The 7 ELITE Side Hustles That Will Make You A Millionaire In 2022!

just imagine you could quit your job tomorrow and spend all your time doing exactly what you want with no one telling you what to do ever again maybe you choose to relax by a beach or build a business that changes the world honestly when you have true freedom is entirely up to you how you spend your time hi guys it's mark so you may think this sounds like a fairy tale but this is how i've lived my life for the past 30 years and i'll put that down to one very important thing start in a side hustle but not any old side hustle something that can grow into a different beast entirely so today let's discuss seven side hustles that have the potential to make you a millionaire i'll be running through what each one is how to do it and ranking them on a tier list for their million dollar potential side hustle idea number one is becoming a social media manager if you're looking for something that you can do from home in your spare time then this might be for you using social media is a skill a lot of millennials and gen z's overlook after all it seems like everyone can use it however the older generations really struggle i mean have you ever looked at a business's instagram page and thought it didn't represent them in the best light i've seen it time and time again i hate to admit it but i overlook social media for a long time and i didn't see it as a legitimate business tool it was only after my son started posting videos on youtube that i saw the power of online marketing many business owners still haven't woken up to the online world and that's where you can step in as a social media manager by helping a company unlock its online potential in addition to this many influencers have really pushed for time once it's gone it's gone and as the face of their brand they are more effective creating content so your services are very valuable to the right people once you position your offer like this you'll be able to charge much higher prices it's all about switching your mindset you aren't just handling their social media you're giving back their time a great way to get in the door is starting a few instagram theme pages around different topics such as cats cars or even finance you can then spend a few months growing those and seeing if you enjoy the process the next step is to reach out to creators and businesses using your pages as examples of your work having solid case studies that prove your credibility can make hiring you a simple decision as this side hustle gets more well known you're going to face some serious competition a great way to stand out is to create bespoke marketing strategies for each client the aim is to make your clients feel special which then creates strong long-term loyalty which keeps them coming back again and again but how likely is his side hustle to make me a millionaire well all the side hustles in this video have the potential to make you a millionaire however some are more scalable than others due to a mixture of factors such as demand time and money there is definitely a high demand for social media managers as it's no secret that influencers are more popular than ever and brands are rushing to work with them it's also something you can start with very little money because if you live in a first world country then you probably already have a smartphone the only issue is that it's heavily reliant on your time meaning there is a cap on the number of clients you can take on all by yourself this would really hold you back from scaling without hiring additional staff so i'm going to put this one in the bottom tier for you to earn millions from this side hustle you will need to become very good at what you do and then good at training and leading a team side hustle idea number two is becoming a high ticket sales person the beauty of this side hustle is that you only have to become good at one skill selling i believe almost anyone can learn how to sell effectively if they put the time and effort in about 20 years ago i took on an apprentice in my business he was a very shy kid but he had a great work ethic i took him under my wing and after a couple of months he was one of my best salesmen he now makes his living using his sales skills and earning commission sales isn't seen as the most glamorous side hustle in the world as many people think of those slimy used car salesmen however those are just the bad ones the good ones make the process enjoyable for their customers to be honest if you master sales then you'll be able to make good money no matter what the economy is doing as companies will always need your help to shift their products sales people are always the last ones to get fired as they're so essential the best way to get started is to approach different businesses that sell high value physical or digital products and offer to sell their products in return for a commission this means they have little to no risk because if you don't sell anything they don't have to pay you but on the other hand this gives you an almost unlimited upside potential as the more you sell the more you earn you're then being paid based on your performance rather than your time which is far more scalable i've been selling products all my life from the fish i used to catch in my teens to the radio control models in my shops the best bit of advice i can give you is to listen more than you talk and i mean really listen the best way to remember is you have two ears and one mouth so the rule is listen twice talk once the customer usually gives you all the information you need to close a deal all you have to do is put yourself in their shoes and provide them with the best product for their needs i'm going to put this in the mid tier as you don't need money to get started you're paid on performance and the demand is extremely high the only reason it's not making it into the top tier is because you have to deal with a lot of rejection which is one of the hardest things in the world this means a lot of people will give up before they even get started side hustle idea number three is airbnb arbitrage real estate is such a powerful way to make money however to buy real estate you need a lot of money to get started that's why airbnb arbitrage is a great way to make money from real estate without even owning a property just imagine you rent a house for one thousand five hundred dollars per month if you then put that house on airbnb for a hundred and fifty dollars per day then you could pay off your rent in just ten days that would lead you with nearly three thousand dollars in profit at the end of the month of course there are other expenses that come with running these airbnbs like potential maintenance however it's still possible to make a healthy profit you can tell i'm passionate about this one this sounds too good to be true are you sure this is legal the good news is that airbnb arbitrage is allowed but it does depend on the short-term rental regulations where you live and having the landlord's permission you may be thinking why would a landlord agree to do this when they could just do it themselves while it's true they could be making some extra money these short-term rentals are nowhere near as passive as long-term ones lots of landlords just want an easy life with reoccurring rents every month and as little work as possible stocks are also great at providing this kind of passive income so if you'd like to start your investing journey then are currently giving away a free stock worth between three and a thousand dollars when you sign up and fund your account with as little as one dollar just remember with investing your capital is at risk as i mentioned before when you're selling anything even the idea to start a short-term rental to a landlord it's very important to put yourself in their shoes if you've run into any trouble there are two huge selling points i would definitely highlight the first is that they will always get paid on time and not have to chase after a late tenant this is because you'll be making a healthy profit so rent shouldn't be an issue the second is as you're paid based on the quality of the airbnb this means that the property will always be taken care of and probably to a higher standard than a normal long-term tenant i'm going to place this one in the mid tier as i believe once you've learnt the ropes it's entirely possible to scale this side hustle to seven figures by increasing your property count the only drawbacks are if demand slows due to some kind of crisis like the virus the risk of regulation and its reliance on platforms like airbnb side hustle idea number four is starting an e-commerce store imagine waking up and seeing you've made a hundred sales overnight let me tell you it's the best feeling in the world i used to have my phone maker sound every time i made a sale but now because i sell so much stuff i had to turn it off because my phone just wouldn't stop that was a light humble flex but the point i'm making is when it comes to this side hustle i've got experience e-commerce is basically a shop but online this can be done in so many ways like selling on third-party platforms like ebay or amazon or even creating your very own store using tools like shopify and wordpress when it comes to e-commerce it's all about picking your niche i see a lot of people creating stores selling any old rubbish but the issue is it doesn't create a very good experience for your customers i like to position myself as the one stop shop for radio control models this helps me get a lot of high ticket orders from people who don't want to shop around so ask yourself what are you interested in it could be gaming items toys garden accessories or just about anything these days i always tell myself as long as there's a demand there's money to be made now that social media is becoming so popular you can achieve some real scale people are becoming multi-millionaires left right and center from selling products online and as i mentioned previously there's no better feeling than waking up to hundreds of orders you're just getting excited thinking about aren't you oh blooming well i am i'm going to place this side hustle in the top tier the pandemic has accelerated the online shopping wave and i think it's here to stay as people are spending more than ever i believe as long as you have the right products at the right price there's sweet profit to be made side hustle idea number five is becoming an influencer never in human history has it been easier to have your voice heard by the world by simply switching on your phone talking to the camera and in the process make millions influencers also have something tv can't replicate human connection this is where the term influencer comes from as this connection is very powerful if used correctly we're even now seeing huge businesses being built off the back of youtube success like mr beast burgers and the prime energy drink by ksi and logan paul which are actually three of my favorite youtubers a study actually recently found that more kids now dream of being professional youtubers rather than astronauts that's a crazy statistic and you'd probably think this means competition is high however out of the people that actually start a youtube channel only a few really understand the algorithm that's easy for me to say i normally say l-tube yoga rhythm after spending the last two years building up my youtube channel from zero to over a million subscribers with my son i would say the key piece of advice we have used is keeping our content focused i talk about how to grow your wealth and any topics that fit into that mission i understand that you guys might not be as interested in watching me race cars around the track so i make sure not to post videos like that even though i enjoy it although saying that maybe some of you would be interested it's all about putting your audience first and providing them with valuable content without asking for much in return that's why i mentioned things like grabbing ten dollars worth of free bitcoin from coinbase when you open an account it gives back to you guys and it's basically free money i'm going to put this one in the top tier as i believe that no matter your age or interest you can find a way to make money on social media it might be hard to get started and find your niche but after a few months of posting consistently high quality content there is nothing really stopping you from making millions side hustle number six is being an online coach the education system is broken with more people than ever turn into the internet for affordable training from business coaches to personal trainers if you know something valuable then you can now monetize your knowledge like never before university is in the business of making debt slaves they get you trapped paying back your loan for years this is why i believe the internet is a great alternative option this can be sold online in a variety of different ways such as ebooks consultation zoom calls memberships and even dare i say it online courses of course there are good and bad online teachers and not everyone is in it for the right reasons however if someone is promising to teach an actual skill then i don't have an issue with it many online coaches use a funnel to sell their products which is a very effective tool a funnel simply put is your customer journey your aim should be to convert them from people that have never seen you before into huge fans of what you do i'm going to put this in the top tier as it's highly scalable relatively passive and the demand is through the roof due to the failure of our current education system side hustle idea number seven is starting a social media agency social media is on the rise influencers are making millions and 80 percent of the world's population already has a smartphone well what if i told you you didn't need to be an influencer or even reveal your face to the general public you just need to be the bridge mark has well and truly lost it he's telling me to be a bridge with people spending more than ever and the great success of influencers it makes perfect sense that brands are utilizing influencer marketing to get customers and make sales the big problem is influencers can't reach brands brands can't reach influencers and it's an endless cycle of people not communicating or even worse not knowing their worth this is where your social media agency comes in you can start off doing all this by yourself by signing influencers to your agency and connecting them with the brands working as the middleman in exchange for a commission of course you will need communication sales and i.t skills but i see this industry really taking off as we enter into a more interconnected world now i know you might be thinking this seems very complicated and hard to get started and to be honest you're probably right getting rich isn't easy and it takes a lot of work but a little bit of advice from me if you see big potential in working with particular clients then you could always suggest a time period where you work for free in this time it's really important to prove your worth and make yourself indispensable a lot of people are against the idea of working for free and believe that you should always be paid at least a little bit i disagree as if you set your starting price too low then it's hard to increase if you make it clear that you're working for free to prove your worth then you're in a much stronger position for negotiation i'm placing this side hustle in the top tier as i believe this is so much more than a side hustle it's a real business with huge potential as you grow you can hire more people and sign more influences the upside potential is endless and with the right strategy millionaire status is inevitable so it's clear a side hustle is the key to your success however it's equally as important to think about the long-term potential of the one you pick the worst thing you can do is trap yourself into a second job the aim of this is to give you freedom so if it's not something you're enjoying then there is no shame in quitting and trying something new so i'm going to leave the next video right up there but don't click on it just yet make sure to subscribe if you want to grow your wealth okay i'll see you over there

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