All you need is 15 minutes everyday – the complete process to EXACTLY how I trade ICT Strategy

Hey Traders I want to show you the complete
process of how I treat from beginning to end but it's going to be too long so I
break it down into three parts number one is the steps I take before taking a
trade such as analyzing pre-landing session pre-neur session number two is
the steps I take during the trade how I manage to trade when to move the stop
loss when to take partial profit number three is the steps I take after the
trade I'll be doing things like journaling I'll be locking down my trade
I'll be reviewing and reflecting my trade such as the emotion that I felt
and the action that I took if you want to become a very successful Trader it is
not simply just clicking their buy or sell it takes a lot more than that which
is why this is a very important video make sure you watch until the very end
right now my main pair of trading is Euro USD and US 500 for the sake of this
video I'll be going through euro USD only the first thing I do is check for
any news on Forex Factory you want to look for any medium or high impact news
related to the currency right now we can see our Euro and you USD we have a
medium impact news you will never want to trade during the news release I will
only look for my setups after the news moving on I choose my Killzone or
trading sessions and I stick to it obviously you do not want to be trading
the entire day all right please do not stare at the chart every single minute
of the day that's just counterproductive and you will lose focus and make bad
trade decisions which will cost you a lot of money as you know there Asian
London and New York session since I live in London I mainly trade the New York
session between 12 30 to 4 30 PM during this period of time I'll be sitting in
front of my laptop trading but I won't be staring at my screen the entire four
hours I'm gonna mark up my charts put alerts to my key levels for any
potential opportunity you have to learn to use alerts especially if you are in
school or working full-time alerts will be your best friends before taking a
trade for a pre-new your session usually I look at the weekly or the daily time
frame to see the overall direction and to see the oil where the market is
likely to be going for the next few days or the next few weeks I will identify
the high and the low highlight the current price and has it taken any buy
stops sell stops any obvious liquidity areas that the price is drawing to I
will also Mark up premium discounts arrays including autoblocks fair value
gaps liquidity rights such as Breakers rejection blocks and mitigation block as
you can see the price is very close to the buy side liquidity it is very likely
to draw to this key level and now order flow has been bullish we can see that
our downside candles has been supported our downside candles means our bullish
order block they have been supporting price and the price keep on going up
breaking the high and they never break the bullish order block so I would
really likely buyers will be bullish so we are only looking for buy setups once
we know the overall direction of the market I'll be looking into our lower
time frame to look for any potential setup since we know that direction is
going to be bullish we want to see any South Side liquidity has been taken in
the opposite direction of our bias so once I go to the lower time frame I
identify my closest self-site liquidity which is right over here these are our
relatively equal lows there are a lot of liquidity resting below them since price
already took out our our buy side so I want to see price come
back to take out our sell side before going even higher so I'll set my alert
around this level and wait patiently for the price to come back usually before 12
30 my chart should already be marked up meanwhile our set alerts and wait
patiently for the price to reach my point of Interest a huge beginner
mistake you can make is to anticipate where the market is going and assume
that it must do or move the way you think it's going to move let me explain
you want to react to price when I see the price coming down to take out the
liquidity or to an auto block on the higher time frame I won't take the trade
immediately you want to wait for confirmation such as Market structure
shift with displacement followed by fair value Gap or other block entry when a
price return to those areas I will only come back to analyze the chart when the
alerts is triggered before that I want to be spending time with my family I'll
be working out playing tennis reading books and making videos for you guys
basically doing things I want to be doing out of trading as I mentioned
earlier once price came into the area of Interest we won't take the buy
immediately we want to wait for confirmation we want to wait for our
setup to form we want to go to the lower time frame on the five minutes to see if
we have any Market structure shift or and with displacement
as you can see we have our Market structure shift with displacement and we
will mark down our bullish auto block right over here
and we have our tiny little fare value Gap right over here as well so we want to wait for the price to come
back to retest those areas before entering our trade you might be asking
hey why didn't we take the trade right over here the reason why we didn't take
the trades because one we might not get triggered by the spread second reason is
that we want to see the price really come down and re-test and tap into the
fair value Gap or the bullish order block the price respected the bullish
order block and tap into a fair value Gap we can take a trade immediately
right over here using Market order step or stop loss below behind this candle
and just targeting one is to two or even targeting the recent swing high right
over here once I'm in a trade make sure you always have the stop loss in place
people always forget that oil price went to negative in 2020 anything can happen
in the market this is why you want to always protect your trade with the stop
loss it'll give you some sort of Security net if the price go against you
this is also the part where you will experience a lot of emotion meaning fear
and greed fear of the price hitting your stop loss or the fear of wanting more
profit beyond your initial Target emotional or destroy you and your
account if you don't know how to control them a lot of you including myself in
the early days of trading will make this mistake of moving on stop loss or profit
Target prematurely this will destroy your psychology completely as a Trader
let me explain imagine you took the first trade of the week the price or
most reaches your profit Target but immediately reverse and stop you out
when you move on to your second trade the price did the same thing it
immediately reversed before hitting your profit Target and stop you out but when
you go on and take this third trade and when the price almost reaches a perfect
Target you got really really scared and you got really really fearful that the
price might reverse and take out your stop loss and that's when you're cutting
out your profit Target pretty very prematurely and you take out maybe your
initial plan was one to install two but you start taking profit one is to one
and sometimes even less than one is one on the long term this will hurt your
Capital curve once I'm in a trade I will just let the trade to play out neither
win or lose doesn't really matter what matters is I follow my plan I follow my
trading strategy to 100 and perfectly instead of focusing finding a perfect
strategy it is more important to follow the plan perfectly 100 no question asked
and just strictly follow my trading plan that's how you're gonna become a very
successful Trader by following your plan instead of focusing on the perfect
strategy because no strategy is perfect guys no strategy
and there you have it you know we take our profit and also I just want to
remind you guys the best way to reduce emotion roller coaster is to raise the
amount of money that you are comfortable to lose in each trade let's say fifty
dollars hundred dollars and slowly work your way up trading is not black and
white it takes a lot of Trials and errors and you have to figure it out
yourself I'm only showing you what works for me and it might not work for you it
might not work for some other person I am sharing my journey and giving you the
pieces of the puzzle and how you piece them all together it's all up to you the
truth is no one will babysit you and tell you to do this to do that another
day do what makes you feel right apply what works for you I'm here to help you
out as a friend but you have to help yourself first like I said earlier I
don't want you guys to look at my strategy or any trading strategies as
your Holy Grail that it will work all the time instead of finding a perfect
strategy focus on your personal trading plan perfectly sometimes even smart
money Concepts will fail even ICT will fail and your goal is to cut losses
during those times and reverse your Capital anyway once I'm in a trade I'll
just wait for the price session to give me a win or a lose I'll then lock the
trade into my journal and move on to the next trade what really defines a Trader
is what he or she does after the trade this is the most crucial part of trading
my question to you is that what do you do after every trade do you go on with
your life watching Netflix chilling and being a complete wasteman or do you go
back to your training ground to reflect on your actions to refine your strategy
usually after every trade I will lock down my trade inside my journal and
write down the emotions that I feel during the trade was I nervous fearful
and greedy based on my back testing Monday is neither a hit or miss so I
mainly use it for my studying days unless I see a very clean price action
and setups I will only enter with reduced risk most of the time I will
stay away from Monday from Tuesday to Thursday will be my main execution days
and I usually don't trade Friday what I learned from the best Trader is that
they don't trade every day and neither should you with that being said I hope
that you learned something from this video and keep on executing and trading
always remember that you are closer than you think

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