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Are you ready to turn your creativity Into Cold Hard Cash well I've got the Perfect tutorial for you in this video I'll show you how to make 640 a day with Free AI generated YouTube shorts and the Best part it won't cost you a penny That's right I'll reveal the secrets to Creating fun and engaging videos with The help of Cutting Edge artificial Intelligence technology I just need you To pay close attention over these next Few minutes so you don't miss any Important money making details let's get Into it So for today's tutorial we are going to Be using a website called get Munch so You're probably wondering what get Munch Is all about and how it can help you Make money with YouTube shorts well let Me tell you get Munch is a game changer In the world of video marketing at its Core getmunch is a platform that uses Cutting Edge generative Ai and marketing Analytics to extract the most engaging Trending and impactful clips from your Long form videos this means that you Don't have to spend hours sifting Through your content trying to find the Perfect clip for your YouTube shorts get Munch does all the hard work for you not Only does get Munch save you time but it Also helps you create highly effective Videos that are more likely to go viral By using state-of-the-art Ai and

Marketing analytics getmunch is able to Identify which Clips are most likely to Resonate with your target audience and Which ones are trending at the moment This gives you a powerful Advantage when It comes to creating YouTube shorts that People will want to watch and share but That's not all Get Munch also provides you with the Keywords and trending lists found in Your chosen video making it easier for You to optimize your YouTube shorts for Maximum visibility With this information you'll be able to Create shorts that are more likely to Show up in search results and get more Views now you might be wondering if get Munch is easy to use the answer is yes The sign up process is straightforward And quick and once you're in all you Have to do is copy and paste the link to Your chosen video get Munch will take Care of the rest generating several Different short clips for you to choose From Step 1 sign up for get Munch so let's Get started by walking you through the Sign up process all you need is an Internet connection and a few minutes of Your time First head to the getmunch website once You're on the home page you'll see a Sign up button in the upper right hand Corner click on that button to get

Started Next you'll be asked to enter your email Address and create a password make sure To choose a strong password that you'll Remember as this will be the key to Accessing your account in the future Once you've filled out your information Click the sign up button to create your Account you'll be taken to a dashboard Where you can start using the platform Right away Step 2 generate YouTube shorts Now that you're signed up for get Munch It's time to start generating your own YouTube shorts but where do you start Luckily getmunch makes the process easy And intuitive to get started you'll need To choose a long form video that you Want to create a short clip from This could be a video that you've Created yourself or one from another Creator in your niche Once you've found the video you want to Work with simply copy the link and head Back to get Munch once you're on the Platform paste the link to your chosen Video into the tool getmunch will then Use state-of-the-art generative Ai and Marketing analytics to extract the most Engaging trending and impactful clips From your long form video After the tool has finished generating The clips you'll be presented with a Variety of different options to choose

From these options will include Different clips from your original video Along with keywords and trending lists To help you optimize your shorts for Maximum visibility To choose the short that's most likely To go viral you'll need to navigate Between the different clips and keywords Take some time to explore the different Options and see which ones resonate with You the most once you've found the short That you want to use you can edit it if Needed and download it to your computer Editing your short is a great way to add Your own personal touch to the content You can add text overlays music and Other elements to make the short stand Out and grab the attention of viewers Step 3 upload your YouTube shorts onto YouTube now that you've created some Amazing viral YouTube shorts using get Munch it's time to start sharing them With the world to do that you'll need to Create a new YouTube channel creating a YouTube channel is a simple and Straightforward process just head over To and sign in with your Google account once you're signed in Click on your profile picture in the top Right corner of the screen and select Create a channel from the drop down menu From there you'll be prompted to choose A name and profile picture for your Channel make sure to choose a name and

Profile picture that accurately reflect Your brand or Niche once you've created Your channel it's time to start Uploading your shorts get Munch provides You with the videos description and Keyword for each short making it easy to Upload them to your Channel It's important to note that you should Aim to upload up to five shorts a day This may sound like a lot but it's Essential if you want to grow your Channel quickly and earn a significant Income from your content it's also Important to optimize your videos for Maximum engagement make sure to include Eye-catching thumbnails engaging titles And a call to action in each video This will encourage viewers to like Comment and subscribe to your Channel Finally make sure to engage with your Audience by responding to comments and Creating a sense of community on your Channel This will help you build a loyal Following and increase your chances of Earning money through affiliate links And other monetization methods Step 4 monetize your content If you're looking to make some extra Money through your YouTube channel Adding affiliate links is a great way to Do it affiliate marketing is a popular Method of earning money online and it's Easy to get started with

To add affiliate links to your YouTube Shorts you'll first need to sign up for An affiliate program There are many different affiliate Programs available but some popular Options include Amazon Associates ClickBank and Commission Junction Once you've signed up for an affiliate Program you can start adding affiliate Links to your YouTube shorts when Someone clicks on your affiliate link And makes a purchase you'll earn a Commission as well as adding affiliate Links to your YouTube shorts you can Also offer this service to podcast Owners Podcasts are becoming increasingly Popular and many podcasters are looking For ways to monetize their content By offering your services to podcast Owners you can help them create viral YouTube shorts that promote their Podcasts and drive traffic to their Websites This can be a great way to earn money While helping others grow Their audience And brand To offer this service to podcast owners You'll need to reach out to them and Pitch your services you can do this by Sending an email reaching out on social Media or even attending podcasting Events and networking with other Podcasters

Step 5 build your community Building a community on Instagram and Tick Tock can be a great way to expand Your reach and increase your income Potential with the rise of short form Video content platforms like Instagram Reels and Tick Tock have become Increasingly popular and they offer a Great opportunity to promote your YouTube shorts and affiliate links to Get started you'll need to create Accounts on both Instagram and Tick Tock Make sure to choose a username that's Consistent with your YouTube channel and Reflects your brand you'll also want to Create a profile that accurately Describes your content and includes a Link to your YouTube channel once you've Created your accounts it's time to start Creating content Since you're already creating viral YouTube shorts you can repurpose this Content for your Instagram reels and Tick Tock accounts this will save you Time and help you maintain consistency Across your different platforms When creating content for Instagram Reels and Tick Tock it's important to Focus on Trends and hashtags that are Relevant to your niche by doing so You'll increase your chances of reaching New viewers and building a community Around your content and that's it I hope you found the information helpful

And are feeling excited about the Potential to increase your income Remember with tools like get Munch Creating viral shorts has never been Easier and by promoting your content on Instagram and Tick Tock you can expand Your reach and earn even more money Through affiliate links If you found this video useful don't Forget to like comment and subscribe and I'll see you again next time

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