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This is going to be one of the easiest Ways that you can make money online it Took me 20 minutes to create this funnel That I'm going to give to you in today's Video so you don't have to do all of the Hard work yourself I plugged this funnel Into Tick Tock and I've been generating Hundreds of dollars every single week in Sales through this funnel utilizing Tick Tock yet again I'm speaking about making Money online on short video platforms Now there's a reason for this this is Because in my Discovery and my journey In making money online utilizing short Video Platforms in the right way is one Of the easiest ways to blow up sales Blow up your product and blow up your Online Revenue as well as your online Brand in today's video I'm going to be Focusing on all three of these aspects Building a brand actually making money Online and building a loyal audience That will stick with you forever to come If you want to see Revenue like this Every single day make sure to stick Around and watch every single step of This video What's going on awesome people of YouTube Jay here from the Millennium Mountain YouTube channel and on this Channel I document my journey on various Ways that I used to make money online From affiliate marketing to drop Shipping drop servicing creating content

As well as trading I've recently altered And changed the way that I post on YouTube I've gone more into a part-time Schedule if you would like to see me Post more regularly and go back into it Full time make sure to comment down Below if you'd like to see me post every Single day or if you're happy with two To three times a week but without Further Ado I'm not going to waste any Time let's get straight into this video I've created the most simple Step-by-step process it's very important That you guys follow this with me so That you don't miss any step because This video is going to be a little bit Longer than usual with one or two Nitty Gritty things that we do need to take Care of because this is not going to be One of those ways where we just slap Together a little business and make a Couple of bucks online this can blow up Into a full-blown online business your First step is to come over to Clickbank.com if you're not able to Access ClickBank perhaps you're in the Wrong country or not in a country that's Accepted you can come over to Digistore24.com sign up and you'll be Able to find the same product if you Haven't got an account on ClickBank Click on start here on the top right I'm Going to log in with my existing account And meet you on the dashboard click over

Here where it says Marketplace on the Top menu bar in the middle click on the Search bar and go and type video Marketing click on search the exact Product that we're going to be using is Called video marketing Blaster which is A tool that automatically generates done For you titles tags and descriptions Automatically optimized to rank your Videos on the top page of Google and YouTube which I've personally bought and Used myself I've sometimes seen up to Over 200 extra growth on videos using This tool you're going to be earning 28 Every sale that you make you'll be Earning 28.87 once off and over 10.53 Every single month in reoccurring Commission so what I like about this Tool it pays that passive cash slow when It comes to affiliate marketing always Try choose a product that has that Passive income and cash flow which means If you refer someone to that product You'll be getting paid commission for Every single month for the rest of your Lifetime and for the lifetime that they Signed up to this product I would rather Much earn an affiliate Commission of ten Dollars every single month for three Years rather than a fifty dollar once of Commission that doesn't pay every single Month so in order to go and get your Affiliate link click on promote click on Generate hop link

Copy your affiliate link go and paste This in a new tab and this is what your Landing page is going to look like but We're not going to go and promote this Landing page directly we're going to go And create a bridge funnel with a funnel Building tool to plug in what you call Email campaign marketing which is a Strategy that most affiliate marketers Leave out and don't really tell you the Reason being is because most of them Don't want to sell you their secrets but I'm completely happy with giving this Away to you completely for free right Here on YouTube now that we've got our Affiliate link go and copy your Affiliate link go and open up a notepad On your PC or your phone go and save This over here I'm going to minimize This because we're going to come back to This later on if you want to see and Download the exact same funnel template That I use to make up to 400 in one day From this of one Tick Tock video make Sure to keep watching because I'm going To show you this right now so right here On my screen is the exact funnel that I've created it's a simple landing page With the title a simple description a Video or free training where leads need To enter their name and email address in Order to watch this free webinar now in Return they getting a free webinar but What they don't know is I'm going to be

Targeting them with a series of emails Every day for 12 days two-day email Address telling them stories about this Tool giving them free information tips On how to use it in using this email Automation marketing strategy and system I've seen at least up to an extra 40 in Conversion sales and revenue online so This is very important that you learn How to do this today and plug this into Your funnel because this can make or Break this entire strategy so in order To go and get started with this come Over to the first link in the Description you'll be able to get this Funnel building tool completely for free For one month plus over a thousand two Hundred dollars in bonuses such as a Customized business strategy to follow a Private group chat my high conver voting Funnel template and done for you Affiliate email templates that you're Welcome to plug into the strategy the Exact tool that I'm talking about is Called builderall.com if you've been Watching my videos for a while you will Know that I speak about this tool a lot Simply because I use it on a day-to-day Basis to run all of my online businesses Not just as a disclaimer I am an Affiliate for this tool but I've set up My affiliate program an affiliate Link In a way that you benefit a lot more Instead of coming over to the website

Itself and you have to pay from day one I've set it up in a way where you go and Get bowlerol for free your first month Plus over a thousand two hundred dollars In bonuses like I said that's the first Link in the description once you've Clicked on that and signed up your free Builderall account and claim your Bonuses it's going to take you to a Dashboard that looks like this come over To apps cheetah website builder over Here I've got Mike done for you Templates called my cheetah website Number six so I'm gonna go and click on Edit website and you'll see over here I've got an entire done for you home Page with my sales video my email Marketing campaign plugged in I'm going To click on my entire funnel I'm going To click on manage public link and over Here I've got my entire public link that I can share with you guys so that you Can go and add this to your builderall Dashboard now if you want to go and Claim this all I would appreciate is Leave a like on this video make sure you Subscribe down below comment down below That you're ready and I will leave a Link to your comments and on the pinned Comments of this video so that you can Go and add this to your builderall Dashboard once you've done that and your Landing page is now complete that looks Like this we need to go and set up our

Email marketing campaign so this is very Important and I suggest that you follow With me closely so I'm going to come Back to my builderall dashboard under The tools section under the drop down Hover over apps click on mailing boss 5.0 which is builderall's automation Email marketing tool under create an Email sequence click on C sequences Click on create a new record you can go And type the name I'm going to go and Type video marketing blaster or for Short via and B click on save for the Type click on sequence for the main list Click on email marketing lists click on Save secondly under subscribers on the Left hand menu bar click on lists and we Need to go and create a new list a list Is a database of all the emails and Names that you collect on the specific Sales page so we need to go and create That new list over here if you go and Click on create lists click on single Opt-in for your list name go and type Vmb list and for your opt out you also Want to have single you can go and click On Save over here this list has now been Created go and click on update come back To email and click on email sequence go And click on update this email sequence Click on overview under your list click On vmb.list and click on save so that The sequence is now assigned to your Specific list of emails and simply we

Can go and edit our list of emails so in Order to come and get all of your email Campaigns for the specific email Sequence come over to your video Marketing blast the product on ClickBank Click on the Affiliates page click on Get swipes on the top right and you'll Be able to see all the email swipes that You can plug into your emails so firstly Go and copy your subject come back to The mailing boss folder paste this under Your subject for your body go and copy The entire body of this email And go and paste this under your body And simply you can go and add your Affiliate link from the notepad over Here Just like this to your email that's Important because you obviously want Your leads clicking on your affiliate Link and not anybody else's go and click On Save on the top right hand side and You can go and save and activate the First email in the sequence so that Means as soon as your lead signs up for This free webinar they're going to be Sent this series of emails Over here which you've now copied and Pasted with your affiliate link so now That your landing page is complete you Can go and copy the link of your landing Page come over to notepad And save this link over here minimize it As we're going to come back to that

Later as I'm pretty sure that you've Picked up our product has to do a lot With YouTube growth ranking on Google And YouTube so that means we want to Come over to tick tock and look for Content that is going viral and that is Already relative to that topic so we can Go and search on Tick Tock YouTube Growth or YouTube growth tips anything That's got to do with YouTube growth so You'll still be here for example have a Look at some of these videos that have Gotten a lot of views this video over Here got over 732 000 views which has Shown you and has proved to you that This has gone viral so you can go and Click on this Tick Tock go and copy its Link come over to Google and go and Search Tick Tock download without Watermark click on the first link paste Your link over here paste the link of This Tick Tock and click on download and You want to download this to your PC It's very important that you download This Tick Tock without the watermark so That social media platforms won't see This as a repost click on without Watermark again just close these ads one Or two ads will pop up click on close And over here you'll see this is now Downloaded to my PC the last and final Step of this is to come over to Facebook And go and create a well-branded Facebook page the example that I've used

In today's video that I've created for You and that I'm going to grow myself And prove to you that this works which Will update you in later videos it's Called rocketgrowth.com click on real on Your Facebook post section Click on ADD video come up to downloads And upload and click on that same Tick Tock that you have downloaded click on Next click on next again under who can See this you want to make sure that it's Selected public disable enabling Remixing and under your description go And type here click On the link in my bio slash profile to Rank number one on Google and YouTube click on publish and This video will now publicly post to Your page the reason we're using Facebook reels is simple because Facebook reels is very new it was only Released this year in 2022 and they are Desperately trying to compete with Tick Tock YouTube shorts and Instagram reels And in that way what they're doing is They are really pushing out Facebook Reels to the max some of my tick tocks That have only gotten one or two Thousand views on Tick Tock have reached Over 20 000 to a million views on Facebook reels and that just proves to You how much more Facebook reels is Pushing out content to its platform so This is a very easy way to go viral and

Also because this video has proven to go Viral on Tick Tock you allowed to go and Repost this on Facebook provided that You give credit in the comments or the Description of this video to the Original Creator on Tick Tock your reel Has now successfully been posted the Most important aspect when it comes to Success with this is not posting once or Twice and hoping that your videos go Viral you need to remain consistent at This and set some kind of schedule every Single video platform algorithm whether It's YouTube Instagram Tick Tock Rumble.com virality lies on the basis of How consistent a content creator posts It took me nine months of posting every Single day before I went viral on YouTube it's the same thing over here Except with Facebook reels a video has a Potential to reach a hundred thousand Views overnight which can pump sales and Revenue overnight that is what I love About short video platforms it is easy To get views very quickly especially When you Outsource content that is Already proven to go viral so what I'm Going to do is to help you out even more With specifically making money on short Video platforms is I'm going to give you An entire Tick Tock and Facebook reels Make money online course on YouTube Completely for free with about 24 of my Best videos that I've posted in the last

Couple of years on YouTube so the Playlist that you'll see on the screen Over here is this playlist that I'm Talking about I could honestly take this Information and put it into one three or Four hundred dollar course and easily Sell that to you guys but I've decided To post everything I know on YouTube Completely for free to give you guys as Much as free value as possible so what I Recommend is to go and learn more and Scale at this firstly is to apply what I've taught you in this video and Secondly is to go and save this playlist To your watch later and watch this when You can so make sure to click on this Playlist over here and I'll see you over There

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