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Are you tired of working through endless Online surveys and pyramid schemes only To make pennies Well buckle up because today we're going To take a ride on the autopilot Money Train That's Right we've got a 200 per Hour system that will have you making Bank online in no time and the best part You don't need any special skills or Experience to get started you just need Your device an internet connection and The step-by-step instructions that I'll Be breaking down for you in this video I Just need you to pay close attention Until the end so you don't miss any Important money making details let's get Into it so the first thing you'll want To do is head on over to which Is where you can get your hands on the Powerful Devi Chrome extension Devi is a tool that allows you to Monitor Facebook groups and look for Specific keywords that are relevant to Your niche once someone mentions these Keywords in a post Devi will Automatically send you an alert so that You can swoop in and capitalize on the Opportunity Now you might be wondering how Devi Works its magic well it's actually quite Simple once you install the extension on Your Chrome browser you can customize Your settings to monitor specific Facebook groups and keywords Devi will

Then scan these groups for any posts That mention your chosen keywords and Send you a notification as soon as it Finds a match But what makes Devi so special is that It's incredibly customizable you can Choose the specific keywords you want to Monitor and even set up multiple sets of Keywords for different niches or Products this means that you can tailor Your alerts to match your specific Interests and make the most out of every Opportunity that comes your way and the Best part is that Devi is incredibly User friendly and easy to set up You don't need any special skills or Technical know-how to get started with This powerful tool in fact the sign up Process is quick and straightforward so You can start using Devi to make money Online in no time so if you're looking For an easy and effective way to make Money online as a beginner Devi is the Perfect solution for you with its Powerful monitoring capabilities and Customizable settings you'll be able to Stay ahead of the competition and Capitalize on every opportunity that Comes your way So now that you know all about Devi Let's dive into step one for today's Tutorial Step 1 install the extension in New Chrome browser Okay so the first step is to install the

Devi Chrome extension in your browser The good news is that this is a quick And painless process that should only Take a few minutes to complete to get Started simply go to the Devi home page And look for the install button it Should be displayed near the top of the Page and clicking on it will start the Installation process you'll be prompted To download the Devi extension which Will automatically add it to your Chrome Browser now it's important to note that You'll need to have Google Chrome Installed on your computer in order to Use Devi if you don't already have Chrome you can easily download it from The official Google website and don't Worry if you're not familiar with chrome Or extensions the process is very Straightforward and user friendly once You've successfully installed the Devi Extension you'll be able to start Customizing your settings and monitoring Facebook groups for Relevant keywords to Access the Devi extension simply click On the icon that should now be visible In your Chrome toolbar and that's it With Devi now installed in your Chrome Browser you're ready to start making Money online step 2. sign up for Devi To sign up just head over to the Devi Website and click on the sign up button This will take you to the registration Page where you'll be asked to fill in

Your email address username and password Make sure to choose a strong password to Keep your account safe and secure once You've filled in your details take a few Minutes to read through the terms and Conditions and privacy policy if you Agree to the terms click on the sign up Button to complete the registration Process you'll receive a confirmation Email with a verification link to Activate your account just click on the Link and you're good to go Once you've signed up for Devi take some Time to explore the dashboard and Customize your settings you can add Facebook pages to monitor set up custom Keywords to track and even view Analytics to see how your campaigns are Performing Step 3 choose a niche to monitor When it comes to making money online as A beginner it's important to choose a Niche that you're passionate about and Knowledgeable in this will help you Create content and products that Resonate with your target audience and Establish yourself as an authority in Your field So take some time to think about what Niche interests you and what topics you Have expertise in it could be health and Wellness digital marketing personal Finance or any other area that you feel Passionate about once you've identified

Your Niche it's time to find Facebook Pages that are related to your topic This is where Devi comes in handy you Can add Facebook pages to Monitor and Receive alerts whenever someone mentions Specific keywords related to your Niche To add Facebook pages simply go to the Devi dashboard and click on the add page Button you'll be asked to enter the URL Of the Facebook page you want to monitor Make sure to choose pages that are Popular and have an Engaged following as These are more likely to generate leads And sales for your business You can add as many pages as you like But it's recommended to start with a few Pages to avoid feeling overwhelmed As you become more comfortable with the Tool you can add more pages and keywords To expand your reach and increase your Chances of finding potential customers Remember the key to success with Devi is To stay consistent and monitor the pages And keywords regularly this will ensure That you don't miss any opportunities to Engage with potential customers and Promote your products or Services step 4 Add keywords to track Adding keywords is a really important Step in using Devi to monitor Facebook Groups and find potential customers for Your products or services By tracking specific keywords related to Your Niche you'll be notified whenever

Someone mentions those keywords in a Post giving you an opportunity to engage With them and potentially promote your Offers To add keywords simply navigate to the Leads keywords section in the Devi Dashboard Here you'll see a list of keywords that Are already being tracked by the tool Along with an option to add new keywords It's important to choose keywords that Are relevant to your Niche and likely to Generate leads for your business for Example if your Niche is health and Wellness and you're promoting a keto Diet plan you might want to track Keywords like keto diet low carb diet Weight loss and so on Similarly if you're promoting a funnel Builder tool for digital marketers you Might want to track keywords like funnel Building landing pages lead generation And so on Once you've identified the keywords you Want to track simply enter them into the Leads keywords section and hit the add Button Devi will start monitoring Facebook Groups for posts that contain these Keywords and you'll receive an alert Whenever someone mentions them It's important to note that you should Avoid using keywords that are too Generic or broad as these are likely to

Generate too many alerts and make it Difficult to keep track of potential Leads instead choose keywords that are Specific to your Niche and likely to Generate quality leads Step 5 search for an affiliate offer to Promote alright let's talk about the Next steps in using Devi to make money Online as a beginner Going to ClickBank or digistore24 and Searching for a product related to your Niche and keywords If you're not familiar with ClickBank or Digistore24 they are both affiliate Networks that offer a wide range of Digital products that you can promote And earn a commission on these products Range from ebooks and online courses to Software and digital tools and cover a Wide range of niches and topics To get started you'll need to create an Account on one or both of these Platforms The process is straightforward and Typically involves providing some basic Personal information and setting up a Payment method to receive your Commissions Once you've created your account it's Time to start searching for a product to Promote This is where the keywords you've been Tracking in Devi come in handy by Choosing a product that is related to

Your Niche and keywords you'll be able To Target potential customers who are Already interested in what you have to Offer Once you've found the perfect product Grab your affiliate link and move on to The next step 6 reply to posts using your affiliate Link This is where the fun part begins as Soon as you receive an alert from Debbie Regarding a post that matches your Keyword it's time to act quickly The idea is to respond to the post with A comment that offers the product you Found on ClickBank or digistore24 that Matches the posts topic For example if someone posted asking About a Keto Plan you can quickly Respond to the post with a comment that Suggests a relevant keto product with an Affiliate link Remember to keep your comments short and To the point you don't want to come off As spammy or pushy a simple response That offers value and relevance to the Post is the best way to go also be sure To include your affiliate Link in the Comment so that anyone who clicks on it And makes a purchase earns you a Commission it's important to monitor as Many Facebook pages as possible to Increase your chances of getting leads You can find more Facebook pages by

Simply searching for your Niche keywords And browsing through the results The more pages you monitor the more Alerts you will receive and the more Opportunities you will have to make Money and there you have it an autopilot System to make two hundred dollars per Hour as a beginner in the online money Making world By utilizing the power of Devi Facebook Groups and affiliate marketing you can Earn money while you sleep if you found This video useful don't forget to like Comment and subscribe and I'll see you In the next video

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