Kavan (2019) New Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi, Madonna Sebastian, T. Rajendar

'In every city of India
the mornings are like this.' 'People living in city are
more in hurry then staying in a city.' 'He is Mr. Patel.' 'He is MR. Damru Lal Majnu.' 'Small accidents take
place in such hurry.' 'A car crossed zebra crossing
and then this drama started.' Put the car in reverse gear. Come on. Take the car reverse. Are you out of your mind?
This is MLA's car. I am not bothered
that this is MLA's car. When they come to ask
for vote then they beg for it. They try to dominate.
You do not know the power of public. Don't put garland to him.
He is useless.

Why hasn't Kaveri river's
water reached here? Kaveri has ran away. – Till when will it reach the farmers?
– Police is finding her. The news is that she has
reached Kolkatta with boyfriend. She is Kalpana and Abdul. The country might get divided
in the name of religion.. ..but no one can divide two lovers. She is Aditi. Some people stay close
and tell about their love.. ..and some show their
love from distance. He is Tilak.
And wants to be close to Aditi. Come on do it. This aunty is doing my ragging. Not only in college but ragging
also takes place in film school. – Hurry up.
– 100 Now I am not going
to give even a rupee. Where is the profit on
the money that has already.. ..been invested on the channel? Make channel number
1 and then we will talk.

This old man always irritates me. How many of you want
to go for film making? And how many for making
documentary films? Very good. He is MLA Dharam. Owner of
Global Dragon Pesticide company. Because of this company the environment
of nearby villages has become bad. Some people are opposing this matter. One of them is Abdul
and second is Kalpana. We are not going to bow down
to public..I mean the opposition. Some are falling in love and some
cannot even talk anything about love. But Baba Gyani has said it right.. ..that it is not easy
to find true love or lost coin. You get it easily when
the right time comes. You.. Give me a kiss. Fulfill our demands. – Fulfill our demands.
– Shut down factory! – Stop spreading poison.
– Stop it.. Murdabad..Murdabad. Stop spreading poison. – Stop it..
– You.. Rather than closing down the factory.. ..that is spreading poison this
public servant wants to thrash them.

– Happy VD
– Happy Valentine's Day. – Hi.
– Hi. – Happy Valentine's Day.
– Happy Valentine's Day. By mistake she gave it to me. Aditi, listen to me. Meet me in the evening in the garden. Okay. Warden is coming. Lady hunter has come. Hey stop, where are you going? What all I need to do for some fun? People's clothes tear off in love. – Good that the pant did not tear.
– Did you all see? Tilak, wait. Take this. The T-shirt is still hot. Hurry up. Hey, stop..wait.. Get a side. Tilak, this is my final diploma
project so do not spoil it. You have broken up with her. Before you separate you
have to hug her for one last time. The hug should be divine and gentle. Don't hug her tight. Now don't think much and do it. But you know that I feel
strange on seeing girls. Look at my goose bumps. What is this nonsense?
Will you have feelings on seeing her? What is there like girls in her? Sheela throw whatever you are chewing. Okay clap in. Action. Don't get scared. Control! – I am feeling very good.
– Cut.

Which perfume do you put? – Cut.
– I am cutting. – Cut.
– I am cutting. – Cut.
– Yes, I am cutting. To hell with your kissing. Sorry.. If Aditi has thrown you out of her life
then why are you thinking about her? Tell me why did the
break up happen this time? The scene was such
that I had to kiss a girl. To make it more natural
I put in a lot of efforts. Mother, come here. 28 years ago I gave birth
to you but you have still not grown. Your father became a producer
and you became the director. You are making C grade
flop movies one after another. Who watches your movies?
I and your father. Just wait and watch that
after your flop documentaries.. ..a documentary on
my death will be made. So get ready to die father.

I will call for camera and lighting
and I will write the dialogues. Don't teach me. You had to become news reporter. You had an appointment
in Zen 1 TV today. It is 8o'clock and you
are lying down like lazy people. When will you go? When someone
else will take up that post. If you do not do a job then you
will become useless like a flop movie. Zen 1 TV did a very wrong thing. Let's go. Sir has come. Greetings sir. Give me some snacks. Hail to sir. Hail to sir. Move! Sir, why are you protesting? Look, I want to do bullying(Dadagiri). Not Dadagiri but Gandhigiri. I meant that. – Look, I wanted to do Gandhigiri..
– What has happened here? Why are they protesting? A political talk show
was going on in Zen 1 TV Someone gave an example
of Gandhiji in front of him.

He is just polishing his political image
by taking support of Gandhiji's name. You go ahead. When I was 12 years old
then I killed my father's enemy. You did not understand. He was dying of thirst
so I gave him water to drink. This country is of brave politician.
Hail to this great country. Am I right? Friends, Bapu has held my hands..

..otherwise I can
make Zen TV as hell TV. Friends, no one should watch Zen 1 TV. Zen 1 TV is useless. Zen 1 TV is useless. Promise me that you will
disconnect Zen 1 TV today. Ashok, what is this?
What are you doing? Sir, just give me 2
minutes and it will be done. You are looking like goons. Come
on hurry up and change your clothes. Zen 1 TV is useless. Hurry up otherwise I
will not give you a penny. What is this sir?
From where did police come here? We will have to tolerate
their thrashing as well. All this will not
happen in so less money. You should not get back on
your words after coming to the spot. First do your job and
then you will get money? – I will do something.
– You always cry for money. We will eat half chapatti
but will let go of Zen1 TV. No one should come to know that
we have come here to create chaos. The work will be done. The police hits very hard. – Okay.
– We will leave after hitting. You look to be goon from your face.
Remove this rowdy necklace.

Come on. Daniel, you will just throw eggs and
you will throw tomatoes from behind. No one will use knives
or anything else. If someone dies then
we will land up in trouble. Mother, you had asked me to get tomatoes
to make a dish so I have got them. All tomatoes are sold so get lost. Let me take a photo of
tomatoes as they are hardly seen. How much are these eggs for? That is also sold. The bulb of my house has got
fused so give me one of 200watts. Shall I fuse your bulb? Get lost.

Why are you getting
angry for tomatoes? There is comb in my pocket
and Zen 1 TV is dirty. We will eat half chapatti
but will let go of Zen1 TV. One two, one two throw way Zen 1 TV. Take it. Don't waste it. Throw way Zen 1 TV. Come on take this. Take more. Throw way Zen 1 TV. What is this? Who is throwing? He is responsible in the scam. – Who are they?
– He is a traitor. Stop him. What are you doing? Take his camera. Don't do recording. Beat him! Slowly! Slowly! Come on get a side. Break everything. What are you doing? Don't let them go. Break everything. Come on! Come on first break
the camera of the cameraman. Leave it. Leave the camera. Stop doing shooting. Get lost from here. Don't let him go. Beat him. Bring one more. Stop the auto.

Come out. Come on, break it down. Hey you… Get lost. – How dare you mess up with me?
– Get lost from here. What are you doing here? Police has come.
Come on let's go away. Hurry up. What happening here. Who were those people? Why are you thrashing me?
I was giving speech. I am a leader. I am telling you that they
did not belong to my party. People walking on Bapu's path have
adopted the path of violence today. If these politicians change then
good days will automatically come. Leaving aside Gandhiji's values
they have adopted hooliganism. Soon you will come to know who the
demons behind this heinous act are. The country will not change by
posting it on facebook and what's app. First of all you will have
to improve your house. Thank you. These useless politicians wanted
to become famous by demeaning us. But you changed the entire game.

You are very smart Kelvin. Patel sir,
your car has been totally destroyed. What is there to be happy about it?
It is loss for me. All cameras have been damaged. No worries Mr. Patel. With this we will get extensive
coverage in newspaper. Argument will begin
on social media on Gandhiji. By getting insulted by that
our channel will become famous. And we will get superb publicity. Take it from me.
Next show's TRP will be very high. It is incorrect not to follow
media rules staying in media. Public believes media. Media is that bacteria that
does not die with antibiotic. It is media's rule that the
one who is disgraced is famous. We will make this our new trend. We are youth and change with time. – Oh, you call yourself youth.
– Of course. I feel you are a polling booth. Thank you. Will you break it? – I have joined today.
– Have you joined new? – Yes sir.
– First day and you are late.

Actually police and politician
were playing hide and seek outside. And you were dancing too. No sir, I was shooting. What did you shoot? Have a look sir. People walking on Bapu's path have
adopted the path of violence today. Leaving aside Gandhiji's values
they have adopted hooliganism. Soon you will come to know who the
demons behind this heinous act are. Go to the conference
room on the first floor. Okay sir. Sir, the phone is mine. I will give it to you. You may go. – Excuse me.
– Yes. Is he mad? He took away my phone. – He is news editor.
– Okay. Okay.. I was driving my car and then
I came across a turning on the road. I fell in love there. Did you see Aditi that because of
mimicry he has a job in this office? Are you jealous? Why should I be jealous? Cut, cut.. Cut, cut.. Sorry. She got carried
away so what could I do? Shut up, Tilak.

If she could not control then
at least you should have controlled. You kept on kissing her. I don't know how
many times I said cut. You were asking to cut but
I thought you were saying to bite. Aren't you satisfied with me? Loafer. Aditi, as soon as I started
kissing my eyes closed.. ..and I could see only you everywhere. As soon my eyes closed
I could smell your fragrance. On touching her I could
feel that you are with me. I touched her thinking of you. All men are the same. As soon as you get a chance
you show your true colors. Don't shout. What have I done? Listen to me. A lion will hunt, a snake will
bite and a man will always be a man. Don't you have any such feelings? I will thrash you hard. What would you do I had done this? Don't just say anything. I would have
been at loss. What would you lose? You are unnecessarily creating fuss? Aditi, if you behave like this then how
will we stay together all our lives? Dear.. Go and stay with
that characterless girl.

Go. Get lost. Go away from here. Sorry Aditi. – Stay away from me.
– Sorry Aditi. Don't touch me. I hate you. Cheater.
Don't show me your face again. No. You have played with my life. – Go.
– Everything is over. Go.. Loafer. Have you ever kissed me once? Go away. Are you still angry with me? Aditi, do you know each other? Anyway who know me are dear to me. My name is Jagan and
he is my junior Ashok Kumar.

– Hi.
– Stop all these greetings. You got late on the first day itself. Go and sit there. Hey, is this your purse? Shall I slap you? Keep it and give it to your boyfriend. Shut up. Guys, boss is coming. Standup comedy. Good morning everyone. Good morning. Hello guys. – Hello sir.
– I am Kelvin Kardos. Chairman of the network. I am Bhavana.
Give us your introduction.

– Sir, I am Nishanti..
– Please keep sitting.. I do QC of the scripting of news. – Hello sir. I am Arti, news reader.
– Hi. My name is Mohan. – I am..
– Okay.. Do some work and show us. So something for the
betterment of channel. Then your name will
be imprinted on my heart. Let's come to the point. We would like to do a
music show with something new. Fresh young talents. Smart and dynamic two anchors. Three judges from film industry. That too from south. Have you thought about
the name of the program? – Yes sir. I have thought of few names.
– Good. Aunty, how will this name be?
Tamboora Baje Pairava Hile. Okay. Hey, feet moves once the music is on. Do you want to say something? – Yes. I was..
– Sit quietly.

Sir, this aunty is pulling my shirt. I will not spare you. Say whatever you
wish to open heartedly. Sir, shall I come
in front and open up? – Sure.
– Thank you. CH means channel. This is CH2, Ch3, CH4 and this is Ch5 I mean to say that every channel
wants to supersede another channel. And in this race few channels reach new
heights and some remain at low level. In short everyone is selling
eggs but in their own way He fries the eggs and sells,
he boils it sells.. ..he makes scramble eggs,
he makes egg biryani.. ..he makes egg magi
and he makes double egg fry. That means news is the
same but every channel twists.. ..and turns according
to his convenience. The thing is clear.
Channel has nothing new. That is why we have
to think of something..

..which is very different
from other channels. Till we do not show anything
new to the viewers.. ..our TRP will not increase. For that we will
have to work on content. Seeing all this I fell as if I am not
sitting in office but in 10th class. – Keep quiet.
– Which professor have they hired? We will have to show
viewers something that.. ..they haven't seen earlier
and will not see in future. Okay Mr. Bread and egg. You can run a stall of egg
and bread at the corner of the road. Think of something out of the box. Then I will decide whether
you have thought right or wrong. I give you one month's time.

– Aditi.
– Yes sir. The logo of our show should
be better than Indian Idol. Sir, the name of the show
hasn't been finalized yet. Just a moment. Nowadays it has become
a fashion to sit in protest. Dharam's party workers
sat in protest outside.. ..Zen 1 TV channel
office and did destruction. Zen 1 property suffered
huge property loss. On complaint by Zen 1 officials'
police came into action. When people were
creating chaos outside.. ..then our cameras broke
but Tilak has brought this footage. We came to know from sources
that these riots took place.. ..because of indifference
between people of Dharam's party. One of our reporters captured this
action of the goons in his mobile. His name is Tilak. 100% this work is that of opposition. People walking on Bapu's path have
adopted the path of violence today. If these politicians change then
good days will automatically come. Leaving aside Gandhiji's values
they have adopted hooliganism. If you want to see changes
in the country then change yourself. Keep tuned to us
for further information. – Tilak.
– That was a wonderful job. I am impressed. I had given you one month's
time but you proved it in a minute.

I take my words back. – Bhavana.
– Yes. – You decide their departments.
– Sure sir. Aditi and Jagan, show them
the studio after you get free. Okay sir. Sir, you changed the news completely. Why did you edit it, sir? Your phone. But sir I had shot something else. I had made videos of those people
who were responsible for these riots. Why didn't you show that video? Management decides as to
what is to be shown and what not. You just enjoy. But sir this is cheating. Whatever you may think but this is it. Don't strain yourself. Open your eyes wide and see.
This is Zen1 TV. This is that place where live shows.. ..interviews and many
other shows are recorded. This is primary edit suite. All post production
work takes place here. Production control room.
This is also called PCR. From here all programs that
are to be broadcast are controlled. Anchor and cameramen are
also given instructions from here. This is master control room.

And this is C.A.R Car in the office? Drive and show me. Duffer educated. C.A.R C.A.R means central apparatus room. All programs have to
pass through this test area. If the video enters this room then no
one can stop it from being telecast. And then you seen Zen TV Sometimes Aditi a stranger
seems dear to you. You have kept ringtone
of Aditi's name. Sometimes Aditi it
seems to be a dream. What are you doing Aditi? Oh no, his phone is destroyed. New phone has gone.

Yes, buddy. Sorry, please. Hey, move.. Take it. You should fill your
parting and not your forehead. First line up meeting with
him and then later with him. – We have to go for dinner as well.
– Okay. There is no good news and
yet he was made to eat sweet. Auto. You go. Come. Who would be the special
guest in our music show? Madam, Akshay Kumar. He would take the entire
budget of our episode. Think of someone who will
not charge more and is popular. According to my calculation
it should be Anoop Jalota. Keep quiet, naughty boy. – Power star.
– Power star? What has he to do with music? He also uses quality
tone and rting tone. Keep quiet.

– Aditi..
– Look it is my show. – Listen to me.
– Keep your mouth shut. Superb idea.
It would really raise our TRP. No. – Greetings to the director.
– Hi, Bhavana. You did not promote my
film once on your channel. I will give the money
once it becomes a hit. That is not the case. The name of your film has
flashed on our channel twice. Bhavana, you very well know.. ..that the producer becomes a beggar
by the time the movie is completed. We do not have money even for dubbing. Bhavana, why did you pick
up the phone during the meeting? If you keep behaving like this then
our channel will not become popular. Don't tell whom to
give award and whom not to. I understand everything. Mr. Subhash is here only. Okay I will do what's app. He kept the phone. Hello. It enjoying it. What? With Kalpana? When? Why are you stopping us? Let us go. Who are you to stop us? Kalpana is our friend
and we want to go and meet her. She has tried to commit suicide
by falling from the terrace.

This is impossible.
She was working against suicide. – Let us go.
– No. – What are you all doing?
– No sir. We have stopped them.
His name is Abdul. Okay sir. I will manage them. – Ask them to leave.
– Okay sir. Let us go inside. Who are you to stop us? – What are you doing?
– Get back. – I want to go and meet the doctor.
– Wait. How dare you raise
your hand on police? Get lost! Can I go inside now? What drama is this? Hurry up and take
him to another hospital.

Come on. Come on take him. – I want to go to this hospital only.
– Sit! He cheated Kalpana in love
and that is why she took this step. – Hurry up.
– Poor Kalpana got trapped in his love. – She is a very innocent girl.
– Take him. Marry sister. What did you say? If you want to impress me
by reading my name on my dress.. ..then at least take
the name properly. Look my name is Marriamma. There were so many things
around so did not see. A social activist by the
name Kalpana has been admitted here.

– If I could meet her then..
– Are you trying to bribe me? In 10 years of my job I
have not taken even 10/- as bribe. Who are you? Sorry sister.
Please don't misunderstand us. We are Kalpana's friends. Tell us how we can meet her. Ashok, get a side. Sorry sister. It is possible that after meeting
here we come to know the truth. You do not know but she
is a very good friend of ours.

How is she now? Her condition is very bad. There are scratches
on her entire body. Those rascals have
scratched her very badly. How could such a small
girl fight with so many? Luckily she survived. Sister, it is important
for us to meet Kalpana. Sister, please. We are taking a big
risk so do as I say. Keep in mind that he
does not have any doubt. Doctor, the patient is
in trouble because of back pain. Can you please check her? Aditi. Nurse, this pain
is because of fracture. We will have to get an X-Ray done. Yes doctor. You all wait here and we
will go and get the X-Ray done. Nurse, where are you taking her? To get an X-Ray done.

You finish your work quickly
and I will be back in 10 minutes. Okay. How did all this happen, Kalpana? Who were those people? They work with me in the channel. – He is Tilak and he is Ashok.
– Hi. Look, they have come to help you. Don't misunderstand us. That means you have come here
so that you can get breaking news. Don't you have any sympathy with me? You just need breaking news. That is not the case.
You are misunderstanding us. We had really come here
to make news of your suicide.

But after coming here
we came to know the truth. Police is trying to hide the truth. They are putting allegation on
Abdul that he has cheated you in love. Kalpana, will you also remain
quiet like 130crore Indian? We will not show your
face or tell your name. But we cannot do anything
without your statement. Believe me,
our channel will support you. Trust me. Will you support us? Yes. Hey, close the camera. Kalpana, turn your face. We don't want your face to be seen.
Turn around. Yes, perfect. What did you do Tilak? She was ready to show her
face but why did you refuse? TRP will increase if we show her face.

Keep quiet and do your work. Aditi, get a side. Camera, start.. We have an NGO named Nature Humanity. We raise our voice against
those who try to destroy nature. I am from village Chandrikapur. The water there has become poisonous.. ..and the reason behind this
Global Dragon Pesticide Company. The owner of that company
is Dharam who is also a politician. Many a times our organization
protested outside his factory. They did all possible
means to stop us. They sent us to jail,
thrashed us with sticks..

..and also sent goons to thrash us. Women who came to protest
were treated very badly. Many of them were raped. Their body parts
were also chopped off. When Abdul dropped me home
then goons of Dharam kidnapped me. Get inside.
Will you do protest against the MLA? Protest against me and show me. Come on now you get ready. You may scare us or threaten us.. ..but we will surely answer
to the tyranny of yours. If you kill one then
hundreds alike us will stand. If not today then tomorrow
we will get justice. – 1..
– We will surely win. Go. Nowadays in our society all
parents want a son and not a daughter. This thinking makes girls weak. This is our misunderstanding. Are daughters less than sons.. ..or don't they give
happiness to their parents? Today there are so many daughters who
work for the needs of their family.

A daughter was protesting
against Global Dragon factory. You will be surprised to know what
the owner of the factory did with her. That public servant got her raped. We are very sorry to say
that even police is supporting him. Don't you want to know
the name of that public servant? Why is police supporting him? It is not just about one daughter
but about daughters of India. Do we bring up girls for this day
that anyone comes and destroys them? And we just keep on watching. Just because she is not our daughter. This is a matter of shame. Jai Hind. Very good, Tilak. Okay fine. Sir, Dharam is on line. He is very angry. Yes, tell me. What is it? Are you playing a game? I have still not
shown the complete news. If I show complete news
then you will be shaken.

Are you scaring me? I am a politician. If you drag me in this
case then you will not be spared. There is no need to get angry Dharam. If I really get angry.. ..then I will make your
Zen TV a government hospital. From the time of grandpa
history is a witness to the fact.. ..that media and politician
can never fight with each other. Enmity with media is
not good for your health.

Our friendship should be like
wine and women so we need to talk. First clean the chaos
that you have created. I will handle that but first
you fix a date for the meeting. What did you say media? Date? Do you think I will date
with you if you have long hair? I have understood
how educated you are. Now Ashok will talk to you. Make this idiot understand. Is this office of a
channel or five star hotels? I will burn so many calories
while walking in here. Damru, how many films will you sell? I will 156 out of 300 and still
will not be able to pay my loan. I will just lose weight. People join gym to lose weight. I suggest that if you take
tension then you will lose weight. You talk too much. Times have changed. – Come Damru.
– Come. Now no one gives money asked for.

Even if he is a big star. Satellite rights just go for 8crores. No one gives more than this. Welcome. If he signs today then
the offer is that of 8crores. If he delays it till tomorrow
then it would be 5crores. Sir he is Damru from Tabla TV. I know about you.
Let's come to the point. How many movies do you have? 156 Patel. 2½ Okay I will increase it to 3. Sir, every film of
mine is super duper hit. Nowadays the producer
of flop movie asks for 10lakhs. How can you bring 7crore to 3crore? Look Mr. Damru. Even 3cr is more for this. Now it is time of digital. Where will I put those negatives? Nowadays even a fly needs fresh food. It also does not sit on stale food. Sir, I think you have
never tasted stale food. Absolutely. These movies are scrap now. Do you know that scrap also has value? Listen, I do not have
time for this scrap.

You said scrap and now I recite a rap. "A clever woman is all decked up" "You enters into the door of my heart" "And I am keep dying…" Hey, I will tell you
an important thing for free. Do you know who has sung this song? The one who brings peace to mind,
heart throb of many.. ..one who makes flop a hit and hit a
super hit, king of music, king of rap.. ..no one has been able
to reach to his level of voice.. ..leaving everyone behind
Kumar of Kumars Kishore Kumar. Even your father would
have danced to his tunes. I have rights of songs from
Devanand to Amitabh Bachchan. The rain falls and I have songs
from the times of Dharti Kare Pukar.. ..the times are bad so don't cheat me.

While walking we will tread the
path and I will put you aside as well. Give me kiss Jumma. If not today then tomorrow..Let me tell
you that even I can walk English.. ..talk English, see English, breathe
English and everything in English. Because English is
a very funny language. Let me tell you one more thing. Chunnu's uncle made Chunnu's aunt
eat spicy paste in a silver spoon. Why should it bother me
if she made him eat from glass? You do if you wish to. Let me tell you that
you cannot harm me in anyway. Mr. Damru, you are crazy. Jeevan Saathi,
Pyaar kiye Jaa, Jawani Deewani.. ..Ziddi,
Padosan, Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Satyam reminds me that my brother
used to sell snacks outside satyam.

My father used to do cleaning there. My mother used to do black. Do you remember that your
father also used to come there? I don't know why but he used to come. I used to watch him and after
that you grew your hair and.. – Hey..
– Don't touch me. I think you do not
know but 25% of Indians.. ..are in trouble due to demonetization
or secretively hiding. Oh no..Mr.
Patel, this producer has gone crazy. Sir, increase the
rate and lock the deal. Enough is enough. Final is 8cr. This includes your channel,
employees and licenses.

– All is ours.
– Mr. Kelvin! You must be having money
but that is not enough for Damru. We can fly very high. You low standard
people cannot reach till there. There is wine and women here. Look media, because of
you 23 of my men are in jail. Elections are approaching and
you are making me roam in the sea. I have to beg to people for votes. You said you would set everything

Tell me how you will do it. Hold on Dharam. Other than your DOD that is
date of death I can change everything. Patel, show him live telecast. I will show him in 2 minutes. You can see the girl later.
Sit down first. Do you know the story
of Saddam Husssain, Dharam? Do you know how his story ended? Am I going to make 70mm movie? Sir, this story is of Iraq. Saddam Hussain keeps nuclear weapons. This news was spread in the
world that America is in danger.

To do this a plan was
made using embodied journalism. It was shown by doing repeat
telecast on various channels. This created fear
in the minds of people. Many countries supported this. All of them attacked Iraq
and Saddam Hussain was killed. This was the fight for oil sir. No nuclear weapon has
been found since then. For media it is like a child play. It is not difficult to make someone..

..reach to the top and
throw someone to lower level. You can just talk
but cannot do anything. I shall show you. Few days back MLA Dharam's
men had protested against Zen TV. It led to riots outside the office. MLA Dharam's men had
been arrested in this matter. But the new information that
we have received is very surprising. After seeing this footage it is clear
that it is game plan of opposition.. ..to bring disgrace
to Dharam and his party. With the help of goons
they caused destruction there. And people felt they
were Dharam's men. Because they were holding
the flags of Dharam's party. Great media. How did you do this? All my wrong deeds have been cleared. You are great. From today your name
is washing powder. Sir, our research team
made a plan to change your image. Your image in the eyes
of people has stooped very low. Are you drunk? If I give
one signal my men will create chaos. They will do riots. Won't I get votes? You are dumb so that is why
you do not understand anything. Goons do not vote for you
because they do not have voter ID.

30% people feel you are useless. 25% feel you are rowdy and
15% feel that you are a drunkard. Sir, we have to make
your personality a brand. But that is a difficult task. To do that we will have to do this. Very day on the channel we will
tell that you are a goon and rowdy. Then on talk shows we will
ask people that you are very nice. After that we will add more things
to the matter and do repeat telecast. Then your image will
change drastically.

Okay fine. I will do as you say. Just make me reach to the top.
I will spend money to any extent. Okay, transfer quickly. Boys and girls. You are welcome
to this amazing show of ZEN 1 Its name is All In All. Environment
of musical notes and music. Winners of this show
will get gold coins. Camera 1 and camera 2. Kevin
just check if the angle is right. There will be fire
by the Bombay girls. Blast by Blue Metal. Sir, will you eat anything. Not now. I will let you know later. So let the music begin. – Nishanti, come here.
– Yes, madam. Just check the sound of that channel. – Bring it here.
– Sir, have it. Mr. Patel, this is Laxmi Mukund.

She has come from ABC Ad agency. She is a branding expert. Greetings. Judges, how did you
like the performances? It was very nice. It really freshened up the mood. You shook the entire stage.
And ignited it. You are looking nice. Madam, it is good to look
at but its performance is zero. What is the need for that? Their beauty, make up, costume style
should reach the customer. That's it. They are not ordinary show girls but
are a showcase for commercial product. But their performance
is not up to the mark. Maybe they will be eliminated
in the first round. Do not use your brains, Patel. Kelvin, if you want to sell
multinational products on your channel.. ..then these girls
should reach the final. Of course, they will reach. Okay no problem, Kelvin.
I will handle everything. Did you understand? Just wait and watch as to
how I am going to change the tables. I have become your fan. Great. It was totally enjoyable.

You need not appreciate them
but tell them their weaknesses. Is this a song?
It seems as if monkeys are dancing. What kind of song was this? If you would have danced for some more
time then your veins would come out. It they beg on the road
they will get more money. If we show such dancing
and singing to our beloved.. ..then she will think
that her lover has gone crazy. She will run away. From where
do you all come? You spoiled my mood. From where do you all come?
You spoiled my mood. Thank you judges. Now we will come to know
the comments of our special judge. The star who when cries
seems that he is laughing. Our Power Star. What do I say? That did you take a
bath today morning or not. Sir, tell me how did
you like the performance? Great.

Seeing them performing
I also felt like playing a guitar. Sir, we do not do the show for fun
but we do it for them who give money. It is just hurting a bit. What is hurting you in the seat? Not in the seat but in the beat. The tempo of drummer was so slow. It seemed as if a tortoise
is dragging on the floor. You did not play the right music. Tell me truly that you have
learnt it without paying any fees. What are you saying? I would have agreed
if judges had said it. You are a guest and
you do not know anything. An untrained drummer says that
Power Star does not know anything. It is just like not knowing anything. If that is the case
then Power Star is right. Jagan, challenge David and
instigate him to beat the drum. David, challenge the Power Star. This is not an easy drum to beat. If you have the courage
then come and beat the drum.

Oh God, an inexperienced
drummer has challenged Power Star. Now if he has challenged
you then please do it. You will surely get me insulted. Show your power. Come on. – Play it.
– We will handle it in edit. – Go.
– Okay fine. – Go.
– Please, come. It will be too loud. Nowadays everything is digital.
Sit down. Hey, give him the sticks. Hey camera 2. Take close up of his shaking hands. Instead of sticks
his hands are shaking. Now there will be actual fun. Wow! Wow! This is unbelievable. Power star did an amazing job. Just wanted to ask you something.
Where are your feet? Sorry sir. Always remember that neither
I nor you are a genius. Genius is one who improves
on his mistake without any hesitation. What am I? Nothing. This is just your love.
I don't feel bad If you make fun of me At least you remember
me because of this. – Thank you.
– Thank you, sir. Get ready. Because next performance
is by Bombay Melody Girls. I will do as you say.
What do you say, Patel? Madam, we sell entertainment
and not readymade garments Wearing short clothes
will not make them sing well.

Their beauty is enough, Mr. Patel. On seeing them people
will not change channel. Nowadays what is seen sells. But this does not mean.. ..that we show program
of music and show fashion show. Will you keep quiet, Patel? Kelvin, if you have to bring
big brands on your channel.. ..then judges will speak
what I ask them to say. Otherwise you will
have to run ads like.. ..that of vest,
underwear, Gupta gram house. – True.
– Don't take tension. – I will handle everything.
– Did you understand what I said? Play the song. Ask the models to do lip sing. Let us now see the performance
of Bombay Melody Girls. The dance is very interesting. Bring the camera to
their legs and not lips. Now is the time for Rajasthani Nagada. Tilak, ask that hero
to leave from here.

– Okay.
– Nishanti.. – Yes madam.
– Go and give this result to the judges. Raghav, send the audience for lunch. Okay. Come on eat food but
do not throw rubbish here and there. Sir, thank you so much
but now you will have to leave. The result is yet to come. Won't it look bad if I go without
saying anything about the songs? We are there.
We will manage everything. – Okay fine.
– Be careful while going. Okay, I will leave. Come, I will drop you. Fabulous, fantastic and amazing. Gret , amazing. Did everyone enjoy? So after a great performance
it is now the time for result. Judges, tell us if our Nagada
team will go to the next round or not.

You tell them. You put in a lot of hard work.
Mogambo is happy. But I will still say that this Dholi
Taro team will not go in next round. Mogambo is sad. There are no girls in your group and
the entire performance is traditional. You should have thought many times
before participating in this show. Look, what strange type
of clothes you all are wearing. What is this dear?
Do you work in a circus? I don't work in a circus. It was a dream to
participate in this show. In future we will take care. Jagan, they are happy. Do something so that they feel bad. They are criticizing you
and aren't you feeling bad. Make a sad face just
like their sad comments. Only then you will look good on TV. I am not feeling bad then
how can I make a sad face. Wait, I am coming. Son, you have lost
so you will have to cry. People liked our dance and applauded.

This is not a defeat. We have lost in your eyes
but not in the eyes of people. Camera, take his close up. Son, you just keep looking at judges. What did you do?
Does anyone thrash a child so hard If you are feeling angry
then throw me down from the stage. Or go and break the camera. Do something so that
it becomes breaking news. Hey, you slapped him
just to make breaking news. Let's go from here. – Listen child, do not cry.
– Camera, zoom in. – Everything will be fine.
– Take everything in the frame. Keep quiet. Do not feel disheartened.

They are all crazy. After a blast and superb
performance it is now.. ..time for the winner to be announced. And they are Bombay Melody Girls. Great. You are amazing. You did an amazing job.
You changed the entire game. Okay. We like to change the game. Open talk show is our brand new show. It should be conducted well. I want to talk to
you about its marketing. Who is the anchor? Patel, show the photos to her. This man looks like
ring master of circus. We do not need a security guard. What is this? None of them is good. Did you hear Mr.
Patel? Did you understand anything? Couldn't you bring
Deepak and Arnab's photo? I tried hard.

Gave them good
offer too but they did not agree. I need someone young,
bold and someone different. He should be able
to attract the audience. He should make people crazy. Sir, how about our Tilak? He is a sensible boy but
his experience level is zero. We will have to do
a lot of work on him. Sir, he might not be able to make
it breaking but his voice has power.

He is honest as well.
Let's try him once. Tilak, life has given you a
chance so don't lose this opportunity. – Sir, here we are selling lemonade..
– Listen to me. They are making you
anchor of their new show. That is Laxmi madam in blue sari. She is marketing head of ad agency. And judge of this game as well. If you impress her once
then you have a bright future. Nail it. Greetings, sir. Greetings, madam. Just give me a moment. – Okay.
– I'll b back after talking to him. Madam, he is Tilak.
I had told you about him. I know. So,
Tilak how should the talks show be? What do you know about anchoring? Madam, the sight of anchor
should be like that of an eagle.

He should be able to scan
the guest as soon as he sees him. At any time anchor can
fool the guest and become a hero. Guest is no one in
front of the anchor. What do you mean?
We should make guest a hero. You misunderstood. Rules of
journalism are somewhat different. Your talk about rules is very boring. Don't you have anything interesting? Have you come here to waste my time? How dare you? Is she Miss or Mrs? She is not wearing a scared thread.
Is she married or not? She did not give invitation
card of her marriage.

How do I know? To hell with card. Laxmi, how can a tea seller
decide whether the country.. ..is progressing or not? Can the public just say anything if
the population of the country is more. This is a world record that the country
with more population does not progress. Except China. If you do not
believe then open Google and check. You are interrupting. What does a soldier
get fighting at the border? Just a tribute and
sympathy to his family. Why doesn't a politician
or leader's son go to border? Answer me. Till you do not
answer me I will not let you go. Hello, listen to me. Haven't your parents taught
you that if elders are talking.. ..then do not interrupt? Didn't you go to school? Who is this? He seems to be mad. One talk show is of this kind. Now I will show you another one. Greetings Miss Laxmi. We are feeling very nice
that you came to our show. I agree there is a lot of traffic
in our country but no problem.

If today you would not have
got late because of traffic.. ..then we would have worked more. We do not know who
is responsible for traffic. Transport department or municipality. Till today we did not know who it is. If you come to know then
do mail it to our government. A country can develop
only because of its citizens. And you are the best citizen.

It was nice meeting you. Now tell me which type of anchor
you would like to keep in your show. I will become an anchor
according to your wish. Sorry, it was an important call. So how did you like Tilak? Can we do it with him? Sir, madam has confirmed. What? Yes. He is right. He is good. Thanks. Wow! What did you show her? I showed her the sample. Patel, the first guest
of talk show will be Dharam. The beginning should be amazing. Mr. MLA Dharam, you are
putting curtain on your crimes. You pushed your 7 out
of 10 lovers from the terrace.

God will never forgive you. – Hey..
– I don't want to listen to anything. Do you accept your fault or not? Hey.. My biggest mistake ever
is that I am your father. You are watching Mahua and
I am Nirahua. Don't go anywhere. MLA Dharam has gone twice
to jail for running alcohol shop. – The crime is heinous.
Know more about it. – Okay. Most of his wealth
is in the name of his wife. Wife's name is Bhagyawan but
actually the leader is lucky because.. ..his wife is so innocent that
why you broke her heart into pieces. If you would have kept her
close to your heart and nurtured it.. ..then she might
give you kiss lovingly. He is one of those customers
who look into others matters. I have promised dinner and coffee
to her. Go and get Tiffin and thermos. Get Tiffin and thermos from home.

Do you know that I
am Babita Tiffin service? There is someone here who
is ready to make your Tiffin.. ..but you are not ready. – Tilak, are you ready?
– Yes. All the best. We have come to know that Kalpana
was mentally ill for last many years. Zen 1 TV talked to
her parents regarding this. What is this? For last four years she is like this
but now her condition is deteriorating. She feels someone
is removing her clothes. Because of this she tried
to jump from moving car. She has not been raped.
Who will do this? I am sorry for the problems that
others faced because of my daughter. Kalpana has such a disease in
which she feels someone is raping her. All these are her imaginary stories. Under such circumstances
it is dangerous to keep her free. She should be kept in mental
hospital and should be treated.

It is confirmed from
her father and doctor.. ..that Kalpana has not been raped. So we apologize to MLA Dharam
and the public for wrong information. How was Kalpana's face recorded? – I don't know.
– Look at her face carefully. Who can do this? Ashok, he did this.
I will not spare him. Leave me. This is against journalism. – Where are you going?
– Leave me. Let me go. Tilak, listen.
Don't go like this Tilak. Please. Tilak, first listen to me.
Where are you going? I don't want to listen to you. Stay away.
I am not going to spare Ashok. Have you ever thought what
must Kalpana be going through? She must be thinking
that we have cheated her. What will you gain by killing Ashok? Excuse me. Tilak, just think calmly. Calm down. – Calm down.
– Should I calm down? What if Kalpana gets
mad because of Ashok? You know Kalpana only
since last one week. I know her for past 10 years. Am I not feeling bad?
She is my friend.

We have not cheated anyone. It is very easy for media
to change the news, Tilak. If you will take
everything personally.. ..then you will not
be able to work in media. We will definitely
take revenge for this. – Aditi, I..
– Listen! This case of Kalpana
has taken political turn. And our channel is supporting. You are right.
This is what has happened. How can I remain quiet
after I know all this? Tilak, what will you do? How will you prove
that she is innocent? I will tell public everything. For how long you have been in media? If you have to change the
system then first upgrade your level.

For that you will have to become
like Ravish Kumar and Vinod Dube. You will have to achieve a
position in the eyes of public, Tilak. Tilak, I too want to
change this dirty system. I will support in every way I can. Understood. Now do as I say. Not only in dreams
but truly I am with you. You are not alone. I love you. I am waiting for you.

Greetings, sir. – Greetings.
– Are you happy now, sir? Have you set everything? After winning elections I will try
to increase the GDP of the country.. I can't understand what to increase. Don't worry sir. I am there
behind you. I will handle everything. I am waiting since long.
Where were you? You are not concentrating on work. 100 people died because
of making poisonous alcohol. That is why MLA Dharam
was put behind bars in 2004 What are you doing Tilak? Don't ask such questions
which make him angry. Ask only those questions
whose answers he has learnt. Understood. I will keep
guiding you on the ear phones. Aditi, make him learn all these
so that he does not forget anything. If you have learnt then let's go. If I was educated then
would I have become a leader? Then let educated people do
the intelligent work. I will handle. I will tell you all
the lines on ear phones. Hey Tilak,
have you memorized all the questions? Learn them properly.

All this questions are useless madam. Shut up, Tilak.
You just have to ask these questions. – All the best Tilak.
– Sir that is enough. – Interview is about to start.
– Just one more sip. Is everyone ready? Roll camera. You are sitting for the first time.
So don't get scared. I will keep guiding you.
Don't do anything wrong. Say something as we
have to check the sound. Greetings sir. How are you? Hey, don't do any drama. Be serious. Talk properly. Greetings. – You are welcome, sir.
– Greetings, my brother. You need no introduction as
everywhere whether it is twitter.. ..facebook or what's app,
you are being talked about. You are a politician
and an industrialist. How would you give your
introduction if you have to give? – I am Dharam Bahadur.
– Okay. I enjoy serving people. Honesty and truthfulness
is the only path I walk on. Great. In our homes
one proverb is very common. A politician is never honest.
If honest then he is son of a fool. What nonsense are you talking?
What has happened to you? The thing is that I
am not feeling well today. Why were you named Dharam Bahadur? Did you really do some brave
deed or you were just named like that? – Will you tell us?
– Ask these questions boldly.

Don't be scared of me. 15 years ago the government opened
many alcohol shops in our village. Because of that many
innocent people died. This death toll shook me badly. That is why to stop that
I got the entire city closed. In 2004 an arrest was made
with regard to poisonous alcohol. Was that you? Hey Tilak, what are you asking?
Are you drunk? It just struck me.
Was the name of the place Dharampur? People of Dharampur consider
me as their master, Bapu and Gandhi. I have suffered thrashing,
tyranny curses for them. Tyranny? Who did that tyranny? I..government did it.
They sent goons for me. They attacked by
giving money to people. Look, I am hurt here and here too. Enough, sir. I can see it. Even women and children are watching
this channel.

Enough. It is done. There are deeper wounds inside. Seeing this bravery of mine
leaders of my party gave me.. ..titles like Veerputra,
Suryaputra Dhartiputra. My image is that of protector
righteousness in the eyes of people. That is why I named
myself Dharam Bahadur. I believe that if you do good
to others then it comes back to you. You are right. This should be
written outside every public toilet. He trapped him smartly. Tilak, what are you doing?
You are on air. You have done great work for
education. Two engineering college.. ..two medical college,
two sewing schools.. ..and two mehndi class
and for this you are..Abdul.. Compare him to Abdul Kalam. I will not do it. Abdul Kalam. What? Abu Dhabi. People compare me to Abdul Kalam.
I fulfilled his dream. Abdul sir wanted that
every child of our country.. ..should study hard
and reach new heights. Tell us why did you
leave the previous party? Now he will say that I cannot stay
there where my rules are not accepted. I cannot stay there where
my rules are not accepted. Channel's writer and
his writer are the same.

Then I found a new place. What
should I get and what should I take? Whose poem is this? Cheel Bhagat or Bagula Bhagat. Sir, Bagula Bhagat. Bagula Bhagat. He was a great poet. – Sir, do that action again.
– Bagula Bhagat. – How nicely you fly?
– Now I tell you the real reason? Party people used to get
jealous of me for my good actions. So I left the party. Did you leave the party
or you were thrown out? If you instigate him more
then your career is finished. I was not thrown out. – I left it willingly.
– Ask what is written. Many titles like a ray of hope for
poor, a light of extinguishing lamp.. ..bodyguard of women are given to you. Now tell me which is your
favorite title among these? Doctor.

I have also
received title of a doctor. – Sorry, doctor.
– To hell with all titles. If any title is close to my heart
then that is 'Ray of hope for poor'. Tilka, Ad break. Announce the break. Such questions will
continue to be asked here. Keep watching Zen 1 TV Headlines..why don't you
ask questions in proper order. I have learnt them.
Don't spoil my rhythm now. What is it? Hey, bring it here. Take it, sir. Tilak, instead of asking
questions according to list.. ..why are you asking
useless questions? Last warning otherwise
you will lose your job. Can you hear me? Why is
your head downwards like a donkey? Go and splash cold water on your face. Rest is fine but why do you
read questions again and again? If I do not ask questions according to
them then they will ask me to leave. My mood is off. – No problem. It happens.
– Hello Abdul. Give the phone to Tilak. He is busy right now.
He cannot talk to you.

– Give the phone to him.
– Give it to me. Okay, I will give. – Yes Abdul?
– Cheater. I had warned Kalpana not
to believe in the channel.. ..but she did not agree to me. Is this your journalism, Tilak? That is not the case, Abdul. You all are agents of media. – Abdul..
– Abdul, please listen to me. Didn't you feel ashamed
while doing this? Give the phone to me. Do you still have
anything to say to him? Brother.. Kalpana, listen to me. You had said that
you won't cover my face. You had also promised
that channel would support us. But your channel insulted
me in front of everyone. They proved me mad.
They forced my parents to say lies.

Kalpana, don't misunderstand me.
You do not know that I.. No, first you listen to me. You had said that if I remain
quiet then I will not get justice. So that is why I told everything. You could have said the truth.
But you did not do like that. And now I feel as
if I will become mad. The ones who attacked me were goons. They have no moral values. But even you turned out to be
a rascal in disguise of an honest man. – Sorry, sorry.
– Hey, disconnect the phone. Idiot. It is time for the show
and you are busy on phone. Don't stare at me.
Go and sit on the seat. Give me my IPad. He has just joined and
he is showing attitude to me. I will not spare you.
No one will give you job till Delhi. I do not know on what
inauspicious time he came. He does not have manners.

what way is he talking to the leader? Why is he sitting so sad?
Bring a smile on your face. Welcome back to the show. Listen carefully to what I am saying. Mr. Atmaram Gote. What happened?
Isn't this your real name? What? – What nonsense is he talking?
– What does he want? Before going home you make
sure you go to the red light area. – Am I right?
– Who told you this? Your previous lover Saroj. When you were tired of
her then you wooed Champa. After Champa came Chameli.
Then Sheela.. – They opened your file.
– Good job. – Did you see Ashok?
– I think we should call the boss. Our MLA used to drive an auto
at the age of 15 without license.

At the age of 23 for the
first time he robbed the IC bank. He stole money from pockets
of 556 people in BEST bus. After getting all these
degrees he joined political party. After that he started earning money. With the money of public
he started business of alcohol. During demonetization
he did the biggest scam. And then with the support of China he
started Global Dragon pesticide factory. This is miracle. Being an ordinary
auto rickshaw driver.. ..where did you get
so much black money from? This is not so easy.
I have tolerated many things in life. Someone thrashed,
someone cursed, someone snatched.. You snatched from some, cheated some,
raped someone and did riots. Isn't it? Hey headline, what are you saying?
Are you drunk? You are getting angry
as if your secret is revealed.

Atmaram Gote, I am telling the
viewers the secret of your progress. I have something else to say about
you. I shall reveal that as well. Few days ago a NGO protested
outside your office. Because the poison of your
factory is polluting the environment. – Isn't it?
– Kelvin.. Look, what is he doing? You sent some goons
to suppress their protest. Am I right? Your goons mercilessly raped
a girl named Kalpana of that group. Why? Did you get it done? Hey, why are you asking me questions
that are not there in the list? Mr. Atmaram Gote,
I have still not asked the question. – What?
– What? What else will you ask? It is enough for me that I
am the protector and master of public.

Sir, shall I keep this
footage or delete it? It will be of use in future.
Take a break. – Break, break..
– I will not spare you. This is my promise to you. What has happened?
Why did they take a break suddenly? You will become useless. Even you
and your channel will not be spared. What happened? Atma, whatever I will
say now will shock you. This is the audio in which
you threatened to kill Abdul.

Listen to it. Even audience will listen to it. Do you want to do compromise
by threatening me? Hey Abdul, I have called you
not for compromise but to kill you. Isn't it enough for you whatever
that happened with Kalpana? Hey, give this to me. Give it to me. Calm down. This is live. It is not my voice.
Someone has done mimicry of my voice. Who are Kalpana and Abdul? Which protest are you talking about?
You are talking nonsense. MLA, do not increase your BP. Don't fight. Take a break. Just chill. Hey, what is happening? Sir, are you hitting me? Do you think I am really
a believer in non violence? Close it. Close the camera.
Close everything. Keep it on. Where should I throw
out the waste of factory? Even you throw out the waste
of your body in this country.

Tell me,
has anyone died because of that? Show me the list. I want proof. Sir, hold on. Please have a seat.
I shall get hot tea for you. Tell me one thing. Do you have the list
of people whom you killed? To hell with the list. Get truck full call for two trucks. – How dare he ask questions from me?
– Jagan, please pick him up. Did you record all this? A little bit is left out. – Don't leave it now.
– Yes, I am a goon. – Yes, I am.
– Sir, relax. Why are you getting angry
if you think I am saying lies? Why did your Lungi open? Say that you got scared of me. – How dare you talk about Lungi?
– Tilak. I am drunk that is
why I am not hitting you. Otherwise I will slap
you so hard that you will fall. Shall I do it? Now you have become so bold. Will you raise hand on me? Now I will not spare you. Tilak.. Stop it.. – I will not beat you.
– Stop. – Stop, stop.. Stop him. Hurry up.
– What are you doing? – Girls are watching.

Tie up your lungi.
– Tilak, leave him. Your blood pressure will increase
and you will get heart attack. Your alcohol is kept there. Drink it. What are you doing? Look
at your condition without alcohol. Leave him. Come on let's go from here. Let's go. Drink alcohol and
stop troubling people. – Shall I get alcohol?
– Hey, keep quiet. – Did you get it?
– Yes, I got it. You've been hurt on the head. Kiss me to heal my wound. Love master has said so. You instigated him well
and forced him to speak the truth.

You are amazing. I have seen heroes
being thrashed with style. But for the first time I
saw you getting thrashed in style. Previously I was a fight master. Bhavana, write down whatever I say. Okay. Ashok, our plan B is to do mimicry. Keep it with you. Hey Kelvin, come down. Do it quickly. Hurry up. Dharma, do not get scared.
It has not been telecast. I did not give money
to get myself insulted. I am telling you that
it has not been telecast. Why are you unnecessarily
increasing your BP? Just sit down and relax. – Bhavana, come.
– Take it. – Now read this.
– No way. It is for you. – Make up. Touch up.
– Relax sir. Just speak whatever
is written in this.

– Hurry up!
– Rest we will handle. – Sir, white shirt.
– It is two minutes break so be quick. – Relax.
– Fast! What are you doing?
Give him the shirt. Sir, break will get
over in 20 seconds. Increase the time of break. – Put the promo.
– Okay sir. – Show Tilak's white shirt.
– Listen! Come sir. Be careful. Sit down. Bhavana. Yes. I want you to zoom it. Go a bit closer. Fix it. Match Tilak's
old footage to it. Good. – Lock camera.
– Okay. Ashok, speak in Tilak's voice. Do you think all these
allegations are lies? Camera 2 zoom the face. Zoom it so much that the chair
should not be seen in the frame. Rest we will handle in the edit. Action. Hey, look there. The voice is yours but
someone else sis speaking.


Have you heard that in happiness
everyone is close to you.. ..and no one is with
you when you are in trouble? Hey, Ashok is doing this. The time has come to prove
that allegations put on you are wrong. We all know this but even
people have the right to know this. That is why I asked you
so many difficult questions. Look brother, people attack
only those people who are honest. What is there to feel bad about it? In long shot add Tilak to the frame. – I have been born to..
– Now fix this with live camera. It is very shameful that
opposition disgraced me.. ..with the support
of that poor Kalpana. Total injustice has happened with her. Sir, we do not have Tilak's
footage to finish the program. If we get that then the
program will look natural. While doing testing
Tilak did a good bow down.

Put it here. Then your work will be done. Go. You are like my younger brother? Why
would I feel bad about what you said? You are fulfilling your duty. I am happy that I could
clear the allegations put on me. – Thank you so much, brother.
– Good-bye. They are cheating
public in such a big way. Come on. Let's teach them a lesson.

Program is set so I am coming.
Set me as well. I will set you. Why did you do this? Tilak, what are you doing? No one will interfere. Who do you think you are? – What are you doing?
– Leave me. – Tilak. Stop.
– Aditi, don't interfere. If you raise hand on me then.. – Tilak, stop it.
– Will you do my mimicry? Do mimicry of a dog. Stop it. Why are you creating chaos? Today, I will kill him. Get a side.
Get a side. All of leave from here.

– Hey, Tilak! Stop.
– You.. – How dare you?
– Get away. Hey! Just wait and watch.
You will really repent. I will kill you. Make preparations
of his death certificate. – Because of people like you the channel
gets disgraced. Take him away. – Calm down!
– Today is your last day here. – It is my last day here today..
– Tilak! – ..but yours is last day in this world.
– I will not spare you. – I will show you.
– Wait, you stupid fool. Hey, leave me. What is this, Tilak? This is channel office
and not a vegetable market. This is a vegetable market, Kelvin. Here perfume is sprayed on
gutter vegetables and then sold.

Who is Atmaram Gote? He is a drunkard and a cheater. And you are comparing
him to Abdul Kalam sir. – Stop.
– Damn you.. I don't want any nonsense talks. What do you think?
All channels give genuine news. It is our job to entertain sad public. To get them out of family
drama and give them variety program. That should have something
breaking and amazing. Even if wife has made bland food
then it should become spicy with news. Only when a company earns
you will get your salaries. What is the use of such
earnings that is because of lies? A good team was removed from a music
show because they came from village. Do people subscribe to HD
channels to see faces of these fools? And there was no girl in their tea. Even if a man is in bad mood he
gets fresh after seeing 36-24 on TV. – All that was boring. – Sir, then even
we should become like them. The truth should
be kept before public. The way our channel
showed Kalpana rape case.. ..was the day when we got maximum ads.

Keep quiet. Don't you feel ashamed? That girl was just raped once. But by showing it again
and again in breaking news.. ..you raped her many times. What is it? You baldy. Rascal.. If your sister was raped.. ..then would you telecast it again
and again on TV, you cheater of media. You are right. If someone kills your
parents or rapes your sister.. ..then you must get affected
but we will not be affected. Because this is breaking news.
Hot selling news. Today, I will kill you make
your breaking news.

Get side. – Pull me up.
– If I throw you down.. ..then it will become hot
selling breaking news of India. Happy journey. Hey, what are you doing? Have you gone mad? Why are you laughing? Nothing. I was just thinking
about hot selling news. That is about you. We will get good TRP but
for that you will have to die. – Hey, you got angry.
– Stop talking nonsense. Exactly. Stop talking nonsense. Don't play with the emotions
of public thinking them to be fool. Public is innocent
and gets trapped easily. Today the entire nation
is dependent on news. There are so many people who
go to work after seeing the news.

And people like you are breaking
trust of people for a political party. It is better that people stop watching
TV rather than watching such news. I give you a suggestion for free. Go and die of shame somewhere. Hey channel, eat capsule of poison. If people come to know
that they are being cheated.. ..then they will throw away
your channel from their set top box. After that you will become a beggar. – Keep quiet.
– Your business will be shut down. – Hey, just for those useless leaders..
– Tilak, talk properly. You keep quiet. – He is frustrated.
– Get back.

You are stinking. Leave him. – Hey Kelvin..
– I will spoil lives of you all. – No media company in India
will give you job. – Sir! Sir! Don't just say anything in anger. – He is just speaking in anger.
– Patel, if you support them.. ..then you too get lost with them. – What have I done? – Patel sir,
you stay away from this matter. You do not interfere.
You have a family. – If you say anything more..
– Look, Kelvin. Tell him in your language. That he should sell the channel
and go to Bangkok for massage. Otherwise very soon he will
be selling grams outside a theatre. Look, sir! We may do low level jobs
but will not stoop to the low level.

Tilak, you have a lot of knowledge. So let's open our own
news channel by the name Tilak. I will take audition of news readers. – Any problem.
– Sir, nothing is stagnant. Everything is moving.
Where will we get some more? – You will get it there. – Uncle,
don't pay attention to what he says. – He is drunk.
– This area is not safe. Anytime police and goons fight here. – You will have a problem.
– Hey uncle, do not talk of problem. We are moving with the problem. – What more problems will we face?
– Keep quiet! – Uncle, you go to church every Sunday..
– Take it away. ..and light a candle with match stick. Uncle, you are the one
whose purse got stolen in Church. Sheru, take him home carefully.
There is scare at night.

– Let's go from here.
– Be careful. – Enough now.
– Left from here. Call for a taxi. Rather than watching
interesting movies on channel.. ..why has this old man come out
of his house with his dog for a walk? – Tell me why?
– I don't know. – Ask the dog.
– Hey, what are you doing? – Hey, blind man.
– Don't you know how to drive? He can see everything.
He is Kelvin's truck driver. – Jagan, if we walk on the road..
– He sent him to kill us. ..then where will the vehicles move?
On the footpath? Walk on the side. Aditi, don't push me. I am
controlling with great difficulty. – Girls, quickly turn away.
– Jagan control. Control. Go to the washroom. What is he doing? Excuse me. Jagan is fully drunked.. ..so I will go and give
him tight security. Okay. Wait for 2 minutes and
I will be back in 5 minutes. Aditi, Nishanti,
Arti everyone come here. Look at this. – What?
– Look here. Our life will be set. – Idiot, he is just speaking anything.
– No that. Hey, they don't believe me
but you come and see this.

Look here. If you are interested in working.. – ..then we would like to meet you.
You will get a lot of money. – 8939090688 Our work is done. – Uncle, is this Tabla TV?
– Go and ask inside. I am reading. Hey, where is the receptionist? Why is pressing the
broom on the wrong side? Is cat a receptionist? She is not a female cat
but a male cat. Look there. What do you want? Hey servant became owner. We have come here to give interview. One by one. Hey Pushpa, has any customer come? – We have come.
– Get aside. Your height is more.
It will not work out. Tall dark and thin. Pushpa, is he fine. He seems to be fine. Take him inside. – Come.
– Great, sir. – You even record the interview.
– Come on, sit down. – Answer their questions correctly.
– Okay. Okay. Action. – Greetings.
– Greetings, madam. This is my resume. In it there are details as to where
I have worked for how many years. – He throwed it on the table.
– Tell me..

..that did everything
happened easily today morning.. ..or you had to use force. The matter has spread. It is not a matter of today
but it happened three days ago. We were trapped, madam. – What if he is..
– You.. Remove your shirt and not your pants.
Lie down here. What? So much suspense
in an interview. Are you a director like Abbas Mastan? You did not understand.
I am not Abbas Mastan but Mastan. If you eat this powder
then you will start running. Even if you run alone
you will come first. You will not have to
put more pressure in toilet. I have understood.
They do teleshopping. – Come on lie down.
– Sit down. – Leave me and don't touch me.
– Sit down! Sit down! – Let me go. Leave me.
– Hey where are you going? – Stop him.
– Oh, God! – That poster is even put up here.
– Stop. Tilak, rather than a
job they are giving powder. We misunderstood this poster. – This teleshopping media is dangerous.
– Stop. – Oh, God! Please save me.
– Wait! What is this?
Is this an office or zoo? – Sir, he said he will do but was leaving
in between.

– He seems to be the boss. Sir, we have come for interview. We have a lot of experience of media. Sir, if you hire us for your channel
then we will be of great use to you. – Okay. So you need work.
– Yes, sir. Today my position is not
so good that I have to sell powder. After that I refill these
boxes and sell them for profit. Take the job if you can sell it. Sir, shall I say something. You have not take license
of channel just to sell powder.

Don't misunderstand me. If not this then I
will sell something else. There are many things
in the world to sell. I will sell whitening cream. A person is more bothered
about his face than his body. There is no need to
go to see the results. The biggest example
is standing in front of me. He is slim and trim
but is dark complexioned. Sir, there is news, global warming.. ..terrorist, nakzalites,
hunger, dying farmers to sell. We can tell about loot
that is taking place.. ..in medical and schools and nowadays. Hey, you have come from a big
channel so you are thinking aloud. But I am so much liability
on my shoulder that it is not easy. I think you do not know
what Kalam sir had said. What did he say? He had said that if
there is peace at home.. ..then there will be
peace in the country. When there is peace at both places
then there will be peace in the world. – Did you understand?
– What you said is great..

..but what has hunger to
do with the peace of the house? What is the connection
between the two? Okay, I will explain
it to you in detail. If your stomach is clear then
you will not fight with your wife. If you will not fight with your
wife then there will be peace at home. When there is peace at home
then the country will be peaceful. When the country will be peaceful
then everyone will progress. Sir! What a great thing you said, sir? I have become your fan, sir. Hire me. Even I have decided that
I will not give you a chance. Go. Go away from here. Switch off the light.
Is it Diwali today? The electricity bill
is more than your salary.

Next month I will deduct
electricity bill from your salary. Sir! Sir! All of us together will pay the
electricity bill of your Tabla Channel. This Tabla channel is useless. I want to sell this channel
to someone but there is no customer. I am so much in debt that
no one can cheat me further. Only this pair of clothes remains. We will exchange each
other's shirt and wear. – We are not fools.
– You keep quiet. Sir! Sir! You have already had five
employees so five more will adjust. It won't matter you much. Sir, we do not have work. – After leaving Zen1 TV no one
is giving us work. – Yes, sir. Okay, so you are jobless. One thing you do not know. God is there for those
who do not have anyone. I have rights for this
so you also stay here. – Thanks a lot sir.
– Thank you sir. Thank you. This is your office. It seems to be old. But you have to adjust with
these things and make it like new. You will get salary after 31st. This is the month of February.
What did he mean? What he meant was to work
and not to worry about salary.

I suggest that before
starting cleaning here.. ..let us get two
injections of tetanus. So listen, guys. We have 10 hours.
So become interior designers. Nothing has happened.
I am just doing it upwards. What has happened? Yeah! – Get aside.
-We have to remove that. – Your weight is too much.
– How dare you touch me? With a lot of courage I touched you. Remove things from here. This is the world's best chair. Take this. – She is not allowing to touch her.
– Don't touch me. He is getting beatings from her. – How is this?
– Superb. Because of money
Rajdhani Express got late by 7 hours. Is this breaking news
that Rajdhani got late? Show some breaking, amazing news. There should be something new. Stand up. Do you know who I am? – Sir, these people know the new trend.
– I am.. Try to learn from them. New times replace old times. Be careful keep it that side. All the best. Sit here. You are watching table TV. Great. – Isn't this looking nice?
– This is fine. How is this? – Yeah!
– Yeah! Is someone there? Yes.

Great! Be careful. This is fine. It is set. Perfect. Lights on. Perfect. The beggars have
turned the lights on.. ..and in times of mobile
they have put up landline. What is this?
I do not know what to do. – Oh no.
– What is this? Who switches on light
for this purpose? No one. Keep going. – Cut.
– Come on fast. Background change. Fog, fog.. – Very good.
– Greetings, sir. Done. Look there, sir. We do not have money to make a show.
You start some beauty show. Look at her face.
It is full of makeup. – Idiot. Keep quiet.
– Hey, just read this news. He is the same uncle who
had come out with his dog at night. He is a police commissioner. He disguised himself
to catch the smuggler. The lorry is also the same. Okay, that means uncle
thinks himself to be a king. Look, they are sitting on commode. I have to go to out
to clear my stomach. Dari, this is called
to enjoy with little things. I will get you life
membership of toilet. Now go. – Sir, please sit down.
– Thank you.

– You continue.
– Yes, sir. Sir, the way police commissioner
arrested those smugglers.. ..in the same way if
we disguise ourselves.. ..and shoot wrong
things happening there. In some office or somewhere else.
Then we will get news. We can then show it on our channel. I think government office and
police station are the best places. – Am I right?
– Yes, sir. Tilak, are you secretly
recording our talks? No boss. This footage is of Zen1 TV. It is of Tilak and MLA's interview. He is watching the footage because
of which we all were thrown out. – Can I see what happened there?
– Yes sir. – If you think it is not right then don't
show. – No problem, sir. Look here. Will you teach me how
a politician should behave? You shut up.

– You are not able to tolerate the truth.
– Get lost, you rascal. Tilak, what is this? He is thrashing you and you
are quietly tolerating it. Why? Sir, Atmaram Gote is not angry
on me but on Kalpana and Abdul. They are the ones who raised
their voice against his factory. If you support us then
the truth can be revealed. Sir, we have taken this
footage secretly in Zen TV. If we telecast it then
there can be legal issues. No problem.
Whether it is legal or illegal. Tilak, move ahead.
I support you completely.

Tilak, look there. – He is Abdul.
– Abdul. – Hi Abdul.
– Hi, Jagan. – Sit inside.
– Hi, Abdul. – Hi!
– Come on. Sorry Tilak, I misunderstood you. Malhar told me what
all happened in the studio. – I am very sorry.
– Leave it. Forget those things. Earlier this river was full of water. Because of this factory neither
the river nor the stream is existent. Farming has stopped since long. There are about 60 children who
just look like a skeleton of bones. Son, let me wash clothes. This factory is responsible
for the condition of the village.

– Welcome to the village.
– How are you all? – Everything is fine.
– Come, Tilak. Tilak, he is Murgun. – Our friend.
– How are you all? He is Yasin sir. He is Tilak. – Greetings.
– Yasin sir is head of the village. If you had come to
this village 20 years ago.. ..then the streams were full of water. There was greenery around. We just used to sprinkle seeds.. ..and in three months
the fields used to turn green. This stream would
never dry even in summer. Not only for human beings
was this land heaven even for birds. But now the chemical from
the factory goes into this stream. Many diseases have spread. Children are becoming handicapped. There was a time when.. ..songs of Rajesh Khanna
and Amitabh Bachchan were shot here.

Sir, earlier we used to
earn lakhs by catching fish here. Now we can't even see a frog here. At one time movies were shot here
and now horror movies are made here. Exactly. The chemical that comes
out of this factory is called arsenic. It goes into the underground water. After drinking that water these
small children are becoming sick. Sir, they are just making stories.
There is nothing like that. When people get married
in close relationships.. ..then diseases are bound to happen. – That is why these children
are born weak. – Get aside. Sir, how much money has government
given you to talk this nonsense. – What are you saying? – Abdul, this
was the matter of our village.

Why did you get TV reporters here? Because of this factory
we villagers got job. MLA Dharam has given 2lakhs
as charity for the mosque. He even gives charity to the temple. If the stream has dried up then hasn't
he got a well dug for drinking water? Keep quiet, Qasim.
Do you call that a well? Its water is poisonous. After getting money from MLA,
you are supporting the factory. How much money did
they give you as bribe? Son Qasim, for a little
money you went against us. You will reap as you sow. May you go to hell? Qasim, we have understood that
MLA is going against us with our help. Go away. Get lost. We will not spare you
if you are seen here again. – Get lost.
– Kill him. Go away from here. Come on. – Go away from here. Get lost.
– Get lost or we will kill you. – Get lost.
– We will kill you. Hey, make everyone go away from here. Come on go away from here. Go away from here. – Go away.
– Don't hit us. – Is there a fair going on that
you all have gathered here? – Sir! – What's the matter, sir?
– What are you doing? Don't you have anything else to do? In this digital time everyone
starts shooting with a camera.

You are getting jobs and
you want to get that closed. If you protest against everything
then how will you all progress. – Have you ever thought about this?
– Sir, what is the use of such progress.. ..where the children
of village are dying? That means all this is
happening because of factory. Everyone is talking about chemical. Tell me one thing. If toilet is
dirty then will you wash it with milk? You are right, sir.
If there are wounds on your feet.. ..then you will have to cut them. Hey, are you from media? Didn't you see the board there?
Shooting is not allowed here. Get lost from here. Go away from here. – Go.
– One question, sir. – Answer him. You will get
some money for snacks. – I agree.. ..it is not wrong to put
up a factory on a barren land.

But this stream belongs to no one.. ..then why does the
chemical enter the stream? This belongs to village. From where has this new rule
come up of not taking photographs? Everyone has a right on nature. Your channel is going to get screwed. Will you teach me rules?
Get lost from here. Go. Hey, what are you recording? Close it. Come on. Hey, shall I take everyone
and put you all behind bars. Come on. Go away from here. Go. I have not done anything. Leave me. Leave me. Yeah! Sir, phone. Tell me. Are you trying to
mess up with me, Damru? I will mess with you
and reveal your secret.

Now come to the point. I am warning you. If you show wrong
news about my channel.. ..then I will make sure
your channel closes down. – Understood.
– No. No. I do not show fake news.
I just show the truth. I am the servant
of truth and not of TRP. – Do not worry at all.
– Really? Are you threatening me?
Hey, you will not be spared. Hey you fool. You and Kelvin
will stay together in jail. I will send a truck
full of people there. – Just stay there.
– Wait, let me talk. He doesn't have the sense to talk. Listen, Mr. Damru! If you connect the stolen shoot
from our channel with dragon factory.. ..then I will file a case of defamation
against you and drag you in trouble. – Sir, shall I talk?
– Your channel will be totally black out. Good evening, Kelvin sir.

Am I sounding like Tilak?
In fact I am Tilak speaking. As soon as I show that video clip your
channel will be totally disgraced. If you wish to insult
yourself then file a case. I will make you dance
like a monkey in the court. Do you know how? You will be thrashed by police. Media and politicians can do
well to you as well as destroy you. 'MLA dharma put up
an illegal factory.' 'Being greedy media
also supported him.' 'Because of which many
villages got destroyed.' A rascal person like Dharam
has committed many crimes. Shamelessly he was
made hero of the poor. 'A popular channel Zen 1 TV did this.' 'But no one raised
a voice against them.' All news channels are
bribed and show fake news. Hey, change the channel. Okay, change it.
Kalpana has no relation with you. Why would you like to
get trapped in this trouble? – Wait. Wait!
– But if affects me.. ..because this country is my house. Today if we do not raise
a voice against crime.. ..then tomorrow maybe
tomorrow we become the target. Being a part of Zen TV many
times I tried to reveal their secrets.

'Now I will show you
a video for your information.' 'That how Atmaram Gote..sorry,
MLA Dharam became a goon.' 'How dare you?' 'I have a list of all
those whom you have killed.' 'I have killed them
so what can you do.' 'Tell me.' When Abdul and Kalpana
raised their voice.. ..against the tyranny of MLA Dharam.. – ..then their condition worsened.
– What does the government do? – 'They did a very wrong thing with them.
– Kalpana who was full of life.' 'She has lost her senses.' 'She used to stand with everyone
raising slogans in the protest.' – 'Down! Down!
– When the police used to thrash..' ..then she used to be
the first one to get thrashed.

The factory that you
just saw emits poison. Just poison. Because of raising
voice against that.. ..they spoiled her life. Doctors who were
bribed by MLA Dharam.. ..gave her wrong medicines
and her condition became worst. When those doctors were questioned.. ..then they said that
it happened by mistake. Dharam has done all this. – Kelvin, what is all this?
– 'We will not stop here.' 'With the support of
Human Rights Commission..' '..we have sent samples of
this place for test to UNESCO lab.' 'Soon we will get the results.' 'Then the truth will
be revealed in front of you.' 'Let's all clean together
the dirt that surrounds us.' 'Just by posting it
on facebook and twitter..' '..we are not going to gain anything.' We will have to stand
there and fight with them. We will have to look into
their eyes and ask questions. 'They should be able
to see anger in our eyes.' 'If we always remain quiet..' '..then we will become
their servants forever.' 'This cannot happen.' 'We will make sure those
rascals get punished.' Support us in this protest.

Jai Hind. Media occupies a
very special position.. ..in awakening the minds
to bring about change. 'But what will happen if
media gets into the greed of TRP.' 'What will happen if we
divide in the name of religion?' 'We all will get scattered.' Together only we will be
able to stop this corruption. 'I will not be able to do this alone.' 'You all will also have to be alert.' 'Good bye. Jai Hind.' Kelvin, if I was allowed
to do one murder.. ..then you would be the first one.
Everything has happened because of you. Now you settle everything. Anil, is the truck ready? – Make everyone ready.
– Take this, sir. – Don't get angry.
– Keep quiet. Do you think I will let
him say anything against me? Do you think I am like Gandhi? Look Dharam, the entire city
knows about what you have done. If you murder someone
then enquiry will be set up.

Your career will be finished. What am I there for? Just wait and watch how
I shatter every plan of theirs. I do not want to hear your nonsense. I am just giving you two days of time. If you do not settle everything
then I will not spare you. – Dharam! – Just think about it.
Then do not complain. Hello. Tilak, you are spoiling your talent. You do not know your value. – Yes, you are right. – We will give you
whatever money you ask for. Just come back.

– Oh wow!
– 5 lakhs per month. Bhavana,
you called up at the right time. I needed a maid who would
do sweeping and massage too. Will you do it? You will never change. – Who called?
– Bhavana. – Really?
– She gave me an offer.. – ..for 5 lakhs a month.
– She called me too. Really? What did you say? – I gave her good. What about you?
– Is it? I have called here. No, no you are misunderstanding.

I have given her offer for sweeping. Bhavana is very attractive. – Keep quiet! I will thrash you.
– What happened? Are you jealous? Hey, wait. Good morning, Pushpa. Good morning, sir. – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. – Why didn't you go?
– Where? Your friends have gone to Zen TV Keep quiet, Dari. – What?
– It is not their fault. People usually get attracted
to where they see their benefit. If they would have informed me I
would have given them farewell party. Sir.. Hey, Jagan.

Call Jagan. Why are you calling him? – He was the first one to go.
– What? – I can't believe this.
– Nishanti and Arti also went. Why didn't you go? Why would I go?
I did not get any call. – Tilak!
– Sir! – Come here.
– Yes. I cannot give you so much salary. You can also go if you wish to. Okay. I am not of that kind sir. – Good to see you.
– Just don't say anything.

– Look at your condition.
– Yes, look at it. Ashok, their post should be upgraded. – Rest we will talk later.
– Hello. Jagan, what did you do? Since when have you become so greedy? From the time I got a promotion.
Executive producer. Do you know my salary?
80,000/- without deducting TDS. – Will I get it there?
– Disgusting. Are you not ashamed? Damru sir believed in us. And you broke his
belief and went away. Look brother, you have faith
on him and I have faith on them. It is better that I remain faithful
here and you remain faithful there. Earn less money and remain happy.
Keep the phone. Stop it. – Stay away.
– Enough. Sir, there has been blast
in Tanakpur's collector office. Let us also make breaking news on it. Greetings,
today at 4:30 in the evening.. ..a bomb blast took place
in Tanakpur's collector office. 5 people died and 15
people are badly injured. Collector office has
also suffered severe damage. – Police has registered FIR
of this incident. – Oh no. For the coverage of
this we will not go out. We have some footage of CCTV
of this sad incident at Tanakpur. 'ZEN TV has a doubt
that he is the man..' '..who would be carrying
bomb in his briefcase.' 'Who was he and what
was there in this suitcase?' 'After investigation a shocking
matter has been revealed.' 'The person who hid the suitcase at a
special place in collector's office..' '..is a dangerous terrorist.' 'It is said that he
had relations with Taliban.' He looks like Abdul.

– No, sir.
– He is the one. The other day when
he was being active on TV.. ..I suspected him to be a terrorist. Tell me, Tilak. Abdul, a bomb has blasted
in Tanakpur's collector office.. ..and the media is holding
you responsible for it. What are you saying? Half an hour ago I went there but.. Don't give me justification.
I have faith on you. Do one thing. Go to police
station and tell them the truth. – I will also reach there.
– Why should I go there? I will not go to
police station, Tilak. Do as I say, Abdul.
You are being trapped. – This is a plan by Kelvina dn MLA.
– 'According to sources..' – '..his name is Abdul.'
– He is the one.

Please listen to me. – Okay.
– Don't take tension. – Jaffer sir will handle everything.
– Hey, I have not done anything. Go away from here. Great Kelvin. You are much
smarter than what I thought about you. You ignited a spark in breaking news. The match has just begun. Now one or the other wicket
will fall in every over, Dharam. Watch it completely. Great! Every ball
should be hit for a six. Fix the entire match, dear. Okay, we will talk later. Sir, we have fresh update. The people responsible in
bomb blast in collector's office.. ..also attacked
Tanakpur's police station. – Okay. Ashok.
– Sir. Just keep in mind that
everything should look real. Understood. – Go, go now.
– Yes, sir. – Okay, sir.
– What do you want? Will it be right to do so, sir? Patel, keep watching as to what I do.
Don't take tension. Is Abdul attack news ready? Sir, just give me 5 minutes more.

They are walking slowly. Increase the sped.
It should look that they are angry. Okay, sir. I want to hear the sound
of bullet as soon as they enter. – Hello.
– Ashok, is the footage ready? – Sir, I am working on that.
Give me two minutes. – Hurry up. 'Sir Abdul is an IS terrorist.' 'In village there is..one minute sir.' Have you come from Agra? – Cut that scene when he is removing
paper from his pocket. – Hold on, sir. Don't you understand? Cut it quickly.
Otherwise, I will cut your salary. 'Sir, this Abdul flies
kite..one minute sir.' – 'He is a terrorist.'
– Where did you get hold of him? We will get caught.

'Abdul is an ICICI agent
and he sells insurance for them.' – Look at this, sir.
– You should have caught a good artist. – Whom have you caught?
– Sir.. 'Abdul is..fine sir.' 'I have learned it. Ready sir.' 'Abdul is an ICI terrorist
and is their agent.' What cutting have you done? – I'll do it, sir. – Instead of
an editor you should be a barber. – I will do it, sir. – You just keep
watching nonsense videos on computer. – Ashok, is the file and footage ready?
– Hurry up.

Yes, it's done. It is ready. It is almost done. You go, sir. 'And now breaking news
connected to the bomb blast.' 'The master mind of this
bomb blast Abdul and his men..' '..have hid in the
dense forests of Tanakpur.' 'Locals of this place
have given this information.' – Ashok.
– Sir! Okay. 'Before escaping Abdul
and his terrorist friends..' '..entered Tanakpur's police
station with harmful ammunition..' '..and attacked police.' – Sir, this shot has been done fast.
– 'They shot them.' Sir CCTV camera does not record sound.

– 'We talked to the police station
in- charge Patil.' – Hey, stop. 'He made this statement.' 'Abdul and his men are connected
to many unpatriotic activities.' 'Our police force is working
hard to arrest that terrorist Abdul.' 'Whatever maybe the situation
we are ready to handle it.' 'Sir Abdul is an ISIS agent.' 'He even asked me to revolt
to get Allah's blessings.' 'But I was married.' 'If that day I would
have got him arrested..' '..then the entire country would
not have to be ashamed like this.' – 'Terrorist Abdul's friend told us
further that..' – We are getting late. – Sir, I will have to go.
– Okay go. – Let's go.
– Okay. Abdul, be careful. Easy. Murgun, they have made three
of us terrorist and not you. Do not put your life in danger for us.

Go away from here. – Murgun, go away.
– Why should I go, Abdul? Because, I am not from your religion. You are fighting
for the entire village. I am not worried
even if I lose my life. We will die soon. – Why are you doing this? – There is
no religion bigger than humanity. – What is happening?
– Checking. – They are finding Abdul.
– What if they find Abdul? – Hey, stop.
– If they find him then it would be.. – ..impossible for him to save himself.
– There is blockade ahead. Stop. Stop the car. The officer stopped you
behind then why didn't you stop. – Sir, I am from media.
– So what if you are from media. – You cannot go ahead.
– It is very important for me to go. – Believe me.
– It is order from higher authorities. – You cannot go ahead.
– Listen to me, sir. – Please try to understand. Take some
money, sir. – No. Go back. Come on. Get back. Go that side. We have also come to know
that Abdul's terrorist group..

..is connected to
other countries as well. In 5 km radius of Tanakpur's jungle.. ..Abdul and his men are hiding. Police is finding them. Okay, that side. – Police investigating team
is finding them. – Hey, Tilak. – Rashid, where is Abdul?
– Come with me. I will tell you. Cut, cut.. Hold the mike.
Give me camera and you wait here. Come, this side. Don't be scared. We are there. Abdul, what has happened to you? Abdul, are you okay? Come on, let's go to hospital quickly.
Let's go, come on. As you said I went to
police station to tell that.. ..I am not responsible for bomb blast. But they did not
let me speak anything. They shot at me but somehow
I escaped from there.

I am not a terrorist. – Abdul, I know you are not a terrorist.
– Abdul, come with us. I will give a statement. – Please, Abdul.
– Have you brought the camera? First let's go to hospital
in this condition. You have been shot at. Come on. – Yes, Ashok.
– Patil, sir. Abdul and his gang
are behind elephant rock. – Come soon.
– You stay there. Hey come on quickly. Be careful. Let's go. – Are you ready?
– Yes, I am ready. I had gone to collector's
office but not to kill anyone. I had gone to give proof that Dharam's
Global Dragon Factory is killing people. When I reached collector's
office then I had suitcase in my hand. That suitcase had test
results of our water samples. There were 4-5 people in the room. – Collector called us inside.
– Greetings, sir. – Before I could say anything..
– Give me bag. ..against the test results
they snatched the suitcase from me.

He said that if you do not like
this place then change your country. Why should I go from here?
It is my country too. After partition India
was the only country in.. ..which people of all
religion stay together. We Muslims were given a choice
to choose between India or Pakistan. We love our India.
We have full faith on Indian people. We are safe here. We are Indian
Muslims and will stay in this country. Recently during floods
we got shelter in temples. We also saved many people. Then media had no problem
with our religion. The moment I spoke against
a politician they made me a terrorist. Rather than reaching the
news to people it is media.. ..who is responsible
for making it breaking news. To make any news a new
story lies is added to it. Media's hunger for breaking news..

..and TRP has destroyed
lives of many people like me. They joined my religion to
this incident and made me a terrorist. The real terrorist is this media. When a youngster of today
fights against injustice.. ..then these corporate
show their true colors. They divide their unity into naxalites,
Dalits and minority. But public has become alert. It has come to know the
difference between real and fake. It knows everything. They will kill me. I am about to die. But my death should not go useless. – Police, police..
– Everyone hide. – Get down.
– Where did the police come from? Bend down. Drive fast. Drive faster. – Drive faster.
– Aditi, don't stop. Quick. Be careful. Abdul. – Abdul.
– Go Abdul. Don't be scared. Be courageous. – You go away from here.
You are their target. – You go.. Run away. Run.. – Come on. Aditi, come.
– I am coming. Come on hurry up. Venkat, is there anyone in the car? – Yes.
– If someone is there then take them out. Come out. Come on. Come out.

Come on. There is someone here too. Come out. – Come out.
– Bunty, Bunty.. – Bunty, Bunty..
– Stay away. – Sir, he has shot bullet.
– Take him away. – Sir, leave me.
– Take him away. – Bunty, Bunty..
– Hey, don't shout. We are getting signal.
This is Abdul's mike. He seems to be close by. Ashok, we have just got the video. – You will get a promotion.
– Thank you, sir. Now just see what I do of that Tabla TV. 'In the terrorist attack on two
government buildings in Tanakpur not..' '..only involve Abdul and his gang but
also some other people are included.' – 'We have its footage.'
– Sir this..

'Through this we know they
have connection with Tabla TV.' 'Other than Abdul and his men two more TV
reporters Tilak and Malhar can be seen.' 'They are trying to save
these terrorists from police.' – 'Our special reporter Ashok has
recorded this footage.' – He is Tilak. 'Tilka, who helped Abdul
in escaping works for Tabla TV.' 'Will government ban Tabla
TV for supporting terrorists?' How did he do this? Look, Abdul is there. Abdul.. Now we have to finish this game. You are the new editor
of our news channel. Ashok, what has happened?
Is this your agency break? All well. Ashok, what happened? What is happening there? – I am talking to you.
– Sir, one minute. – Hey Abdul..
– Hey, Ashok. – Listen to me.
– How Abdul reached there? I have no connection with you.
I am telling you. – Don't kill me. I warn you.
– Hello, hello..

Sir, this is latest news. Read it. 'We have just received breaking news.' 'Dangerous terrorist Abdul has kidnapped
respectable reporter Ashok of Zen TV.' 'It is possible that Abdul
might have mercilessly killed Ashok.' 'We have also received information
that Raunak has been killed by Abdul..' '..and his gang because
he was stopping them.' 'People are eager to know what
will happen next in this breaking news.' – 'What demands does Abdul have?'
– 'Stay tuned.' 'Will our friend survive
or will Abdul kill him too?' 'Will terrorist Abdul be arrested?' 'Stay tuned with us for this news.' 'The state police have been successful.' 'ZEN 1 TV has its exclusive footage..' '..that how terrorist Abdul
and his gang was trapped.' 'Before trapping them first there was
firing between police and Abdul's gang.' 'The dangerous terrorist
was killed in this.' 'According to the
information by ZEN 1 TV's..' '.. reporter police
could kill this terrorist.' 'Because of this information ZEN 1
TV is being appreciated from all sides.' – 'Now we have to see..'
– Are you fine? – I hope you are not harmed.
– I am fine.

Come here. – Come here.
– Are you alright? What happened? '..stay tuned.' Sir, sit down. Sit down comfortably. – Hello, sir.
– Tell me Raman. The drama that you had created
to kill Abdul has been shot by Tilak. – What?
– And that footage is in editing room. – Hello.
– What game are you playing? You will not telecast
the footage brought by Tilak. How did you come to know? Don't get into details.
Otherwise you will be in trouble. Let's talk in detail. I will buy that footage.
No, I will buy the entire channel. Tell me the value. Come on Damru. Tell me the value. How much can you give me brother? 50cr. Do not telecast
that footage. Alright. Will you just give me this
much to keep my mouth shut? Just 50cr. If this is telecast then your business.. ..worth millions and
billions will be destroyed. 100cr all at one go. 100cr. I want channel property,
equipment and your old film rights. My lawyer and I are reaching
your office in 15 minutes. Do not show a single frame
of that footage to anyone.

– I want guarantee for that. Okay.
– Okay. 100crore. You take 10cr
from it and you to take 10cr. – No sir.
– Life is set. Everyone's life is set. I will distribute 5cr to the receptionist
and 5cr to uncle and his friends. – I will distribute it among all.
– Sir.. Dari, come out the editing
room has to be locked. – Don't do this, sir.
– Please, sir. All our efforts will go waste. Sir, think it over again.
We have really worked hard. Will you sell your
channel to that cheater? You are right in saying
that he is a cheater. But Tilak, one shouldn't
open all the cards at the same time. But cards should be opened at a proper
opportunity because time is the king. Bats are change his skin,
we will have to change by taking money. So this was your plan. I got scared. He has kept his spy here. Sir, even you knew it. Tilak, even I have sharp eyes
like you that can see in darkness. Right sir but how we will handle him.

We will have to think about it.
We will hide a camera in this room. We will record whatever
he talks and telecast it. Sir, he is very clever.
He will understand our plan. Do you have a new idea? I do not have a new idea
but it is better than the new one. Shut down Tabla TV. Shut down Tabla TV. Shut down Tabla TV. Shut down Tabla TV. – Shut down Tabla TV.
– Let's not spare Tabla TV.

– Let the politician come and
then we will not spare them. – Stop. Sir all those video clips
have been edited and it is a drama. – Everything is lies.
– Who is on the phone? One second, sir. The call has come from ministry level and
they are going to black out the channel. – Explain them.
– Kelvin has come from Zen 1 TV. Please sir. Give us some time.

'Order has been given to black
out Tabla TV because of cheating.' 'The government is going
to take legal action on this.' 'They have told this
thing in a press release.' 'In press release it has been further
said that they will see in future..' – Sir the telecast of Tabla TV
has been stopped. – I know it. 'Mr. Damru Lal can be arrested any moment
for having relations with terrorists.' – Greetings, sir.
– Where is your edit room? – Come. There it is.
– 'Aditi and Tilak are still out of reach.' 'This has happened for the first
time in the history of TV industry.' – Daniel, no one should enter there.
– Okay sir.

'It is also believed
that Mr. Damru allegedly..' '..has taken money through
havala from other countries.' Greetings, sir. my name is Ramdhari. Father's name is Ichchadhari. I do cleaning of the entire office. Sir, I do not know who has come. – Welcome. Greetings.
– Hi, Damru. Please be seated. I am Ramchandran. – I am lawyer and legal advisor
of Zen 1 TV. – Please be seated. To be frank I do not
have faith on anyone. So no one will use their phone. Let us first see if they have
copied that footage and hid somewhere. Footage will not go
anywhere from the edit room. It will be there. Do you know why? Because I have kept a smart
spy to keep an eye on this place. Give me the agreement. This agreement is about
what we talked on the phone. I have signed it so now you sign it. At last today I am lucky. Today I came to know that
100crores has so many zeros. There is no pen in this
office full of uneducated people. – Go and get a pen.
– Yes, Sir.

Sir, hold it. Work is done. Thank you. Thank you. Kelvin is a dirty man.
Kelvin is a cheater. Kelvin's face is like a drunkard. Damru, what kind of joke is this? My Kelvin sir is insulted
and now he is confused. – Stop.
– Who all will you stop? You are very cheap. I have just got you in front of me and
now you will not be able to go anywhere. You are a fraud. Hey, you were trying to hit for a six on
a no ball and I hit a six without a ball. You got my channel black out. Now see what all do I black out.
Your dignity and ego as well. Do you think I am a fool? Kelvin sir, breaking news still remains. You had left a spy in our channel and
we left a bigger spy in your channel.

Jagan, no one should come to know. Aditi, you will just call up Nishanti. Nishanti, you change the sim
and be in contact with Patel sir. – Hello, tell me Damru.
– Start the game. Okay. 'You are watching Zen 1
TV and I am Kehkashan with you.' Hey, you are still sitting here. Your
order has come. It will become cold. – I am going.
– Go, don't make the food wait for you. Go. I am telling you
that I will handle everything. – Go and eat.
– It is live. So what if it is live? I will handle it. Do not create any problem. 'In Khelo India Khelo
program sports minister..' '..will give speech in
the stadium in a grand ceremony.' 'Farmers have taken out a
protest rally to forgo their loans.' 'It ended at Vidhan Sabha.' 'A bus fell in river in Bhullapur
and 15 people got injured.' 'When this bus fell in the river then
many people were washing clothes there.' 'They saved the lives of passengers
and took them to nearest hospital.' 'We have just received a
special footage on terrorists.' 'In this interview Abdul gave an
interview saying that he is innocent.' 'I had gone to collector's
office but not to kill anyone.' 'But I had gone to give proof..' '..that Dharam's Global Dragon Factory
is killing people.' 'I reached collector's office..' Sir, why did you change the news? This is necessary.
There is some new development.

'I had gone to give proof that Dharam's
Global Dragon Factory is killing people.' Sir, he is speaking against our channel. 'When I reached there
I had a suitcase in my hand.' Sir, where did you get this video from?
Sir, we have not to telecast this. You do your work. Go away. Sir, this is wrong.
My job will be at risk. Get a side Raja. Stop the news. Sir, even your channel has been freezed. How did this happen? Give me the phone. I will not spare anyone.

There is no one who
has the courage to stop us. We are because of this world
and the world is not because of us. Now it will be fun. – Stop it.
– Jagan.. ..he is trying to change
our plan from PCR room. – You take care.
– Okay, I will see. 'They will kill me. I am about to die.' 'But my death should not go waste.' Sit down and watch. 'We love our India.' It is going live. What will you do now? Now it will hit the bull's eye. Patel, this is wrong. Where is Jagan? I am sitting at PCR but your boss is
sitting in MCR. Go and touch his feet. Jagan, open the door. Jagan, hurry up open the door. What are you doing? Have you gone mad? 'I am going to die but
my death should not go waste.' After seeing this footage
it seems that terrorist Abdul.. You seem to be scared now. Dear friends, if you are chewing
betel leaf and your life is in danger. If you are watching Zen
1 TV then stop watching, my dear. Tilak, do you know there is a vacancy
in the restaurant for making chapattis.

Hire him. Along with chapattis
he can set himself also right. Hold on. I will make
you sit in the restaurant. – Hi madam.
– Hi. – How are you feeling?
– Fine. Patel sir has asked you to check this. – Keep it here Nishanti.
– Okay madam. – Oh my God. I am so sorry.
– What are you doing? It is such an important
file and you threw it. – Sorry madam.
– All papers got shuffled. – Really sorry.
– You don't pay attention to work. – Thank you, madam.
– May I come in madam? Yes, come in.

Madam, did you call me? I did not call you. – Jagan said that there was some problem.
– There is no problem here. 'This is footage
about what happened..' '..between Abdul and
Zen1 reporter Ashok.' I have no connection with this. – Where are you?
– Please, don't kill me. Sir, I am in jungle. One minute, sir. – What is happening here?
– Abdul is right in front of me, sir. Actually suddenly he
came in front of my car. – He banged against my car.
– Is he alive? One minute, sir. – Yes, he is alive sir.
– Good.

– Shall I call the police?
– Well done. No. First put him in his car. – Then do as I say.
– Okay. – Okay.
– Hurry up and put him in his car. – Okay, sir. Okay, sir.
– Hurry up. – Okay, sir.
– Don't keep on saying okay.. – ..just put him in the car.
– Okay, I understood. 'This conversation between
Zen 1 reporter Ashok..' '..and chairman Kelvin
has taken place in car phone.' 'It got recorded through
the mike put on Abdul's shirt.' 'Tilak had put it..' – '..when Abdul was giving interview
to Tilak.' – Come on, hurry up.

Sir, Abdul is in my car.
Shall I hand him over to police? Not now. Let it get hotter. I am thinking something.
Let's give it a twist and turn. – At this moment our channel has
90% viewership. – Okay, sir. – Now Abdul will take the viewership
of our channel to 100% – Okay, sir. – After 5 minutes call up
inspector Patil. – Okay, sir. – During this time I will call up Dharam
and plan something. – Sure, sir. – I will call back and tell you.
Wait for my phone. Okay. – Okay, sir. Be alert and be smart. Now our 10 second ad
slot will be sold in 10 lakhs. – This is called business.
– Okay, sir. – I will wait for your phone.
– Good, Ashok! – Be careful.
– Okay, sir.

Bye sir. – 'Tilak recorded this conspiracy.'
– Dari! – His pressure has increased.
– 'And now it is in front of you.' – Add something in water and
give it to him. – I will just get it. Sir, let's go to the
channel and stop the telecast. – It will be too late by then.
– Sir, water. What kind of lawyer you are? Get lost! 'In some time we will tell you who are
involved in Abdul's merciless death.' Stay tuned.

– Hello, sir.
– What is happening, Patel? Sir, breaking news is coming in every
15 minutes. This is what you wanted. You had asked me to shake everyone.
Show something of that sort. Are we showing the correct thing, sir? – Patel, I will kill you.
– The way you killed Abdul. Patel, you have gone mad. Next news is even more breaking. Keep watching Zen1 TV. What happened, sir? Why are you scared, my dear? – Madam, the door cannot be opened.
– What? Where has my card gone? – What is this? It is not working.
– I will look into the matter.

Security. PCR is out of control sir,
the entire control is with MCR. – Stop MCR.
– Jagan is sitting in MCR. What? Hey! Boss, you have long hair
so put this in your hair. You bloody joker. – What is going on?
– 'Will Zen 1 TV be shut down..' – '..or Mr. Kelvin will be arrested?'
– Give me your phone. – Hello.
– Kelvin, I have got locked in my cabin.

– What should I do now? – Please do
something and stop this telecast. Otherwise we will be finished. Get aside. Get aside. Ma'am! Patil sir, I am in jungle. – You come here.
– We have again got signal. They are somewhere around. Aditi, police car is there. Make him lie down here. Ashok, you need to shoot.
Where is the camera? I have called the cameraman. – Why is he taking so much time?
– He must be on his way. There he is. Tripathi, get the camera quickly. – Hurry up.
– Yes, I am coming. – Come on, hurry up.
– Come on. – Come on.
– Come on. Patel, what is this? What did you do? Have you gone mad? You cheated those
people who gave you work.

Hey, the truth will not
change by getting angry. Get lost. You know why I hit you. That day you had said,
'youth, polling booth.' – I will make sure you
are thrown out of here. – Get lost. Welcome, Dharam sir.
Here is a gift for you from boss. He was going to destroy me. Why is he still alive? Patil, kill him and finish everything. Sir, they want to shoot this game. Sir, are you making murder mystery? – Kill him.
– Sir we want drama to fool people. You go. It is not right
for you to stay here.

Sir, I will drop you. – Before you reach home
you will get the news. – Listen to me. I do not believe you all. – Ramakant will wait here.
– Yes sir I will wait here. You go. Come on give him support of the tree. – Jagan, open the door man.
– Jagan.. – Get aside. Jagan.
– Jagan! Jagan! Jagan, open the door. – Jagan, you cannot do this.
– Open the door. It should look as if he is sitting. Hurry up, Patil sir. Abdul, get up. Abdul, get up.
Look what is happening with you? – Look, Abdul.
– Patil sir, keep his neck straight. – I am doing it.
– It is getting bent. Now it is right. A little more. How will he remain stiff? One minute, Patil sir. Put this behind the neck for support. – Now it looks as if he is sitting.
– What are you doing, sir? Tripathi, give me the false gun. Patil sir, come. – Hey, his eyes are closed. Open his eyes.
– Yes. Tripathi, give your sunglasses.

Quick. Yes, take it. Don't bring my car in the frame. Patil, put handcuffs. Be careful. – Ashok.
– What happened? Didn't they hit you
while kidnapping you? – Your face looks very clear.
– Where shall I get make up from? Oh, God! Hold him. Come on. Hold him tight. – Hey, you go near Abdul.
– You should have told me before hitting. – Everyone get aside. Hurry up.
– What should I do now? – Shoot with Patil sir.
– Hurry up and come. – Yes, I am coming.
– Tripathi! It should look realistic. – Okay Ashok.
– Oh no. Tell me. One minute. Sir, security chief is on line.

Hello. What are you doing there? Go to the MCR room and break the door. Yes, sir. I will do it. Come with me. Hurry up and do something
otherwise I will not spare you all. Okay, sir. I am reaching there. Sir, I am outside MCR room. Sir, MCR door is locked. Leave MCR room and go to the CAR room. – Madam, let's go to the CAR room.
– Give the phone to me. Hello, Kelvin. – Bhavana, go to the server room.
– Okay. – Let's go. Come on.
– Take this. Okay, start camera. Rolling. Action. Abdul, please leave me. Abdul please,
I have not done anything. Bhavana, everything is being telecast. – Abdul, please don't this.
– Do something. It is showing error. What is the password? – Ask the in- charge about the password.
– Sir, what is the password? – Password? Ask the in-charge.
– Sir, in-charge is not here. Hey! – Forget about the password.
Do something else. – Yes sir. Pull the wire below the server. – Sir, there is a thick wire.
– Pull it.

Yes, sir. Abdul! I had told you Kelvin. You got my channel shut down
and I got your channel black out. Kelvin sir, won't you like
to hear what happened after this? 'I have the clip which
shows what happened after that.' Abdul! Abdul! Abdul, are you okay? Abdul.. Hey! Today you will not be saved. Look, I am from media. – Don't mess up with a media man.
– Oh no. – You are from media.
– Understand it. – Media people are very dangerous.
– I am from, Media.

You can't stop me. They are terrorists. – Stupid, even I am from media.
– You can't escape from me. – What do you think of yourself?
– But I do not make cheap films like you. Will you make any Muslim a terrorist? – You will repent.
– Who are showing attitude? Tilak, let's do a deal together. – Okay.
– Really? Tell me. Let's do a deal between you and me. No one will interfere between us. – Are you saying the truth?
– Yes. – Will you do a deal?
– Yes surely. – Believe me. – So, on this note
we do a deal. Get lost. Nothing will happen, Abdul. Are you okay? What will we have to do now, Tilak? I will tell you everything.
First give me your phone. – Take this.
– Aditi, come here.

Call up the commissioner
and ask for an ambulance. – Okay, fine.
– Quick. – Come here.
– Yes. Abdul, I am sorry but in
this scene you will have to die. You will have to do acting of dying. – Just lie down.
– Okay. Freeze. Freeze. – Tripathi, shoot it.
– Okay. Abdul, don't move. Tripathi, are you able to record? – Yes, I am doing it.
– Okay. Very good. Abdul, it is done. Relax. I will edit the footage
of both the cameras on the way. – You go and give it to your channel.
– Okay.

– Your boss should not come
to know that Abdul is alive. – Yes. – Okay? Go.
– Okay. Now you must have
come to know the truth. That TRP can be increased
by showing the truth. You still need to learn many things. Don't shoot. If you are courageous
then shoot. Shoot. I am not a fool to kill you all here. I will choose the right
time and place to kill you. I will decide. I made my channel number
1 by showing Abdul as a terrorist. I made breaking news
by getting him shot by police. Who did this? I did it. Top lawyers of India
will come to save me. My employee Ashok and police inspector
Patil will be put behind bars. Get a side. Our leader has come. Long live our leader. Long live our leader. – Long live our leader. – Sir,
shall we start causing destruction. – Yes, break everything.
– Hey, let's go. How can you enter like this?
Who are you all? Don't do this? What are you all doing? Break everything. Come on. When I commit a crime then
I do not leave any proof behind. I have a solution to all
the evidences that you have.

Hey, there is no need
to talk to these fools. Damru, we had kept a less intensity
bomb in collector's office, Damru. – Yes.
– We will keep atom bomb here. You will then reach to new heights.
You cannot harm me in any way. – Did you understand? – You cannot
harm us in anyway. Understood! But we can. The moment his beard
and moustaches are removed..

..he becomes the commissioner. He is your boss. Don't move much. Be careful. Because of dishonest
police officers like you.. ..our country is being disgraced. Get lost from here. All these are puppets, Tilak. Kelvin will trap all
of them and will escape. We have to get solid
proof against him. Sir, for evidence you
will have to disguise yourself. I did not understand. That night you became Krishan
so now become a Marwadi. Did you see, boss? – That how with old ideas hot
selling news is made? – Get aside. Get aside. Come on. Hey! Hey, leave the watch. All the conversation
has been recorded in this. Now there is no chance to escape. The thing is Kelvin.. ..that this time commissioner
sir was smarter than you. Okay, sir. – Hey, what are you doing?
– Come on. Get out. With this fake encounter
Tilak saved you. What would you like
to say about this, Abdul? Humanity is above politics,
religion and rule. This is enough to change the society. That someone should
stand up to save the needy.

And raise voice against injustice.
Just like what happened today. Tilak came to my rescue. – I am really thankful to him.
– My smart boy. Our fight is only about thoughts. Don't play with our lives
by hiding like cowards. Otherwise revolution will come. We may live or die but
will surely reach our goals. MLA sir, why did you
do like this with Abdul? Enough. Stop barking. Calm down. I will get a big lawyer and you
can see me drinking here next week. Sir, being in media
why did you do like this? – Give us an answer. – Media is
a show business and nothing else. We show what public likes to see. Why should I feel ashamed? Get lost.

How are you feeling? How are you feeling on being arrested?
Sir, please tell us. Please, sir. Sir, celebration. Tilak. Aditi, I love you. Let's go. Tilak. – Yes sir. – I recollect
a dialogue on this situation. Great, sir. What timing? Sir, even I recollect something
on this exciting situation. So tell me what do you remember? Maybe I recollect the
same thing as you did. – Tell me what did you remember?
– Sir, I stay in your heart. So when I stay in your heart
I know what you are thinking. Then tell me. – Shall I tell?
– Tell it. – Sure, I should tell.
– Yes. "We have become successful.." "We have become successful today." "We have become successful today." Be careful. Great! – Great, sir.
– Great! You all did a good job. – It was fun.
– Tilak, shall I say something.

– Yes. – I did not get married
but I am very fond of children. Don't worry, sir. We are all your children, sir..

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