10 Free Websites To Make Money Online Doing Nothing [December 2022]

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Some of these websites will pay you to Watch videos some of these websites will Pay you if you do nothing and all of These websites are absolutely free and Most of them work all around the world You don't have to sell anything you Don't need any social media followers And there's going to be at least one of These 10 different websites that you can Leverage in order to make money online And the more of them that you use Obviously the more money you will be Able to earn so make sure to stick with Me all the way until the end of this Video just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can track their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so let us begin With the website number one which is Going to be respondent already Responding dot IO and we're gonna go

From the hardest one to use all the way Down through the easiest ones that Literally pay you to do nothing so this One is going to be the hardest one but It actually pays pretty decent like Respondent.io is a research type of Platform for IBM Microsoft for massive Companies they come here and they pay Everyday people like me and you to do Some research for them and to do some Testing for them as well if you go to The participants section over here you Can see that you can actually get paid 150 dollars an hour all the way up to 750 an hour of 500 an hour a year 100 an Hour here seven hundred dollars an hour Every single hour by completing Different tasks and doing research for These guys but obviously this is going To be the hardest one so if you do have Some expertise and you're willing to put A lot of work and effort into this you Can actually make seven hundred dollars An hour from your home so this is going To be over at the respondent dot IO the Next website that you can use is Baseline this one will pay you if you're Already running and you're a healthy and Active person now you can actually get Paid for it it's not gonna be a lot but You're still literally being paid for Something you're already doing so as you Can see you should be you should get Rewarded to be healthy all they are

Doing is incentivizing you if you be More active to run around and actually Earn money while doing that so you're Gonna get rewards while being active so You can just install the app which is Available for both IOS and Android and You can use it to make money while being Active and running around and walking Around this is going to be Baseline this Is also kind of a very hard app because It's for those that are Physically Active but then the third app that I Want to show you will literally pay you If you do nothing so this is MC money You can earn money for receiving text Messages literally anyone can view this You can just install this on your Android phone you can install the app You can register your phone number and Then you're gonna receive messages from Time to time and each time you receive a Message you're gonna get paid for it you Don't have to open up the message you Don't have to read it you don't have to Respond you can even delete it right Away they're literally just gonna send You a text message just to test out Their services or whatsoever and they're Gonna pay you a card for that so as you Can see you can download the MC app on Your Android phone fully registration Process verify your phone number they Will send you test SMS every received Test message adds money to your balance

Cash out anytime and you can get a bonus For every thread that you refer also to MC money so you can earn cash literally Completely passively this is the third App this is also purely secure the Fourth app that I want to show you is Pretty similar and it's called the money SMS so as you can see make money online With the money SMS app this one is also Available only for Android it's an Absolutely free app it allows you to Earn money online it's secure works on Android and automatic so you earn money With app passively without any active Actions required from your site so you Don't have to watch any videos ads click On something or whatsoever literally Just install it and you can live it or Like that and the more devices that you Have and the more of these apps to Install than the more money you will be Able to make while doing nothing because Obviously this is not going to pay you a Lot maybe 30 40 bucks per month but it Adds up if you have multiple devices in Your household and you install multiple Of these different apps onto your our Devices the next app that we can use is Cache magnet another app that will allow You to get paid while literally doing Nothing so you can get money from your Android phone they pay for every minute Of that time when you do nothing it Literally pays you to do nothing they

Have the largest payments because cash Magnet unites all the best reward Programs in one place you do not need to Perform any tasks to watch ads or Playing games earnings will come in an Absolutely autonomous and passive mode So you can also install this app and Then withdraw your money with PayPal Amazon gift cards Google play Apple PlayStation and Xbox gift cards as well Are available with cash magnet the next Website that you can use is social Tradia this is kind of a different one Because on social tradia you can trade Different social media accounts so if You have some old Instagram page or you Want to create a new Instagram page you Can make money with this website by Selling that Instagram page so you can Sell your accounts for as you can see Hundreds of dollars in some cases so Even if you have like a theme type of Instagram page it doesn't necessarily Need to be like your personal profile It's even better when it's a faceless Instagram account and then you can sell It for hundreds of dollars literally People are posting like food images this Person gave three and a half thousand Followers and now it's selling this for A hundred and forty dollars so this can Definitely be a great side hustle like Starting different Instagram pages in Different categories and then once they

Reach a couple of thousand followers you Can just sell them on social trading and Earn hundreds of dollars per Instagram Page that you sell the next website that You can use to make money is going to be Crowd tab already crowdtap.com this one Will pay you for completing different Surveys and answering different Questions they are literally just Looking for your honest opinion on Different companies on different brands Different products and services and each Time you complete those offers and Surveys they're gonna pay you each time You handle them out with the research They're gonna pay you different amounts Of money over the crowdtab.com as you Can see you can join their diverse Community of 2 million users who earn Rewards for making their voices heard Creating a real change across brands That you'll love the next app that you Can use or the next website is going to Be survey Savvy this isn't obviously a Web said they will pay you to complete Different surveys and offers which some May argue is kind of hard because you Actually have to go through the survey Answer different questions then fill out All the different offers and Applications and then you can actually Get paid for it so it does take some Time but it allows you if you make money From your home so if you have a little

Bit of free time you can definitely use This website to earn some extra money Online the next website that you can use Is going to be idle Empire and it'll Empire will pay you for all sorts of Different things including watching Videos and they actually have unlimited Videos to watch it's not like one of Those websites where you can make money By watching videos but there's only Three videos to watch per week and you Only make like a dollar or whatever this One gives you unlimited videos to watch You can watch 10 hour videos today and You can get paid for every single one of Those videos that you watch on the Website you can also complete daily Surveys they have different offers and The offer walls tab you can also promote This with your friends and family who Might also be interested in making money From home by using this website but the Best way to make money with this website Is to actually watch video is because They have unlimited amount of them the Next website that you can use is going To be naming Force already Namingforce.com this is a place where New businesses and new companies will Come to get the name ideas either for Their products their services or for Their new business ventures and they Will pay everyday people like me and you To come up with name ideas and there's

Literally free name ideas generators That you can use or just come up with Something creative this is going to be a Fun way to make money and look at this If you go to the contest section over Here you can see that there are active Contests for like 500 for a single name 500 for you to type in a single name and You can also see the winners if you go To the winners section over here you can See that people are making money 500 This person maybe 500 is personally 450 Just for typing a single name single Word into their keyboard 50 bucks 500.50 Bucks here hundred dollars two hundred Dollars for this name so as you can see They're coming up with these names which You can even see as you can see someone Came came up with this name zoned in This is a sports networking app they Come up with the name zonedin and they Got paid 200 for that word that they've Typed in so this is already Namingforce.com so those are gonna be 10 Different websites that you can use to Make money online first of all we have Respondent.io that can pay you up to 750 Per hour we also have Pace line we also Have AMC money we also have money SMS App we have cash magnet we also have Trade socialtradia.com we also have Crowdtab.com we also have survey Savvy Edel Empire and of course naming Force At the end so using some of these

Websites is going to be a great way to Earn some extra money in your spare time I really hope you got some value out of This video if you did make sure to drop A like down below and I will see you in Some of the next ones

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