Schlechte Jobs für SOCIAL-MEDIA-SÜCHTIGE | #BadJobs

Oh cool! That gets likes! No, sorry, I can't go there. I have no reception there. So, you can find your diagnosis on your Facebook wall. Her husband has already pressed "Like". Can be a good sign now… … or a very bad one. Chilling at the KGB. Now I just have to choose how I feel. Nice expression, clear attitude but where are the hashtags? Boy, you can write whatever you want – if you don't use hashtags nobody will listen to you! That's important out there! How are you going to fill up your 1 million followers if you don't use hashtags?! #FAIL! Yes, I already read it on Facebook.

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And then I looked at your pictures from summer vacation. If your feet still look like this, I'd like to share this with you. I could offer you 10,000 followers with a term of 2 years and an interest rate of 3.5 percent. Well well well! Post on Instagram first! And link the restaurant! And please turn up the saturation a bit, it just looks better. Oh, that looks delicious! Interesting, but… I would have used a different filter. And! Now there's a like! Lately we've been hearing more and more about doctors and pharmacists posting diagnoses on Facebook. Don't worry, that won't happen to me! i'm on twitter So, you two want to unfollow each other. That's such a pity. On average, every third relationship is now unfollowed. The accused may read his defence. Your honor, dear attendees, my… And that was more than 140 characters. The tweef goes in favor of the plaintiff. Oh [ __ ]! Retweeted by the Russians! That's going to be a [ __ ] storm!.

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