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This works in literally anyone from Anywhere in the world can make money in Line with this app and with this free Strategy from anywhere in the world Without actually selling any products Without building a website and without Having any social media followers Because I'm going to show you a website That's going to help you get around all Of that to make money on an autopilot Without actually putting much effort Into this and as you can see so far in Total I made over three thousand dollars With this app and with this particular Strategy and this is not the only app That you can use in order to make money With this method you see the app that I Use is called the tap mob it's basically A CPA Network you can use any other CPA Net broker even go to CPA grip the point Is you just need to find some offers to Promote which are like giveaways and if You use tap mob this app that I'm using I'm going to leave a link to it in the Description box down below you can find Offers that allow people to make some Money as you can see for example you can Promote this giveaway where people have A chance to win 750 dollars and when They sign up for this giveaway you will Be paid five to six dollars per email Collected and that's exactly how I've Been getting paid in if I go back you Can see that I'm getting paid six to

Five dollars on a regular basis over Here so you just want to find some offer To promote and then you want to copy a Link to that offer and in fact you want To find three different giveaway offers And as I said you can either use tap mob This app over here or you can go to and then sign up for free And then find some giveaway offers the Point is you want to find three Different offers just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Tax you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their post the engagement Is fake there are new accounts and just Know that I would never fax you like That so just stay safe and report them All now once you find those offers you Simply want to go over to panel of stars This is and this is a platform That allows you to instantly get more Real social media engagement with Literally just one press of a button you

Can get a lot of different things so First things first you just want to Create an account click on sign up on and then you want to Enter the first name last name email Address all that staff agreed to the Terms and policy and then click on Create a new account and then you will Be able to log into your accountant but for now you simply Want to go over to Facebook you want to Create a free Facebook account you don't Need any followers or friends or Anything like that you just want to go To Facebook search for make money online Groups and you just want to join those Public groups when it says public and They have thousands of members you want To join as many of those because if you Post something in those public groups You can grab a link to your post and you Can share it with other people that are Perhaps not even in the group so for Example if let's say this was your post Just as an example you just click on the Share button and you can copy the link For that particular post so what you Want to do is you want to create a post That promotes those three offers which We found on CPA grip or tap mob so you Can go to or Lintyr.e this link over here which Allows you to create to add multiple Links in BIO to add multiple links on

One particular website so you just want To sign up for free and once you sign up For free and you create an account on Link tree you basically just want to add As many links as possible as many offers So you click on add a link and let's say You found some giveaway let's say a cash At 750 giveaway what you found let's say Tap mob now you can insert a link to That and as you can see it's going to Show up in the form of a button that Someone can click and they can go to Your referral link either from CPA grip Or tap mob app that I showed at the Beginning of this video but you want to Add as many of those offers in this case I'm going to add three different offers And then if someone goes to this link Over here so if you actually click on Share and someone were to go to your Link I'm going to copy that and they go To your landing page they can find those Buttons and if they click on one of These they will be taken to one of those Offers where they want they have a Chance to win something and you will be Paid for each email collected so now you Want to start driving traffic to this Landing page which you made with link Tree and in order to do that we can just Go to Blue Willow AI or we can go to Mid Journey you can join those Discord Groups and you can just once you join The Discord you can generate an image

Which is going to be related to money And giveaway so for example I'm gonna go With a funny fat guy with money flying Around him ultra realistic so basically AI is going to generate a unique image That I can use to grab people's Attention ultra realistic and extreme Details as well so I'm gonna go with Something like that and they should Generate an image for me so I've entered My prompt and now I gotta wait I want to Make sure that I don't lose my prompt Because there's a lot of people in this Discord server that are posting data on Prompts so you want to make sure that You're paying close attention to your Own it's gonna look something like this It should be highlighted a little bit And then you just gotta wait for like One or two minutes for them to generate That image for you that you can use and Here we have a couple of images Generated so now I'm gonna upscale this First one because I like it it's the Best one so far it really grabs Attention it's something that's very Unique and that you don't really see on A regular basis and it's also AI Generated so I know that this is Copyright free and it's Unique content That I can actually use in that Facebook Group so here we have that image now I'm Going to open it up in browser and just Download it to my computer now with that

Image downloaded you just want to go Back to that Facebook group you want to Upload that image you want to create a Call to action so perhaps I'm going to Say enter a 750 cash app giveaway for Free and then I'm Gonna Leave a link to My link tree so it's going to be this Link over here and you can actually Share this in those public groups and Then once again once you share that you Just want to copy the URL for your post You basically click on share you click On copy the link and then what you can Simply do is yes you can get traffic From those Facebook groups but in order To boost your traffic you can just go Over to and if you Created an account you can now log in And then once you log in you will be Able to place an order and you should Add some funds I can only have about 5k In my account but you can basically just Go over to add funds right over here and Then you can pay you can use PayPal and Then you can basically make a payment Enable almost immediately credit you Cash that you can then use for these Orders so you can basically select a Category you can get Tick Tock views you Can get Facebook likes Facebook Followers Facebook posts likes if you Post comments shares and much more you Also have Instagram you also have these Other platforms and website views and

Stuff like that there's a lot of Different Services over here but what We're going to be focusing on are Facebook shares comments and likes Because if you get your post boosted in That Facebook group chances are you're Gonna get more attention because people Are going to see that you're getting the Most views you're getting the most likes And comments that's going to boost the The post at the top of the Facebook Group so more people are gonna see it And also if you buy shares as well it's Going to boost the engagement so you Just want to go with post likes with Post comments and shares so if I select Post likes over here non-drop and I Paste the link to my post and I type in Let's say for example 10 000 likes That's going to be about 14 bucks but It's literally going to be the top post In that specific Facebook group so I can Get a a lot of traffic from organic People that are browsing the group Because my post is most likely going to Be at the top and they're going to see That I have the most likes everyone has Like 20 likes 30 likes and my post has 10 000 likes or so on and it's gonna Grab people's attention and people are Gonna notice my posts and they're Potentially going to click on the link Where they can sign up for these free Giveaways where they even have a chance

To win something and now I'm gonna be Paid for that and you have all of those Different Facebook groups that we can Share this post and when you share the Post you basically just boost the Engagement with Battle Stars to grab Simple attention and to actually stand Out because there's thousands of people Posting in those groups but no one Really knows that even Exists and that they can boost their Engagement so that they can be seen by More people and that's exactly how you Can leverage this method to make money Online

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