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Hello Kseniya! You too get to sit on the couch for our interview. So, today our talk is about you, you're our Content Marketing Manager and I have some questions for you that I'd like it if you answered: Yeah, shall we get started? Let's go! Wonderful. What should someone know in your field, i.e. content? So, to be a content marketing manager you definitely need a good sense of style, spelling and grammar, and a good command of the language, with which they want to work. You should be a little bit creative, but don't expect too much need for it, because in the end it's about having empathy for the customer to determine what they want, how do they want to sound, how they can reach their target group.

What is your role like in this department? You're dealing with a lot of text. You'll edit a lot of text. That means you'll look over text, that other people have written, And you'll double check, if you think it conveys, what the customer wanted. And you'll do keyword research, create a variety of text, you'll make text for onpage, offpage completely different things.

What does a typical workday look like in the content team? A typical workday could look like this: you'll proofread texts, maybe you'll give feedback, you'll also talk to the customer about whether they like the text and the content, that you delivered to them, if they pictured it the same, maybe you'll have a phone call or a Creative Meeting. Please explain to your Grandma, what your job is, what you actually do? I make sure that companies can address customers with exactly the tone that they want. What do your colleagues think you do? And what do you actually do? So I think, I would imagine, that you, for example, think that I push a lot of commas around and correct spelling errors and I definitely do that, too, keep calm, it's true, but it really goes far beyond that because in the end we in the content department always have to keep the overall concept in mind.

What are your favorite tasks in your field? My favorite task is to develop an overarching concept for text, that's what I love to do most. Do you have a superpower? I wouldn't call it a superpower, but I'm very good at putting myself in their shoes, and figuring out how someone wants to sound, and then writing texts that sound the way they want to convey themselves. Your job would be easier, if? Sometimes it would be easier if things didn't pop up spontaneously, but rather were more organized.

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Who at Claneo would you definitely not want to trade places with? I definitely don't want to work in accounting ultimately because i'm not good at math. Why did you choose to work in online marketing? It wasn't a deliberate decision, I came from university and knew something about the field, I could write well and that led to a job with an online shop as a copywriter and that led to this. Do you have a personal dream project? One that's not related to online marketing? I don't have such a big dream project. At the moment I enjoy working with a customer about bicycles, because I enjoy racing bikes in my free time, so it's an enjoyable topic for me. Phillip, do you have a secret that you'd like to share with us? Well I must admit that when I do mental math I'm totally guessing and I always hope that no one will notice.

I always try to avoid the food order for lunch or other group purchases, because then I'll have to calculate later, who pays for what and once I add a tip I'm completely lost. What do your colleagues love about you? I what they love me for? Well I think they don't love me, but I hope at least they appreciate that I'm always available and can come to me for help. Often people will ask me things about language, to ask if they can express things a certain way or want to have my creative input or they have an idea.

Is there something, Philipp, that's really annoying to you? I'm always too warm. My body is always overheating, so I always need cooling down. I always want to turn on the airconditioning, but on that I'm pretty alone, which is difficult. So at some point I started to build a wall of fans for myself. What do you like most about Claneo? I think it's great that Claneo always puts a great deal of consideration into employee satisfaction. That's right, I mean every company will say they do, but it's actually the case with Claneo.

For example there was an air humidor in every room that you can change to set the humidity, so despite the air-conditioning in the summer you don't get sick. "Google is…." and I want you to finish the statement. Google isn't everything. Google is important, of course but it's still just a tool and you shouldn't lose sight of the fact that ultimately we're writing for people that use this search engine. I want to thank you for being so honest and that you explained everything so well. Gladly! And of course we hope very much that someone will apply to join the content team which would be a great help. We hope for great applications soon so we can welcome new people to Claneo! Yes, very much!.

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