Pinterest Affiliate Marketing + ChatGPT = $2,100 a Week Even as a Beginner!

Making money with Pinterest affiliate marketing has never been easier with the use of ChatGPT and in this Pinterest affiliate marketing tutorial I'm going to show you step by step how you can set this up and maintain it with just 10 to 15 minutes a day!

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Hey everyone on this video today I want To show you the easiest way that you can Make money with Pinterest affiliate Marketing using chat GPT you're not Going to believe how easy this strategy Is and it's only going to take you 10 to 15 minutes a day take a look at this Just in the last week I've made over two Thousand dollars with this exact same Strategy you can make anything from 80 a Day to a couple hundred dollars a day And if I come up to the top here and Update this you're going to see that This is 100 legit I'm going to walk you Through this entire strategy step by Step so you're probably thinking why Pinterest well Pinterest is an absolute Gold mine not only do they get hundreds Of millions of followers and Views and Clicks every single month their traffic Is primarily all T1 traffic 39 of their Traffic comes from the United States and This is buyer traffic a lot of these People that are clicking onto these Different types of pins are going over To blogs which is really important Because on these video I'm going to show You how to directly link to our product Which is going to increase your Conversions it's going to increase your Sales ultimately allowing you to make Even more money with this Pinterest Affiliate marketing strategy so before We get into this video all I ask that

You do is to smash that like button in Appreciation and what I want you to do Is go down the bottom and just comment Let me know do you want to see more free Affiliate marketing videos from myself Or do you want me to start incorporating Some paid traffic strategies paid Traffic works really really well free Traffic can also work really really well But I just want to give you a quick Disclaimer with this strategy do not Expect to put up one pin and then you're Going to see thousands of dollars the Results that you saw from my end take Weeks and months of posting consistently Two to three times a day but I want to Show you how to automate this entire Process so yes you can make a lot of Money with free affiliate marketing if You want to see more paid traffic let me Know down the bottom in the comment Comments so the site that we're going to Be using today to get this product is Digistore24 digistore24 is available in A lot of countries you can use other Affiliate marketing platforms but for The purposes of this video we're going To use digistore24 and when you come Over to the affiliate section you can See that digistore24 can pay you up to 70 commissions they've got about 8 000 Different types of products in 44 Different niches you can do this in any One of these niches and promote any one

Of these products when you go over to Pinterest and you create your account You're going to see that there's many Different types of niches on Pinterest And people are absolutely crushing it so What you want to do from here when You're on digistore24 is you want to Create an account for yourself now once You've created an account on digistore24 You're going to see on the left hand Side that you've got all these different Niches that you can go into and all you Need to do is pick any one of these the Other thing that you can do is you can Quite simply search for different types Of products if you're not a particular Product product name or if you want to Search by sales rank or any one of these Other search items like popularity Etc You can quite simply scroll down and Have a look at the first lot of products That are on display for the purposes of This video I'm just going to run with The ultimate keto meal plan because it's Over here I know this converts really Really well and you can make a lot of Money with it so we're going to be Promoting this product what you want to Do before you promote any one of these Products is just click onto this little Arrow over here it's just going to show You their sales page their landing page So you can go through and have a look so A lot of the time they may have a video

Videos convert really really well people Love visual things love to watch things And this is why I like promoting these Products now in order to get this Affiliate link guys all you need to do Is Click onto the link over here and as You can see that's now copied to my Clipboard so what we now need to do is We need to use chat GPT to help us Create all the information we need to Create these pins on Pinterest so what We want to do is come straight over to Chatgpt now if you don't have a chat GPT Account quite simply just create one for Yourself and the first thing that you Want to do is you want to start asking Chat GPT something like this the first Thing you want to do is ask it for Example give me four tips to lose weight With keto as a man or you can ask it to Lose weight as a woman you can ask it to Lose weight as a senior you can ask it To lose weight if you've got a certain Health condition whatever it might be Because what you want to do is you want To Niche down as well but don't worry Because you can create as many of these As you want and I'm going to show you How to create a carousel of pins which Is going to give people a lot of value Getting them to click onto your links And purchasing your products so for Example you want to come over and write Something like this give me four tips to

Lose weight with keto as a man then you Just want to click onto search now What's going to happen is chat GPT is Going to give us these four different Options what we want to do from here is Break this down so that we can insert These inside Pinterest so it makes a lot Of sense and all this is going to make a Lot more sense I want to show you how to Create these pins using a software that You can use absolutely for free so what You want to do is you want to tell chat Jbt to take the above tip and create a Spreadsheet where one column is the main Point and one is the extended Description so what you do now guys is You hit this and as you can see what This is going to do now is it's going to Create this spreadsheet for us so as you Can see it's taken the first section and Then it's given us all this information Taken the second section and the first Section as you can see is this one if You calculate your Macros as an example It's going to do that then it's going to Give us a description now each one of These is going to form our Pinterest pin Okay this is the amazing thing about Using chat GPT and getting it to do all The hard work for you okay now what we Want to do is we want to tell chat GPT To also create a title for us a title That's clickbaity that people are going To click onto because the more people

That click onto this the more more money You are going to make with Pinterest Affiliate marketing so what we want to Do now is we want to type in something Like this okay so I've just created all These for us beforehand so you can see Exactly how this works so give me a Clickbaity title for my Pinterest pin About four keto tips for men and then Write it in plain English okay because We want people to understand it we don't Want it to be too difficult so once you Do that guys you quite simply click onto This and as you can see now it's going To give us this full proven keto tips For men to effortlessly shed extra Pounds now you can do something like Write me another one Okay hit enter and it's going to give us Another one and then say Give me Two more okay and we're going to need And I'm going to show you why we're Going to need a couple more as we go so Get ripped with these four simple keto Tips for men no gym required okay so I Really like that one okay so as you see The more you tell it the better it's Going to get now what we need to do is We need to get these pins up onto Pinterest okay so the first thing that You want to do is you want to come over To Pinterest and you want to create a Pinterest profile for yourself okay this

Is my Pinterest profile I've just Started putting up a lot more content on Here I've slacked off a little because I've been so busy doing so many other Things but you can see here that even Though I didn't post for months on Pinterest I still get 3 000 monthly Views this was a lot higher previously I Was sitting at close to 30 000 monthly Views when I was posting consistently And this is why I tell you that it's Really important that you are consistent I have probably five or six Pinterest Profiles where I do this with which has Taken me away from this but the other Ones bring in a fair amount of money Every single month anything from five to Ten thousand dollars every single month And this is why I highly recommend that You start this today but like I said Guys you need to stay consistent you Need to make sure that you're putting up Three to five pins a day and I'm going To show you how to create multiple pins Right now carousels or you can break Them up and just post one two three four Five throughout the day separately so It's very easy to create the pins but Please you need to stay consistent with This people are going to come onto your Pinterest profile Pinterest will promote Your pins people will see them they will Click onto them but you can't expect to Do one and turn this into a miracle you

Know money making machine so I just want To let you know that in order if you Want to be successful with this you need To do this every single day to build up Your Pinterest following so once you've Gone and created your Pinterest profile Now what we need to do is we need to Start creating these pins now in order To create these pins what you want to do Is you want to come over to this Platform over here called Canva as you can see has 100 of Different types of templates when it Comes to Pinterest pins okay guys all I Did was in the search section up here I Typed in Pinterest food pin okay and Take a look at all the different Examples that you can use with the free Version of canva there are a lot of Different types of pins that you can use There are also paid Pro pins that you Can only use if you have signed up to The paid version of Pinterest but I'm Going to show you how to do this guys Absolutely for free once you start Making a little bit of money and you Want to use this um it's like 12 or 13 a Month canvas unbelievable value for what You get and also if you ever decide to Upgrade on canva what happens is that When you start creating these pins there Is a way to grab the information from Chat GPT import it into canva and They'll create all the pins for you

Instantly okay so but before you get to That stage what you want to do quite Simply let's just come over to canva so I'll show you what you do here just come Up to the top and type Pinterest pin It's going to bring you over to he's Going to show you all these pins if you Want to see Pinterest food pins just Type in Pinterest food pins and it's Going to show you all of them what I'm Going to do today is I'm going to show You how to do this from a blank canvas Okay so just click onto this and now What we want to do this is our Pinterest Pin that we are going to create now what We want to do is you want to come up to This section you've got these elements You're going to click onto elements and Then what we want to do is we just want To type in keto food Okay so just type in keto food and then Come over to the right here and then Click on to photos Once you click onto photos you're going To see all these different images now You only need one image for this okay And we'll be able to create four or five Different pins for Pinterest okay so Let's click onto this one as an example We'll do this very quickly you can Spread this out okay and just move this So you can see that so it looks really Good there then what we want to do is we Want to come over to elements again just

Click onto it and you just want to grab One of these shapes like let's just grab This one over here so we can extend this Just like this nice and simple and then What we can do is come up to the top Here on this section for transparency And just lower this transparency like This and move this into the center now What we want to do is we want to get a Text we're going to click on to add a Heading okay move this up to the top Drop that there and then we want to do Is click on to say for example add a Subheading okay and this is where our All our text is going to be now you can Play around with the color guys you can Play around with the designs yourself if You want okay so you can see that you Can change this and make it stand out a Lot more if you wanted to that's Completely up to you once you create This template and you've got your Heading and your subheading in here Because we need this to put in all our Information now what we want to do we Know that we have four pins because We've asked Pinterest to create these Four different pins you want to scroll Down here see these three little dots Click onto that and just click onto Duplicate page then grab this one three Little dots duplicate page come over Here three little dots duplicate page Now what we need to do is we're going to

Click back onto number one we want to Import this information from chat GPT on To these different types of pins so Quite simply come straight back over to Your pen I'm going to show you how to do One okay so grab this copy come straight Back over to canva our pin double click Onto this Control V okay so calculate your Macros Drop that in there come back over to Here guys and now what you want to do is You want to grab this copy this Come straight back over to you double Click onto this hit Ctrl V and paste That in there now what you need to do With this is just grab and drop this in Here so that people can see it okay and Again if you want to change the color of These guys you absolutely can again Click onto yellow and that's going to Stand out a little bit more or you can Leave it white it's completely up to you Now what you want to do is you want to Complete this for all four of these pins So I'm going to do that I'm going to Show you how to upload this onto Pinterest all right so I've gone and Pre-populated all the information onto Our Pinterest pins now so I just want to Show you that I've also added a call to Action at the end of these pins I've Created an additional pin all I did is I Came over here to the fourth one again Guys I clicked on to duplicate this page

Then what I did is I created this as the Last Pina can basically says click on The link inside this pin to learn how You can lose weight with the ultimate Keto meal plan this is the call to Action what they're going to see is They're going to see this one one two Three four and then I'm going to click Onto this and this is going to prompt Them this will 100 increase your clicks You need to have some form of call to Action with any affiliate marketing to Prompt people to click onto it even if They're not because people will say These pins I'll read the information They'll move on to the next one you need To give them that little bit of push to Click on to your links okay so this is What you want to do now what we need to Do is we need to come up to the top you Want to click on to share then you want To scroll down click on to download and We want to download all five pages as a Zip file and this is how we're going to Download this on to Pinterest so quite Simply come over here and click on to Download these pins are now downloading On to my computer and there they go There they have been downloaded now I'm Going to show you how to upload these Onto Pinterest but before I do that if You guys are looking to make money with Affiliate marketing and you want a Little bit more additional help all you

Need to do is Click onto the link in the Description of this video and just grab My ultimate affiliate marketing guide It's absolutely for free I'll send this Straight to your email guys it's got a Lot of information about how I make Money with affiliate marketing using 100 Free traffic this makes me anything from 100 to 500 a day there's absolutely free I'm giving it to you for no strings Attached just come over here guys enter In your information grab this ultimate Affiliate marketing guide and you'll be Able to see exactly what I do to make Money with affiliate marketing it's got All these amazing strategies that I do Every single day or ask in return is That you smash that like button in Appreciation like I said let me know in The comments do you want to see more Free affiliate marketing strategies or Do you want me to start putting in some Paid affiliate marketing strategies as Well and I'll start creating those Videos for you so once you've gone down The bottom and you've liked this video And you've got this affiliate marketing Guide now what we need to do is we need To know how we can add these links Inside these Pinterest pins and also how You can download these pins really Really important because Pinterest does Not allow you to direct the link so the First thing that we need to do is when

You need to come over to Pinterest we Need to come up to the top here where it Says create you want to click on click On to create and then go to create pin So once you go to create pin now what we Need to do is we need to drag and drop These pins inside here so quite simply Click onto this and this is going to Bring up your downloads so if you come Over here this is the last thing that I Downloaded what we want to do is want to Grab these so one two three four five Okay and then when you want to click Onto open now this is really important When you're on this page okay so pay Close attention because you can create a Carousel or you can create a collage if You select this it's just going to put All the pins into one that you created That's not what we want what we want is We want to create a carousel okay we Want to put up these five different pins So people get value out of this and more Importantly as well you can see here That you can edit and reorder your Images at a later date so I'll show you How to do that as well so you want to Make sure that you've clicked on to Create a carousel then you want to click On to create a pin once you do that You're going to see here on the left Hand side side it's going to allow you To rearrange these images so let's do That first so let's click onto that and

Then what's going to happen is you can See you've got number one so calculate Your Macros number two number three Number four number five okay and then You want to click onto done so if we Come over to the first one you're going To see this is our first one second one Third one fourth one fifth one is going To be our call to action now what we Need to do is we need to put up a title For this Pinterest poster case so quite Simply guys like I said this is why we Got chat GPT to create those additional Titles for us so come straight back over To here scroll down and you can see that We've got all these ones that we can use So quite simply let's just grab this Okay I'm going to grab that we're going To copy this we're going to come Straight back over to Pinterest and We're going to paste this in here so get Ripped with these four keto tips for men No gym required looks absolutely amazing Then from here it's going to say tell Everyone what your PIN is about now you Can go back until chat GPT to write Another brief description for you or What you can quite simply do is come Back and just grab some of the Information from here so let's just say We wanted to use this okay we can grab This gives us some insight into what This is about okay so I'm going to paste This in there leave that in there now

What we need to do guys is we need to Add the destination link this is really Important because a lot of people direct Link or they use different short linking Services that don't actually work on Pinterest and they get their pins Removed if you take a look at my Pinterest account you're going to see That I use this software over here or This link shortener that is allowed on Pinterest and it's called linktree the Good thing about linktree is that you Can go and promote multiple key meal Plan products if you wanted to or weight Loss products or you can add additional Weight loss products from ClickBank or Another for like more Niche or anywhere Else where you can find these different Types of affiliate marketing products so What you want to do is you want to come Over to linktree and create an account For yourself and you can use linktree Absolutely for free there is a paid Version I've been using the free one for So long I'm not even sure why I would Get the paid one other than if I wanted To get all these you know cool colors And stuff like that but I can tell you My link tree account Works absolutely Fine and it's free so once you go out And you create an account on linktree What's going to happen is it's going to Look something like this now you do have The option of customizing this and

Changing the colors mine's pretty plain It's up to you how you want to customize It you can very easily come up to the Top two appearances make as many changes As you want but now what we want to do Is we want to start to make our link Tree profile look something like this so This is mine I'm promoting one two three Four five different things at the moment Or also my YouTube channels Etc what you Can do is you can have keto meal plan And then anything else that you want to Put over here so in order to do this how You do this is you'd quite simply come Up to the top and you can see you you Want to add a link so what we're going To do is we're going to add our link From digistore24 so you quite simply Come over here and click on to add now This is where you're going to import That URL so quite simply you come Straight back over to digistore24 and What you want to do is you want to grab That link again so you want to copy that Affiliate link this is your affiliate Link that when people click onto it and Purchase you're going to get paid a Commission so then quite simply come Straight back over and this is where You're going to paste that URL once you Paste that in there you can see this is My affiliate ID you want to click on to Add and this is going to add this now What you want to do is you want to type

Here what this is okay so quite simply You want to type in something like this Get your ultimate keto meal plan so what You want to do is you want to just click Onto this twice make sure it goes green Now you can see that on my link tree Says get your ultimate keto meal plan So if we come over to my link tree Profile look how quick this is it's There straight away if somebody clicks Onto this it's going to take them Straight over to here and anybody Purchases you're going to get paid now I Just want to let you know that with Linktree if this link didn't work this Wouldn't work it would go red okay so it Would not allow it to work if you're Promoting a product from digistore24 you May want to shorten that link from Cutley potentially have a look see if Bitly works you can see here that I'm Using bitly on one of my links down here Let me just find it somewhere down here So I'm using bitly on one of mine and it Is working I have tried other bitly Links for some reason that haven't Worked so you need to go and find a link Shortening service that does work okay Now what happens is once you have all The products that you want inside your Linktree profile what you want to do From there is come up to the top click On to share scroll down here and you Want to copy this link once you copy

That link you want to come straight over To Pinterest and then you want to paste That link inside here okay so this is is Going to be the link that when people Click onto this and purchase you're Going to get paid so quite simply now What you want to do is you want to come Up to the top go click onto this drop Down list and you want to create a board If you don't have a board for yourself Create one I'm just going to call this Keto meal plan as an example I'm just Going to keep this board secret for a Second okay because this profile that I'm uploading this one isn't designed For health so come over here and click Onto Crest I'm just going to keep this About to show you exactly how this works So click on to create now this pin is Being published on to my Pinterest a Profile okay so all you need to do is Click on to publish now once it's all Ready to go and I'll show you exactly What this looks like I also want to show You where else you want to make sure That you import your link tree link That's going to give you even more Opportunity to make money with Pinterest Affiliate marketing so as you can see Guys this is the pin that we have just Created if you click on to see it now What people are going to see when they Come over is they're going to see this Amazing Pina K and inside this pin you

Can see that this is where we have our Link tree profile now when somebody Comes over to your Pinterest profile or They see this pin this is what it's Going to look like so if we scroll down And click onto this this is how it's Going to be displayed and they're going To see this Arrow where they click and Click to the right so click over here Two three four five they're going to Read this click onto the link inside This pin which is this one over here When I click onto this it's going to Take them over to your link tree profile Where they can purchase this a product Okay now the other place that I said Highly recommend that you add your link Tree link is inside the bio you can see I've got mine over here right at the Front it always appears right at the Front say when people come over and they Follow you on Pinterest they're going to Be able to click onto these links this Is going to give you more chances of Getting clicks onto this and the ability To make even more money with Pinterest Affiliate marketing so all that's left For you to do now guys is to go over Create your Pinterest account sign up to Chatgpt get a canva account and start Putting all this together and like I Said all you need to do is make sure That you're doing this two three times a Day I just showed you how you can create

These pins very very quickly if you Don't want to create a carousel you just Created Five pins that you can post Throughout the day that's going to get You a lot of traffic a lot of clicks and Once you input all these consistency It's going to give you a really good Opportunity to make some really good Money with Pinterest affiliate marketing Now don't go anywhere before you go Anywhere guys if you haven't done so Already go down the bottom and grab my Ultimate affiliate marketing guide on Other ways that I make money with Affiliate marketing and don't forget to Like this video and that you subscribe To the channel for some more awesome Content that I've got coming your way Now before you go anywhere make sure That you click onto this video if you Write it for another amazing way that You can make some really good money Online with affiliate marketing it's an Amazing strategy it works really really Well incorporates chat jpt highly Recommend that you click onto this video I'll see you there until next time you Guys take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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