$9k in 7 days with Free Traffic (Here’s how) Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing in 2023 as a complete beginner you must follow the steps on this video as I will show you exactly what I do to generate $1,000+ on a daily basis and anyone can start this and make money online working from home.

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Hey everyone in today's video I want to Show you how you can go from being broke To making anything up to a thousand Dollars a day with affiliate marketing In 2023 as a complete beginner you don't Need a website you don't need a social Media following and I'm going to show You everything on this video and walk You through and show you 100 what I'm Doing and you'll be able to check that Yourselves as well let me show you some Live proof very quickly of some earnings You can see here that in the last seven Days I have made over nine thousand Dollars in sales with doing this exact Same strategy you can see here on my PayPal account that just today I've had One two three commissions come in now When it comes to making this money how Am I doing this and what is this secret Strategy that no one is telling you it Actually involves using YouTube shorts You've probably realized that recently I Have been uploading a lot of YouTube Shorts and I'm going to show you why in A second If you click onto any one of my latest YouTube short videos what you're going To find is that these YouTube short Videos primarily talk about things like Different types of websites different Types of AI content different types of Ways to make money online Etc you can do this with so many

Different types of things and I'm going To show you proof on this video of how Other people are doing this as well and They're absolutely crushing it and when People watch these different types of Videos in these videos generally I'll Tell them to click onto the link in the Description or the pinned comment now When you click onto comments over here You're going to find a pinned comment Over you to my YouTube course that's Number one if you come over here and you Click onto the description you're going To find my course over here and you're Going to find my affiliate marketing Guide when people click on to this link What that does is that brings them over To this landing page where I show them Some of my stats some of my proof of What I'm doing on YouTube then what I Want to do is show them how I can help Them do something similar so what they Do if they want to purchase my course is They're going to enter their first name They're going to put in their email Address they're going to click on to get Access what this is going to do is bring Them over to this page where it's a Landing page for that particular product And if they purchase as you can see it's 177 now if they don't purchase that's Fine because what's going to happen I've Collected their email address and then I've got two options number one is I can

Put them through a sequence like the one That I've got over here where I'm going To give them that free affiliate Marketing guide number one number two I'm going to also tell them why they Should take a second look at that YouTube course and I'm going to give Them some more proof some more stats Etc About my course and what I've done and How I have become successful with this The other thing that you can do once you Have these people inside your email list Is then you can go and Target them with Different types of products that they May potentially be more interested in in The future through email broadcast or You can extend your email sequence so I'm going to show you how to put all This together and I guarantee you that If you do what I'm about to show you on This video which means you need to pay Close attention you stand a very good Chance to make a lot of money online With affiliate marketing in 2023 now Before we go ahead with this strategy I'm revealing some Secrets here all I Ask in return is that you smash that Like button in appreciation and don't Forget to go down the bottom right now And subscribe to the channel because I've got some more awesome content That's going to be coming out you don't Want to miss out on that so subscribe Right now now let me show you some other

Strategies or some people that are also Doing this if we come over to YouTube And you type in something like best AI Tools and websites and I'm going to show You how to do all this where you can get These ideas as well so pay close Attention when you type this in what You're going to do is you're going to Scroll up scroll down and take a look at All the people that are coming over here And typing this in and what you're Primarily looking for is people that are Doing this with shorts here's one person Over here called social T Pro when you Scroll down you're going to find this Guy over here who's massive on Tick Tock He's getting bigger on YouTube called Simply digital as you scroll down you're Going to find a lot of these other People doing this and these are the type Of people that you're going to be Mirroring another one is I am Paul James Has also been on this recently and Absolutely crushing it what you want to Do from these you want to open up some Of these profiles let's take a look at This one over here called simply digital You can see that he's got 8830 followers on YouTube but when you Take a look at popular videos you can See that he's getting thirty five Thousand thirty two thousand twenty six Thousand it's getting tens of thousands Of views on his videos when you take a

Look at what he's doing on Tick Tock you Can see he's got 2.1 million followers With very similar content and over here He's got a link that you can click onto Which is going to take you over to Different types of products that he's Promoting and this is how he's been able To make millions of dollars utilizing This exact same strategy so that's the First person I wanted to show you the Second one is this one over here called Social T Pro now this person has come up Recently he got 200 over 200 000 Subscribers in one month because one of His videos If you go to popular has got Over 17 million views this is the power Of short content these days and when you Take a look at he's recently added Videos you can see that he's also Getting tens of thousands of views and Sometimes hundreds of thousands of views With these short videos now when you Take a look at socialblade you can see Here that he's getting over 3.3 million Views every single month on YouTube I Mean this is massive and you can see Here that he got over 14 million views Just in one week because of that one Video that blew up and when you take a Look at his subscribers you can see that In the month of August he got over 204 000 subscribers which absolutely blew up His channel you can also find him on Tick talk as well you can see that he's

Uploading the exact same content the Power of this strategy is that once you Create this video once and I'm going to Show you where to get an ID and how to Create this video very quickly where You're going to get a product and how You're going to put all this together so You too can make money with affiliate Marketing in 2023 so when you come over Here and you click onto this link it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this now this is a landing Page where he's created you can use a Link tree for example which is free and You can see here he's promoting a number Of things the good thing about all these Different websites that people promote Is a lot of them have affiliate Marketing offers and that's exactly what He's doing which is why he promotes Things like try copy AI try chip bot Every single one of these links that he Has here he's got it here because he's Making money from promoting these Different types of products now you can Promote one product you can promote Multiple products but what happens when You click on his main link over here if You click onto that which he's telling You he's going to give you a list of all His websites because all he talks about Is different websites when you click Onto this it's going to bring you over To his very simple landing page now the

First thing he wants is your email Address so you enter in your email Address because you want to get those Websites once you do that it's going to Bring you over to this page now he's got A very very simple landing page over Here he's created a video of himself Which he thinks she's going to tell you That all those emails are going to go Over to your email you're going to get This completely but before you do that He wants to tell you why you should buy His affiliate marketing course his Course is 97 so once you watch this you Say yes I want the course you click onto This it's then going to take you over to A checkout page and you can see here That he's charging 97 massive discount From a thousand dollars to ninety seven Dollars I'm sure the course is great This guy has got an awesome Channel Seems like a really cool guy and it Seems like he's definitely legit with What he does I haven't seen the course But I'm just showing you exactly how his Funnel Works which is very very similar To what I'm doing as well and this is How he's been able to make hundreds of Thousands of dollars because I know he's Doing that if I'm only if I'm making Half of what he's making and I'm getting Half the amount of views I know that He's absolutely crushing it so how are You going to replicate exactly what

These people are doing using nothing but Your mobile phone to create this very Simple content and you don't ever need To show your face well let's say that You wanted to create a video about AI Content or the latest AR content that's Coming out how are you going to Integrate an offer if you don't have Your own course well it's very very Simple all you need to do is come over To Google as an example and type in Something like best AI writing tools now The other way that you can also get Ideas just very quickly is you can just Go see what all these other people are Doing on their Tick Tock profiles on Their YouTube on their Instagram reels Potentially on Pinterest as well and Once you type this in you can scroll Down you're going to find for example Top 10 free AI writing assistants now The cool thing about this is that They're free so that can be the hook for People to watch your video so all you Need to do is open up these different Types of AI writing assistants as you Can see I've opened up one here one two Three four five okay so we're gonna do Five free AI writing assistants that you Need to know about in 2023 for example So what you do is you get your phone out You'd come up to the first one and you'd Quite simply just record these different Types of AI assistance so you can show

Your face if you want or you don't have To all you need to say is that you want To show them the top five AI writing Assistants the first one is write Sonic You can tell them a little bit about it You can watch my videos to see how I do This the second one is this one over Here which is Jasper then you've got Writer over here which I personally use Myself then you've got this one over Here which is any word now before you Show them the fourth one or the fifth One what you can do is you can tell them That if you want to make money online in 2023 or if you want to lose weight Whatever your offer is whatever content That you're creating you want to get That somewhere in the middle of your Content for example let's say that we Wanted to tell them that if they wanted To start making a thousand dollars a Week in 2023 they need to click onto the Link in your description or in the Pinned comment and you are going to show Them exactly how they can do that then What you can also do is show them that Particular website go through and show Them what's involved with that Particular website and then move on to The last one over here so how are you Going to get this offer where can you Potentially get an offer to promote one Of these products well what you can do Is you can quite simply come over to a

Platform like clickbank.com or Digistore24 jvzoo or Warrior plus if you Have your own course even better you can Also go to places like captera where you Can promote different types of software This doesn't necessarily have to be with An affiliate marketing product it can Can be for example if you wanted to Promote in video as a video editing Software or if you wanted to promote System i o which is a software where you Can go and do different types of landing Pages and email marketing or you could Do convergee Etc it's completely up to You but let's just for the purposes of This video use ClickBank you'd come over To ClickBank and you would sign up it's Absolutely for free once you've done That it's going to bring you over to This page you want to click onto Marketplace once you're on their Marketplace on the left hand side you're Going to see all these categories and on These categories this is where you can Find a range of different products in Different niches let's scroll down and Let's use for example E-Business and E-marketing once you click onto that you Can click on to sort by result let's Click on to gravity this is going to Show us products that a lot of affiliate Marketers are currently having success With which just shows you that if They're able to sell it there's no

Reason why you can't sell it with this Concept as well so what you want to do Scroll down and find a product that You'd like to promote a really cool one Is this one over here where you can tell People if you want to get paid using Facebook book click on the link in my Description if you want to get paid Using Twitter click onto the link in my Description you can even talk about and Create a video on the most popular Social media sites and then tell them That you can get paid using social media So you've got to try and kind of tie all That in and then all you would need to Do is click on to promote once you click On to promote as an example over here This is going to generate a hop link for You as you can see all you need to do is Copy that and I'll show you what you Need to do with that the other thing you Can do is obviously look for products That are going to pay you a little bit More as an example when you come down Here you can see there's a product over Here they can pay as much as 201 dollars For the average life of that customer Depending if it's a rebuilding product Which this one is and then you can Scroll down you can find other ones like This one over here which is Perpetual Income and this one can pay you as much As 486 this is the average Dollar Conversion per customer so not bad one

Person you know clicks onto your link Potentially purchases or goes through Your email sequence and purchases you're Guaranteed as much as 400 well you're Not guaranteed but on average you're Going to get 486.73 so again all you need to do is Click on to promote to get that link but The other thing that you want to do is Quite simply come over here and click Onto their affiliate page once you do That that's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this and this is Where with a lot of these different Types of affiliate marketing offers you Are also going to be able to get an Email sequencer you don't ever need to Come up with your own emails all you Need to do is use their affiliate Resources to create your own email Sequence and you will find these Affiliate page with almost every single Product on ClickBank because the vendors Want to make it easy for you to get Sales because if you make money with Affiliate marketing they're going to Also make money as well so from here Once you know what product you want and Then you obviously you go out and you Create your own video now what you want To do is you want to have that email Sequence set up because if that own Purchase straight away you want to make Sure that you're able to get them

Through that sequence so that they start Receiving these emails and they have More incentive to purchase in order to Do that what you want to do is you want To come over to this platform called Convertkit.com this is what I use this Is the email marketing software that I've been using since I started the best Thing about convertkit if you click onto Pricing over here is that you can Actually start to use this absolutely For free up to your first 1000 email Signups now with your 1000 email signups You could already be making money that's Going to cover the cost once this Actually moves over and you get a lot More email subscribers that's not going To cost you anything out of your pocket So as you can see up to 1000 you can use The free plan the good thing about this Free plan is that you can send out Unlimited or you can create unlimited Landing pages you can do unlimited forms Unlimited broadcast which is cool Because then you can send out these Emails you can see you've got audience Tagging and segmentation Etc and you've Got some really cool stuff if you wanted To pay up and until this point as well You can all you need to do is scroll Down and see all the awesome things that You're going to get if you decide to pay The 25 or the 50 a month now I will have A link in my description for you or you

Can just Google it guys it's completely Up to you now once you sign up to Convertkit what you want to do is you Want to create firstly your landing page And in order to create those landing Pages you just want to come up to the Top where you've got this grow option Click onto landing pages and forms Scroll down the bottom and click on to Create new once you do that you're going To be able to see here that you've got This landing page option you want to Select that once you have selected that This is going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this and you can See you've got all these amazing landing Pages that you can use all you need to Do is select one so I'm just going to Choose this one over here now to Customize this guys is super simple and I urge you to come over here to play Around with this it's absolutely free so You're all the Time in the World to Figure this out so quite simply you can Come over here you can change the image Very very very simple edit or replace Then what you want to do as you can see You've got subscribe to our newsletter You can type in something very simple as If you want to learn how to make money With Facebook enter in your email Address and click on to get my offer for Example or click on to get the training Something like that

As you can see this is where people are Going to enter in their email address Very very simple now this email address Is going to go into your sequence and Then over here where it says subscribe All you need to do is type in something Like get access okay so just type in get Access as an example and then over here You can just customize this to your Offer now what you want to do when you Click on to get access over here you can See here that you've got button Stars You've got General Styles and you can Very easily play around with this you Can change the background of this as Well so that's all a little bit Insignificant but you can play around With it and customize it to your liking Now what's really important if you come Up to the topic you've got this settings Section what's really important is that You want everybody that enters in their Email address to be redirected to your Offer so you want to come down the Bottom and you want to click on to Redirect to external page this is where You are going to enter in the link to That particular product from ClickBank Or wherever you're getting that product That you are promoting so as an example If we come back to ClickBank over here Let's just promote this product where Was it this 486 dollar one we'll click On to promote we're going to generate

This hop link and then what you want to Do is come down here and just copy that Link once that has been copied you want To come back to here and you want to Paste this in there as you can see and Then you want to click on to save once You click on to save now you've got that Product now what you want to do is you Want to click on to publish so once you Click on to publish this is now going to Give you this link you copy this link Now this is the link that you are going To use to paste inside your YouTube Short videos or if you're going to be Using Tick Tock you're going to paste it Over here as you can see in your bio now With Tick Tock you need to have at least 1 000 followers to have the option To input your link inside your bio but When it comes to your YouTube shorts Just like my YouTube short here as you Can see all this is entered in the Description of your video or what you Can do is pin it to the top comment all You need to do is write a comment then Once you've written that comment you Want to click onto these three little Dots for me it says unpin for you it's Going to say pin and you pin it to the Top now all you need to do is go out and Continue to create these different type Of content YouTube shorts at the moment In 2023 they are also going to be Monetized so you could be making money

From creating these YouTube shorts on Top of that making money with affiliate Marketing all you need to do guys is Continue to rinse and repeat and keep Uploading all these different types of Videos and I guarantee you if one of These videos blows up and you're Promoting one of these offers the Results could potentially be endless not Only are you going to have a lot of Email signups but you could be making a Lot of money with affiliate marketing Like I said all you need to do is rinse And repeat so if you enjoyed this video Don't forget to smash that like button In appreciation and grab my free Affiliate marketing guide guys it's down The bottom pinned in the description of This video it's different ways that I Make money with affiliate marketing grab It it's absolutely for free until next Time you guys take care of yourselves And goodbye

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