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In this video I will show you a website That can pay you over seventy four Thousand dollars a month in pure passive Income while searching Google so you Don't need your own website on Google You don't need any social media Followers you don't need to invest a Single dollar and you can be a complete Beginner from anywhere in the world Searching on Google using this website And making fans of thousands of dollars A month if you're able to pull this off Right then I'm gonna walk you through The entire process in this video and Show you exactly how this works so drop A like down below and let us begin with Step number one which is to go over to Google and search for different articles That give people advice on how to rank Higher on Google Maps or just how to Rank higher on Google overall just a Quick disclaimer here if someone replies To your comment like this claiming They're me just know it's a scam I don't Have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the

Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all so you just want to find Articles that are providing value like For example I found this article that Called that says 10 key steps to ranking Higher in Google Maps if I open up this Article you're gonna see that this is How it looks it says 10 key steps to Ranking higher in Google maps and it Gives some useful advice and tips for People that want to rank higher with Google Maps now what I can do is I can Copy the link for this article and I can Proceed On To The Next Step which is to Open up write.ly write.ly is a tool that Will allow you to add an evil pop-up to Literally any website out there you're Gonna see exactly what that means and Exactly how you can make money with that But first things first you want to Create an ad so you want to click on Create a new ad right over here you want To deliver the name I'm just going to Say Google rankings and I'm going to Click on ADD and that ad is going to be The evil pop-up which is going to be Right over here so you want to click on Email will pop up and you want to show This after about eight to ten seconds so I'm just going if you add this after 8 Seconds so while someone is reading the Article they're gonna get this pop-up

After eight seconds now we're gonna Customize this you can of course change Your profile name what I would Personally do is instead of the profile Name I'm gonna say 500 free Google ad Credit and I'm going to say learn how to Rank higher Google and get a 500 free Google ad coupon and then the button Text is going to be click here to claim The 500 Google ad coupon now the button Link which is the most important link And by the way I'm also going to remove The actual logo uh by by rightly so I Don't really need that so I'm just gonna Remove that you can even upload your own Logo I'm just gonna leave it like that And then for the button link you want to Go over to ad creative.ai which is a Tool that helps people improved Conversion rates on their ads with high Converting ad creatives like these but Most importantly when actually someone Signs up to add creatives they're gonna Get a 500 free Google ads credit put it As they're running on Google so they can First of all rank higher but they're Also going to get 500 of free ads for Their website or their business so this Is really really beneficial for someone Not only can they get better conversion Rates but they also get a 500 free Google ad coupon so what I want to do is You want to scroll all the way down to The bottom of AD creative and they're

Going to find their affiliate program Right over here and you want to sign up As an affiliate because you're going to Be paid 30 reoccurring commission which Can go as like seven thousand dollars Per month if you refer a hundred people If you refer a thousand people that's Gonna be 74 000 per month in pure Passive income as long as they are using Ad creative as long as they keep on Using you're gonna be making seventy Four thousand dollars every single month If you can refer a thousand people plus They're giving gonna give you one time Ten thousand dollars a bonus for Referring a thousand people to the Platform so you want to sign up as a Partner but right over here you want to Sign up as an affiliate click and become A partner and then once you create an Account and you get accepted as an Affiliate this is how it's going to look Like it's hosted on Partner stack where You can scroll a little bit down and you Can see your affiliate link right over Here so you can copy your affiliate link And then you want to go back to rightly And you want to paste that button link You want to paste that into the button Link box so that when someone clicks on This they are redirected to ad creative So now you can scroll a little bit down And you can click on done and you will Have your ad created now most

Importantly what you want to do with This ad is you want to enter the Destination URL which is going to be the URL of this article so you're going to Type that in here and then you're just Going to select your ad in this case It's Google rankings for me and then I Will click on create a link with ad and Now I can copy this link and if someone Goes to this link you're gonna see that That's going to take into the article And while they're reading about 10 steps To ranking higher in Google Maps while They're going through the website after Eight seconds of them being on the Website there's gonna be an evil pop-up That's gonna show up on the screen and Once that evil pop-up shows on the Screen you're gonna be able to click on The button which is going to take them To add creative.ai so what we can simply Do right now is you can go over to Google and you can find businesses that Are trying to rank higher and those Businesses can be literally any type of Businesses and they can also be around The world so it doesn't need to be a Specific City or whatsoever so you can For example search for a barber shop in New York you can also search for a Coffee shop in Bali in changu in Ulubathu like all around the world you Can find it from places and find it from Businesses search for them and find

People that are not ranking at the top So for example I found this Premium Barber Shop in New York and in most of The cases if you scroll all the way to The bottom of the website of these Businesses you're gonna be able to find Their email address which you can copy And then you can send them an email and That email can basically explain that You can help them so for example you can Just say in the subject line are you Accepting new clients so it's going to Improve the the click-through rate and Then you can just write a brief email And maybe you can even tell them that You're not selling anything you're just Providing free value you can tell them How beneficial it's gonna be if they're Ranking higher on Google and if they're Actually running Google ads but you Don't have anything to sell them you can Just tell them that they can read this Article to learn more about ranking Higher on Google and they can rate it For completely free so you're just Providing free value you're not selling Anything and they're gonna open up that Article for the rightly link they're Gonna start reading the article and After 8-10 seconds they're gonna see the Pop-up on the screen that tells them That they can get a 500 Google ads Credit and obviously if they have a Business they're interested in getting a

Free 500 Google ID credit so they're Gonna sign up through the link and if You get a thousand people sign up Through your link that's gonna be over 74 000 per month in affiliate Commissions in pure passive income Without creative so go there test this Method and let me know how it went in The comments down below I really hope You got some value out of this video if You did make sure to drop a like and I Will see you next time

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