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I just went from zero to a five hundred Thousand dollar Trader in just two weeks In today's video I'm gonna explain to You my exact process that I used to pass A 500 000 funding challenge with a Company called First Class Forex funds I Purchased my 500 000 evaluation passed It in a week and a half and I'm gonna Show you exactly how you can do the same And become a funded Trader in today's Video I'm going to give you all of my Tips secrets and tricks that I use to Find high probability and high winning Profitable trades that you can replicate On the markets to become an official Professional funded Trader What's going on awesome people of YouTube Jay here from the Millennium Mindset YouTube channel and on my Channel I document my journey on various Ways that I use to make money online From Trading to drop shipping Ecommerce Drop servicing affiliate marketing cost Per action marketing and building a Brand and a business around content Creation if you want to get a daily Notification from me saying to your Phone every time I upload my latest way Of how I used to make mine online make Sure to go down below to this movie Monster YouTube channel subscribe with The red notification button so that you Don't miss an update all of the Information that I teach on my YouTube

Channel is completely free for you guys To go and watch as my full-time thing Off of YouTube is trading that is where I make the majority of my money so I Don't need to go and charge for a Thousand or a two thousand dollar course Here on YouTube I purely enjoy creating Content and building my own brand as per The introduction of today's video I'm Going to be showing you how I became a 500 000 professional Trader with first Class Forex fans and how you can go and Do this same and apply for any one of Their evaluation packages first class Forexfunds.com is one of the leading Industry Concepts in prop form trading You can get funding of up to a million Dollars and receive up to 90 of those Profits I'm not going to go too much Detail about them because I want to get To the juicy stuff a little bit later But firstly what you need to go and do Is if you want to become funded is sign Up with the prop trading firm now I Firstly advise before you go and apply For your first evaluation you need to Have some kind of trading experience or At least be a profitable Trader the Valuation consists of two phases that You need to pass before you get your Live account that is phase one which you Need to achieve eight percent of your Account size in 30 trading days once you Pass that you go to phase two which is

Five percent of your trading account Size in 30 trading days for example if You're going for the 500 000 account you Need to make forty thousand dollars Profits on the evaluation phase in order To pass to phase two once you're on Phase two you need to make the next Target of 25 thousand dollars before you Go and get your Live account you will Need to pay a refundable registration Fee of anywhere between two hundred and Five dollars and two thousand four Hundred dollars depending on your Account size you can get funded from Anywhere between twenty five thousand Dollars and five hundred thousand Dollars the maximum being one million Which means you are allowed two 500 000 Evaluation and Live accounts at the same Time I'm currently in the process of Passing my second 500 000 account which Would mean a total of a million dollars Funding once you've signed up your Evaluation you'll receive an email with Your login details to metatrader 4 or Metatrader five where you can go and Start placing your trades to the juicy Stuff how I actually analyze my charts And how I place my trades on my Valuation accounts and my live funded Accounts I'm gonna go and use the Example of gold in today's video is this Is a pair that I mostly trade in the US Session firstly you need to pay

Attention to this part of this video If You really want to succeed at this and Become a funded professional Trader I Operate on four main time frames High Time frame on the four hour chart Refinement down to the 15 minutes and Then the 5 minutes and one minute chart For entry confirmations my chart Consists of one indicator that is called Sessions D if you come over to Indicators and you go and search session It will be this first one at the top or The third one at the top over here Sessions Asia London New York and tells You when the different trading sessions Of the day open up the two main sessions I only trade is London session and New York session London session being this Yellow section the red section being the US session within the London session you Want to mostly be looking at Europe and Great British pound pairs because they Are most volatile in those sessions us Session I mostly look at gold or us13 London session I usually look at Euro USD and Great British pound Japanese Yen Like I said this is very important that You follow this part of this video Because this is where the juicy and the Most valuable information that you can Possibly receive as an aspiring Trader Today here on YouTube firstly on the a Four hour chart as you can go and see The market is currently very bullish the

Market is breaking higher highs tapping Into demand zones continuing higher Breaking higher highs tapping into Demand zones breaking another high Tapping into demand Zone continuing its Move up and so forth and so forth so as You can see as of today at the moment on The 12th of December the market is in a Very bullish mode it is always important To understand the higher time frame Analysis in order for you to get high Probability setups on the lower time Frame so the first thing I will go and Look at is the most recent break of Structure understanding we are currently In a bullish Trend doesn't mean we just Have to buy the market there's been Plenty times where I've been shorting And selling in Bull markets and many Times where I've been buying and placing Long positions in Bear markets now that We understand Trend the second part of My system is supply and demand zones not Just any but unmitigated supply and Demand zones so the most recent breakup Structure would be this low over here Which I'm going to highlight as a Breakup structure the market broke this Lower low causing an unmitigated Supply Zone to form which was the last up move That formed inefficiency and the fair Value Gap yesterday at this point in the Market was mitigated in the U.S session Which was a perfect opportunity for

Sales we have another break of structure Over here causing a higher high which Was formed by this demand Zone down here Which we can expect a mitigation into Perhaps later in the day or tomorrow or Later in the week so let's go and Highlight this as the demonzer because This week over here was the last down Move before the big up move that formed Inefficiency that has formed liquidity Below this demand Zone Over here We can definitely expect the Continuation of the bullishness from This demands and over here but nothing Is stopping us from looking for shorts To this demand zone so if we go and have A look more closely and more recently we Had a break of a lower low over here Formed by The following supplies on I just want to Set this as a breakup structure formed By the supply Zone over here which is Currently about to become mitigated Because this was the last up move that Formed a down move and a big inefficient Push that caused the breakup structure Which you'll see over here on the 15 Minute time frame has formed quite a lot Of liquidity in this area just below This demand Zone where hundreds of Thousands and millions of dollars in Orders have been placed we can go and Expect the market to go and sweep this

Liquidity to collect all of these funds Thirdly we need to go and refine our Four hour zones down to the 15 minute Chart which you'll see over here If I come up to our initial Supply Zone This is our giant four hour Zone over Here which my refined Zone would be the Supply Zone Which too has already been mitigated Yesterday afternoon and take a look at The beautiful offer opportunity over Here that we could have looked for Shorts this following area I would take This Supply Zone over here as this was The last and most recent up move that Caused the big down move the break of Structure the liquidity which we can Also expect to mitigate perhaps later Today in the US session which is just Starting in an hour so we can definitely Prepare to look for shorts from the Supply Zone to longer demand zones Further down here on the 50 minute time Frame we repeat the same process our Most recent breakup structure which Happened over here let me just delete This liquidity Point Break of structure Which was caused by this demand Zone Over here which we could perhaps look For a retracement into the zone to Continue to the supply Zone and look for Long positions from here we repeat the Same process on the five minutes and we Refine our 15 minutes to five minute

Zones so over here that would be my most Recent five-minute Zone which was the Last up move that formed the inefficient Push that caused the breakup structure All I would like to see is perhaps a Confirmation for this demand zone is More liquidity building just above the Zone for the sweep the tap in and the Continuation higher there are three main Criterias that you need to take into Consideration before highlighting any Supply and demand Zone it must form an Inefficient push a break of structure And there must be liquidity building Above or below that zone you can't just Go and highlight any random Supply or Demand Zone such as this one over here Such as this one over here because You're just going to have too many and There's going to be what you call a Pajama stripe effect on your chart where You're absolutely just confuse yourself And you have no idea which zone to go And look for trades from I always take The most recent candle that has formed The breakup structure the inefficient Push that is forming liquidity and if The market tends to go and break this Supply Zone like this then we know Supply is now in control The market would have formed another Supply Zone up top here to mitigate the Supply form a change of character and to Continue lower to lower demand zones the

Number one thing you always need to Remember in trading is never predict Always react on what price gives you and That is exactly what I want to emphasize What I'm showing you today if price Reacts of this demand Zone forms a Change of character there is our Confirmation for an entry to go along if Price breaks this demand Zone forms a Supply Zone Taps into the supply Zone Forms a change of character to continue For shorts so simply it's a game of Reacting on what price gives you instead Of trying to predict understanding a Higher time frame bias that we are in a Very bullish Market we can definitely Expect the market to overpower Supply Zones breaking Supply zones causing Demands to be in control The market perhaps coming back to these Demand zones for the continuation higher This is what I would at least to expect From gold in the next couple of days but Again it's just a matter of reacting Instead of trying to predict so this Would be my current setup on gold I Would wait for price to reach either one Of my zones I would set my loads over Here on this demand Zone and I would set In a loads of the supply Zone look for a Confirmation entry which would be your Change of character a change of Character is the following for example If we are reaching up to a supply Zone

There's liquidity forming we have a Mitigation of that Supply Zone sweeping All of this liquidity The market reacting breaking a structure Causing a break of structure over here Leaving an unmitigated Supply and our Entry would be on this Supply Zone over Here with your stop loss above that Supply Zone your TP point at the next Unmitigated demand zone so this would be My entry criteria on the supply Zone if I get a confirmation same criteria on This following demand Zone I would wait For price to form liquidity below this Demand Zone over here A sweep of that liquidity tapping into The demand Zone forming a change of Character breaking that structure Leaving an unmitigated demand Zone Tapping into that continuing the move Higher in that case I would put I would Place a long on this change of character Running my TP point to the next Unmitigated Supply Zone again it's a Matter of reacting on what price gives You using the strategy on my valuation 500 000 account is exactly how I Achieved my target profit of my Phase 2 Where I made over thirty one thousand Dollars in just four trading days where My target was 25 000 I Then I then Passed phase two all I'm waiting for is My five hundred thousand dollar Live Account details to be sent to me I've

Now been sent my certificates telling me I'm a first last Forex fund professional Funded Trader but before we go I'm gonna Give you an entire trading course here On YouTube completely for free more in Depth on my particular system that I use To go and pass my trading funding Challenges and to become a professional Funded Trader I could on honestly charge At least a thousand dollars plus once Off or a hundred dollars a month for This information in a private Discord or In a private mentorship area but Everything I am teaching is on my YouTube channel completely for free in One simple playlist if you want to get Your hands on that playlist all I would Appreciate is leave a like on this video Subscribe to this YouTube channel with The red notification Bell on comment Down below that you're ready and I'll Leave a link to the playlist on the Screen over here somewhere so what I Recommend is if you want to go and get That full course on my entire trading System I'm going to leave my entire Trading playlist over here so make sure To go and click on this playlist over Here and I'll see you over there

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