Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 372 – Full Episode – 18th March, 2021

There's good and bad
in every human being. 'Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya'.
– And it has nothing to do with the gender or age. If there is a difference it is only in the thinking. And our thinking
is under our control. What do we want? Money, fame, love. Well, everyone has
the same needs. Why are the methods different? Our today's story
is based in Noida where many people had to
lose their lives due to the thinking ands
greed of some people. What happened, Meeta?
You're not ready yet. Ready my foot! Pankaj, I have told you
several times to increase my payment.
You never increase it. We'll shoot now only when you increase
my payment. Vishal, wait outside. We haven't got great views
for the last video. How can I increase the payment? There are no views!
What is this drama? Pankaj, I am an artist.
And I have done my job.

You get a good payment
when the views are good. Now get ready.
Don't waste time. The shot is ready.
Come out quickly. Time pass my foot! Hello, Sundar Nagar
Police Station. Hello. I am calling from
Gulshan Bungalow. And adult movie
is being shot here. Come soon.
– Who are you? Hello. Hurry up. We're getting late
for the shot. Lower.
Yes. Come on, get ready.
Quick. There's no time.
Action. Hey, what's happening here? Cut. Stop. – We are shooting, sir.
– Wait, show me the camera. We are shooting for
a short film. You cannot stop
the shooting like this. Wait a moment.
We're checking, right? Time is passing. I have got this bungalow
on rent, sir. Sir, somebody must have..
– Wait a moment. Show it. – I have the permission
letter for the short film. You cannot stop me. Are you shooting an adult movie
in the name of a short film? It's a short film.

'I won't spare Meeta.' Good morning.
– Good morning. Is it necessary to go today? Yes, I have a shoot today. Is it necessary
for the producers to go for the shoot everyday? I am not like
the rest of the producers. I concentrate on every aspect. Yes, on every aspect
and on every heroine too, right? You've started your drama again. That is why you are out
of the industry. But you want to spoil
my mood in the morning. Rajesh. Do you think about anyone
apart from yourself? Rajesh, listen to me. Rajesh.. Idiot! Why are you staring? What were you seeing? Bindu.
– Yes, Ms. Malti. I have told you several times
not to bring this man here. The gas was empty at home.

So, I called the kids
to have breakfast. Okay, pack breakfast,
lunch and dinner. But I don't want this man here.
Please send him back. She's too arrogant. I'm going to break open
her head someday. Hey, Madan!
Don't talk nonsense! Take this box and go home. You always have fun when that woman insults me. Don't create a scene!
Just take the box and go home! The kids are hungry. I'll take care of you later. That woman too. Bring your hands forward. Yes. Straight.. Lie down and look up. Look up. And breathe. Your backs should be straight. Okay guys.
We're done for the day. Let's meet in tomorrow's
session. Eat healthy, live healthily
and do yoga. Bye. Hi, Nidhi. Hi, Sanjay. Happy birthday. Thank you.
Did you remember my birthday? You're my best tenant so far. I'll tell you what? All the tenants
I've had until now had kept my house dirty. You've kept my house clean. Sanjay I might be a tenant but as long as I live there,
it's my house.

Oh.. – Let's meet in tomorrow's
session.. Yes.. Come on. "Happy birthday to you." Happy birthday! Thank you so much, Anu! You didn't have spend
money on this. You don't have any modeling
assignment right now. So what? I'll get one. But I won't get
a flatmate like you. You've cared for me.. You've taken care
of me so much.. More than even
my parents ever did. You sentimental girl..
Come on, sit down. You know I too have come to Noida to become a model.

Okay. Now, let's cut the cake. Anu, you didn't need to do that. Birthday gift! Wow! A dress! You'll look great!
– Thank you so much, Anu. Listen.. Let's see what the landlord gave you. So well packed.. He's too fond of you. Wow! So beautiful! Let's put in the hall,
on the coffee table. No.. I'd heard that they're kept in bedrooms beside the bed because..
Oh, yes! It helps you get
the love of your life quickly. Pankaj, while I
go you bailed out I had to give lots of money
to lots of people for it. This case is going to have
many expenses in the future too. Meeta, I've faced heavy loses
because of you. That wasn't good of you. I won't spare you. Hey, Nidhi! My best birthday wishes to my favorite yoga instructor. Happy birthday, Nidhi!
– Thank you so much, ma'am.

You too sweet. And beautiful too! Ma'am, I love you so much! So sweet! Okay, tell me, what are your
plans for the birthday? None right now, ma'am.
Maybe in the evening. Why is that? Why don't you come here? We can have dinner and celebrate
your birthday? Done, ma'am..
– Okay. Okay, then,
I'll see you tonight. Thank you, ma'am. You have a lot of time to invite someone over
for dinner. But me.. You don't receive a phone call of your own niece! It's because you think
of me only when you need money. Right? Anyway, I won't give
you a single penny. I'm fed up of your drug habits and illegal activities. Got it! My drug habits?
My unnecessary expenses? What of your expenses? Daily you capture
a new photo of yours wearing a new ornament
and upload to the social media. Are those expenses fine? Have some shame.
I'm the only relative you have. It would have been better
if you were not my relative. You will die. You money will become
your reason of death. And your money will become
mine after your death.

Just wait and watch. Don't expect so much. I'll donate all my money
to the charity if I die. I'll not give you
even a penny. Do you get it? Stupid. What happened? What happened? Is it Param's message? No matter how much I try my past never leaves me. I broke that marriage to get rid of Param. But no. He came here
to take revenge. Anu, calm down.

Sit. Anu, we will try something
to arrange the money. Look at this. I wore this necklace in one of my movies. This was gifted by one
of the famous jewel designers of that time. It is made of real diamond. Because he fell
in love with you, right? I read that in a magazine. Not really. Well, I remember
an incident connected to that. Who is it? Thief. Pooja, check. Okay, sir. Ms. Smitha. Sir we checked
the entire house. But there are marks
of force entry. The rest of the rooms
are fine. There is a CCTV camera
near the gate of this bungalow. If we could..
– Sir. That's a dummy camera. Sir, no sexual or
physical assault happened. Only one or two injuries
are there on the body. And she was attacked on her neck
with a knife. And I guess
this is the murder weapon. Sir, that is ma'am's knife. She used to keep
that in her room to cut fruits. Are you the one
who saw the dead body first? Yes, sir. 'Ma'am.' Who are you?
– Sir, he is my husband. I'm the one
who called him.

You might be knowing
very well as to when she leaves and where she goes as you have
been working for her since last six years. Yes, sir. – Ma'am used
to trust me a lot. Really? Then why she wanted
to fire you? She registered a complaint
against you in the maid agency and requested
for a new maid. Sir, I don't know
anything about this. What about you? Where were you at night? Sir, I work
as a watchman. I was working at an empty flat
of a builder. Did anyone check whether you were there
on duty or not? Sir, it is just an empty plot. A watchman's presence
is necessary there to avoid people doing
wrong things there.

There I was alone. Alone? Maybe it is you
who murdered her after taking the key
from your wife. Sir, please don't trouble
poor us. Apart from me,
two other people had a key. Ma'am's niece, Meeta and Mr. Rajesh Mehra. Rajesh Mehra? You mean,
Malti's first husband? – Yes. An old film actress
has been murdered. The media will be all over us. We will have to close this case
as quickly as possible. We found Malti's phone
in her house which revealed a lot of things. Malti divorced her husband the producer, Rajesh Mehra
six years ago. After which, Rajesh married
a young actress, Ayesha. But if we listen
to Madan and Bindu then Rajesh is still having an extra-marital
affair with Malti.

In fact, I just saw
it on social media. Someone clicked a photo
of Rajesh leaving from Malti's house and
leaked it on social media. Yes, sir. And Rajesh had
messaged Malti too. 'You shouldn't have done
what you did, Malti.' 'Our relationship was a friends
with benefits one.' 'You have crossed your limits.' 'Now, wait and watch
what I will do.' Some people make tangles
of relationships. And what about this Meeta? We searched all
the details of Meeta. She's a failed actress. She isn't doing anything
much nowadays. She used to frequently
visit Malti, to ask for money. Malti was very fond
of jewellery. She used to upload the
photos of her new jewelry every day on social media. Take a look. Very good. Use these photos and
circulate them everywhere. Because whoever
stole this jewelry will try to sell them too.

And get the CDR
of Meeta and Rajesh and call them both
to the station. You can't go inside. We received the news that
Malti Sinha has been murdered. We need a statement. Please, let us go inside.
– We need to talk to them. Well, the media circle
started already. 'Actress Malti Sinha found
murdered in her house.' 'Stay tuned with us to know if
this is about robbery or not.' 'This is Aarzoo Ali Khan with
cameraman, Raju, for News Live.' Anu! Anu? Are you all right? Be thankful that she's saved. Param, I did everything
you told me to. The plan was to just rob
the place, not kill her. Param, what are
you doing here? You ran away
from the wedding. Because of you, I lost
both my reputation and money. I need 10 Lakhs for
the wedding expenses and 10 Lakhs as compensation
right now, go and get it. I don't even have

20,000 with me how can I give
you Rs. 20 Lakhs? Don't try to act smart. I don't have money. Tell me, what should I do? I know where you
both are going. You are going to
Malti Sinha's house, right? She has a lot of jewelry. I have seen her profile. What do you got
to do with her? You see, only your Malti ma'am
can save Anu's life now. Do keep your mouth shut
and do what I tell you to. Or else, you will have to
cremate Anu's entire family. I didn't want to kill her. But she saw my face,
I had no other choice. All her jewelry were fakes. What! You understand what
that means, right? I didn't get my money back yet.

And you will search
my next target now. And until I get my target,
Anu will be with me. No..
– And yes.. If you even think of
going to the police.. No!
– Move! Sir! Mr. Rajesh, what were you doing
at Ms. Malti's house? Please, no comments. Sir.. – Are you
going to divorce Ms. Ayesha? What were you doing at
your ex-wife's house? Sir, please say something..
– Answer our questions.. Stop here..
– Sir.. Sir! Officer, I didn't kill Malti.
Got it? We will get what we have to. First, remove you glasses
and your attitude and keep it on the table. And then, answer our questions,
like a suspect. You had sent
a threatening message to Ms.

Malti on
the 12th of March. And you were seen
leaving her house on the morning of
the 12th of March. Explain. Look, Malti and I were in touch with each other even
after our divorce. I know that Ayesha
is young and dynamic but Malti would keep me happy. She would understand me. That's why,
whenever I would come to Noida from Mumbai,
I would meet her. But she leaked that
matter yesterday. I think that she did
it deliberately. Ms. Malti and you were in such an adjusting relationship
for so many years then why would she
leak it yesterday? She was becoming possessive. Did she ask you money? Because I checked
her bank statements. Her financial condition
wasn't that great.

Apart from that, she was
very fond of jewelry too. And everyone knew that. She would even post her
pictures on social media. No, officer. No matter how Malti was,
she was not greedy. Yes, it's true that
after a certain age actresses don't get nice roles
or get paid nice money. But she was satisfied
with her life. She sold all her real jewelery
and invested it in properties. And she would lead her life
with its rent. I tried to help her many times.
But she refused.

Malti, is the same pendant which I had gifted you
on our first anniversary? This?
I didn't sell this yet because it is special. Malti, I can help you
if you want me to. Please, Rajesh. Should I take money from you
for your love? You come to meet me.
That's enough for me. Sir, I was angry. I thought she's becoming
possessive. You tell me, how can I kill her? I love her a lot even today.

If Ms. Malti was so concerned
about you she wouldn't leak your photo
on social media. Even if we believe
that she had leaked it your wife, Ayesha,
wouldn't have liked it. Right?
– What are you saying? Sir, she's in London
for a shoot. I argued with her
over the phone yesterday. Where were you last night? I told you that I was
in the hotel. And I left for the shoot
directly from there. Okay.
You may go now. But don't leave the city. Thank you, sir. Verify Rajesh's statement whether he's telling the truth
or he's lying.

Find out who uploaded his photo
which went viral on social media because I didn't find that photo
on Malti's phone. Find out the source
of that photo. Let's find out
who is responsible for that. Yes, sir. Two girls had come to
Ms. Malti's house at 8 p.m. I think there was a party. They came by rickshaw.
They didn't have change. So, they came to ask me
for change. Excuse me, do you have change? How much?
– Rs. 2,000. – Thank you. Was anybody else with them?
– No, sir. It was my birthday yesterday. So, Ms. Malti had
invited us for dinner. I was her personal yoga trainer.

Your friend had accompanied you.
Where is she? Sir, she has a shoot. So..
I have messaged her. You were Ms. Malti's
yoga trainer. So, you must be visiting her
everyday. No, sir. I used to conduct
online classes. I went to her house
for the first time yesterday. What time did you leave
from there? Around 10 p.m. I have to wake up
early in the morning. And Anu also had to go early. Did you notice anything
weird in Ms. Malti's house? Or did she tell you about
her friend or enemy? Sir, we met for
the first time yesterday. Why would she share this
with her yoga trainer? She was very sweet. I had to pay rent
for two months once. She had given two months'
fees in advance. Sir. Anu..
Anu, you came! Sir, she's Anu. We were together.
– Hello, sir. Somebody must've seen you
going out that night. I mean, do you have an alibi. Yes, the auto driver who dropped us home
from Ms.

pexels photo 4348401

Malti's house. She was alive at the time.
She even walked us to the door. Wait a minute, sir. I posted a photo with Ms. Malti
on social media yesterday. She even give it a 'like
' at 11.30 p.m. Okay. You guys can leave for now. We'll call you
if there's a need. Okay. Any news on Meeta? Her phone is still switched off. We're trying to find
her address. Hurry up.
– Sir. They didn't suspect anything,
right? No, we didn't say anything
to the Police. All right.
See you. Let Anu go home, or the Police
will be suspicious. Suspicious about what? Tell her she's
with her boyfriend. Until you find me a prey,
Anu is going to stay with me. Let's go. Please help me. He comes in the night and.. Stop murmuring.
Let's go. We know Param was
blackmailing Nidhi and Anu. But even after
a murder was committed they didn't tell the truth
to the Police.

The reason? Fear. Fear is a big factor which
makes us an accomplish to crimes, despite
our good intentions. Remember, hiding the truth
can be as damaging as
committing a crime. Sir, I checked Rajesh's alibi.
He was on the shoot. We saw him in the stills from
the shoot on social media. But then, he disappeared
from 12-12.15 from the set. And was back at around
2-2:30 p.m. Find out where Rajesh was
from 2-2:30 p.m. – Sir. Sir, we brought Meeta. She took a huge amount
of drugs. Jewelries belonging to Marti
were found in her house. But all of Malti
jewelery were fake. Let's see if Smita knew
about that. Oh dear. She's crying.

I guess she didn't take
Malti's death so well. She needs my help. Wake up. Now that you're awake tell us why you killed
your aunt? Why would I kill her? During the time of her
murder, your cell phone has located you around
her house. We also found out that when your
aunt refused to give you money You leaked Rajesh Mishra's
photos on social media.

Yes. I did leak his photo. because I got mad after
he refused to give me money. So why were you at her place
on the night of the murder? Answer me. Sir, I went to visit
my drug peddler. He lives there. But.. I didn't have money.
Somebody told he can help me.
He can give me drugs. If I spent one night with him.
– Who was he? Who?
– Sir, I don't remember. We found your
aunt Malti's jewelery in your house.
Do you know what it means? You have become a prime suspect. Jewelery doesn't prove that I am the murderer. I wanted it for shooting.
So I borrowed it. Even her jewelry was fake
just like her. So why did you ask her
for money? – Because she had. But she didn't want to give it
to me. Do you know all her jewelry
and property as in whose name?
– Whose? In the name of
that animal charity.

Because my aunt used to think my life is worse than
those animals. All the relatives of Malti knew
that the jewelry she has is fake.
Still somebody robbed those. Perhaps to show this murder
as robbery. Or perhaps he didn't know
the jewelry are fake. He entered the house
for robbery and murdered her.
Sharma, arrest all the history sheeters.
– Sir. Sir, he was leaving fr London.
– Didn't I tell you not to leave the city?
You were leaving the country.

Sir, try to understand me.
She's my wife. She will divorce me.
– First tell me. Where were you missing
for two hours from your set? Actually, I.. I need a clear answer.
Where were you? Sir, I was with the girl
in my film. Don't you get enough? Your wife should divorce you. Confirm his alibi.
And keep him in lock up. Leave me. Get out.
– You should get out. This is my house. My agreement of five months
is not complete yet. If I told police about this
think what will happen to you? Get out and don't you ever
show me your face again. Tell them to round up all the
history sheeters of that area. Hello sir!
– Shambhu, bring one tea. Did you find out anything?
– No, sir.

It was not a gang
from my area. Also, nobody came
to sell jewellery. But I have an information. There was a biker gang
in Madhya Pradesh. Six years back
all of them got caught. But one of them
was seen in Noida. Jeevan.
Actually he should be in jail. Jeevan. You are so exposed..
There's no customer here. What now?
– Shut up and get out. Just wait and watch how I
sell your body. 'Making the rikshaw stop
after the next two streets' 'of Shalini's house.' 'Then entering her house
throught the street.' 'There's no CCTV.' 'Also, leaving the phone
at house.' Hey, Nidhi! Sorry, I came without informing. It's okay.
Come inside. Let it be.
Come. Thank you. Can I get some water?
It's really hot outside. You sit here.
I will get you water. I was just bringing. I was very thirsty. You have a beautiful house.
Can you give me a tour? Sure. This is my bedroom. Come, let me show you
the master bedroom. It's a beautiful house.
– Thank you so much. Okay, I should leave now.
– Nidhi.. At least give me your
contact number.

So that we can stay in touch. Actually, two days back
I lost my phone. Soon I will buy a new one.
Then I will contact you. I will also send you my link.
There you can write whatever you want. Don't worry, Nidhi. I'll write good things. You're just the best. Bye. Bye. Sir, Malti did between
11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Her throat was slit
with a kitchen knife. No fingerprints
were found on it. The jugular vein was cut. The cause of death
was excessive bleeding. The body has a few signs
of struggle. A kitchen knife was used. It means, the theft didn't come
with intention to murder. Malti might've seen him stealing and he felt the need
to kill her. What of the CCTV footage? A CCTV camera is on the opening
of street of Malti's house. We checked its footage
of around the time of death. Apart from Nidhi, no suspicious
person appeared on it. And we checked the others' CDR. Their location
was of their houses. Is there any other way
to go to her house? No, sir, there are only couple
of houses in the street.

Who's this that appeared
and disappeared on thin air? Now.. I don't want any drama
like last time. Finally, we got something good! It's all because of you. Thank you, mastermind. It's all right but that Nidhi.. She's going to create a scene. Darn it! Don't you worry. If we do a few more jobs we'll have lots of money. 'Jai Hind', sir!
– 'Jai Hind'. Pooja.
– Sir. Her throat was slit
with this house's knife.

It was left behind. After theft, all the money
and jewelry are gone. Sir, the modus operandi
of this case is the same as
Malti Sena's case. Yes, so far we've assumed
that she was killed due to personal hatred. But the modus operandi of this case is the same. It appears to be
the job of a gang. Singh.
– Yes, sir. This case is of your area
of jurisdiction but we're taking over it. Sharma, coordinate with him. Sir. Happy birthday. Sir, these four women
were murdered. All of them were either single widows or divorcees. They all had lots of money. Apart from this these four share
another connection. What is it? They were members
of a yoga studio's of different franchise and Nidhi is an instructor
there. This is the connection! Bring her here. Sir we searched Nidhi's house. She had left home at afternoon. She never returned. Sir.. Anu.. Sir, were all these
murder really done by Nidhi? We'll ask questions here. Where were you? And where's Nidhi? Sir, I've been
with boyfriend, Param for the past three days. If you have any connection
with the thefts tell us now.

You won't get this chance later. No, I have nothing to do
with these thefts! Thinking about those dates.. I was with Param
on those days! Nidhi used to tell me that a boy would
come to meet her. She'd ask me to leave. I now understand why she used to do that. I didn't do anything. If you get any call from Nidhi or get any information on her inform us in that very moment. Yes, sir. You may leave for now. She's not as innocent
as she looks. Keep an eye on her
and her boyfriend. Put Nidhi's phone
up for tracking. Check CCTV footages of all the areas where the theft were made from Nidhi's point of view. See if you can find anyone
with her. Sir. She was our prime suspect. Who murdered her? Maybe her friend. Maybe because of money. Check. Yes, sir.
Also, sir she was strangled to death. Yes, she was attacked from back.
That means she might have tried to escape. That's why she was attacked
on her back. The dead body is in a bag.

That means this is not the place
were she was murdered. She was murdered somewhere else and got dumped here. Pooja, check his pocket. We may get her mobile phone. No, sir. Fine, send
the body for post mortem. Sharma, find her partner. Yes, sir. Sir. Sir, watch this video uploaded
by someone to the internet. It's Nidhi changing
her dress. Sir, I had gone to Nidhi's house
t get her. This is her house
it seems.

That means someone attached
a hidden camera in her house. Find the source
of this video. Who might have
done that, sir? I shifted here
just two months back. I've no idea, sir. Show him the video. Look at this video. It's you who made
this video viral, right? Tell us. We found its source. The IP address
belongs to your computer. And we got
that hard drive too. Sir, I used to love Nidhi
a lot. She didn't agree so I thought
I can blackmail her after shooting a video of her. Sir, she came to my house
after watching this video. She thrashed me. How dare you attach a camera
in a girl's room who is of your daughter's age? Aren't you ashamed
of yourself? You are..
– I'll inform the police. Look, sir. She injured me here too.

She thrashed me severely, sir. My condition
had become very bad, sir. Then she left, sir. Sir, look at this. Sir, Nidhi went to Shalini's
house in the afternoon. And she returned in
just an hour. Look at this. Same clothes. Do as I say. Check the footages of all the crime scenes. And find out
were all you can find Nidhi. I'm sure that he has partner
who committed all these crimes. Sir, just a minute. Sir, look at this. At all those locations
these people on the bike were following them. And the bike is different
in every footage. Sir, I checked
all those vehicle numbers. All of them are fake. You are a very smart criminal. But there is an expiry date
to every smartness. And today is your expiry date. You have a garage, right? You swindle a lot along with your
this girlfriend. And you use a different bike for every loot. We found a lot of stolen goods
from your garage. And Nidhi used to find
targets for you, right? You murdered Nidhi, isn't it? Sir, what you are saying
is right. But we didn't murder Nidhi, sir.

Sir, she was my friend. Yes, I read her messages. She thought Param
abducted you. Both of you were fooling her. Am I right?
– No. Sir, were supposed to do
a loot today. We needed Nidhi.
Why would we murder her? 'One last loot.' 'Please.
– Okay.' 'Last one.' Yes, sir. I'm sure that Sanjay
Jha is the one who murdered her. He had been flirting
with her since several days. In fact, he wrote off
my one month rent too as I kept his gift in Nidhi's bedroom.

If you do something for me then I will not take any rent
from you this month. Sanjay Jha can't kill Nidhi. Because Nidhi killed Sanjay. But I didn't kill her either. Sir.. Sir, this is Nidhi's
post mortem report. She was raped
before she got killed. But we didn't find
any semen sample. Sir, a throwing knife was used
to kill her. Then she was choked to death. Throwing knife?
– Yes, sir. Some fancy people use them.
It's like the dart board. Sir, we have traced
Nidhi's phone. It was switched off on the route
between Sanjay Jha's house and our police station. It means, maybe she was coming to the police
station to confess. And she went missing on her way. Check all the CCTV
in this route.

Find out from where
she went missing. Sir. Sir, look at this. But the problem
is that the car is too far. The number plate is not
visible clearly. Sir, I checked the time
from Nidhi's CDR. Her phone was switched
off a few minutes after she got into this car. She sat in the car instantly. It seems she knew this man
quite well. That's why she went to her car
despite being so stressed. Hold on, stop. Play it again. Rewind. That's it, stop. Look. That boy is standing
on the driver's side.

Maybe he saw that man. Sir, I don't remember
his face clearly. But he was wearing a cap. And there was a bird
drawn on it. Bird?
– Yes. Are you sure, that's the bird?
– Yes, sir. Just like this one. Take this.
– No, sir. Take it.
– No, sir. Sir.. – Come on.
– It's okay, sir. Sir..
– Please. Keep it. Sir, have this. Thank you. Thank you. Gupta.. Sir. – Circulate this sketch to
nearby police stations. It's different.
It is the logo of a cap. Check if someone knows it.
– Okay, sir. – Wait, Gupta. Sir, this logo belongs to Pankaj
Shah's production house. This is their company logo.
When I went to arrest him I saw this logo
on a desktop monitor. Sure? – Yes, sir. You must be having
their details. – Yes. Get his address.
– Okay. Sir, leave me..
What is my crime? Inspector, you don't have
any proof against me.

Everybody has a knife like that.
– You don't know that we've evidence against you.
We've got a lot of evidence. The day Nidhi was murdered we have your and Nidhi's
call location. They belong to the same area.
And your car in which you gave
a lift to Nidhi. That car which you sold
to Anand Finance has been captured
in the CCTV. Third.. That boy..
He saw you and Nidhi together. He has made your sketch
with your special hat which has your company logo.
The biggest evidence of all.. Nidhi's teeth
has your blood traces. While you were raping her,
she bit you. I didn't let her bite me! There is your confession!
What to say, Sharma? Well, sir.. Almost. Tell me the entire story. I was ruined because of Nita. I didn't have any work or money. Then, I saw the viral video
of Nidhi and the comments. A girl like her..
Actually, sir.. People like watching
rave videos. I used to know Nidhi. She
had met me a number of times and had auditioned for me
for shows and modeling.

That day, I met her
on the road. Hi, Nidhi. Pankaj Saha from
the casting group. Remember? Hi! – What's wrong?
Where are you going? To the police station.
– What! Sit. I can help.
Hope in. Sir.. Fresh flowers. Please take some, sir.
– I don't want it. – Please. Nidhi, instead of going
to the police make use of the situation.
In our industry every publicity
is lucrative. Work for me for a year. I'll make you a star.
– I've come for modeling. Pull over. Please.
– Okay. Chill. Wait. Okay. Chill. Pooja, make a video of him
getting beaten. His groaning
should also be heard. – Sir. Just one complaint from Nita changed Pankaj's life. He lost
his work and money. Whereas Nita was involved
in Pankaj's illegal work. Nita's mistake made Pankaj
so desperate that he could do
anything for money. Because of the desperation,
he killed Nidhi. Whereas Anu and Parab
planned everything and laid a trap
and used Nidhi.

So, it is important for us
to know people near us and also think
before we do something. I, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya,
will sign off now. We'll meet again
in Crime Patrol Satark with a true and new episode.
Take care of yourself and stay safe.
Jai Hind!.

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