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Hi, I'm thousands of words on your web page.
Back in the days of 56K modems when the internet was new, I was the cool kid. You see, back
then people were happy to read me to understand your business service or product. But hey,
I've come to grips with it and it's time you did too. I need a little help these days. Nowadays people want ideas explained quickly
and clearly, in seconds. I mean, look at this guy. He's got the attention span of a gnat.
But watch…this big idea is made appealing and attractive with a kinetic typography animated
video. Notice the big bold words demanding attention, accentuating the most important
part. Add some epic music and employ a dramatic voice over and make the idea really stick. See what I'm talking about? How can I compete
with that? Why settle for written information alone when you could have a super snazzy white
board animation. Look. You're mesmerized as this hand scribbles out a scene right before
your eyes.

You pay undivided attention to the scene before you as it comes to life.
Imagery connects with words in sweet, sweet harmony. Add a dash of color, a bit of motion,
and now we're really talking. Look, your idea is great, but until people
can visualize it, your idea will just over their heads. So slap down some cut out animation.
Give your idea a little dimension, a little context, and watch as your mumbo jumbo is
easily understood by even the most Dumbo.

pexels photo 5999911

With animated videos, the possibilities are
really quite endless. Imagine with me the experience of the last couple of minutes if
I hadn't been speaking to you in this highly entertaining 2D animated video. It would've
looked like this…hmmm information about animated videos. Let me read a little. (Snore sound) We can do better than that. Go to
and tell them a little bit about what you do. It's easier and more affordable than you
think to get a super sweet video and today it's more important than ever..

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