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Hustle until your haters
ask if you're hiring [inaudible]. So in this video, we're going to break
it up into two different categories. The first we're going to talk about
online more corporate type jobs. And the second half of this video is
going to go over the more entrepreneurial options. We're going to talk about
businesses that you can start, that you can create now during COVID-19. And that will last a lifetime if you
want to continue with the sustainable business model. So the first industry that is in
large growing demand is e-commerce and specifically Amazon is
hiring like crazy right now, since I think the end of March, they've hired over 100,000 new
employees for in company logistics stuff, and obviously delivery

And they've spent I think $350 million in helping out increase
the wages of the employees just to help stimulate, you know, the wages in the economy and to go
along with the trend of what the US government is doing with
the stimulus package, so that there's more money
in their employee's hands, so they could spend more money
and keep the economy going. Another industry that is absolutely
booming right now during the COVID 19 pandemic is technical support. How many of you have recently logged
into an online website or your online banking and seeing the
notification like, Oh, due to COVID-19 our staff is
behind and responses are taking a million hours.

Like for example, Airbnb, they take at least three days now
minimum to get ahold of a contact, support agent is crazy. And so
technical support is very, very, very high in demand right
now with the pandemic here. And two companies that are actually hiring
in the tech support arena are Liveops and Sitel. So you could go ahead and check out their
websites to see what kind of positions are available. The other industry that
is absolutely going nuts right now, and the demand is increasing is logistics. And specifically there's the company
right now hiring called Lineage Logistics. And they need staff members to help out
with things that they are falling behind on like data collection and, you know, accounting and those types
of things within the company.

So the next category that is in super
huge demand right now is remote online jobs. There are companies that are creating
new positions for people to work at home because right now it's
not really an option. So there's a lot of remote online job
boards where you can go and check out what type of jobs are available. And I have a list right here of the
online websites where you can go and check out the online jobs available from
home. And the first company is Flexjobs, AngelList, Jobspresso, We
Work Remotely, Remoteok, No Desk, Remotive, Remote.co, and Workew. So I will leave the list of those
remote jobs in the description below. So you guys can check those out. But what I love about a couple of
those websites that I'm familiar with, such as Jobspresso, and Remoteok is that they're really
good with updating job posts. So there's always fresh new
categories we can choose and apply to.

And the other great thing is a lot
of these websites offer training. So it's not just, you go and
see what kind of jobs you have. They want you to enjoy the career that
you have, or the job that you have. So that's why most of these websites
do offer different types of training so that you will be more marketable
and also prepared for the jobs. So I would highly recommend looking into
these websites to apply for a job where you can start working from
home really, really soon.

The next industry that is
absolutely exploding right now. And it's halfway entrepreneurial. And that is being a freelancer slash
contractor and some very popular websites where there are jobs
available right now, or Upwork.com, Guru.com Fiverr. And one of my favorites
actually called Clarity.fm. And Clarity is actually
a consulting website. So you would go and create your profile. And if you have an expertise let's
say in advertising or something like that, then you would become a consultant and
people would pay you by the minute so that you can consult them on whatever
their needs are for their business or something like that. The next category that is taking
the pandemic by storm is online tutoring. Now I know I actually have a sister
in high school and there's millions of students right now that are not at the
university and need online tutoring because there's no other option.
So high schoolers students, in college still need help with their
studies and how to do different types of subjects.

So if you're an expert in
English, mathematics, science, whatever, there are great online tutoring websites
where you can go and apply and create a profile and get started tutoring today. And a couple of those websites I have
right here is Skooli, Tutorme, Tutor, Wyzant and Study Pools. The next category that is really
blowing up right now is online teaching. So I actually have a
friend she's Canadian, but she lives in Peru and
she is crushing it right now. She actually works and collaborates
with a company called Palfish and she teaches students English that are
students that are actually based in China. So right now she said the demand for
online teaching and teaching English is incredible. She's getting the most work that she's
gotten ever since she's worked for Palfish.And I think she's been working
for them now for well over a year.

And I know the last time I spoke with
her, she was making about 28, $30 an hour. So it might be more now. So definitely check out the online
English teaching websites, such as VIPKid, Palfish, Cambly, Teach Away and Qkids. So now let's switch gears to the
entrepreneurial options and starting a profitable online business from home
because of this pandemic has taught us anything. It's that a job may not be the
secure way of making income for your future and getting money to retire.
When you're over 58, 60 years old, having a business is a long-term
sustainable solution. And if it's online, it makes it recession proof. Because right now online businesses
are making more sales than ever, and they're growing as
opposed to the, you know, the brick and mortar businesses. And so actually I talk about how brick
and mortar businesses can turn their services online in this video about how
to make money during the quarantine.

So check that video out after this video. Coming in at the first
one is blogging. Now, creating your own blog and website
is extremely powerful because once you do the keyword
research and the SEO and rank on Google, it is like the most powerful
thing ever as an easy example, when you go somewhere different you know, a new city when you're not in
the COVID-19 pandemic, right? You Google something local, like best of fish restaurants
or something like that. When I just went to Cartagena which is
only an hour flight from where I live here in Medellin, I Googled
like spa massage.

And of course, like they got our business cause they
were ranked number one in Google. And I'm like, well, I mean, it might
as well just, they look good to me. So it was just, if you're positioned
number one, for whatever niche you're in, you can really kill it with that online
real estate you have with your blog and coming in at number two for a
side hustle is a YouTube channel. I bring this up because the SEO search
engine optimization and keywords work very similarly with a
YouTube channel on my channel. I've grown it to over 130,000 subscribers, which is an accomplishment
I'm extremely happy about. That is my plaque back
there. But the point is, this channel has allowed me to be free. It's allowed me to have freedom in
my life to be location independent, to not have a boss and not have
to go back to my nine to five, to make multiple six figures from this
channel without having to spend a dime on paid advertising.

So if you want to
start a YouTube channel as a side hustle, I highly recommend it because
although it is slow in the beginning, this YouTube channel will sell for you. It will sell anything you want it to sell. Whether you're promoting affiliate offers,
whether you have your own products, you're doing your own coaching, whether
you're selling membership sites, whatever it is, anything you put in the link
in the description of your
YouTube video sells like hotcakes. And you may be thinking,
Oh my gosh, like I won't, I don't know where to start.
Nobody knows where to start. Nobody's born a YouTuber or everyone's
confused in the beginning. I get it. There's spears to jump through and
overcome. I get it. I've been there. Several of my students
have been there as well. If you're curious on how I
built my multiple six figure
business from scratch on YouTube, you can check out the first link in the
description and download my Subscribers To Sales Blueprint. That'll walk
you through it step by step.

But the beauty about having a YouTube
channel is you don't have to have millions of subscribers to make a lot of money.
There's a lot of small YouTube channels, literally that have hit
the seven-figure mark, because they know how to monetize their
channel correctly and to offer their products and services. Because the great thing about YouTube is
you can sell multiple different things on the channel. And on top of that, you
can get monetized with Google AdSense. I mean, no other platform offers
you to get paid, to create content.

So you do need a minimum of a thousand
subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. But this is literally the only platform
that will pay you to post content. Right? All right. So the next side hustle we're talking
about here is turning your passion into a profit. And now don't everyone
roll their eyes at once, right? They're like Oh Marissa so
we've heard this before. But no, really I'm talking about if you
have any type of passion golf doing hair, doing makeup, whatever it is.

I am certain that that is monetized. Now, recently a company called
Skillshare sponsored my last video. But I'd love to give this
example because on Skillshare, that's a way to profitably
start a business online
because what you would do is as a teacher on Skillshare, you would create a class and then upload
it to the platform. And on Skillshare, there's millions of people
on there consuming the class
content and you get paid as they consume your content.

So you get paid per minute that they
watch your class. So the point is, there are so many different classes
on Skillshare, like photography, art painting, making cold
brew coffee. Really anything, you know how to do create a 60
minute class and start grabbing that passive income. So that side hustle
leads me to my next side hustle. And that is to leverage websites that
already have high traffic on them. Because as I've talked about before, I think the number one thing that keeps
people from not having a profitable business is the traffic.
If you don't have traffic, if you're just getting 10 visitors to
your website or to your product page or whatever it is, that's going to be a problem because
you won't be able to make sales, right? It won't be a profitable business model.
So if you leverage websites out there, let's say you're doing e-commerce
and you want to sell you know, your new product online.

I would leverage a platform like
Etsy or maybe other print on demand websites like Redbubble. And another point to leveraging sites
that already have major traffic is one like Amazon. On Amazon you could either be an
affiliate for all the products that are on Amazon and receive a commission. If somebody buys through your
link or the other way around, you can sell different types of products
with your Amazon store and Amazon, we all know has billions of
people shopping on it daily. And so that's the thing really strategize
and think if you're trying to start making money as a side hustle online, think about websites already that have
lots of traffic and how you can get some of that traffic to what you're
selling and earn sales off of that. The next side hustle, this
one's near and dear to my heart. And that is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically
the art of selling a product that is not yours. So you essentially the middleman or the
middle woman and you connect the buyer to the seller, right? So let's say you are a fitness
trainer in the fitness niche, and you love a certain type
of protein supplement, right? So if you have an affiliate link
from that company and you say, Hey, so-and-so like, maybe you have
a bunch of clients, right? And they want to take the
same protein that you take.

You would give them your affiliate link. And when that client of yours or
whoever buys that supplement product, then you get the commission
for it. You nobody else, right? Because it's a win-win,
it's a win for the company. It's a win for you because you get
paid and the win for the client and the customer because they are happy. Now I'm no stranger to
affiliate marketing myself. I've marketed things on amazon.com. I've marketed different digital products. I've marketed different business tools. I've marketed different
high ticket products before, and I've made over six figures
doing it. It's really fun. And affiliate marketing is a business
and a side hustle that can be scaled on its own because you can create a sales
funnel for whatever product you're promoting and really increase
the conversion rate of
people that come to your affiliate link. The next side hustle that you can do is
take advantage of local marketplaces. Now this could be anything from
Facebook marketplace and selling things in your community or where you
live on Facebook marketplace.

Don't underestimate this
because I've made a whopping $900 doing this before, but I
don't say that in a joking way, I had to sell stuff and I had a yard
sale and I was getting rid of a bunch of things. And so I went and leverage
the Facebook marketplace to do it. And what's really cool is you can create
a post on there and buyers and people that are looking for, you know, a used office chair or something like
that can come to your posting and they can buy it right from there.

pexels photo 4467860

Or let's say you're in a specific part
of the world or somewhere in the us. What I'm talking about is I'm
here in Medellin Colombia. And they have kind of like
their own version of Amazon. It's called Mercado Libre. Right. And
what that is, is kind of like an Amazon. They have all kinds of
physical products on there. And let's say you were to buy products
at wholesale price and sell them on Mercado Libre. That is really cool because you're
getting the product for very inexpensive. And then you can inflate the
price on a website like that. Now, the thing that's really cool about
Mercado Libre is like other websites I've mentioned it already has traffic. So people are searching
for things that you have. So you can find out a trending type of
product that is very popular in your city, wherever you are, and sell it and leverage places like
Facebook marketplace.

And in my case, Mercado Libra here in Colombia. The next online job that is really
in high demand right now is a content repurposer. So what exactly does
that mean? Well, for example, I'm creating this YouTube video right now, and it could be multipurpose and repurpose
to be another type of social media posts on another platform, such as
Instagram, such as Facebook and Twitter. So the idea is taking one piece of content
and turning it into a bunch of stuff. So from this video, you can take out
quotes and create different quote cards. You can take out a sample of the
video and make it an IGTV video. There's a lot of things. And creators and business owners don't
have the time to make one piece of content and repurpose it for every
single social media platform, but it is much needed. For example, I have an audience on several
different social medias, and sometimes I can't post content on
there because I'm too busy worrying about the other things in my business.

being a content repurposer is very, very important and it most likely will
require you to have some type of video editing skill, which isn't hard, especially if this YouTube
video is already made, you would probably need a little
bit of graphic design background, which if you don't know
how to use Photoshop, you could start off with a free platform
called Canva.com and eventually work up to learning Photoshop. There's plenty
of resources to learn Photoshop, including YouTube,there's courses
on Amazon there's courses on you.

To me really, there's a lot of ways to
learn how to read content, creators, videos, or blogs and repurpose it
for other social media platforms. The next category of high paying online
jobs in the entrepreneurial space is a virtual assistant slash
online business manager. I say both of these because typically
you'll need to be a virtual assistant first. So that means somebody who helps
the CEO of a company with, you know, customer service and email marketing
and replying to comments and messages on social media.
There's a wide, wide, wide variety of tasks and admin
tasks that a virtual assistant does. And online business manager
is a virtual assistant, but kind of taking it a step further where
you're actually going to kind of take the place of the business
owner of that business.

So you would have the capability to
step in and say, you know, Marissa, you can step aside, I'll go ahead
and do your job. So that way, if I wanted to take a full week
off or a month off of my business, I would have my online business
manager manage everything. They also do different tasks, such
as automate certain workflows, client onboarding, automating
sales system on the backend. So there's a lot of things that online
business managers do to help the CEO of an online business.

The next side hustle
that we're talking about is super cool. A drone business. Yes, these are
very popular and in very high demand. I recently hired a contractor here where
I live to take some Epic drone shots of me on my rooftop for the release
of my new YouTube channel actually. But the point is, it's really cool because once you learn
how to navigate a drone and learn how to fly it, it could be very profitable
because the guy that came, he charged me per battery or per flight. So when the drone went up and flew all
around and then came back in the battery died, that was one thing
that I had to pay for.

So you can charge quite
a bit for one battery. The better you get in the better well
known you get in the more clients you get over time. But so many people
are needing video marketing. And so many more people are needing
drone footage to show lifestyle, to show weddings, to
show real estate, really, to show anything you can show
from an aerial point of view, the next side hustle, which is a
really fun one is a chat bot developer.

So I recently had a person on team
Marissa Romero who moved on and went on to college, but he was super cool because he
loved the techie side of business. So he learned how to do actually
Many Chat and build me some flows or slash sequences for
my Facebook fan page. So that when people message
my Facebook fan page, it goes automatically to a couple of
different sequences or an automatic menu that is served by a chat bot. Now this is getting increasingly popular
because messenger bot is very good because for example, when you message somebody with a
bot and they open it on messenger, that open rate is way
higher, 70 to 80% versus, you know, 15 to 20% on a email blast. So if you learn how to do messenger
bottiing and can do it for different solo preneurs, different businesses,
businesses like mine, you can get paid quite a bit of money.

And from what the guy told
me that who was on my team, it only took him like two hours
to learn this skill. I mean, maybe he was a little bit advanced, but it doesn't take that long to learn
and to get a feel of the type of flows you can build with many chat and
other types of messenger bot services. The next one is one of my
favorites. And as a matter of fact, this girl from my Instagram messaged me
saying, thank you so much for this idea. I started my own sales
funnel building agency, and that is to build sales
funnels. People need sales funnels. I have sales funnels. If you're thinking about starting
an online side hustle or business, you will need a sales hustle sales. You will need a sales funnel. Right? You have to create a
list. You have to build a list. That's the whole point of a sales funnel
is it gives you the opportunity to create an opt-in, a lead magnet
and capture names, emails, and information.

Then, sales funnels also take your
visitors through an online buying process, right? Though, it's kind of essential nowadays in the
online world and everybody wants them. So many businesses need people like
you to help them with their sales funnel building. And they pay a pretty penny because
sales funnels do exactly what it sounds like. And they sell for
you while you sleep. So you can make money online while
you're sleeping, who doesn't want that? Next side hustle that
you can do online is to a Pinterest virtual manager.

Now this is foreign to me because
I have no clue how Pinterest works. However, this one caught
my attention because Pinterest, isn't a huge learning curve, right? And there's several Pinterest accounts
and people that I know that have Pinterest accounts that are generating
hundreds and thousands of different visitors to their Pinterest
account, just from automation, meaning they hired somebody, a Pinterest virtual manager to set up
their account and to run their account.

And it's literally only like three to
four hours of work when you have your Pinterest account, this
automated. And that's it. That's how easy Pinterest can get once
it's automated and set up correctly. But of course you have to learn
how to use Pinterest, right? And so if you're a
Pinterest virtual manager, you'll be creating pins and boards and
graphics and images for this account, you know, managing the account and you
can even schedule automatically posts and pins with a software called tailwinds, which allows you to
schedule posts in advance.

So really it could be automated down to
only having to do three hours of work every single month. You even have the capacity to take on
more clients because it's not that much work per month. The next side hustle we're talking about
is a little bit related to one I just mentioned, and that is a YouTube
ads strategist. So again, like all the different types of traffic
sources and social media platforms online, I say that YouTube is the
most powerful traffic on earth organically, and also paid. I teach people how to organically generate
traffic with their YouTube channel, but the other side, the paid ads, the ads that you skip which
don't skip the ads on my channel.

And if you're getting
value from this video, go ahead and give this video a big
thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. Join the family, hit the notification Belk's I'm posting
like crazy and it helps support the channel. Thank you. And so getting
back to a YouTube ad strategists, YouTube ads are kind of like
on sale right now, right? They're much more effective. So I've heard that Facebook ads in
the market is a lot less saturated. So many more business owners are
looking for people to help them run in-stream ads, discovery
ads suggested video ads. And if you could learn how to do these
things and to run these campaigns, shoot, I'll hire you right. As I mentioned, I'm in the market and looking
for somebody to do this. So definitely if you want to learn how
to do paid ads, start with YouTube, for sure.

That is by far the traffic source that
is in the most demand right now. I mean, if you look at the big
names like Coca Cola, Nike, all of these big name brands
are on YouTube for a reason. The next side hustle that you could
take advantage of for now and the foreseeable future are
to create homemade masks. It's insane because I do know a girl and
I have a friend who has an Etsy store who created mass back when the
pandemic started and she had a surge of during that time, I think she made $10,000 a month in
profit just from selling those masks.

And her sales are still very, very steady. And that's the whole idea of leveraging
websites that already have traffic on them is because when she put her very
cute homemade masks on them with different designs, different images and different
colors, they sold really fast. And so I don't think the Corona
virus is going anywhere anytime soon. I don't think public places like
grocery stores, airports, and, you know, gyms, they were still require
you to wear a face mask. So those are going to be products that
are in high demand for a very long time. The next high paying online business
job is to be a bookkeeper right now, taxes are still do, but
there's been a delay, but bookkeeping is super essential to
all businesses, whether it's online, whether it's brick and mortar and
you can make pretty good money, being a bookkeeper and keeping
track of businesses, expenses, and profits and losses, there'd be a learning curve in learning
what is tax deductible for a business and learning how to use a
software like QuickBooks.

So you could automate the
process of bookkeeping, but just from doing market research,
I've seen that for one client, a bookkeeper can charge anywhere from
$200 a month up to $400 a month to manage a certain customer's books.
So if you were to have 10 clients, that's a pretty good income
that you're going to make. And it doesn't take that long to do the
books of an online business per month. If I had to guess, it probably takes
between three hours and four hours. So having 10 clients is
very, very manageable. So if
you've enjoyed this video, let's go ahead and keep the party going. And we'll watch the next
video that is coming up next. You're going to want to click right here. And that is the lazy way to making
1K a day and keeping the nine to five away. So that video starts
right now. We'll see you there. So if you're excited about what you're
about to learn in today's video, go ahead and comment.

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