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Making money online is a complete Beginner with no previous experience and Without any social media followers and Without investing a single dollar can Actually be extremely hard and I know That so that's why in this video I want To show you exactly how we can set up an Autopilot system for a completely free I'm going to show you exactly how to Combine it with traged apt to get Everything done for you to potentially Make over 300 again and again once again On a complete autopilot and earn passive Income even if you have none of those Things as I said no social media Followers no money to invest and no Previous experience so if that sounds Good enough then make sure to drop a Like down below and let us begin with a Full step-by-step breakdown so the app That we're gonna be using today combined With threatened GPT and then I'm gonna Show you how to use another AI bot to Actually make all of this work but the First AI the first app is gonna be dab Mob and as you can see I personally use The tap mob to make over three thousand Dollars so as you can see I've already Requested 1.9 thousand dollars and Actually got paid out 1.9 thousand Dollars on this app and I still got over 300 in a left in my account that I can Withdraw anytime and basically this app Is all about promoting CPA offers now

CPA stands for cost per action which Means that these offers pay you when Someone completes a certain action Through your link and all these offers Are like giveaway type of offers or they Incentivize people in some way for them To actually complete that action which In most of the cases is just them Submitting their email address and You're gonna be paid about five to six Dollars per email collected so as you Can see these are all the offers that Are paying me like six dollars five Dollars per email this is a work from Home Netflix offer paying me six dollars Or this one works for home YouTube six Dollars music jobs five dollars and so On and so forth so if you go to the Offers a section right over here before You actually start making money with the App you can see all of these different Giveaways and it says email submit which Means that someone has a chance to win Something for free if they submit their Email address to your link so what you Want to do is you want to find as many Of those giveaways then open them up and Copy the link so just click on copy link And then you can start sharing that with Other people and when they actually Submit the remote address they have a Chance to win something in this case for Example door Dash 100 giveaway and they Have a chance to win a doordash 100 gift

Card and you are gonna be paid five Dollars from that one single email Collected the more emails that you Collect obviously the more money you're Gonna earn so what you want to do next Is you want to open up chat GPT AI bot That is going to do all of the work for You essentially you can just go to the Search bar and you can ask him to write A short email promoting this new 100 Door Dash giveaway with a call to action For people to click and join the Giveaway for free now don't worry you Don't need an email list for this or Whatsoever I'm gonna show you which a Free website you can use to get those Clicks and sign ups on incomplete Autopilot so what you want to do is you Just want to ask Chad jpt to do that for You to write a short email and as you Can see it's going to start writing in Subject line it's gonna say join our 100 Doordash giveaway and it's gonna start Writing this gift card giveaway and it's Gonna start promoting this for you and You're gonna be able to copy this entire Email so chat Jeopardy is pretty much Doing all the work for you and then I'm Gonna show you where you can get those Emails for completely free to make money On incomplete autopilot so we're just Gonna let the charge GPT finish it and Here it is this is the email that I'm Gonna use that I'm gonna copy and paste

Now the next thing that you want to do Is you want to go over to Hercules plus If you don't have your own email list This is a great alternative to start With program level three if you don't Want to spend any money of course it's Not the best but it's absolutely free so You can go to and as You can see you can advertise to Thousands of people daily for a Completely free so what you want to do Is you just want to click on get started And then you want to sign up by entering Your first name by entering your last Name below that and then you're gonna Choose a username once you choose a Username you're going to create a Password and then create an account and Then just continue for free so you don't Want to pay for any gold memberships or Whatsoever because this is going to get You 1 000 emails every single day for Completely free which is like 30 000 Emails per month that you can advertise To so you can submit an email slash web App so you can just click on this then You are most likely gonna have to check Your spam folder and then open up a Hercules email and click on confirm Email and now you can go back to Hercules plus and you can submit an ad And make sure to skip all of these Different promotions and ads that they Have for you just make sure to skip

Everything and just go back and send a Regular email so here you can send your Subject so here you can enter your Subject line and to answer your subject Line you will just go back to chat jpt You will copy the subject line you will Paste it here and then you will enter The body of the email here so what I Would do is I'll just copy and paste This entire email paste it here and then You can put your name and instead of the Recipient I'm just going to say hey and Then you want to make sure to include Your affiliate link from tap mob inside Of this test URL box and then you can Also include the same Link in the email Body as well so you can for example Create a quality action that says click Here to enter the giveaway and then you Can leave your affiliate link there as Well and then you can just submit your Ad right over here because click on Submit add and it's going to be blasted To 1 000 people to 1 000 different email Subscribers they're gonna see this Potentially and also potentially sign up For that giveaway through your link Because it's absolutely free all you Gotta do is submit their email address And they can potentially win something For completely free and you are paid Five to six dollars per email so out of Those 1 000 people even if just one Person sign ups it's gonna be six

Dollars that you made with literally Just one click of a button because you Copied and pasted an email from chat jpt Which is pretty insane and you can do it Every single day and if you create a Landing page or a quiz page in between Then you can potentially collect your Own emails as well so all of those People before they are sent to your Referral link you can capture their Email then write a write them to an Affiliate link and that way you're Building your own email list to what you Can advertise day after day and I Actually made a complete tutorial on This as well complete step by step Tutorial showing you exactly how to set Up a landing page or a quiz page where You can also build your own email list To build a potentially long-term and Sustainable online business so if you Want to see that make sure to click on The box that's in the end screen of this Video anyways I really hope you got some Value out of this tutorial I really hope You've learned something new and if you Did make sure to drop a like down below And I will see you in some of the next Ones

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