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do you hide yourself away when showing up for 
your business on social media you're spending   a lot of time on canva creating cute graphics with 
quotes on them you make sure to utilize photos of   yourself as little as possible and you definitely 
without a doubt will not show up on reels and   hate doing things like facebook live you're 
disappointed by how slowly your platforms are   growing and you have no idea how to find followers 
who will actually invest in your services   you've probably turned to google for help 
with hashtags or content creation and you're   consistently overwhelmed by the thought that 
nobody gives a crap about what you have to say   you feel like you're giving it your all 
but your all never feels good enough   if this sounds familiar if that's 
you this episode is 100 made for you   welcome to the social media podcast 
i'm your host mallory klum a digital   marketing strategist and coach group fitness 
instructor adhd thriver and the founder of   the social media class my mission is 
a simple one to help you redefine your   relationship with social media marketing 
and understand how to truly define success i want to kick today's episode off with a personal 
story because for eight years i have worked full   with non-profits and entrepreneurs to level up 
their social media marketing earn millions and   gain thousands of followers but i never placed 
an emphasis on growing my own personal accounts   so when i began a business in june of 2021 
i essentially started with a blank canvas   the largest following that i had was on tick 
tock it was about 12k followers and i still   have the account i still use it it's my main one 
but what happened was as i was diagnosed with adhd   in february of 2021 and i began sharing my 
experiences and how i was learning that these   little quirks that i was always told made me 
weird were actually a result of my adhd and not   necessarily having this weird obscure personality 
so i did what i would tell my clients to do i   started a strategy began a new instagram to focus 
on and i researched content creators because   honestly the best thing you can do is keep 
up to date on what your competition is doing   at one point i stumbled on the account of a 
20-something-year-old girl who was promoting   her social media course in a sports bra and her 
yoga pants and i want to emphasize there's nothing   wrong with this but it did hit hard because seeing 
the positive comments reminded me of a post that i   had previously made where i shared my journey as 
a fitness instructor who is considered plus size   because i'm 195 pounds i was made to feel less 
than worthy for my seven certifications then i   now hold ten one man asked if i understood and 
then proceeded to explain to me calorie deficit   another told me i inspired people by inspiring 
them to go by little debbies i learned a long   time ago to brush these kind of comments off but i 
couldn't help imagine what they'd be if i had made   the same video now i'm not going to tell you that 
stepping into a new situation is easy it takes   time and it takes building your confidence but 
there is good news and that good news is that you   are your own personal power and you are resilient 
you are absolutely capable of rising to a brand   new challenge and do you want to know how i know 
that without even knowing who you are right now in   this moment you did the number one thing that most 
people can't find the courage to do you invested   into yourself you said i am going to start a 
business you laid it out and you started it   most people don't do what you have done so to 
begin i want to preface this by saying i hate   saying it i did not want to write it but it 
has to come out we have to talk about mindset   because i have experienced two mental blocks 
consistently when i am working with clients the   first one is that they are way too old to show up 
and have anybody care about what they have to say   i'm sorry it's a load of crap i'm just gonna say 
it if you truly felt that way you would not have   established your business at any point people 
need to hear you now here is the difference   people need to hear you but you have to actively 
find those people not everyone's going to want   to hear you and i'll get a bit more into that 
in point number two the second thing that i   hear is if i can lose 20 more pounds i will 
feel confident enough to show up on camera   i always laugh when people say the camera adds 
five pounds because i have been on television   i have been on facebook lives i've been on 
instagram reels and i'm here to tell you   155 pounds i have experienced going on camera 
220 pounds i have experience going on camera   both times i looked at myself and said holy crap 
i look like a blob i was so negative with myself   because that is what we do we will never be good 
enough in our own minds unless we start owning   our mindset and hearing those thoughts and turning 
them into positive reactions to who we are instead   of thinking i am too fat to do this i am too ugly 
to do this i am too old to do this whatever you   feel like number one you are not as bad as you 
think you are number two tell yourself i have   more courage than most people do in this world 
and i have lived through the worst days of my life   i can live through this one tiny moment it's not 
the worst day of my life i have survived way worse   number two i'm gonna tell it to you straight 
stop being so critical of yourself because   you are not so special that you're never gonna 
make a mistake and i don't mean to sound like a   butthead saying that but you have to realize that 
even the most professional people in the world   are making mistakes there was a tic tac reel today 
that talked about going viral and the video that   went viral had a grammatical error in it and this 
girl has posted multiple reels that have gained   very little traction so of course the one with the 
typo in it was the one that went viral everything   else was perfect none of those work and that's how 
instagram works that's how facebook works that's   how tick-tock works you can have the best idea 
in the world and show up and for whatever reason   that day it doesn't gain traction the next day 
you could come on you can post something that is   insignificant you don't feel like it's good enough 
and it goes viral that's how the internet works   you don't get to choose what takes off and what 
doesn't what you do get to choose is the ability   to release perfectionism and give yourself the 
opportunity to show up to see what could happen   and the last one the third one is one of the 
most important things that i can convey to you   i tell myself this one all the time you don't like 
every single person in this world if you don't   like every single person in this world how can you 
expect every other person to like you you can't   they won't there are going to be people who 
leave hateful comments there are going to be   people who lash out you have three options 
when someone expresses a dislike for you   especially on the internet delete them block them 
i don't care remove them from your life ignore it   and continue doing what you do because you are 
your power or respond to it and respond to it   and feed the fire with hatred because what happens 
is when we respond to negative comments we feed a   fire that is fueled by hatred that person lives 
in their own unhappiness you're not gonna fix it   they need more help than you can provide them do 
not give them the time of day don't allow those   people to be the reason you don't show up because 
what's gonna happen when you're 90 years old   you can either sit in that rocking chair and you 
can look back at your life and you can say i did   it i never left anything to chance i didn't 
allow the stupid small insignificant things   to hold me back and i thrived and i survived 
and i learned what works and what doesn't or   you can be that 90 year old woman sitting in the 
rocking chair questioning what could have been   either way you're going to get there 
there's no way you're not going to get older   you're not going to have experiences but how 
you respond and how you show up is your power   because you have the capacity to write your own 
story before i say farewell and thank you for   joining me i want to issue a challenge to you 
and that is to go to my instagram account and   find the reel on how you can make a reel in 
under five minutes if you've never made one   before i promise you you do not have to be a super 
techie person to do this i will give you the steps   i will give you the song i will give you the idea 
all you have to do is create it and add your text   i promise you you can absolutely do it you 
can absolutely show up my username is mallory m-a-l-l-o-r-i-e-plum c-l-o-u-m that's at mallory 
club just go on instagram find it and if you do   rise to the challenge please tag me i want to 
see and celebrate what you created because no   matter how good do you think it is or how 
bad you think it is the fact that you are   showing up is amazing and that deserves to be 
celebrated i want to thank you for listening   to this episode of the social media podcast 
i know that it was not my traditional kind of   anti-algorithm talk but anti-algorithm is built 
into there without having to say it if you're   not registered for the social media class please 
take a second to go to my website   and get yourself in we're launching in august 
but right now when you enroll you get so many   bonuses through the month of july that 
it pays for itself tenfold i'm talking   strategies canva templates support you please feel 
free to message me on instagram email me if you're   in the class i am happy to answer a question for 
you my number one motto in life is that together   we thrive together we can do this and inside the 
social media class we are going to accomplish   so much i'm going to help you create a strategy 
you're gonna gain confidence but most importantly   i will hold you accountable with daily 
challenges and opportunities to win   amazing prizes and you're gonna have fun enroll 
today it's less than a hundred dollars for the   entire month of august you get live classes you 
get pre-recorded classes the whole shebang it's   gonna be a good time until next time thank you 
for joining and i hope you have a wonderful day do you hide yourself away when showing

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