Day in the life of a Hootsuite social media manager (2022 WFH EDITION… kinda)

hey i'm shannon and today we're going to 
show you a day in the life of hootsuite's   expert social media team come with me we're 
going to find out how they take their coffee   their favorite meditation poses what they 
packed for lunch every day also their tips for   acquiring new customers and proving business 
results because customers just don't fall   from the sky you know like 81 of customers 
actually say that a brand's online presence   is just as important as their in-store presence so 
like social media is more important than ever and   with social commerce blowing up the stakes are so 
high i probably should have had less coffee today   oh looks like everyone's working 
from home today anyone here hello hi my name is eileen and i'm on 
the social team here at hootsuite   some of my responsibilities are managing 
and creating content for our facebook   tick tock and instagram as well as supporting 
with our employee advocacy program amplify   hey everyone my name is julie i take care of all 
german speaking social media channels so twitter   facebook and linkedin hey everyone my name 
is braden and i am the social marketing and   employee advocacy lead here at hootsuite 
uh what does that mean it means i lead   our instagram tic talk facebook and employee 
advocacy strategies what's the first thing you   do every morning now you probably hear this a 
lot but the first thing i do in the morning is   grab a coffee i need it to function in my meetings 
to make tick tocks in every task that i do how do you keep up with new platforms and 
competition the first thing i've noticed   is always jump on trends very quickly we found 
success of adopting that strategy in our tick   tock and our instagram and whenever we're 
engaging in a conversation that's trending   we tend to do well and people click back to our 
profile i follow a ton of different brand accounts   and business accounts on social media experts and 
gurus and things like that and that's where i find   all of the latest tips and tricks and trends 
within the industry read our hootsuite blog   because everything new and noteworthy about 
platforms algorithms new hootsuite features   will be on there so i try to keep on top of that 
so i i'm always informed i use hootsuite streams   what else it's the best tool how do you get new 
customers so being on the social team we always   focus on brand awareness and we always think what 
type of content our followers would like to see   so whether that's thinking about explaining 
the instagram algorithm or talking about   different hashtags they can use i try to find ways 
that i can create an engaging carousel or video   so it's easy for um consumers to digest and 
engage with is we use a multi-faceted approach   with our social strategies so we combine organic 
social media and paid social media to not only you   know keep our followers engaged keep our community 
engaged with organic content but also reach new   audiences and kind of broaden our follower base 
with paid social media i drive to their house i   ask them they would like to sign up for hootsuite 
what's the best way to take a break in the middle   of the day so the best way that i take a break 
during the middle of the day is honestly cooking   i've recently been getting into making different 
pasta sauces so every day i've been like making   a different recipe i'll show you what i usually 
do so you can probably guess how i break out my   day um i go for a walk with one of these pairs of 
shoes whether it's raining or sunny in the city   going out with your colleagues to eat 
or a coffee break or for a quick walk   just to get your mind off work for a second say hi how do you save time that comes with a no-brainer 
response obviously hootsuite i use it to schedule   everything i do to monitor all my dms to like 
track all of my analytics so that has been my   secret weapon not so secret weapon at this point 
to save myself time every day i block off my   entire google calendar with pretty much everything 
i need to get done that way i'm not wasting time   doing random things or in meetings that i don't 
need to be in time blocking it's a huge hat   prioritizing my tasks weekly but also daily so 
at the top of every week i make a to-do list of   everything i need to get done in the week my due 
dates and yeah who's involved in the task so i   know um on what day i'll be i'll be doing those 
tasks and when i need to do those the best way   i save time is by not asking for permission just 
forgiveness what's your best advice for someone   in the early stages of building their social media 
presence my advice would be to find your niche   and understand your target audience well that's 
going to help you with your strategy finding which   platforms work best with them and finding out what 
language you want to use to cater to them the most   first things first is just test test tests try 
every content type every content format every   different creative format see what works for your 
personal brand or your organization and pivot from   there check to see what performs best and then 
move forward with that type of content going   forward don't stop don't get frustrated and don't 
be scared to try new things because ultimately the   only way to get to know your follower base your 
customers or get new customers is to try and see   what they like so if you're posting something that 
they like you get good reactions good engagement   you keep doing it if they don't like it you just 
stop but the only way you're gonna find out is   through trial and error what's the last thing you 
do before logging off for the day okay and there   are two things i do before i log off for the day 
the first thing is just being able to check all   our mentions going through our instagram facebook 
tick tock channels responding to some people if   they reach out to us and i also make sure that i 
have all my content scheduled and who see for the   next day one of the last things i do is check all 
my slacken email messages make sure i've ticked   off all my boxes on my to-do list and i reach out 
to my team to see if there's anything else i need   to help out with before the end of day the last 
thing i do before i log off for the day is i defog   my goggles it's very important oh they're actually 
not bad today okay that's it that's the whole day i need a healthy snack feeling a bit low 
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