What Services do Social Media Marketing Agencies Actually Offer?

– What services do social media marketing agencies actually offer? (instrumental music) My dad asked this to me
recently and I realized that my dad doesn't even know what I do. So I can imagine that
you have no clue what a social media marketing agency does. So let me help break
it down for you and why social media marketing
agencies may be valuable to you and your business. The first thing we're doing
is organizing and preparing content for social media. So we're taking maybe
existing content assets. Blog posts, events, videos,
something like that. We're going to create social
content around them which might be just putting
the video up, creating a description, adding captions,
a title, a few other components to it and putting
that out on social media.

That asset could exist on
a site like Facebook for a long period of time and
be shown to thousands and thousands of people. You can run Facebook ads to it. You can put a link on it and try and drive traffic to your website from it. A lot of different ways to
make content assets valuable for a business's long
term marketing strategy. Next, I would say the most
important thing that we do is actually in the
reporting and analytics of our activities. Ironically, I even say this sometimes. I say we're actually more
of an analytics company where we go to social
media to get the data so that we can report on it. And what I mean by that is that we need to know how social media is working for your business. So, most of the effort is
really in understanding the results and dictating or improving our strategy from it.

As well as explaining those
results to you, the client, so that you can move
forward with your CEO/CMO so that we can get a budget
increase so you can decide to fire us or keep us for the next month. Something like that we
need to prove results, we need to analyze data and
we need to make decisions. It's a huge part of really
any faucet of any marketing department I would say. So we create custom dashboards
and we look at those results and we report on them and
we theorize about what can be done in the future
to improve everything. Of course, there's also
social media management. And while publishing
probably falls into that, I would say a lot of the
engaging and responding, customer service is also a part of this. So answering people's
questions when they post to our page or tweet at us or
something like that.

Making sure that we're present. So just the act of being
present and being helpful and responsive to the
users on social media. It's something that needs
to be done every single day for any strong successful business. And if you have inquiries
coming in on your social channels and you're not answering them, you're just throwing money away.

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It really is. These are people that are
looking to do business with you or to get answers from
you and you're missing the opportunity to delight the customer. It means that they're not
going to refer somebody to you and they're not
going to buy from you. Another thing that we
do, we just started doing for our clients, is chat bot. We create Facebook chat bots
and integrated work flows. This can be great for integrating
with customer service. We were probably one of the
first agencies to integrate a chat bot on Facebook
with Zendesk, which is a customer service platform. So really proud of being able
to input ticket information in and do support with using a chat bot. Chat bots also allow you to
grow a messenger list which can be used like an email
list to send updates to your users and possibly send
them a video or additional content that they can engage with. So it's a great way to
deepen the relationship with your customers. We also focus on unique
account growth tactics.

That might be things like
partnering with other industry players so that
you can grow accounts off of each other, you can
share content together. Might be follow/unfollow. While that is sometimes
a shunned upon practice, we find that on twitter it
works particularly well. On Instagram, it depends on your flavor. It might also be liking
content from other people, retweeting it, curating content from other people, and even paid like campaigns
could be set up in a way to grown an account. So lots of different ways. It could also be instilling
product virality, which would be the act of saying go to our social media channels
on your box or something along those lines. Right, there's a lot of different ways to grow a social media account
and as we hint it on with analytics and improving
our social media strategy, we like to think that we
can inform content strategy.

We can see what people are engaging with and we can recommend to
the rest of the company, or team, what content should
be created to continue to deepen relationships. We can tell you what fell
flat and what succeeded. And that helps inform content strategy. Finally, one of the most
important things that we do not necessarily for
each individual client but as a whole is we stay
on top of the social media marketing industry. Every platform changes almost
every day, it feels like. And man can it be overwhelming.

Our job is to learn and
stay on top of the industry. Tinker, test new things so
that we have the cutting edge strategies, technologies,
tools at our fingertips that we can then give to our
clients for their success. That is it for me Derric Haynie. If you are interested in social
media marketing services, you can find us over at
https://vulpineinteractive.agency/. I will see you next time..

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