Become a Social Media Manager with No Experience in 2022 (CLEAR STRATEGIES)

How can you become a social media manager with 
no experience? So if you're watching this you're   probably a really creative person, right, who really 
wants to take advantage of the online world with   remote working. You understand, with marketing 
online and with social media, you could really   take advantage of that and you would really be 
great so you're wondering how you can get started?   In this video, I'm going to help you by giving you 
different tips; different examples from what I did,   as well as from other people, who have been 
social media managers for years. So usually the   credentials that companies would ask for would be 
having a degree in marketing or communication or   something to that effect but you can get past that 
and I'm gonna show you how because there are many   people right now who are social media managers 
who didn't even get a degree in these fields   but they really like it and they've done really 
well in this area. So you can definitely do it   and get started and it does take work it takes 
effort but what does not? So here are the skills   you definitely want to take advantage of even if 
you don't have a degree or if you haven't been   formally trained.

Well you definitely want 
to be someone who is creative. Someone who   understands research and analysis because this is 
very important in order to come up with a great   strategy for your client. You definitely want 
to be someone who understands communication and   maybe copywriting. So definitely writing 
words in order to draw the attention of people   and being able to pay attention to detail so 
that whatever you're posting is done well and   excellent and doesn't have a lot of mistake 
because people will see it but how can you   show people that you have these skills if 
you haven't necessarily worked in this area?   Now a great thing that you can do is to have a 
portfolio like a social media portfolio and yes   you can have this without having managed a client 
before. What you can think of is like how have you   managed your own pro um profiles and you can show 
more authority if you've managed other people's   profiles. Now here's what you have to do or one 
idea that is great. Can you offer your services   to a friend or someone who you know is starting a 
business? So you can offer to manage their profile   for at least three months, for free.

This is 
going to help you and help them. Help you to   get experience as well as your portfolio up and 
running. So definitely, when you start, have the   beginning. So take pictures of the beginning of, 
well, before you started. So their profiles as well   as analytics. So you want to start with showing, or 
seeing, how engaged everyone was with their profile   and then at the end of these three months 
definitely getting more evidence as to what   you've done and even, maybe, take different pictures 
or screenshots every month so you can show   the building progress. Now you can do this for 
one friend or two.

However you want to start.   Now after you've done this, how do you get your 
first client? Network and maybe you can offer a   discount for maybe three months and then after 
that you start with your regular prices because   you do want to get to a place where you are paid 
fairly but just to start this is what you're doing   to build yourself to build the foundation. 
So you may have to step back, be humble, and   lose a little bit so that you can build in the 
end but this is what you're gonna do in order to   gain experience, right, and yes of course you 
can go out there and apply for these jobs   maybe showing the experience you've had 
from different jobs in a different field   like taking out the relevant skills in order 
to show what you can do and you can definitely   get offers this way but I also suggest to just 
get in there, get into the gutter and do the work   so that people can see what you have done and what 
you have to offer how you've helped other people   and how you can do it for them.

Now, I also want 
you to think about your credentials and your   background. Do you have experience in a different 
field? Right. So for me, my background is that I   studied Dental Surgery so I have experience with 
that. That actually helps me because if I want to   to manage an account for a dental office, I know 
all the terms. I know what's needed and then I can   flip it into marketing in order to draw people 
to the office. So, if you have experience in   a different field, you are so valuable. So if 
you've studied law, if you studied the sciences   the expertise, the knowledge that you have in 
these areas would be really helpful for maybe    profiles or companies that are working in these 
areas. So you can definitely use this. Just use   things to build yourself. So, there are two things 
I'm talking about here, just to break it down.   You offer your services maybe for free or at a 
really discounted rate in order to start getting   your clients together and definitely start telling 
people that this is something you're offering.   Maybe you want to do it with your first three 

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So you've already started to get to your   first client and you are building your expertise 
or, you can build your resume in a way that you   take the relevant skills for the company and put 
them together in a way that really looks good and   well presented to show that you would be excellent 
in this area. Yes you may not have had the   practical experience yet but you're able to do it 
because you know what you need to do. So you can   be doing these things simultaneously. Depending 
on where you want to work. If you want to do   freelancing or to work for a company. Another thing 
I would suggest is to definitely start getting the   word out there like this is something that you're 
offering. Start building your own social media   profiles to show that this is something you're 

Maybe you can create posts that teach people   about social media and how to manage their own 
accounts, so they can see that this is something   you're doing as well. With different groups, or 
online, you can actually start offering help.   So, for instance, if people have questions that 
are about social media, start giving your advice   and tips so they can see you being the expert in 
this area and since you're offering value, once you   start asking for clients, because it's good for you 
to actually do that, then they'll see that before   you've provided value so they can definitely see 
that you're someone good in this area and you're   not just coming out of the blue. You get what 
I'm saying? Relationships really work nowadays   so you have to start building the relationship 
and these will take time. It's just necessary so   I would suggest, you know, do these things and get 
started today because it's not too late. Being like   on social media and being a management..

is so important nowadays for many companies   and so many companies are starting to realize 
how important it is to get their social media   up and running because this is where many people 
are congregating today. Like there are many people   online and if they can get themselves in front 
of these people, like the right audience, then it   can help their business a lot. So many people are 
becoming more aware of how important it is to have   a social media manager or even a team specifically 
set aside to manage the social media marketing or   digital marketing and such.

So there will be jobs 
and more jobs available. So get started today   in what you can do to build your expertise. After 
you've done this, after you've gotten your first   clients or your first few clients, now you need to 
start scaling or it's something you can do where   you start getting multiple clients. Now, of course, 
you know as a beginner you just have to just get   things done but eventually things become easier 
where people start knowing your name or they start   referring you to others. Maybe you can even ask 
the clients that you get in the future to refer you   or to give testimonials. Definitely ask for 
testimonials, by the way. So now you can scale and   start getting more clients to the point where you 
actually have enough clients to, to build your, your   business to actually have a good enough income 
especially if this is something you want to do   full-time or on the side but still sustainable. So 
start where you are but definitely think about the   future and where you want to be and how you can 
get there, you know.

So another great thing for   you to do in order to start getting clients or to 
build relationships with people is to have your   email list. So you can watch this video to start 
knowing how to build your own email list from the   start and why it is important for your business. I 
look forward to seeing you soon have a great day.

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