How To Make Free Money On ClickBank With This Easy 2 MINUTE Quiz Hack (Also Works On Digistore24)


let me ask you one simple question did you know that you can make a lot of money on line with a different sports now maybe you loved to play golf on the weekend well you possibly love watching a live basketball game or if you're like me you absolutely love watching tennis on t v what ever it is i'm going to teach you right now how to make a lot of money on line in the sporting naish the best part about these methods guys he days absolutely worldwide and can be done by anybody dismiss that he's super easy to put together and you don't need any technical skills to get started all you need to do is watch the entire video so you can put all the to together and get started said i had run said that i am going to show you how to make money online in the sporting they using bank to make money along guys he's a brand new method and i'm going to trade some fantastic you can get started with that i absolutely free so you hit the ground running straight after watching these videos except for those you that done a click bank is an affiliate market place where you can go to fund a whole heap of different types of products and one of those categories and nations today guys ease the sporting nation and i want to show you exactly how you can get this done well you need to do you guys need to come ivy and you want to sign up to click bank wants to come ivy fill in your details create a free account for yourselves and then you can stop from there so when you're on the main market place of click bank dot com guys what you want to do is you want to scroll down he and you basically want us to go all the way down to the bottom and you want to click onto this a sporting type of you know when you come out of you guys on the sporting you've got all these different sports that can now or just want to let you know with what i'm about to teach you today literally work in any nation he sees a super undergrad hat guys that is so effective way you will be surprised with how quick you can potentially make hundreds if not thousands of bola so what you want to do guys you want to come i v you and a click onto sports once you click on to sports you want to come over to you guys and where it says rank you want to click onto the scroll down and click on to gravity what that basically does guys eats going to rank all the sports that are filling the best all the products that are selling the best on which a few elliott mock it as a promoting a case so when you come i v you can see that the first one of ease the vertical jump training it's a basketball vertical jump training top of product that you come down here you've got the stress free golf swing as you can see these fifty dollars guys who sees forty dollars every single time somebody purchases these your going to make some really good money and the gravity on these too bad as well and when you think about it anybody in the sporting nation that is looking to improve their golf swing that's looking to improve the jump is going to be interested in these products but the creativity of had a moat these guys is what is good about this method of k you're not going to be straight selling posting a link or anything like that you can absolutely love this brand new strategy i can so when you come you guys you've got a whole heap of different products ivy you guys and other one every thirty one dollars and if you come down he guys you've got things that are in tennis you've got fishing you've got basketball he's a tennis one you've got gulf except trend for the purposes of the these videos today what i'm going to be doing is i'm going to be showing you how to use this product of ease the stress free golf swing because that's paying us fifty dollars every single time somebody purchases these so well you want to do guys have become i mean you click on to promote this is going to generate a humbling if time i ve let's click on these copy these and what we want to do is we want to see what the product looks like a so we're just going to paste that link into hey guys i'm going to say exactly what this looks like and this is basically gonna show us the product that if anybody comes on me and lands on to these when i purchase this is how you going to make you money says you can say this is a pretty crafty little web saudi arabia guys and as you can see if anybody comes if he doesn't walk a straight sale ivy it's got a lot of information and he and they scroll down and purchased anything from you guys or any one of these different products you're going to make some really good money online this is why this product is pretty effective a case of what you want to do if we come back over to click bank or v you can also come i v and chick out their affiliates page if you come i ve guys and take a look their affiliates paid you're not going to need a lot of the stuff of on this affiliates page with what i'm about to show you today it's gonna be pretty straightforward now the site that we are going to be using lies to make money with click bank i is this one of the cold try interacted dot com these is a fantastic site guys that allows you to make a quick quiz to generate leads for your business that you can generate leads number one and number two you can also promote your off on the back of these so that you can make money with click bank if you scroll down he goes to take a look at these you can make your own quick free quiz or what he can do is you can take a look at all the different tablets that i have said she'd come i ve guys take a look at these squeeze template for click on to these what's going to happen is you can come ivy and you can find all these different quizzes in these different nations another reason i'm showing you this is because when you have a look at all these different nations these all the different nations and then you can go and promote different products and to make even more money with click bank even more money on line guys you automotive animal beauty we're already going to do the sporting nice but look at as you go blogging bridal business curry age your case coaching guys you've got family an entrepreneur your fashioned fun and food drink so many different ways that you can do this and even health and fitness causes a massive nation is that you can do this with and when you come back over to these saw what you want to do is you want to come up to you and you basically want to log in you want to create an account count on these saw it and when you create an account on the site guys it's going to take you over to a page that looks like this said this is my back office of when you actually sign up and as you can see your comedy you can search for audience research you to generate leads you adjust for fun or you can just leave on browser on your own browser what you do you want to scroll down and you want to find one of these template that suits the nation that you want to go and so if we scroll down here we already know that we want to do something and we golfing so if you come down he he's one that i found earlier i can basically what you want to do is you can preview these template which i want to show you these very quickly and then we're to use it if you come up being caught concert preview these template basically what happens is this is a quiz now what happens is it's going to ask the first question for example how much do you really know about golf and then you can come of the guys that's the quiz one of the quiz and then you come i v and then you start getting asked all these questions like what is the maximum amount of time allowed to look for a lawsuit bull for example five minutes three minutes one minute and then you start taking all these quizzes okay and then at the end of the quiz you're going to have a call to action and it's with that call to action that you are going to be able to promote the product that we're going to get off click bank can see how powerful it is because people love to interact i love quizzes allow love to say how knowledgeable but this is going to get your product in front of these different people in these sporting nations or in any one of these nations that you choose to promote to make money online so what you wanna do is you want to come i and you want to click on to use these template and once you click on to use these templates going to bring us over to a page that looked like this that when you land on this page cause the first thing you're going to notice a v is that you've got these cover page tips of these if you click on to these this is basically gonna show you exactly what you need to do so the first thing you've obviously got the queen's title you can change the queen's title k than what you can do is you can have a look at the cover you need you can change the image you can change it to whatever you want you've got the quiz description that case you can play around with that change all that this basically gives you all the tips that you need to do and then over here you've got a call to action the so when you come i you can add your lincoln east so basically you can just remove this or if he if he ever made it just click back onto that little arc on over there now he guys these seas way you're going to come of you and you're going to change all these now these squeeze is pretty interactive on each so you can just choose to leave it but basically you can come i ve gotten as you can see it's basically just simple click point and you can change things just so for some mental in this ib then pay basically over here you can see changes ivy and then you can click on to take the quiz very very simple ivy and that's basic the the cover of you this is what we're looking at at the moment then from there when they click on to take the quiz what's going to happen is you're going to have all these different questions over he that you can change and play around with and the first question i ve here is what is the maximum amount of time allowed to you know look for a lost ball and depending on the person's answer is going to depend on where that guy from here okay so you can enroll this you can label these are recommend leaving a lot of this stuff guys cause it's pretty good at k so you come to any you can see all these different questions and answers are you guys now basically when they get to overheat the guy to have a result and when they when they get out of a t it's going to basically tell them that you're golfing new bull that you know you're really good at golf etc and then overheat what's basically going to happen is that it's gonna tell you something new i three tapes to shave strokes off your school board and it's going to have number one is going to have number two in it's going to have number three now what you wanna do guys you can basically delete a lot of the stuff over here and you want to basically putting your earn the link in here so basically you can come home you guys you can delete all this you can score you can just remove oh the casing time i v you can remove all of this and basically come ivy and we just we number three over he is you can come of v let's remove all this okay so we're going to get rid of all this okay and we'd number three what you can do is you can quite simply say something like click on this link below to improve you'll swing okay and then what you want to do guys you an attempt down and you just want to put something like click here for example now owes the heat you can see if you highlight this okay well you can put saying like click he for access okay then other he goes you can haul i'd say he will you've got this link thing i ve ccs way you're going to put that you are oh so if we come back over to click bank or the heap and we grab this promote button ivy so he's going to get that again we're going to generate that we're going to copy these were gonna come back over to her he and we'd going to paste this inside there so as you can see now this has been pasted in there now what you can do guys you can come over here and you can say you can open this in new tab and you can put link takes i just pull clique he for access a canning you want to say this as you can see you know guys we have this awesome link or the that if anybody clicks onto this it's going to send them straight over to our product now from he goes what you want to do you also got a call to action i've you know you can hardly weed i want a hot that we want this call to action to in case i'm he sees they can come and click on to this and again guys what you want to do it is you want to paste that link inside he and then from there you want to click on to say now this is an awesome interactive simple little quiz that someone can take at once i take these squeeze it's going to take him straight out of that too often our from there will you want to do guys is you want to come up to you and you want to click on to publish now once she click on to publish ivy now what this is going to do guys is this is going to allow us to get a link so we can promote this product so you quite simply come ivy and click on to publish changes now what's going to happen that's going to be finalized guys on one side son this is the link over he that we want to promote a case i very simply you want to come i ve guys you want to copy this link and as you can see guys you can share these on social media like facebook tweet up p interests linked in a whole heap of different types of places guys from he goes what you want to do is you want to go straight a shoes facebook for example now and when you come over to facebook guys very simply or you want to do is go on to differing groups and for example let's say you come over to you know you topping playing golf for example you go to groups you gonna find all these different groups guys and basically what you want to do is you want to find a group that is not prime you can go to a public group and you want to stop posting these quizzes and he and i want to say exactly how you going to do these but guys to take a look at these you've got you know i fought fifty thousand members he twenty seven thousand members he twelve thousand members he five hundred and twelve you accept that there are literally thousands of these men busy and he guys and people love to take a different types of quizzes now you done just have the gulf cause you can come over here and you've got basketball you can come of egos and you've got tennis you can create a whole range of different quizzes or member you've got fitness you've got entrepreneurship you've got all these different nations that we saw when we had a look at these sites now let me show you exactly what is kind of look like when you post this up on one of these different types of facebook pages so let's say when you become a member of one of these groups cause of you sign up to join one of these groups this is what this is going to look like so what you want to do is you want to come inside and create opposed them basically while you want to do is you want to write something very simple something like um we all know how much weight a love golf but who can and saw old days quiz questions correctly and then just put like a question mark let's say who's a real gulf king is something like that and k and just put up a button and come over here guys and paste that link that you have there what this is going to do now guys as you can see he anybody that now clicks onto these psi come i ve guys night click on to these what's going to happen is it's going to take them over to to the quiz and once i take these squeeze then i can go down the bottom to the cold action once i click on to that call to action guys it's basically gonna take him straight over to these page ivy and then once i take the simple quiz i v that come i v that click on to take the squeeze they come ivy and the answer all this if we time i ve you guys just answer these very very quickly because really doesn't matter i mean it's gonna told me that i don't know anything about golf which are done and then you come i you guys you click on to next now take a look these your golfing knew which i absolutely know you come down he here are the three steps number one number two number three click on this link below to improve your soil during which is fantastic see you comedy guys you click on these and take a look at this it's going to take us straight over to our product and if anybody comes ivy and purchases you're going to make money with click bank and he says a super powerful targeted strategy and you get started straight after watching this video so that was one of the if the tigers on how you can make money on click bank utilizing the sporting nice cause if you enjoyed the video don't forget to smash that lock button in appreciation and go down to the bottom income comment let me know what you thought of the video and what i'll do is i'll make even more videos to help you make money online guys as always i'm alan from smart many tactics you got to take care of yourselves and good bye


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