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you must have heard the term digital marketing here and there it has now become a slogan and why wouldn't it digital marketing has evolved drastically with time as a digital marketer you will have to promote business over the internet all the online ads you see the content you read and the images you see online are in one way or another related to the work of a digital marketer that's why today i will discuss the top 11 reasons why you should learn digital marketing and adopt it as a career choice stay with us [Music] assalamualaikum viewers this is arfa tuba and you are watching running with eddie without any delay let's start our topic the very first reason that why you should learn digital marketing is growth rate digital marketing is a rapidly evolving technology and statistics also revealed that this field would experience a rapid increase in job opportunities as you can see market size of digital marketing is increasing by every year since the year 1990s till date digital marketing has taken up close to half of the livelihood and the technology trends it led companies to reach a wider audience skill their business further and generate more revenue setting up a business online running ad campaigns developing content strategies are a few of the tasks a digital marketing expert does to provide such results but without trained digital marketing professionals they can't do these tasks that's why the demand for these skills will continue to increase the second reason is wide variety of career opportunities digital marketing gives you a huge scope and a multitude of job options right in front of you our recent report also states that there are over 75 000 job listings on the very famous job portal this field is in high demand as many digital marketers start with the salary starting from 45 000 unlike other fields digital marketing has a lot of opportunities not only in terms of jobs but you can also earn as a freelance digital marketer and make an awesome amount of money the third reason is easy to start a carrier if you want to become an engineer you will need to get a degree in engineering if you want to become a pilot you will have to go to aviation school and get a license but if you want to become a digital marketer you will only need to practice the essential online marketing techniques create a portfolio and you will be good to go you don't need to get another degree or go to college to start a career in this field entering the sector is quite easy plus the digital marketing community is amicable and full of amazing people so if you have our ghost and you can ask around or look it up online you will find an answer [Music] next reason is high demand for digital marketers according to a report by marketing hiring trends um around 69 percent of companies were going to hire more marketers it means companies are dying to hire digital marketers and learning and in demand skill never hurts it only means that you can get better paying jobs with more security after learning such a highly demanded as as you can see in this chart these all are digital marketing skills which are trending [Music] the other reason why you should learn digital marketing is easy to start a new creative business project literal marketers have ample knowledge of multiple online tools and platforms they can easily create your own project by making use of the very commonly used platforms such as youtube they can create blogs they can do affiliate marketing they can start websites they can create products and sell them to the targeted market these all are a part of digital marketing once you understand how this works you will know where to put in more effort and which marketing channel you should prefer to reach your target audience the sixth reason is easy to drive traffic to your website from digital markets once you shift your focus to digital marketing there is no turning back the reason being having a website and letting the audience know about your product or service is a tedious task but with digital marketing this is made easy digital marketing plays a vital role in generating good traffic to your site another reason to learn digital marketing is digital skills gap there is an enormous demand for people with digital skills especially these soft skills the skills gap refers to the difference between the skills required for a job and the skills a person possesses the skills gap is responsible for not being able to perform a complete job so by using digital marketing you can up skill your knowledge about trending technologies eight reason is digital marketing gives you entrepreneurial skills there is surely an overlap in the skills that are common between a good digital marketer and a dynamic entrepreneur when you study digital marketing from an accredited institution you are sure to learn certain behavioral skills digital marketers need to be proactive self-starters have good communication skills be quick on their feet to respond to changes in the market and excellent at promoting the brand they are representing all these qualities make entrepreneurs stand out from their competitors the ninth reason is versatility okay viewers just give me an answer for a question were you using whatsapp in 2011 or were you using google assistant to look up stuff in 2015 the answer would most probably be no these examples show how fast the internet changes and digital marketers must adopt themselves to these changes constantly so they are always learning new stuff and mastering new techniques if you are looking for a field that is full of novelty and variety then you should go for digital marketing once you master the top skills for the role of digital marketer you will have a lot of exposure to a broad set of skills you could also work under any specific domain of digital marketing this can keep your skills sharp and your work interesting you can upgrade existing skills while still learning new ones but still stay in the same field [Music] 10 reason is get better pay do you want to increase your salary of course you will say yes then start learning digital marketing because of the massive demand for digital marketing professionals the pay for digital marketing roles is also high you can get better roles in the organization because of your expertise which can help you enhance your salary according to pay scale and glassdoor digital marketing managers earn around 74 000 per year social media managers earn about 44 000 per year content marketing manager earn about 67 000 per year product marketing manager earned about 114 000 per year seo manager earned about 80 000 per year and brand marketing manager earn about 87 000 per year and with the growing demand for digital marketers these salary packages are only expected to grow further the 11th and last reason why you should learn digital marketing is it helps you stay ahead of your competitors adopting digital marketing to your organization is a must by doing this it lets you know your own company and your prospect's interest even though you make good content and beautifully design your website you might still end up not getting enough leads this might be because you don't know about the current market trends unless you are up to date with the current market trends and try to adopt them to your company you will have a rough time planning your strategy so digital marketing is one such way through which you can always be one step ahead of your competitors so viewers this brings to the end of top 11 results why you should learn digital marketing i hope you are clear about the topic that i discussed with this information you will certainly be able to pull up the stand of having a great future in this domain if you have any queries or want to give any suggestions then please put them in the comment section and i will get back to you we will meet in next video inshallah till then take care allah office [Music]

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