What I spend (and make!) in a week in Texas – 34/yo Social Media Manager with 5+ jobs

I have been wanting to do one of these 
videos forever and I don't know why I   have it so come spend the week with me 
and see what I spend in a week as a 34   year old Financial influencer with 
a day job in College Station Texas be all so first off let's talk about my Core 
weekly expenses and it is also the turnover   from one month to another this week so we're 
gonna see a lot of kind of big spending and big   money coming in it's a fun week so I spend zero 
dollars for my housing since I own a duplex and   I house hack it calculating off of last month 
my cost for electricity water sewer and trash   is gonna be 29.75 for this upcoming week my car 
insurance is going to cost me 30 dollars and 17   cents my phone 11.27 subscriptions are going to 
cost me seven dollars and seven cents totaling   out to 78.26 of essentially core expenses that get 
Auto deducted from my account whether I want to   spend that money or not I am debt free other than 
my duplex and the mortgage on that is covered by   my tenants rent so I don't have any debt that I 
pay on every month I do pay credit cards in full   every month and I treat them like debit but I do 
save and invest a pretty significant portion of   my income so on a weekly basis I send 125 to a 
Roth IRA and 125 dollars to my next Real Estate   Investment savings totaling 250 dollars for 
saving and Investments and that's the minimum   I add to that at the end of the month but that's 
what is auto detected so that totals out to 328.26   that I automatically spend every week and that is 
offset by my day job income I'm a Communications   coordinator at Texas A M I'm actually sitting in 
my new office if you don't recognize the space in   your reviewer for a while but here I make 728.63 
a week totaling out to about 52 Grand 8 year plus   I also make additional money from several side 
hustles that I have including budget girl the   YouTube channel and Associated stuff my short-term 
rental the AG wagon and of course my real estate   investment so let's get spending so this morning 
already on Monday I've had several meetings had   to respond to a bunch of emails and I've been 
drinking free work coffee and water I brought   my lunch today it is a Ramen cup with dehydrated 
veggies and actually some meat that we use did in   our dehydrator at home fill this about halfway 
with water and it is delicious I also brought   some home dried apple chips and Lunchable it's 
currently my lunch break so I am filming and doing   a little bit of shopping it is for the first time 
this year basically under 80 degrees in Texas so   I of course had to purchase fall clothing or shop 
for fall clothing there is a set of Steve Madden   sneakers platform sneakers that I think would be 
super comfortable for walking around campus and   look cute they were listed for 24 dollars plus 
eight dollars shipping but I got an offer after   I liked it to make them 25 total after shipping 
and I am making that purchase foreign I also need   to finish peel and stick wallpapering this wall 
I actually got this wallpaper which is a Target   brand at a salvage store for a dollar roll so 
cheap cheap and I need to finish organizing my   new office I'm going to Vlog the purchase in 
my budget real quick by the way you can get   this Google Sheets slash any other spreadsheet 
platform budget on my Etsy Shop it is under ten   dollars it is fantastic and helped me get out of 
33k worth of debt and now have built up a a net   worth of over 200k all right cancel office Decor 
plans Jacob and I are gonna run home check on   the dogs real quick and drop off a uh my uncle's 
birthday present uh this is what campus looks like   can I say hi hi sweetheart oh it's okay sweetie hello let's go here hi princess hi baby come on 12 and 16 cents to send the wallet package to 
Mississippi the girl at the UPS store was so sweet sweet gonna get it by the 31st and his birthday is 
the second so just in time it's several meetings   and trainings for to learn how to do things that 
are not my job but are the jobs of people who are   leaving um that I might have to do temporarily 
I haven't mentally and physically exhausted   all right just got a notification that I earned 
62.25 that's for about the last two weeks on my   Etsy Shop which is all passive income budgets 
and spreadsheets and digital downloads that   is low it's been on a downward Trend I was 
making sometimes over a thousand dollars on   Etsy which is amazing that means to me is that I 
need to make more products but it's a matter of   finding the time and stuff like that so I actually 
have a bunch that I've created that I just haven't   uploaded to Etsy so motivation but wonderful that 
I can make that money just for old stuff that I've   created and I didn't have to do anything brought 
in Spooky Little Cupcakes today with Oreo pudding   filling Jake and I made him last night and they're 
all gone except for one so I'm going to try to   offload that and I'm leaving and it's raining 
outside so walking across campus in the rain I got home and took a nap and Jacob made 
this really delicious fresh chicken pasta   and we also have like some veggies so we are 
37 down for the day and whatever I earned on   Etsy up good morning and happy Tuesday I went 
to bed at like 10 o'clock last night and slept   it it is 8 22 and I have to be at work at 8 30 
so I'm running a little bit late today I have   I don't have any set meetings but I have 
several projects that I need to work on   and I have a podcast and review at lunch that 
I need to attend happy Tuesday drinking free   coffee and I've got a bunch of work to do 
mostly getting it to uh do a bunch of stuff   they need to do the time is now so filing tickets 
scheduling shoots and stuff like that and content   and Facebook has been really buggy for both me 
and one of my student workers there's nothing I   can do about that but wait social media work is 
fun just paid 36 dollars for Brazos Wi-Fi which   is not even the Wi-Fi for my house this is for 
the AG wagon so it's a business expense I hate   it because the new park that we're in said 
they had Wi-Fi and there was excellent Wi-Fi   at the old park it was included I fought with 
them forever on it and there just wasn't good   Wi-Fi and I expect really good Wi-Fi to be 
at near every Airbnb throw it in the budget   and there we go just finished up with the how 
to money podcast I had a great time the guys   are great that will probably be out before 
this so I will link that podcast down below   now I'm gonna eat my struggle lunch and work 
on some more projects busy day and the weather   is so bad outside it's five o'clock it's been a 
really long day I did have a couple of minutes   the wallpaper a whole bunch of projects today 
had to plan a uh like a team lunch and stuff   like that other non-promotable work that only 
I will do I love my job but just just I've been   reading a lot about that and this Ring's 
a little true so headed home I feel sorry hello home and changed into some comfy clothes I 
just did a quick pick up of the bedroom I actually   put my clothes and stuff away and my lunchbox at 
all and then I just put away some dishes Jacob is   has made broth we're gonna do chicken and 
dumplings tonight so that's very exciting   and now I'm gonna chill we'll have a snack after I 
rest for a bit I have a script that I need to work   on I need to publish I need to publish I need to 
make a graphic to promote my latest video that I   dropped on social and stick that out there and 
some other kind of like piddly stuff to do I   haven't spent any money today but I am considering 
well other than the internet for the AG wagon but   I am considering purchasing a skirt that I saw 
on Poshmark I got an offer it's like lifted at 15   bucks it's not my usual style but it's really cute 
I might take a chance on it I don't know maybe well babies my little babies big one is sleeping 
okay another spammer on YouTube is using my   profile picture to try to direct people to a uh 
scam investment I now get to go through report   these go to the page ban them try to hide them 
from the channel and do like five or six other   things but depending on how strong the spot was 
yep there uh looks like about 20 hours ago they   went through and and I sincerely hope nobody 
Falls for it chicken and dumplings foreign I considered going to the gym that counts right 
yeah no gonna Gonna Take Along that that was great   I didn't really get a lot of work done tonight 
for any of my side hustles but I also didn't spend   anything today outside of business expenses so on 
to tomorrow good night good morning it's Wednesday   and this is my office gonna turn off the overhead 
so fairly big day today I just had to go get one   of the company cards we're taking one of our team 
members out for lunch she's leaving us and there's   also an all hands com meeting for the entire 
University so that's in the morning and then   the afternoon got some other stuff scheduled so 
busy day but free lunch true so I brought to you   today was this for breakfast and some coffee 
so I have to admit sometimes it's frustrating   but most of the time it's really fun to be on 
a college campus just because it's so Lively um a lot of fun stuff got assigned to me that 
needs to be done to me urgently I have about   three more hours worth of work to do but 
I'm gonna do it at home because Jacob and   I shared a ride and and he shouldn't have to 
stay up here for another three hours foreign good they'd obviously just had a pee pee party 
when I uh came before finished my work in two   hours it was great made a video sent out 
newsletter blah blah blah other stuff and   Jacob is going to very kindly treat Jimmy 
John's for dinner but there was a problem   he obviously can't get up right 
now Jacob what are you gonna do picked up did dinner Jimmy John's and while I 
was out I got a couple of alerts that I made some   Etsy sales we're not going to count those yet 
because we just count when I get paid and I also   got an invoice from my web guy for 70 pounds which 
I need to transfer into American dollars and pay   um Jacob also paid me he is half of the rent and 
utilities so plus 700.

pexels photo 4050319

Uh no money spent today   but tomorrow is the first so we'll definitely 
be having some money come in and out there   now I have to search for the other 
insole it's in the house somewhere today for lunch I'm gonna do leftover 
sandwich and leftover lunch from yesterday check the weather and it's going to get 
into the 90s later even though it's only   in the 70s now so I'm gonna go without 
the duster and just try this monochrome   so Jacob took a a couple of vacation days to 
make the Labor Day weekend even longer and   I'm going to work because I have a lot 
of projects to do we are getting pretty   excited on Saturday we're going to Austin he's 
actually going to a Mensa meeting so he's been   a minson member since he was like 16 15 or 
something like that he got invited to a game   day type thing at a game store in Austin and 
he's gonna go hang out try to make some Mensa   friend and we also put the dogs all in daycare 
for the day which is going to cost probably about   it's over 100 bucks we're gonna miss the 
little babies you saw how much fun they   are in the mornings they are always like that 
Maggie brings out all of the shoes and like   pulls the insoles out she doesn't chew 
on the shoes usually but she uh likes to   deconstruct them and scatter them throughout 
the house they like to get up at like 5 36.   purse so I was on my way out the door and there 
was a package and I thought it was the shoes that   I ordered earlier in the week and so I was like oh 
I want to try the new shoes it was not it was my   renfare top that I ordered so I want to try that 
on I was wearing my purse crossbody I took it off   I did not bring it back out with me so I just have 
my lunchbox what a world now that your wallet is   less important than your phone if I had forgot 
my phone I would have had to go home because I   have to do oauth into most of my work stuff I can 
live without the wallet oh you take the long way   to stay close it's 11 A.M getting a lot of stuff 
done but I haven't gotten any water yet and so   I'm like dehydrated and started to get grumpy um 
good news I did just get booked for the AG wagon   this weekend it is Thursday now afternoon the very 
first TAMU game is on Saturday and I hadn't been   booked yet and a couple things I think I kind 
of shot myself in the foot with this because I   didn't accept fall reservations until the end of 
July because I didn't know where the thing was   going to be and I had a bunch of people message me 
about booking for fall and then all of a sudden I   started like panicking because most people book 
ahead so I lowered the rate 100 five dollars a   night I took off the two night minimum and I was 
just really hoping somebody would book this is   kind of like an exhibition type game but Texas A 
M is playing Sam Houston at least it'll be booked   for this weekend that is good and I also have 
a book in actually every weekend and September   is booked that's great I'm looking at my calendar 
now wonderful wonderful and for bigger games like   on the 16th I have a 500 reservation because and 
that one got booked pretty fast so I was a little   worried I didn't know whether I should strategize 
to like you know wait for the last minute bookings   and charge more or lower the rate in hopes that 
I would get just somebody or something this is   definitely a learning curve yeah I'm gonna take 
a break eat some lunch get back to this design   and hopefully something will just foreign so 
first off leftovers from yesterday's lunch   held up really well fantastic and I am currently 
just doing a quick check-in on my banking 2PM   haven't taken lunch yet but I'm trying to roll 
with it so first I paid 115 to my this letter   VA as a monthly budget all expense because she 
puts that out I spent 239.14 for electricity   thirty dollars and seventy cents for digitalocean 
which is the hosting platform for budgetball.com   now paying Adam my web guy who runs all like the 
back-end hosting and updates for budgetgirl.com   um he invoiced me for 70 pounds which today 
is 85.26 for his uh monthly services and if he   does more for me charges me hourly on top of but 
that's kind of our base rate for a set of things   other than that I did get paid I was paid 3 206.59 
by my day job b m and I also sent five hundred   dollars to my YouTube tax savings automatically 
and 135 to my singing fund for car insurance so   that'll be there when I need it I also earned 
39 cents in interest through my bank account so   it's a little bit that'll be nice gotta run to 
a meeting bye so I'm going to show you really   quickly how I turn over my budget for the month 
so this is for August I'm gonna click down here   and duplicate and then change this to 9 22. 
and then I'm just going to clear all of the   things that I spent last month other things that 
changed over here is just like the regular stuff and then down here all right 
and then we paid Adam 85 26 delete these delete these and that took less than 
a minute and now my budget is cloned and all ready   for this month all right I never did about taking 
a lunch it's like 4 30 so I worked a little late   but since I didn't take a lunch headed out now 
at least it stopped draining for a minute also   I'm somehow now planning a party but that's okay 
there will be pizza so that's all right right dog   sitter came and met Rory all's good there showed 
him where stuff is um for this Saturday and we're   gonna go to Target to find some gummy brains to 
put on top of Mensa cupcakes I love Target this is   great scent 541 at the Dollar Tree I got a really 
cute little football sign for the AG wagon we're   also going to go out there and install the new 
video camera and turn on the AC for the people   checking in tomorrow next Target oh say that again 
that was nice to order the drink first because 666 for my drink let's go to the Dollar spot 
those are cute oh clear gumball machines ah that would make four of these gumball 
machines that I would own and that feels   excessive but maybe I could get rid of one of 
the other ones what the closest ah these are cute Stella would be so cute as a little gold dragon 
and Maggie of course as a little oh that's not a   devil it's a red dragon oh I love those get 
them please please how many do you want two   three laughs the sour vampire bats are the best 
candy best Halloween candy we already have pet   costumes that I got that yard sale last weekend 
for a buck each we're gonna use those for Stella   and if we bring her out anywhere and we also 
have a small cache of other pep costumes that   I've gotten before so not paying full price for 
Halloween costumes under any circumstances even   though those are really cute looking for brains 
oh they're the bones we were talking about oh   perfect I think I'm gonna get you to the student 
workers a little Halloween duck one of the student   workers has a duck collection on her desk and 
I wouldn't want to leave out the other three   someone like hid these up here I mean not very 
well because I found them but I I just worry   that like one of them wouldn't like one what 
do you think do you think they'd be able to   divide them and everybody was happy yeah you 
do I mean they are technically adults okay myself a 20 budget budget for Target [ __ ] [ __ ] definitely at that that limit 
with the stuff from the dollar spot 47.21 on various Target 
[ __ ] but it brings me joy   all right at the AG wagon let's go ahead 
and turn the air on for tomorrow's guests have some toiletries I wanted to add to so many people told me that I was going to get 
cleaned out of this constantly but people have   been so respectful of it I barely have to redo 
it and I get a lot of mentions in the public and   private private reviews people are like I loved 
how stoked you were you know there was this thing   that I forgot and it was there so I really like 
having that I got this at a yard sale a while back   and thought it was super cute and is it too early 
to put out my a m pumpkin that I got at Goodwill   I think I'm gonna put it out it's just a 
couple little things but that that and that   makes us a little bit football themed 
hey Greg pulling in almost guaranteed   for the Aggie game with those big maroon stripes   new camera is live I think we pulled out 
some chicken but we're gonna grab dinner out the weather is so bad out there's no way 
they're gonna go outside to pee it's awful   on the way home it was so bad there were 
several spots where the rain was just   cheating you couldn't see through it all but we 
got everything set up at the wagon now we can   just relax we decided not to get dinner we're just 
gonna cook it home also working on Jacob's resume   it is just before midnight and I just published 
the September budget guide after writing it this   takes forever but it is out on September 1st hey 
ideally would be out before but you know uh so   yeah go go to the website if you like uh Jacob's 
already asleep you go to sleep earlier than me   and I'm gonna brush my teeth face and join him I 
have no idea how much I spent today uh but bills   and then Target and Dollar Tree Starbucks but 
good day it's a good day hot dog I stayed up too   late last night but at least I got that article 
out I'm ready for whatever the day throws at me   I was very tempted to like run through 
McDonald's this morning because   there's now it's what it feels left in the 
house I ended up bringing stay at nectarine   for breakfast and I've got some a little Ramen cup 
with veggies and some dried beef in it for lunch foreign I wish it had pockets coffee in there's a line in Harry Potter where it's 
like help will always be given it Hogwarts   where when it's needed and I feel like that's 
true about food on college campuses as well so   we found some coffee some chips and some hummus 
and carrots from a I guess there was some sort   of platter yesterday but this is life-saving this 
is going to help me get through the to-do list I   already feel a little better I also just got a 
541 dollar two night booking for the only game   weekend that I hadn't been booked for yet so got 
the alert that I was paid 12 40 for my renter on   the other side of my duplex lunchtime I have I 
have kind of a homemade Ramen type thing filled   it halfway up with water put it in this so I can 
touch it I'm gonna microwave it leaving work a   little early today since I worked late later in 
the week and I also just want to get off campus   before the Friday at five traffic slash game day 
traffic they're opening the new Aggie Park today   which is gorgeous but it's gonna be a mad house 
so headed out it was a very productive week at   work we need to get some more budget ball stuff 
done but I'm gonna try to just relax a little okay no my friend doesn't really do that I have   like several scripts I need 
to write to get approved but   let me relax a little bit maybe I'll get a good 
roll first or something all right I want to get   home but I want to snack first so I'm gonna grab 
some fries here and this papa is like statically   I'm not even kidding like 30 minutes to get your 
food and they usually screw it up and they might   not even be open on the inside 10 59 for larger 
refresh for me and a spicy chicken for Jacob happy weekend three day weekend but the uh the whole standing on top of 
your entire body It's gotta be annoying they're so full of [ __ ] I took a nap when I got 
home and then we ate some dinner and uh hung out   and I've been cleaning up the house a little bit 
I also did a bunch of file transfers and some file   organization so I haven't been filming the girls 
are going to puppy daycare tomorrow and Rory who   is sleeping next to me is uh having a dog walker 
come so I'm just setting everything out making   sure the house is clean I also need some new 
sneakers because mine are very quickly dying and   with how much walking you have to do on campus 
I need some more so I'm ordering four pairs on   Amazon trying four different brands this is just 
like a generic brand and I Don't Mind Investing   in sneakers here's some Skechers which I've used 
before Clarks and Under Armor total of 150 and   I'm going to they'll all come in probably around 
the same time and I'll probably pick one or two   to keep and return the rest we're going to Austin 
tomorrow to go bomb around I think we're going to   Ikea in The Container Store and Jacob Spencer 
meeting of course and then just try to enjoy   the day it's been a long week really long week so 
I'm gonna order these go to bed and I'll see you   tomorrow these came in from Poshmark and they're 
really cute they're Steve Madden they're new   um but they're too small even though they're 
my size I ended up Googling and Steve Madden's   apparently run small and I just wasn't familiar 
so I spent 27 on these I'm just gonna have to   re-posh them and the next sets of trial sneakers 
are gonna order from Amazon because it's easier   to return this this video got a little bit long 
so we're cutting it off on Friday and spend the   weekend with me we'll be coming very very soon 
let's talk totals so for regular spending I spent   617.72 cents that includes the 328 basic overall 
life electricity and basic deductions and savings   and then also including that 150 for sneakers at 
of which I kept two so really it's only about 70   I send them back but I did spend that this week 
for business spending I spend 766.96 500 of that   was tax savings for my quarterly estimated taxes 
for Budget girl and then this weekend income I   made 2 731.27 I didn't count my entire paycheck 
which did come through this week only the 728   C3 which is like the week's paycheck and then uh 
I got Etsy all my rent came in from my tenants   and I made 39 cents in interest all right uh don't 
forget to subscribe if you like more transparent   personal finance stuff and to learn more and 
earn more and tell me if you like these kind of   spending Vlogs With Me don't forget to tune back 
for weekend spending the Austin trip is super fun!

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