*EXPOSED* Easiest Affiliate Marketing 2023 For Beginners Strategy To Earn $500/Day QUICKLY!

I have just exposed the easiest way to start making money with affiliate marketing in 2023 as a complete beginner an undiscovered trick that no one is teaching you to make money online. This doesn't require your own traffic, a following or a website just follow the steps in this video and get started today!

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On this video today guys I want to show You how to make money with affiliate Marketing in 2023 as a complete beginner Using these very simple QR codes that I'm not going to cost you anything to Create I recently did this and I've made Over a thousand dollars with this Strategy I'm going to reload my page to Show you that this is 100 legit as you Can see I've got 263 dollars available For distribution recently I've had 270 Dollars paid out and 370 dollars on hold And you can do the same by creating These very simple QR codes why because You can place these QR codes in as an Image inside these posts and then you're Not putting any sort of links they're Not getting picked up this is an Undiscovered way to make money with Affiliate marketing and people like Purchasing different types of products And I'm making money with affiliate Marketing and the best thing about this Strategy is yet you don't need any sort Of traffic you don't need a website and You don't need a following to get Started to make money with this strategy Now all you need to do is watch this Entire video there are going to be six Simple steps and you need to follow Every single one this is easy but it is Detailed so if you miss anything you're Not going to be able to make the most Amount of money all I ask that you do is

That you smash that like button in Appreciation because we're getting Started right now so what we're going to Be doing is we're going to be using Quora to make this money with affiliate Marketing but it's a strategy that I've Never shown before and nobody is Teaching you this stuff so what you want To do when you're on quarries you need To create an account for yourself once You have created an account for yourself You need to decide what Niche you want To do this in as you guys know I'm in The make money online Niche I do a lot Of things with affiliate marketing so This is the kind of stuff that I'm going To gravitate to so if you come up to the The top here what you want to do is you Want to search for different questions That you can answer on quora so for Example if you were to type in something Like how to work from home you're going To find all these different results of Questions that people have asked what Happens from these other people like us Can come over here and answer these Questions so anytime somebody else Searches for this they are going to be Able to see your answer and you can Potentially have your product in there Where people can then purchase that and You're going to make money with Affiliate marketing now as I keep Talking about affiliate marketing I want

You to also know I do have my ultimate Affiliate marketing guide pinned into The description of this video and the Top comment get that absolutely for free You will learn other ways that I make Money online with affiliate marketing It's a free booklet that you can have And go through take a look at it and see What else I do to make money with Affiliate marketing it's my gift for you All I ask that you do is to make sure That you subscribe to the channel and Also like this video once you get value Out of it and I also want to hear from You what is your plan for 2023 to be Successful and to make money online go Down the bottom and let me know what are You working on and if there's anything That I can help you to make sure that You're obviously going to be successful If there's any videos that you want me To make let me know in the comments down The bottom so as we come over here what You will do from here when you find all These different types of questions we Want to answer some of them you would Come over here and you would click on to Any one of these let's say for example We click onto this where it says what Are the best ways to earn from home as You can see there are other people that Have answered these questions what we're Going to do is we're going to click onto This answer once you do that this is

Where we need to insert our answer now You're probably thinking Ellen I don't Know a lot of these different types of Answers but that's okay I'm going to Show you how you can get these answers And just tweak them a little bit or Potentially refer back to the source Where you got this answer so that you Don't get into too much trouble but Ideally you want want to make some Changes to this so what you want to do Is you want to come over to Google now We are looking for what are the best Ways to earn from home so if you come Over to Google you can type in something Like how to make money online what are The best ways to make money what are Different ways to make money from home Etc how to make money with affiliate Marketing side hustles Etc then what you Want to do is you want to scroll down You want to open up these different Types of websites let's just click onto This one over here as an example what This is going to do is it's going to Bring us over to this page and as you Can see these are just different ways That people can make money online make Money from home Etc and then what you Want to do is you want to copy this Answer but you want to make some changes To it okay you don't want to directly Copy it if you do directly copy it I'm Going to show you how to pay credit to

This person so that people can come back To this blog but I highly recommend that You make some changes to this don't Direct copy it for the purposes of this Video I'm going to show you how to do This by copying it but I recommend that You make changes to these different Types of sites that you're going to be Using so what you want to do from here Guys very quickly is you want to come Over to Google Docs and you want to open Up a blank Google doc document okay from There you want to come back over to this Site and all you need to do for example Is you want to come to the top and you Want to find where this article starts And you can see here that this article Starts from here can I make money online So you can copy this as an example see On it right Mouse click copy that come Over to you guys and paste that in there Then you want to tab down and then what You want to do is quite simply scroll Down and copy this entire article okay Once you copy this entire article what You want to make sure is that there's no Other links inside this article that You're copying okay so what you're going To find as you scroll down and just show You very quickly there's going to be Times like this see this this is a link So if I was to copy this if I copy this I'm just going to show you how to do This we'll come back over to this blank

Page and we paste this in here you're Going to find the there's gonna be links In here from time to time you want to Click onto this and you want to remove That link now that link is gone because We only want people to be going over to Our products okay I hope that makes Sense once you copy that entire article What that's going to look like is Something like this okay so as I scroll Down this is the exact same article I've Made a few changes to it okay but Primarily it's the exact same article And what I've done is I've made sure That all these subheadings are Highlighted in bold now what we need to Do is we need to copy this entire Article okay so we're going to go Command a we're going to copy this and Then copy C okay then what we want to do Is come straight back over to quora and We are going to paste this in here now What you want to do as you can see a lot Of this has all gone into bald so it's All black so what you want to do is you Want to highlight everything like this As you scroll down here you can click Onto this double A and then click on to B you can see that this is now going to Remove everything okay so that it's not All bald and what you want to do is just Leave your main the titles okay like Start a YouTube channel Etc start a Drop Shipping business okay but everything

Else you want to take away from being Bald alright guys so I've just gone Through and fixed this up so as you can See it looks nice and clean and looks a Lot better than it did before now what We need to do is we need to get this Call to action here so what you want to Do is make sure if you see my answer Over here that I've put in what I showed You at the start of this video you can See that my answer is within the first Few paragraphs and I've also got it at The bottom over here as well so you want To make sure that as you can see find a Freelancing work so people are going to Read this if they don't want to read too Far generally people will read the first Few points or they'll skim down what you Want to do is make sure that you've got That within the first few paragraphs so If we come over here if we click onto This I'm just going to tab this down Okay and this is where we are going to Enter that so what we now need to do is We need to get a product and in order to Get a product you can come over to Platforms like ClickBank dot com you can Use digistore24 you can use jvzoo you Can use independent affiliate networks As well so once you sign up to ClickBank What that's going to do is bring you Over to a page that looks like this and You want to make sure that you click Onto their Marketplace as you can see

What this is going to do is it's going To show you all these categories of Different types of products that are Available what we're going to do is We're going to click onto E-Business and E-marketing once we do that we are going To click onto gravity okay because this Is the product that's converting really Well and as you can see what we're going To do because we're talking about Different ways to make money online work From home jobs Etc the best product that We can potentially promote that is this One over here called get paid to use Facebook and Twitter and if you click Onto this it's going to show you exactly What this product looks like and you'll Be able to have a look at it you can see That people don't need experience which Is another really good selling point and These people can make anything from 25 To 50 an hour so they're going to be Interested in this now what we need to Do is we need to scroll down and what We've got to do is we need to click onto This affiliate page we need to use some Of their resources now you can create a Very simple image yourself type in Something like click here to learn or Scan this QR code to learn how to make As much as 25 working from home using Social media because this particular Product over here is all about working Working from home with social media as

You're going to see with the affiliate Resources now when we scroll down on the Affiliate resources you're going to find A lot of stuff over here what we're Looking for is different types of images And Banners Etc so as we scroll down we Want to find these different types of Images and here they are over here so For example here are high converting Banners so you can see you get paid to Do simple jobs on social media this is a Generic one then when you scroll down You've got these ones earn up to 35 Dollars per hour on Facebook you've got Twitter so you can see how many of these Different ones that you can use High-paying jobs on Facebook Twitter and YouTube Etc and as you can see there's All these different ones so what you Want to do is you want to download one Of these image packs okay because once You download this you're going to find All of these so quite simply come over Here and click here to download okay so Once you click onto that this is now Going to download onto my computer you Can see that that's been downloaded this Psmj Banner so now that we have these Banners what we now need to do is we Need to insert our QR code in here but We need to be able to put this together In order to put this together what you Want to do is use this platform over Here called

Canva.com okay this is absolutely free None of this is going to cost you Anything once you're on canva you want To come over here and you want to click On to create a design once you click on To create a design you want to scroll Down click onto Custom Image and you Want to use 2000 by 2000 PX once you Click onto that it's going to bring you Over to a page that looks like this and As you can see you're going to see some Of these images over here of the ones That I have been doing recently now we Need to do is we need to download these Images and this QR code I'm going to Show you where to get that so please pay Close attention from here this is where It gets a little bit technical so do not Skip ahead and if you're getting value Out of this video as I keep saying don't Forget to smash that like button in Appreciation we're getting to the good Bit of putting everything together so What we now need to do is we need to Upload these files so we're going to Click on to upload files now what we Need to do is just search for that file And we know that starts with p because It's psmj now what we need to do is Click onto that now as you can see You've got high resolution PNG you've Got all these different so we're going To click onto this and then what you Want to do guys is as you can see there

Are all these different types of images That you can download let's just use This exact same one that I currently Have on canva so click on to open this Is going to download as you can see That's just downloading there so we're Going to click onto that and what we can Do is we can now stretch this out Because this is what we're going to be Using and you can drop this down here Like this okay so this looks perfect now What we need to do is we need to create This very simple QR code the first thing That you want to do is come straight Back over to ClickBank and you want to Click on to promote once you click on to Promote this is going to give you your Tracking URL this hop link this is very Important because this is when people Click onto this and they purchase this Is what's going to identify you so you Make money with affiliate marketing any Credits your ClickBank account your Digistore account your jv0 account Etc So you want to copy that once you've Copied that you want to close this now What you want to do is come over to this Side over here called QR code Generator.com this is a site that's Owned by bitly the same company where You can shorten your links now all you Need to do is come over here and paste That URL link inside here this is Automatically going to generate this QR

Code for you now what you want want to Do is you want to download this as a JPEG file so click onto jpeg now this is Going to come up it's going to tell you To sign up and all this you don't need To sign up to anything guys as you're Going to see once we close this off that This has now downloaded onto my computer So from here you want to come straight Back over to canva to this page where We're doing this and you want to grab Drag and drop that in there as you can See that has now gone on to our image Over here now you just want to come over You guys you can move this in a little Bit like this okay just like that so it Fits nicely and we can move this down Okay you can just drop that in there you Can probably drag it out a little bit so That is the QR code there now to show You that this works I'm not sure if this Is going to come up on the camera but I'll just show you very quickly I'm Going to go straight over to my camera Over here so I've just gone to my camera I'm going to drag this over the top of This now as you can see that's come up Not sure if that you can see that Clearly or not once I click onto that so You can see I've clicked onto that now That's coming up and you should be able To see now that this has gone over to That product this is how powerful this Is and the good thing about this is once

We put this up onto quora it's not a Link we're going to put this up as an Image you are allowed to share images on On quora but you're not necessarily all The time allowed to share different Types of links and now what we need to Do is add a call to action and as you Can see with the one that I you know Created previously so I can just copy This as an example come straight back Over to here guys and paste this in here And you basically just says scan the QR Code below to get started now if you Come over here on the left hand side you Go to text you can choose any one of These different types of fonts guys and Just put that in there but this Basically shows people exactly until Them gives them the call to action to Scan the QR code below to get started But we're going to have an even better Call to action inside our answer so now What we need to do is scroll up to the Laptop click on to share go to download Download this as a PNG document guys and Just click on to download now this is Downloading on to my computer now what We need to do is we need to go straight Back over to quora so if we come over to Quora and we need to insert that image Inside here so quite simply if you come Down the bottom you can see this little Drop down box click onto that and then You've got this this is where how you

Insert your images so you click onto That and once you click onto that you Now now need to find that image so for Myself I'm just going to come over here And search for it that's it there as you Can see that is that exact same image And we're going to click on to open now You can see that this has pre-populated Inside this answer on cora now what we Need to do guys is we need to create a Call to action quite simply you want to Type in something very similar to what I Typed in over here which is if you want To get a job and work from home Etc that Pays you anything from 25 to 50 because That's what this product is about that Requires no experience because we saw it It doesn't then you told them to scan The QR code below and take the quick Quiz to see which job best suits them Because remember they're already looking For different ways to work from home to Create a side hustle multiple sources of Income whatever it might be and then They're going to scan this QR code so as We come back over to our answer we want To replicate exactly what we have here So I'm going to copy this I'm going to Come straight back over to you guys and I'm going to do the exact same thing now I'm just copying this to save a little Bit of time and show you guys how I do This so I'm going to highlight all that Come down here click onto this double A

And then click on to bold and then You've got the italic as well if you Want to use that now when people see This answer they're going to read this They're going to scroll down they're Going to see this it stands out it's Bald it's italic they've got the Opportunity to scan this code once they Read that this is going to help them Make money online doing these very Simple jobs and then as they scroll down They can read these guys and what you Can do is add this one more time at the Bottom somewhere so you could come over Here guys and add this here as well this Is exactly what I did on this answer so If I scroll down if you guys you can see That I've got this twice in this answer Over here that I have created now the Other thing that I did have you guys is You scroll down over here you can see Here that I've in this article this one That I just posted because I've posted Many of these I've got article credit Goes to okay so I'm just going to Highlight this to show you exactly how This works I'm going to copy this even Though I made changes I'm still paying Credit back to them so you can see here I've typed in article credit goes to Click here to see the full article so I'm going to do the exact same on this One I'm over here I'd hit enter I'm Going to hit Ctrl V okay again I'm going

To do this so article credit goes to Click here to read the full article now All you need to do is come over to this MailChimp site guys copy this URL okay Come back over to quora highlight this Okay once you highlight that you've got This link here command V click on to add There you've got that in there again What I'll do is I'll highlight this and Just click onto board make it stand out Now you have another really really good Answer on quora where people can easily Scan this actually I'm going to post This so as we scroll down I just want to Make sure that there's no other links in Here that looks perfect now all I need To do guys is come over here and click On to post so this is another answer That I've just posted on quora that's Going to give me the opportunity to make Money with affiliate marketing and as You can see guys that is now being Posted this comes up to choose any other Credentials don't need to do anything There as you can see this is my answer As you scroll down there it is there Anybody scans out like I showed you I Stand a very good chance to make money Online with this affiliate marketing Product and the good thing is that these Are going to stay on here because it's Not a link it's just an image people can Come over here and scan this if they Want to they don't necessarily need to

Click onto it they need to do anything But you stand a very good chance to make Money with affiliate marketing with this Undiscovered strategy and if you enjoyed This video guys make sure that you Subscribe to the channel for some more Awesome tips and tricks and undiscovered Ways that you can make money online with Affiliate marketing now make sure that You don't go anywhere if you haven't Seen this video of a guaranteed way that You can start to make money online with CPA affiliate marketing I highly Recommend that you click onto this video View right now it's another unbelievable Strategy that no one is teaching you if You want to learn make sure you click Onto that now I'll see you on that video Until next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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