yeah you've lost m foot, but I gained so much knowledge, yeah maybe I got you more heart to know and thanks to that I really understood the things I think I jumped a few years because now you know you'll be part of a podcast with us so what kind of podcast you'll be doing mike well and where you want it to go what you do you're ready as far as you do guest comments what everyone can look forward to yeah guys so that's the way to wealth uh you'll find us almost everywhere um but we have, we will launch here soon um, it will be incredible that we are able to really talk freely on these podcasts and we are able to really dive deep into the subjects now that you, when we bring guests, because of course we bring guests um, we really won't talk to them we will know what i mean we'll just be going to vibrate with them you know, just talk like you're saying, hang out and talk yeah it's like we want your also thought process so we grow as a guest host almost like yes like again almost you know yeah yeah and we'll make sure it 's okay we'll get you all separately the whole bunch of us like yeah but it won't, i wanted to run mc and biker but go on, you know i want to expand my mind you you know yeah that's great it's the best on the podcast and the radio or whatever you want to call it you're just not in that box ok we have to talk about this club we have to get to talk to because it's just getting boring, in fact you know you want to focus more on thoughts I don't want to, you don't want to get stuck in such a small niche properly, so I try to give something a little different like you I know when I talked about depression and being a biker and things like you know you have to have to put other vibes man because it's bored just talking about mcmc i'm cmcmc like you know i want to talk to everyone i don't want to talk to just one person you know it's because you're looking for a girlfriend no i 'm not looking for any of that i'm not looking for any of those women no he looks down he looks down at his toes that is nap results what I say we overcome sometimes the fact that I like girls my foot fetish toe look this, this happened bro um one of the shows I said I like girls beautiful legs and then the guy just went pig with the fact that now you know i'm some savage with legs and shit it started to get a little ridiculous to be really honest i won't lie so if uh when you have a sauce party together mike uh what the thought process was so okay i want it like this i want it to happen how much work it put in a lot of you it knew the great friends who yell at them you know how i mean i really believe you exactly what you taught me about another thing is that you around the top you are the average of the five people you hang around for no good reason, you know what I mean and these people are like my great friends and I know it and we have this network is quite large and able to stand out to people and and these are real connections you know what I think are like these people I like to talk to or we're in business or whatever else you know what i mean so it's a real connection it's not like us here i'm just trying to make money not about it it's about a real fraternity at the end of the day you know it's what you know to see a lot of people who you know even negative shit like i just don't respond to it i don't pay attention you know i am a big believer in encouraging everyone including you you should alert everyone you know why i drive you should be happy for the next person who succeeds you definitely should if he wins your brother you win why you wouldn't want your fucking brother wins, i just don't get it i don't get it oh man, these are big facts big that's one of the things you always see so there are always people who want if you don't fail it's just crazy how did you really do uh how did you deal with soaps with a hateful man because i know we have a man i'm the most hated content creator around but how are you just writing something like this last night right i really don't feed it's too similar é ehm I like it like other content creators who made videos about me, they were kind something I had to get used to you know because they call me out you know but but you know as comments many people have very little testosterone in their body got very small nuts, so I 'm hiding behind that keyboard and shit yes they talk about all those things, but they see us on the street and there are the same people who probably come to us like hello bro how are you man i love your show it's like a man some of them i know people talk about it man you're right i don't know the man you have to I'm sorry people who like to jump into comments and you always get something to say i don't know it just right i couldn't imagine it happening someone live on a fake profile with a similar spongebob as I like you mentioned you right yeah, I don't promote it at all, man don't even admit it at all , man, I was at a party one night and this guy came to me and I could say it like I know how much it 's like Op really big vibes and me a little too and the atmosphere of this guy just told me from the front street that this guy is one of those who hates you I know what I'm saying and he approached me like oh, you know, hey, you're danny right and I'm like oh boy like yeah what's going on man and he's like yeah I'm watching your stuff and I'm like oh it's great I appreciate you I know I shook his hand and then he immediately started talking about it some stupid things and I just looked at him bro like no man no man not at all, I'm like a man I already know you're my target mike, you have a question for the brand uh do you have a prosthetic leg, you ride two wheels side hack or tricycle I ride two wheels on two wheels forever and ride too hard so here are my next shoes from an accident today or friday i think a little road rash comes out of similar arrivals ways to do 30.

It's like breath 30 in a few seconds i'm like what the hell right now gets a ghost i think this question would be for everyone but we first start thinking that most of the haters you meet on their channels are fans of clubs and they in fact they cause a lot of problems that uh go out on the street where they cause more problems um, i think it's more um someone who is dissatisfied who was maybe like i know from the past you know and it's kind of like they're like someone who wasn't built like this but now sees me up there throws me a little dirt name or anything that says something like that I really don't think it's like support clubs I mean cnaše, you have those people that as I planned, o what am i talking about her oh, club fans yes, a fan of your favorite club or something like that they go there to talk all kinds of crap because one thing i did on my channel i made it talk nonsense about other clubs where i'm deleting you oh yeah too much I don't get it thanks to b ohu that i don't like that when people try to like bad calls about club or the like you all know like when they all went in iron order i never said anything about them because i really don't know them, you know so i no i don't like it one thing i stick to it's like i don't want anyone to put it down because you don't know the club so i don't want to put them down you know but i know hollywood has to put people down you know you're exposed to pedals and stuff like that they knew you knew it would be real things you know i understand you know and i know a lot of people you know hollywood mistakes like when you're around i put it out there as you know uh question from robert uh danny uh yeah i'll call bd per minute uh i have a question for danny what made you start creating social media content youtube really enjoy everything from your channels that could switch to sos it can go into the wilderness for two and mike with the podcast well, i appreciate that for one um You know strangely so I've always been afraid of death well, I'll keep it real no, well i always have to and it's not so afraid to die, it's just for some reason why i've always been afraid of likes dying of some terrible disease like it's always been weird ever since i was little baby and I'm always just in my mind I've always been like a man, I'm just I wish I could live forever, but you realistically know it won't happen so Right now I live in bonus time just like mikeball, so I don't know i feel everyone yes yes so um said how do you know we can't live forever so i wanted to start making content so i don't just educate the mc community but educate independence so people don't get in trouble getting into you know know but it also hurts you know you wanted to talk to young people earning here to give them something to get into even more similar topics on my channel even more videos where you know you're just telling kids to stay away from gang life, stick to a certain part of the life of a righteous person and go a different way but you know that I ch bodies something like I said before, I wanted to live my heritage forever because I ca n't know that I hope I can build a huge canal one day, I hope that one day I'll be at the source to the level of ghosts you know who knows right and you know i just want to know that when i die that you will all still be watching me as i listen to my words and i hope i will continue to help people 100 years from now and know why that is what keeps me going , is what keeps me busy on continuing content that you know you know my link will live forever because I can't know it, so that's kind of what made me do it all will be like who the hell these people were and what was that thinking that made you want to make a podcast with sauce and all right well man you know there's more to it than just a podcast that you know there is so much I don't know as my whole show on my platform is really to show people that your life doesn't end through a disability engine or whatever you know what you do, you know and that it was mine it's my whole thing like i have to be at bed guys guys that when it comes i like i 'll be able to live years alone go again again you know what i mean it i need to talk to these people and uh i'm like hey like it's all mind you know what i mean, it's 90 mental right well you know so huge which is such a huge thing, mike it's been so amazing for a long time so some get questions before you let them go i'll deal with it on 42 percent or as some organization who has been infiltrated so many times have some street beliefs well first what I would say is maybe ask the clothes about it or the mafias we'll see if they would think the same if they didn't have any street credit but clubs are clubs aren't it's street gangs and i said they aren't even on the same level as a street gang all the time because they don't voluntarily try to make money thing you have to remember they aren't men 60s 70s 80s or 90s anymore you don't work out there you know e it was a different time period than you know all the technology and stuff so you know when you ask well how much you know how an organization works that has been infiltrated so many times, had some street craig go to some of the hardcore man clothes and ask it right hollywood, i just wanted to say if i can just answer the last thing because of what got me into it like i 'm a little different, i'm more of a motovlogger i ride a bike and i just cry and what brought me it's here in texas, you know that we have stopped so many times and uh other things are happening with the police and uh, so I actually gave the cameras because something event that happened to me uh, it didn't go so well with the police that I intentionally put the cameras on to show what I really was until in terms of their capture and their act hm, but then I also screamed a lot of general, so then it came there, but mine was more of an accident and I don't really care about obviously Hollywood to know that I'm not doing this at full part time or whatever it doesn't know sh that these guys gave their hearts you know everything they have and I have other I have a company I started and I have things out here and this is more for my pleasure, but I love the announcement of ideas there you know you help others in general um, so it's amazing to see how these guys devote their time but mine is more of a profiling generally going on in texas and how fast it is spreading across the country and the more undressing rights are undressing more and more every day so that's what I have to uh way of logging in, but it's a completely different completely different ball game that i don't know how we let it happen you know all the bss in texas, i don't even know how it happened as a community well, i'll address uh elephant in the room uh , a lot of people asked if all the beef with uh bd will you know, try to leave it behind the sauce or mike I don't I don't know it was though no, I don't feel any hatred towards that man at all a lot of people have addressed this end and think that I hate him I don't have any hatred towards that man I don't know him nor do I know h o you know what i mean like we really don't just don't focus on it you know there were times when people had said it like i refer to it and i said openly on the channel like i don't talk about bd and still you i know i think it it was competitive and then it got worse, you know and then it was much worse I don't have any bad intentions towards him at all right, that's honest truth you know what I mean, like I'm on the phone with SOS all the time and this topic has obviously appeared already before dude has no hatred for the man you know on the right and like most of us just when you are , like I don't even know him, you know how I can judge someone without knowing them they know they'll probably change their perception of me and that's the thing so it happened to me in Hollywood it wasn't right that he wasn't a person he didn't know negative Negative attracts negativity and guess right but mind I'm saying it's been a really good show man I'm really looking forward to the podcast Uh, I'll see you guys, I'm sure I'll want to check that yes, it'll be a funny man, it'll be you It's just the right word I want to tell you you know what i think yes it will be fair man man i like the idea hello mica where are you i am in uh i am currently in anaheim california so behind the communist lines man man i have to get down there man i see so many videos men from the west coast and how do you get down and I just like why why I live where I live bro yeah I know I live in the wrong area, man we'll get the word SOS and let them go if you look at rental prices you'll be like yeah I'll be I'm coming back you don't get 3500 so someone right here said I saw a soul when he has to go, he seems to have a problem blm I always say it like listen I'm from New York I'm fine with so many people who actually wear blm shirts what I'm saying about blm, is about organizations, not people at the ground level, which n but as an organization I'm against what they believe because I don't trust the department and it's department tactics and you have to do your homework on something before you stand high with it was a lot of hurt going on in the streets like me new york they burned their own business it doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense they did the same thing here in kenosha wisconsin and i was actually there down I like helping as much as I can and stuff and yeah look at me I'm actually different I think when you're wearing that shirt you're a little stupid you haven't done your own education you haven't educated yourself you have n't done your own homework you know what i mean because now look at everything that comes into play now you know people are starting to see what that group was actually known as the original group and everything and it's like you guys knew you could change something if you did things the right way, but you did as you said, separation started right from the bat you were trying to fight racism using the right to be ra sista I mean, come on, you know what I'm saying blm I've always had a problem with it because I'm like them talking about police brutality and I'm like a brother, I'm from the West Side of the Chicago dog I beat I was closed because of it absolutely nothing else than going down latino looking on the street like my bro, i went through it man and it's like i'm not i don't see what color my skin is the man i know i am totally against it all blm was created so that another black panther party wasn't created it's an infiltrated movement that's my problem with blm it's not people who believe in saying that people who are blacks do n't care they did it insidiously, it's the same thing to make America great again why it's okay why it's wrong to say make america great again why is it so you know i don't know man people get mad at me for hollywood well there was a show when you get into politics there is always going to be someone funny it's about being the same people who says hey i hate that I can't hate someone I've never met, but then when you talk about politics, man they hate you and I don't even have to meet you yeah well and all that good stuff and then mike and uh it's all because they've been here for about two hours for sos went and exhausted lizards so you know but keep going so you'll lie, I 'm starting to look at my bottle of water right now I don't want to say as through all bs everyone has their faults except you know what hollywood stood high at the end of the day we sat at the table and said it doesn't make sense, so shout shout at him because you know what me and delos were talking and he was talking with hollywood and you know i should pick up the phone and call hollywood myself but these are two people i actually knew and actually talked to it so the other people i didn't know like in the situation but i just want to upset i love you this channel and we are going to do more work and we will have your differences you know and we will not we disrespect you even though you know it and we have our own way of doing things, but I have a lot of ideas where we're going to meet and have fun you know what I mean and do something great that every channel will grow and our community will grow with I'll leave you all a lot of love rock on man, that's what's going on mikey you gotta say something man you're on them i appreciate you have uh me and we've been a blessing all around you i know what i mean uh going through in basically hell and you know it was just a roller coaster, but we're still here a man you know, and a positive mental attitude man, that's what I'll leave you know what I mean, guys can change the world like this everyone asks that this the question you know how you change the world what i'll tell you how you change the world right now the way you change the world is your world and then it changes the people around you and their world and there's the flow effect you have to change yourself that's the only thing I show with I appreciate you swinging a lot of love man wow this is you my criminal partner well i think it everyone said in a cube at the end of the day in order you have to get to the core of everything if you really want to make a change with which you don't have to agree everything you won't, that's I won't be kumbaya I don't care what we do is just the kind of work together and just be heartfelt about things like the biggest thing you have to do at the end of the day one of the biggest things like in the village, I think I said grim reaper said that on the day he was born, everyone started working the day every day from your birth is the day you start dying right so you have to live this life on borrowed time and make it worth it just like mike, uh, you have to take positive thoughts and uh just move forward, that's all you have to make moroccan rock man danny so i just want to tell you both mike and sos thanks for letting you know my essence i'm trying to help put it together and hollywood it's put together should show unification show show peace in at least youtube streets how we could call it that right and you know that behind it was my whole idea is to show you that you know what we all are adult men, we can admit they were wrong and we can go forward together independently, what doesn't matter but you know we will, we will keep going and now it's going to be on the positive side and I'm just hoping that somehow it's gotten many of you one percent brothers out here that you know are doing your thing on the street and you'll see that you know what I know a lot of you are watching, you can see how the creators came together so you know why we don't try to get together and have some peace on the streets, stop it war bro and that's all i have to say so much love to respect rock on man uh sauce is every friday ever it's your eastern time so i don't know how many hours you're in the sauce um i monday wednesday and friday i go live friday at 6:00 pm eastern so it's five o'clock mid and then on the west coast you're still uh busy [Laughter] cool, i appreciate that i have all hope you know everything fun guj for everyone we are here every other week, uh carlos every other week and of course the morning news good stuff but I really enjoyed doing it you can see how i have changed in terms of my platforms uh i accept a lot of uh suggestions from clubs and the like run the news in terms of getting the sisters aside uh sos was there and uh danny was there and i say there was a black dragon out there i'm trying to push those good things uh because let's be honest when you're in the news it's all the negativity you you know I wish it wouldn't be like I wish people would stay out of the news I give out of business but you know this is a good first step, everyone comes together and again no one will agree constantly due to different generations but the thing is to come to the table and understand hey things can be a good person if we do so and as danny said if youtube creators can do it because we are a bunch of soaked schoolgirls clubs, but still, guys, thanks for uh coming out, don't forget to check the channel of all and z anechte some comments and such and support everyone in us Uh, I don't know if mike managed to put out the patch uh address in the link section but I try to get it there and put it in description if they don't hit me the way they usually do is is where you can get it has there shop go and order a patch man, i know he was out for a while but he's back, no you're back with repairs yes yes they're back well people we're out of here i have to go, i hope they'll get some head or something from uh their old lady because you know they've been for so long and we're going to talk about all those things for the bike ride [Laughter] yes, I'm afraid I'm starting to worry about you, danny, you'd better go on cycling before I get into it my bike never is [Music]

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