How Many Followers Do You Need On IG To Get Clients As A Social Media Manager?

Can you only get a paying client with 10,000
followers on Instagram? That is probably the most asked question from
you guys. And the answer is, no. You don't need 10,000 followers on Instagram. You don't even need a thousand followers on
Instagram in order to get clients. Now the reason why I want to share that with
you is just because recently I had another Social Shell, aka the women who go through
my Social Shell course, who got a client with three Instagram followers.

But guess what? Those three followers were her ideal clients. So I'm going to talk with you about the exact
framework that you need to do in order to turn your followers into clients. Step one is to really know who is your ideal
client. Who do you want to work with? I also call this, what is, what's your target
audience? Right? So who is your client avatar? Is it female? Is it male? Where are they living? What shop do they have? It's completely different to work with someone
who has a service based business. Let's just say a man who sells, I don't know,
socks online, that would be a product based business or a woman who's a health coach. They have completely different needs when
it comes to social media management. And they don't want to work with any social
media manager.

They only want to work with a social media
management who knows exactly what is their need and pain. So what pin points do they have? So the men, for example, he wants to grow
his eCommerce business with ATT and just like half those sales. He doesn't really care about building a brand. Then the health coach, that woman, she only
wants to work with high paying clients. She really wants to have that human connection. And for her it's really important to create those
relationships, for example, through Instagram. So these are just examples, but you can see
they have completely different needs. Now, when I go on my Instagram account as
a social media manager, I already need to know who I want to work with. And then from there I create content that
talks to that specific target audience. And with content, I don't just mean an inspirational
picture or a quote. I talk about educational posts. So share something about your knowledge as
social media manager that talks exactly to this target audience.

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So that the guy in that example feels super
supportive in his pin points and does desires and says things like, Oh yeah, that's exactly
what I need, or the woman, whoever your client avatar is, right? So you only create content on your own social
media that speaks directly to your target audience. And then as well, your Instagram bio should
be super on point, so that when I come to your bio, I know you're talking to me. So I help health coaches grow their online
business through social media. That could be an example for your Instagram
bio. Just take out all the fussy stuff, really
be on point, who you're helping with, with what and what is the outcome
they can expect when they work with you. So your bio should really be on point, how
you can help that specific target audience so when they come to your profile, they feel like, yep, I need to work with
that social media manager.

All right. So for you, the exact action steps are to
first find out who is your target audience, what are their pin points and desires with
social media management, and how can you fill that gap, create an exact Instagram bio that
talks to them and only create content that speaks directly to them. And you can have three followers and convert
all of them into paying clients. And that's what we want at the end of the
day as a social media manager.

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