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Is a place where everyday people like me And you can publish our own audio books That can be seen by millions of people That are using audible every single Month now you don't necessarily have to Published a book or sell anything with Audible in order to make money with this Platform and that's exactly what I'm Going to show you how to do instead of This step-by-step tutorial but if you Also want to see how I personally make Money online and how I personally Drive Consistent traffic to my offers then Click the first link in the description Box down below and I will walk you Through the entire process step by step Click by click and show you exactly how To set up the same automation systems That I personally have in my business Once again that's going to be the first Link in the description box down below But anyways let us actually begin with The step number one which is to Obviously go to audible just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick

People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all as I said this is a Platform where you can find the Thousands if not millions of different Audiobooks to listen to or you can also Publish your own audiobook on here and Make money whenever someone listens to Your audiobooks and you can pretty much Find everything including like Hobbit Books like you can find literally a book On any thought pick on on this platform There's always going to be something and On the left side you have all of these Different categories now you say you Don't necessarily have to actually Listen to any of these books or list Your own book on Audible in order to Make money as I said you don't even have To sell anything in order to make money With this matter so what I wanted to Show you is this YouTube channel over Here called one percent better and one Percent better is posting faceless Videos talking about book summaries so All they're doing is basically finding a Book somewhere on Google you can Literally find a book on Audible a Search for a book that book summary Let's say Hobbit you search for Hobbit

Book summary on Google and you can turn Those articles into actual YouTube Videos like these and I'm going to show You exactly how so basically for example We have this book The loads of human Nature by Robert Greene this is a Summary this is a six minutes long Summary and you will be able to see that The person on this channel is the the Creator of this channel is not gonna Show their face in these videos these Are like simple animations these are Simple faceless videos and then in the Description box they could have easily Left a link through this book because People that watch a summary they Obviously watch it prior to actually Signing up or buying that book because They want to see if the book is good or Not and if you make a summary this is a Perfect fit these videos get millions of Views you know how to show your face and You can just say hey you can also grab This book for completely free because You see if you go over to audible's Affiliate programs if you search for Audible affiliate program you're going To be able to see that you can refer People to Audible and when they sign up For free you're gonna make money so for Example if you scroll a little bit down You can see that audible free trial Membership pays you five dollars so five Dollars and someone signs up for free to

Audible and if they sign up for free They can also get two free books so you Can just say you can get this book for Free if you sign up through audible Through my link which is gonna be in the Description box and whenever someone Signs up you make five dollars and if we Do the maths on this video like for Example this video that has gotten like 3.3 million views if 0.1 percent of These people actually signed up to an Audible affiliate link that could have Been 2.3 000 signups 2.3 000 signups Multiplied by five dollars per sign up Is way over ten thousand around eleven Thousand dollars in pure profit from a Single video If just 0.1 percent not Even one percent if one percent of them Signed up then that would be over a Hundred thousand dollars in profit but If 0.1 percent of these people actually Signed up for a free book that they're Already interested in and looking to buy Then the profits are really really crazy Now you don't necessarily have to do Those crazy animations or whatsoever you Can simply go over the pixels.com which Is a platform where you can find a lot Of different copyright free stock Footage and you can just search for Videos on here videos that are related To the type of video you want to create So for example if I wanted to create a Video summary of the laws of human

Nature and for example we need humans in Our videos I'm going to search for Humans or human and that's going to give Me all of these different clips that I Can use so for example if I need this Clip I will just press the download Button and it's going to be onto my Computer and I can use it in my videos And these also come with a full license And allow you if you actually re-upload These videos on your YouTube channel Without actually getting any copyright Issues or whatsoever so you can just Download as many clips that you need and Then you can use these clips with clip Champ clip champ is an absolutely free Video editing software that is Completely beginner friendly you can Just create an account for completely Free you can log into your account and As you log in you can start editing your Videos you can just select which Template you prefer there's a lot of Different templates I will personally Begin with a blank YouTube template and Almost start editing my video right There so we'll just create click and Create a new video and I can just drag And drop these clips into the media file Section and I can just start uploading Them so I can just upload these videos Like here right over here and if I have Like the voiceover in the background Talking about a certain subject in this

Case the summary of This Book which you Can literally as I said find on Google For free literally just search for that Book and search for a book summary and Then you can just read through that like Create a script and just read it into The microphone you don't have to show Your face and you can simply create a Video like this create a call to action In the in them in the intro just say the Link to this book is in the description Box people can grab it for free and then You can select some of these templates From the left side for example I'm going To use this one and then you can just Create a call to your action on the Screen as well so you can pretty much Just say get this book for free a link In the description and you can place it Around the screen so for example I'm Gonna put it here and let's see how this Is gonna look like so it starts with This get this book for free Link in the Description of course you can play Around with different animes and colors And designs and whatnot but the point is You can create a faceless video for Absolutely free in literally like 20 Minutes you can publish it to your YouTube channel for literally any book That you can find on Audible you'll Literally just find a book on Audible Whatever that might be whatever of these Categories you just want to make sure

That it is at least searched for a Little bit it doesn't necessarily have To be purely a massive book that's going To be seen by millions of people because Even if you find some niched down book That has maybe a thousand searches a Month you can still get a thousand Potential views and out of those 1 000 People of just a hundred of them sign up For audible through your link we're Completely free that's going to be at Least 500 for a video that took you less Than 20 minutes to create so you can Make hundreds of dollars for literally Less than 20 minutes of your time and You don't even have to record anything With a camera or show your face and if You want to see how to actually grow Your YouTube channel and how to do this Properly how to actually establish your Faceless YouTube automation channels Business and assistance make sure to to Click the link in the description box Down below because as I said I will walk You through the entire process step by Step I will show you my head ADR Traffic Systems I will show you exactly how to Actually get paid to drive traffics Instead of making just five hundred Dollars for a video that you published From those sign ups I'm going to show You how to get paid additionally from Those views that you're getting I'm Going to show you how to actually get

Approved in your partner program I'm Going to show you how to get approved in Literally less than a single day I'm Going to show you how to grow those Channels I'm going to show you how to do The content Automation and I'm going to Show you exactly how to actually Drive Traffic set up all the systems and I'm Going to show you some of the best Algorithm secrets that I've never Thunked about publicly once again all of That is going to be packed in a complete Step by step training program which is Going to be linked in the description Box down below anyways I really hope you Got some value out of this video I Really hope you will learn something new And you got a new idea on how to promote Audible as an affiliate through YouTube Without showing your face and if you did Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you next time [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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