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twitter facebook linkedin they're not only a 
way to stay connected these days but they're   also very important tools for businesses some 
companies now dishing out hefty salaries to help   manage their social media presence fox 7's photo 
clergy joining us with more on that hey photi   hey mike yeah this social media thing has 
really given birth to an entire new industry   meet the social media managers they get paid 
to tweet follow make facebook posts and to   keep your business relevant the best part some 
are making six figures doing it i got laid off   it was a time when that was happening it was 
about two years ago kate buck was like millions   around the country unemployed with lots of time to 
reflect i had been playing around a lot on twitter   and facebook and what i saw was i just started 
noticing i saw people who had large followings   people whose followings were growing i saw 
a lot of complaining that they had so many   direct messages and private messages or they 
had so many replies that they they couldn't   like manage it all it was then kate seized the 
opportunity and started kbj online a social media   management company that tweets writes posts pokes 
and blogs for major brands around austin it's   flexible and it's fun so it's not a job that 
i hate doing every day you know i get to play   on facebook and twitter for a living so i enjoy 
what i do i get to you know make my own hours and   you know work with the clients i want to work with 
right now she manages about 12 accounts either on   her computer or on her iphone the tweets carefully 
crafted and strategically executed i think it's   just great that she can offer her assistance in 
teaching people how to do stuff mackenzie kelly   just broke into the industry by day she's a county 
employee and volunteer firefighter i actually   schedule tweets it's just kind of a couple 
hours here a couple hours there on the weekend   and on or off time she manages a handful of social 
media accounts this year part time i've made about   fifty five hundred dollars i charge anywhere 
between two and three hundred dollars to get all   the social media going for a company right now the 
going rate for a full-time social media manager   is about forty thousand dollars that's 
just to tweet in facebook all day long

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