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hello there assam alaikum welcome to our 
channel travel with sophia zeb where we post   about canadian immigration and our life in canada 
vlogs with three kids as most of you know that   i was studying a full-time course 
during the last year in 2021 and   i was working as well so and most of you as you 
have seen in my stories and videos that i studied   uh digital marketing so i got a lot of queries 
how is this as a career how is digital marketing   career in canada and whether you should opt for 
it or not as a pr or as a student who is coming   here to canada for um as an international student 
so guys first of all let me tell you that um this   is an this is a one-year course which included 
two semesters of courses and one semester of co-op   or work work term or internship whatever you 
call it i will tell also tell you the difference   between these three so stay tuned and uh let's 
go so guys this is going to be a pretty long   video so i will cut it into two parts this is 
part one where i will tell you what did where   did i study and what was the program all about and 
what am i doing right now and then in the second   part i will tell you how is the digital marketing 
career in canada like in the industry what the   jobs are how you can apply for this digital 
marketing jobs in canada after the course so um   and let's go to the first part and first of 
all as i said it is a two semesters course   so if you are uh if you want to apply um as a pr 
if you are in canada the best part is that this   is fully funded by osap this program and i studied 
at george brown college toronto and this is their   website this is how you can apply you can go to if you are a domestic student   or an international student apply there give the 
registration register ontario colleges dot ca   and pay some fees that was around one uh 150 125 
to 150 dollars i think they have increased it a   bit and once you register there you can apply to 
different colleges uh there are three options that   you can apply to and different colleges different 
programs or even if you have if you if you can if   you want to apply you can apply to two different 
programs at the same college so what i did was   i wanted to study specifically digital media 
marketing in canada that's why i opted for george   brown college because uh there was a course uh at 
seneca college and at centennial college and both   were first of all i would say that um george brown 
college is at the hub of in in downtown toronto so   first of all the because of the location secondly 
because it is uh one of the top colleges that   is offering this a course that was the shortest 
plus in the plus because of the location because   of their rating because of their professors and 
because of the co-op term i really wanted to go   for the co-op term it's uh let's talk about the 
course itself first of all let's talk about the   program it was eight months two semesters included 
and we i started in may it was the spring semester   and uh which started in may so the first semester 
was may june july august we had our mid break   and after the first semester which was 
around two weeks and then we we had our   second semester starting in uh september october 
november and uh december so it was like you know   it's usually um around three months one semester 
is usually around three three and a half months   and you get some break in between as well and 
so the whole december was like we had our final   exams we had our assignments we had our projects 
to hand over and complete and from december 16   up till december uh up till january 5th i had my 
break and uh our internship or co-op was supposed   to start from january 5 up till april uh 22nd of 
april so why i would say that i opted for this   program which includes the co-op internship 
first of all let's talk about what is the   difference between these three co-op is basically 
it usually pays you it is funded by most of the   times it is funded by the government they pay 
the companies the employers uh some minimum wage   and it really depends upon the employers as well 
if they they will usually give you somewhere   around 14 to 20 dollars because it's a co-op 
position everybody knows that you are fresh out of   college and the employers unfortunately like all 
the other countries they are not willing to give   give you a permanent position straight away with 
a lot of benefits and with a lot of like with a   higher weight salary so that is one thing and the 
co-op is usually 35 hours to 40 hours it really   depends upon the company differs from company to 
company and the wage also differs from company to   company and saturday sundays obviously you don't 
work so you will not get the pay for that so   this is this will be very minimum wage but your 
tax will be deducted and it will it will come to   your bank account after the deduction of the tax 
tax and everything okay and uh now coming to the   internship position what is the internship 
internship is basically lesser than the   uh co-op and lesser hours lesser wage and um it 
is kind of same but it is usually and it can be   paid or unpaid and usually pay you a step in or 
and the work term is usually not it pays zero   okay so as we were talking about the um funding 
osap is like osap fully funds this program but   the best part was because i was doing it during 
the times of corvette during last year 2021 so i   had to do it all online and i was working also on 
from home so it was uh the perfect scenario for me   i used to take flexible shifts at my workplace 
like you know depending upon my classes   and whenever i used to finish my class i used to 
start my work and also i used to work saturdays   and sundays and i used to take two week days off 
so it was a pretty hectic schedule in terms of   like when you are a family when you have kids and 
when you have a family like you know you have to   give them time but then you know i started 
it off and it was a short course so i just   you know um i just jumped at it and i was like 
okay fine you know time flies by and it did   so i'm happy that my decision um was uh the best 
because that was the best time i could study from   home now they are starting the same course you 
have to go it's a hybrid model for most of the   programs so you really have to find out which one 
is best because usually the online courses are   designed as such that uh for for working 
schedules for busy schedules who have work   so some some of them are fully funded by osap 
some of them are usually partially funded all   the online courses are usually partially funded by 
osap so you really have to find out get all that   information call the college and find out what 
the requirements are and about the requirements   the admission requirements you really have to have 
a either a three-year diploma you have to have a   bachelor degree or some relevant experience in the 
marketing because i had both so i had no problems   i gave the english placement test either you have 
to give the english placement test or the isles   and there are a few uh colleges 
that exempt you from that   niagara college and like some others but i didn't 
want to go that like go to those colleges because   uh we were not sure when the in-person thing 
will start and i couldn't go to niagara for sure   uh for my in-person classes so this was the 
best decision and then i started my co-op   then there was a portal uh gbc careers where i 
applied for my uh internship co-op everything   is advertised there all the employers put in 
their job requirements their job positions   for the interns and co-ops and you can apply 
there put in your cv it's a dashboard you create   your profile along with your documents and see 
resumes and cover letter then you send it to your   specific whoever you like like you know if you 
like some job uh just apply through that portal   and you will get the reply from this with the 
same from the same portal first of all why should   you opt for a co-op or work done position because 
although it is tougher when they don't pay you if   it's an internship or work term when they don't 
pay you they usually give you very less hours   and very less pay like you know academic work term 
is you work somewhere but you don't get get paid   at all but those are very limited so you can work 
in the other hours you can work whatever your job   is at a like you know at tim hortons or walmart 
or whatever or work from home or do whatever job   you're doing you know so they give you enough 
time so that you can support your family as   well you can earn the bread and butter as well 
along with this unpaid internship to get your   feet um you know in the industry i would say that 
this is the best thing that you are being pushed   i would say by your college uh to do and to do a 
co-op to do an internship and they actually give   you a full platform where you can apply so that's 
about it if you have any questions you can write   in the comment section below and let's talk about 
the international students who want to apply here   as this is a one year uh course so you 
can apply as an international student   the domestic student fees is around four 
thousand five hundred dollars canadian dollars   but for international students it's around 
15 000 to 16 000 canadian dollars everything   is on their website you can go check it there 
and how to apply as an international student   there will be the student advisor you can call 
them up you can email them and they will give   you all the information and also since it's a 
post graduate certificate so so you can and one   year program so you can come here study and also 
bring your spouse and dependent children with you   and second thing is because it's a one-year 
program so you will get a one-year work permit   after this so and you can work and then you know 
count those uh that score count your score towards   the pr or express entry or whatever the 
immigration uh pathway you want to choose so   many people do that they go for one-year degree 
a one-year program this program and then they   take another program one year whatever they feel 
that their need is probably in strategic marketing   or in international business or whatever 
graphic designing from some other college   so they they their course is of uh becomes of 
two years they start study duration extends to   two years and then they get the work permit 
for three years to stay in canada and work   and by the end of that complete uh two plus 
three years five years or in between there they   accumulate enough points to score as a to qualify 
uh to apply for the pr program so it is totally   up to you what you decide is good for yourself if 
you can pay that fees as an international student   because even if you are in canada on a student 
visa then you apply again for another program you   will have to pay the international fees so that 
is going to be but then you will be earning on   the side you will be earning in canadian dollars 
so that's totally up to you i hope you have and   if you have any questions you can reach out to 
me i have my instagram channel my facebook and that's it you can you can ask me for any other 
related questions you have and also if you want to   hear about any other thing any other 
topic you want me to talk about   please do share in the comment section 
below thank you so much for watching   and please like and subscribe our 
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