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Look if you've never made any money Online before then there is no other Tutorial that you should watch but this One so sit down watch this video Until The End and I will walk you through the Entire process of how you can make your First one thousand dollars online as a Complete beginner from anywhere in the World if you don't know who I am my name Is Dave Nick and I've been running Multiple online businesses for the past Couple of years that allow me to travel The world help my family and do a lot of Different amazing things and on this Channel my team and I make the most in That tutorials on how you can start your Own online business and make money Online just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they are me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can track their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so drop a like

Down below and I will let David speak Thanks Steve anyways let's get back to The tutorial now this is the Google Translate tool you're not going to be Paid by Google translate so let me just Make that clear this is simply going to Be our secret sauce for the three Websites which I'm going to be showing You that are going to be paying us these Three websites are ranked from lowest Paying to highest paying so make sure to Stick till the end of this video for That all amazing reveal the great thing About Google Translate is that you can Actually press the mic button here and It will type out whatever you say and Then translate it to whichever language You choose and you can see you can Transcribe from English to Spanish as Well as from Spanish to English and Hundreds of other languages this feature Is quite useful it just transcribed Everything I said and there are Businesses that will pay you to Transcribe anything you hear so we're Basically gonna let Google translate do All of the work for us and it's Completely free all you have to do is Let Google translate do whatever service You list yourself for now let's get into The websites that are going to be paying For our services the first website that Isn't the highest paying but is still Incredibly easy to use and super

Beginner friendly is so Make sure to go over there they'll pay You 60 cents for every minute of speech Or video that you provide transcription For the average monthly profits of this Website is a hundred and fifty dollars But the top monthly earnings which is What you're aiming for is 250 dollars You'll be able to get the most out of Your time and complete as many Transcription assignments as possible Because you're using this tool as a Result with this technique the top Months earning will be more than Achievable now there are higher paying Websites like the one that I'm going to Show you but this is the one that you Should start with especially if you need An extra one thousand dollars each month This is a great place to start as a side Hustle or something that can blossom Into something larger but all you have To do now is fill out an application for The this opportunity it's as simple as That and you can start using right away they provide Home transcription jobs allowing you to Work from the comfort of your home and Make money they pay weekly payments Which is super handy to know especially Compared to a traditional 9 to 5 job Where you get a paycheck every two weeks And even every month but with this it'll Be deposited into your payable account

The following week so you don't have to Worry about your money not arriving on Time it will be sent to you right away And you can work as little or as much as You choose so go ahead and crack on if You have some free time during the day You can also do this if you have a full Day and want to make money the entire Time using the method I taught choose Your project get fantastic guidance Enhance your skills stay busy and simply Enjoy these transcription tasks this is A fantastic place to start but the next Website is even more impressive the Website's domain name is gmr Transcription com this site now pays Better and the founder is right here as You can see if you look at his LinkedIn Page as he says our primary goal is to Give the highest degree of customer Satisfaction through accurate Transcription and translation services Many firms including huge corporations Seek transcription work here so you can Translate anything or just get the Message from the video now go on over to Careers and click on it to proceed to The next page as you can see this firm Works with tens of thousands of Businesses like McDonald's TNT Levi's Dell and Amazon when you click in Careers you'll be directed to this page Which says transcribe and earn according To this page our transcriptionists

Typically earned but when a thousand Dollars and three thousand dollars a Month so you can basically make three Thousand dollars per month from this Site with a potential for thousands more From the other side that's a total of Four thousand dollars by clicking here You can apply General transcription you Know of Spanish transcription I'm sure Spanish transcription pays better so if You speak Spanish then that's great but You don't even have to know the language You can use Google Translate to Transcribe in Spanish as well so no Matter what this is incredible you can Also see that there are no fees or Experience requirements for continued Growth if we scroll down working from Home gives you greater flexibility you Can even see a video of a woman who has Made hundreds if not thousands of Dollars per month doing this and it's Something that many different websites Promote and you can see that many people Are getting money and enjoying the Transcription work you can apply right Now and it will be an excellent way to Get started the final side that I would Recommend is called which is the Best and the most trustworthy online Transcription service this is where I Personally spend thousands of dollars on Transcriptionists and I know that plenty Of people do the same according to CBS

They were the most expensive because of The short response times and the fact That they have a larger client hell Coming in a lot of business Organizations come here to get Transcription Services according to CBS On the website you can apply to work as A transcriptionist domestic sub now Costs 1.25 dollars per minute while Overseas sub costs significantly more a Minute it might cost anywhere from three To seven dollars so you can see how Quickly that can add up so scroll all The way down to careers to see the Freelance jobs which will allow us to See freelancing jobs work from home with Rev earn money transcribing or Captioning from home with this you can Do it from any location including your Home Google translate a computer or even Your phone are all you need in light of This create a work schedule that is Flexible you can pick from hundreds of Jobs every day work as much as you like And get paid monthly rewards all Completed work via PayPal on a weekly Basis and that's wonderful as shown Below transcriptionists earned between Seven cents and one dollar per hour Captioners are compensated at the rate Of 54 cents to a dollar per minute grow To the bottom of the page to see new Foreign language subtitles you can pay Anything from one dollar to three

Dollars per minute this is what you want To do because you don't need to know any Of the other languages they've been Featured in Forbes and Business Insider Amongst other well-known companies and You can make a lot of money if Google Translate performs the work for you as You can see this is a reasonably Reputable site to begin with if you want To start making some extra money alright I really hope you got some value out of This video and if you want to see Exactly how I personally make money Online and how I've been able to go from Zero if you over 75 000 a month online Then click the first link in the Description box down below and I will Walk you through the entire process step By step on exactly what I'm doing and How you can start the same online Business once again that's going to be The first link in the description box Down below I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did drop A like and I will see you next time

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