AI will kill these Digital Marketing Jobs – Future of Digital Marketing – Mediocrity is doomed

Here's the truth – the digital marketing 
industry is changing faster than most people   can comprehend. A.I and Automation are making a 
lot of digital marketing job roles redundant   which only means one thing – It is going to be 
Survival of the Fittest. In other words, mediocrity   has no future. So what can you do as a 
digital marketer or a marketer to stay   relevant, be important, and most of all, get 
paid a lot next year and for years to come?   Good thing you're here because if 
you watch this video till the end, you will know where to start, what to start doing 
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I said earlier that digital marketing   industry is changing and you need to do MORE if 
you want to future-proof your career. What I mean   by that is, you need to ask yourself a question. 
That question is: if you are in a particular   space – it could be social media marketing or 
Instagram marketing or copywriting – anything at all   would you rate your skills at average or at 
an expert level? It is important you answer   this question with complete honesty. Tell me your 
answer in the comments. What percentile are you in?  If you are above 95 percentile, which means you 
consider yourself in the top five percent skilled   people in your niche, it's good news. If you're 
below that, especially in a crowded space like   'instagram coaching', then you need to reevaluate. You 
have two options: the first is to find a new niche   where you can be in the top five percent of the 
people. The second option is, you upgrade yourself   in the same niche. You need to learn a lot more 
so you can get better than the competition. That   is the only way to sustain and grow your career 
over the next couple of years and for the future   I also said that mediocrity has no future.

I mean by that is, technology is evolving so fast   that a lot of things that were earlier done by 
people can now be done better using technology and   technology can produce better results than most 
mediocre skilled people. It's scary but it's true   Let's see some examples… If you're a copywriter, 
there are an insane number of GPT-3 based   AI copywriting tools that can write really 
good copy. This copy is better than what   average copywriters would write and these tools 
are way cheaper and faster.

pexels photo 6483616

But these tools   still can't compete with the top five percent 
excellent copywriters yet. Graphic designers   that were average are already being replaced 
by tools like Canva. You can make professional   looking creatives in minutes for almost free but 
that doesn't mean that amazing designers are gone   They are still here – Alive and kicking. In fact, 
they are making even more money than before   by selling NFTs of their artwork. However, mediocre 
designers are doomed. Let's take another example –  Average coders are being replaced by no-code tools 
like Bubble, AppGyver, Adalo, Elementor and a lot   more. A lot of these fundamental things can be done 
using these tools in an easy way, so you don't have   to hire a developer for that. But you know what 
type of developers are going to do even better?  The excellent ones! The most complex custom apps 
are still being created by these developers   It's only the mediocre ones 
that are in the red zone   Even advertisers – earlier most online ad platforms 
required humans to sit and optimize the campaigns   but most platforms are now taking that control 
away from humans and using A.I for optimization   However advertising strategists and creative 
marketers are still making it big.

It's just the   ones who had limited knowledge, those are the 
ones that stand to be replaced. So can you see   this trend? People who are in the top five percent 
in their fields in terms of skills are succeeding   and making more money than ever. But those who 
are easily replaceable are well… being replaced. If they are not being replaced today, they will soon 
be. Ask yourself – can the work that I do be also   done by "anyone" else almost as effectively? If the 
honest answer is yes, and i mean the honest answer… It means you're "anyone". And if you're "anyone", you're 
replaceable. Then it's time to start learning and   practicing your skill more than ever. If you're 
a digital marketer, start learning skills that   are always going to be valuable to any company.
Skills like executing ROI based campaigns, building   monetizable communities, and persuasive copywriting…
Invest in those skills and see yourself get into   the top five percent.

You need to become an expert,
a brand… Someone that is not easily replaceable.  And if digital marketing is the skill you're 
after, check out our Advanced Digital Marketing   Course that will prepare you for the future. I'll 
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