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I'm not bragging I just want to show Proof that this actually works so as you Can see just in the past 28 days alone I Made twenty thousand two hundred dollars It's not even a full a month and inside Of this video I will show you an Absolutely free app that we never talked About before which you can use to make Money on YouTube without actually Showing your face and without recording Anything with a camera for a potential To make twenty thousand thirty thousand Or even forty thousand dollars a month In pure passive income so if that sounds Good enough then make sure to drop a Like down below and let us begin with a Fool a step-by-step breakdown so another Channel that is doing pretty much the Same thing is to Europia which is Currently making nineteen thousand Dollars a month just for model Revenue Alone and I'm gonna show you exactly how You can actually do this without showing Your face and without recording anything With the camera but using an absolutely Free app that we never talked about Before now the link to that app will be In the description box down below but Don't just rash to use that app right Away without actually watching this Video because you will not know how to Exactly use it properly and you will not Know how to actually make money with it So what you want to Simply do right now

Is you want to scan this channel which As you can T is getting around 165 000 views every single day and they're Making around five to six hundred Dollars a day just for not Revenue alone Now the travel that we're talking about Here is called Europia now what they're Actually doing is they are posting Travel videos like for example top 10 Places to visit in Virginia and if you Open up any of those videos you're going To be able to see that they're not Showing their face the person who owns This channel has not recorded any of These videos what they are using is Called stock footage so they're using Copyright free stock footage footage That someone else has already filmed They just compiled that into a video and They post it and that's how they make Over twenty thousand dollars a month Just from our Revenue alone and I'm Going to show you exactly how you can Use this free app in order to get this Done another channel that is doing Pretty much the same thing is Ryan so He's an actual Creator but he is not Showing his face in these videos for Example top 100 places to visit in Italy Three million views top 100 places to Visit in Europe to value a million views And he is also making 20 to 30 000 a Month just for not Revenue alone and you Can see that he is using some footage in

His videos like for example this is Probably stock footage as well that he Is using in these clips so what you can Simply do is you can first of all open Up a website called the pack sells and is a platform where you can Find a lot of this a lot of free stock Footage if you go to the videos section You can use all of these videos Completely free of charge without Actually giving any attribution to the Author and it's also free and you're not Gonna get in any copyright issues so What you can simply do is you can go to The search bar and then you can search For example for a mount thing and that's Going to show you all of these videos And photos that you can use there's like 13 000 different videos which you can Use so for example I'm going to use this Drone footage all I need to do is just Click on download and it's going to be Onto my computer if I want to use this Shot I just need to click download and It's on my computer if you want to use This I'll just click download and it's On my computer if you want to find Something else let's say for example I Want to find a businessman I just type In a businessman and then I can use one Of these so for example I can use this Guy I can just download that and I can Use it in my videos so for example I can Also download this one I can just click

The button and it's gonna be onto my Computer and I can use it in my video Now to create a thumbnail like this that Is getting millions of views what you Can simply do is you can just see what's Working on their channels and then you Can open up photopia photopia is Photoshop's alternative so it's an Absolutely free website where you can Create those thumbnails from scratch Without actually having any design Skills or knowledge so what you can Simply do is you can find some photo and Pixels so for example I'm going to type In ocean or a mountain or something like That so let's try with a mountain and I'm gonna go to the photos section I'm Gonna download one of these so I'm going To use this one as an example I'm going To download this one to my computer and Then I'm just gonna go back to photopia Click on open for my computer and it's Going to open up this image and what I Need to do right now is just add some Text above the image to create a Thumbnail to do that I'm just going to Add a layer then I'm going to add some Text I'm going to try to find a similar Font on the left side so for example I'm Gonna go with this one and then let's Say for example my video is about top 10 Places you can visit in Canada and then I'm gonna just gonna type in Canada I'm Gonna put that in the middle and then

I'm gonna duplicate that as well and I'm Going to type in top 10 places I'm gonna Make it a little bit smaller so it's a Sub headline I'm gonna put it somewhere Around here and then below that I'm also Going to add another layer because as You can see you can't really distinguish The background from the text so to help Myself I'm just going to add a brush so I'm going to select the soft brush I'm Going to select the black color and I'm Gonna turn off the opacity a little bit So maybe to like 30 percent or 28 and Then I'm just gonna brush it like this So I don't want to darken up the entire Thumbnail I just want to darken a bit Below or behind the text so you can Easily stand out so here's my thumbnail I can also increase the brightness of The background as well which is Recommended because brighter thumbnails Do get more views so I'm just going to Try to find the brightness here and I'm Going to increase the brightness a Little bit and here it is here's the Thumbnail which I can use for my videos To download this all I gotta do is go to File go to export as export sapng and This is gonna be my thumbnail so I'm Going to download that to my computer Now if you create these videos what we Can simply do is you can just go over to Google and you can search for example Top 10 places to visit in Canada in

Japan or in any place around the world And you can find these articles to talk About those places for example 15 best Places to visit in Canada I can just Open it up and I can see all the Different places that people can visit While in Canada and I can use this to Create an actual video so what you can Use to create videos is this free app That I mentioned previously which is Video proc vlogger and I'm also going to Leave a link to this app in the Description box down below so you can Download it for completely free so all You got to do is pretty much just press On free download and then you can Download it to your computer and you can Install it and you can use it right away And this is how it's going to look like Once you download the app and once you Open it up so on the left side you will Have the video track you will have the Display track you will have the effect Track audio track and subtitle tracks You can actually add a lot of different Effects you can find effects right over Here as you can see you can add a Transitions pretty easily with literally Just one click of a button you can add Text you can add different animations And whatnot you can create professional Looking videos videos that look a lot Better than what those guys are posting And you can do all of that for

Completely free even as a complete Beginner that has never edited videos Previously and you can start a really Decent online business with video just By using this tool so you can go to the Media library and then you can start Adding stock footage from pack sales by Pressing on the plus icon over here then You can just upload all of those videos Which you previously got from pixels so Let's say for example I'm going to start Off with this clip and I can start Editing that so if I want to shorten it I can just drag this and I can shorten The video if I also want to add some Transition or I want to add some text I Can easily do that so if you want to Start off with an opener like this I'll Just drag it I can edit the text I can Type in whatever else I want to type in And then I can also add the audio track As well in case I want to add my own Voiceover or in case you want to add Some copyright frame music in the Background as well so it's pretty easy And simple to edit videos with a video Proc vlogger it's probably one of the Easiest video editing software for Complete beginners so as I said I'm Going to leave a link to it in the Description box down below so you can Test it out for completely free to start A YouTube business it can potentially Make twenty thousand or nineteen

Thousand dollars a month just from other Revenue alone so really hope you got Some new idea in this video really hope You got some value out of this tutorial And if you did make sure to drop a like Down below and I will see you in some of The next ones

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