Digital Marketing Career in Canada ūüá®ūüᶠPART 2 | how to apply for jobs in Canada

hello guys assam alaikum welcome to our channel 
travel with sophia where we post about canadian   immigration and our life in canada vlogs with 
three kids so today's video is part two of uh   digital marketing career in canada and which 
you all have requested i got a lot of messages   and so finally i'm making this video if you 
haven't watched part one of the digital marketing   career in canada so you can watch it here i'll 
also put the link in the description down below   and as you all know as you've seen in my video 
it's it was a short course of eight months   studies and four months co-op position so yes 
co-op is a mandatory thing that you have to do   a program comes with a co-op otherwise you can 
opt for a program that doesn't come with a co-op   but i would say co-op is 
always a good idea because that   your college strives they provide you a platform 
to get you that co-op position and believe me that   four months co-op position it might not even 
pay you or like whatever pay you very little   but it will give you that experience it will give 
you that push out of the door and where you might   be in an impostor syndrome or you feel you would 
feel that you know you don't know nothing or the   employers feel that you know nothing so it's 
both ways but during this co-op the employers   also know that they are paying very little and you 
also know that you are being treated as a student   do everything you have to do everything that you 
that will make you gain that experience and so   it was a positive positive positive experience in 
my case and in my classmates experiences as well   some students have achieved good positions in in 
in the industry because they had prior experience   they had prior um education so we all are getting 
there some of us have to start low from basic um   i would say junior positions and some of us 
have landed jobs in an agency some are with   brands some are with retail companies and some 
are in banks so these are the major industries   that we have been placed into your first and 
foremost uh place where you would look for your   look for your job after your co-op position 
would be linkedin and this i'm saying for   from the perspective of all the courses that 
you take any program that you take in canada   and after that when you are on your own looking 
for a job after your course finishes your program   finishes any job in any field or industry but 
since this video is about digital marketing and   i'm sharing my experience here so i am going 
to tell you how did i go after finishing this   program from george brown college like basically 
all of us tried linkedin and linkedin is very very   active in canada i don't know from i don't know 
from where you coming it is active or not but   in canada when you when you even um email someone 
an employer or a company uh with regards to a job   posting that they have probably emailed or you've 
heard from some reference friends they will go and   they will check your linkedin profile that is 
for sure and they might also check your social   media profiles as well with your names so i would 
say that don't indulge in any political religious   debates any type of you know hate or violent 
comments or any any any incidents like that well   that's an extreme situation uh some might not 
some employers might not do that but then again   those are your public profiles so keep it you 
know uh decent you know don't share information   that you don't want your employers to find out 
so that's one tip second tip is linkedin make   those connections and once if you have linkedin 
premium i think most of the employers companies   not most half of them would allow you to 
send them private messages or some people   like you know they don't allow that option so for 
linkedin premium you will get that edge but i have   uh frankly i have not bought a linkedin premium 
subscription so i am doing fine and i'm sure with   the free version also you will be able to secure 
a job now let me tell you about a second website   that will help you in getting the job is which is 
um and i would say that you will have to   put in your location put in your ideal like your 
job in your category probably marketing specialist   or digital marketeer and put in that uh specific 
location that city where you're looking for   and i would say just leave it open uh just put it 
for uh canada or ontario or probably toronto or   whatever but usually these jobs are work from home 
you can secure a work from home position as well   still half of the offices half of the calls that 
i received um interview calls that i received were   hybrid like work from home and then the other half 
were hybrid models so it was like once sorry once   a week or twice a week uh coming to the office and 
the rest of the days from home yes but when it is   clubbed with social media marketing um you will 
have to go to office because they expect you to   um take the pictures they expect you to take 
videos and all of that stuff however i'm working   with an agency doing part-time hours with them 
we attend meetings everything is happening online   i'm doing everything from account handling to 
strategizing their content calendar and monthly we   do do their reporting social media analysis after 
that so my job does not require me to go to office   and i'm lucky in that sense because that 
agency is in toronto and i'm an oakwell   well i it's not that far uh in in no traffic 
hours i would say off peak hours uh it usually   takes around 35 40 minutes from my home to toronto 
but uh during rush hours and believe me people who   who live in toronto themselves they are very 
um you know they avoid traffic in those rush   hours third website that would help you in 
securing a job would be zip recruiter   and there are so many local recruitment agencies 
as well which you will come to know when you come   to canada you will find our alters recruitment 
you will find all the names here marketeers on   demand there is always recruitment that is 
fish recruit and so on and so forth and the   type of work that you can do in this industry 
is full-time hours you can do part-time hours   you can do you can work as a freelance or you can 
also open up your own digital marketing agency you   can open up your own business and registering a 
business is very easy that is a separate topic and   it it is not even that expensive and you can start 
as a solopreneur and just start an agency and if   you have that many links in the market i would 
say start your own business because then there is   no limit right i mean in your income so you can go 
that route as well and it is for you to decide for   full-time hours obviously you will be um on the 
payroll and for part-time hours as well it really   depends uh usually um or they will or if you are 
working as a freelancer the employer the agency   like for example for me it is i'm i'm i'm labeled 
as a contractor and i don't get any benefits from   this company but then you know i work part-time 
hours with this and as a digital media marketer   so this is how it goes and uh now coming to 
the salary question which is obviously going   to be your um i would start uh receiving this in 
comments that you have not shared the salary so   i will um tell you that there are there are 
usually ranges in canada for salaries for income   and the range the the salary ranges are literally 
like you know it it starts from 40 000 45 000   cad annually and it goes up to i would say 85 
000 this is for the uh for the positions that   i am it really depends upon the organization it 
really depends upon the employer how big or how   small the business is like for example there 
are agencies who give for medical writers or   for people in the pharmaceutical field in the 
marketing field they give good salaries here   and i would say that you though those ranges 
usually start from around 70 000 cad annually   and it goes up to 100 000 k and i can't 
stress enough that it really depends upon   the company and your experience as well and 
the salary is paid by weekly as you all know   that salaries in canada are usually paid 
bi-weekly so this is how it works here and   that's about it thank you so much for watching 
this video and do you and if you have any other   questions related to digital media marketing 
related to job related to work experience   in canada or related to your education you can 
comment below and i will try to answer those as   soon as possible or if it if there is a topic you 
want to know about please comment in the section   below and i will try to make a full video on that 
so thank you so much for watching take care bye now

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