Apple — Inclusion & Diversity — Open

♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ Open. Open a door,
and it opens all the others. Open a mind,
and see what happens next. No great thing,
no beautiful invention was created in a vacuum. It happens when we leave
our comfort zone and come together, embrace faiths, cultures,
disabilities, differences. Embrace races, ages,
ideologies, personalities, creating a tool or device
nobody saw coming. Humanity is plural,
not singular. The best way the world works is everybody in, nobody out. So, who we're made of
is everyone. Differences not just celebrated
but essential. Many more women in charge, equal pay for equal work

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A new generation of Apple, more diverse than the one
that came before. Open is not just
who we are, but what we believe
as a company. Because humanity
isn't singular. It's plural. ♪ The truth is,
we don't see things the same. The power is,
we don't see things the same. ♪.

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