Digital Marketing News 2-14-2020: Surprising Millennial Social Media Habits

Welcome to the digital marketing news,
I'm Tiffani Allen. And with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite. Hey,
you know what is a big deal that we might have talked about a little bit on
the show 700 times? What? Dark social, of course. Yes.By dark social we mean apps
like what that yes or Snapchat or even perhaps Facebook Messenger so it's not
just apps using the dark no that would be all of them while I'm desperately
trying to sleep wondering why am I not sleepy even though I have information
being beamed at my eyes but no you whether you do it in the dark or not
dark social just refers to those messaging channels Facebook in
particular has been a little stingy with letting brands talk to people on those
channels you can see why the more that brands get into private channels the
less likely people are to use them yes oh but it is notable that Facebook is
adding an API that is going to let businesses respectfully and not an
intrusive way get into those private conversations so this new API is going
to let you set an opt-in notification option for someone so for example if
someone looks at your chat bot and says hey that's a cool sweater is it in stock
in the chat BOTS can say no but if you like click this button and we will send
you a message on messenger when it is oh yeah so really cool functionality can be
used for like those retail things we're talking about or for when something new
is released or if there's a piece of news that people want so you could just
set a notification yeah and they're actually opting into content from your
bread so I think that is a really cool tool for marketers to be able to get in
touch with people when they actually want us to yes just the ideal time
speaking of Facebook and things they own and we were we were instagram has added
new listings on the following tab du tout I will so there is now at least
interacted with in a most Shonen feed which will provide you some new insight
into your own feed so least interacted with is basically a list of accounts so
you might want to not follow you haven't been interacting with it all do you
think it's funny that they have to yeah listen you're not that into that
guy ants fine just just let it go motion and feed it lets you curate and
customize what the algorithm serves you see a more relevant content you get all
the recipes that you're looking for specific to potatoes if you're like me
but marketer should be where both of these and make sure that their content
is engagement worthy and you know just go in your own and see who you've been
forgetting about lately right oh grandma grandmas I'm at least interacted with
the insta grandma oh that's terrible you're welcome I am touching well hey
speaking of Grandma yes Pinterest no I kid Pinterest because I'm
about to say that Pinterest is still surprisingly relevant for social media
marketing so Pinterest favorite of people who enjoy pictures everywhere
people who enjoy clicking three times to get to the content they wanted to see a
kid because I love Pinterest it's fine they don't care what I say because they
beat their estimates for revenue and new users in q4 of 2019 ok so they saw 46%
increase in revenue I didn't see that 46 I did not doe see also a 26% increase in
new users which they did so that may explain the discrepancy they are now up
to 335 million global members so their edge enough into some real big player
territory there they actually overtook snapchat as the third biggest social
platform in 2019 Wow so interesting to say if you're not on
Pinterest it it is likely that you could get a little bit of juice out of being
on there I know top-ranked marketing has a Pinterest board where we and stuff
that is of interest to marketers so especially if you're a brand lends
itself just some cool visuals or some useful info graphics or clicking three
times to get to a recipe go ahead and hop on love it
hey speaking of digital advertising and we worked we were not but we were a
little I know yeah Google just made it easier to keep track of your Google ads
change history thanks google yes so for those of us who run PPC
campaigns this is the best news ever so now you can have annotation cards in
your change history reports it'll help you easily track changes and assets
budgeting targeting and then also help you more easily identify performance
changes based on those changes in the account so it's a minor tweak but it is
something that should help with ongoing optimization maybe cut down on the
amount of time you spend comparing time periods and seeing if something worked
or not and then a year later forgetting what you did so it's a good stuff right
and if you are kind of creative and weird marketer as aren't we all
I love that Google uses annotation cards yeah because people can say did your
changes have an effect you could say the answer is in the car we could say that
Josh you're right you probably shouldn't look I know it doesn't surprise you when
i make cheesy jokes but i actually have some data here that might surprise you
okay just might just a little bit this is a
survey of a thousand adults who are over 18 comes by way of 5w public relations
or 5wp are 77% of Millennials are on Facebook every day
sure so that idea that Facebook is only for the olds like me those Gen X folks
and those boomers thrown around crazy memes about eating Tide Pods sure
seventy-seven percent of Millennials are on Facebook every day Wow thought this
was huge and that was the most popular site for daily use just under that was
Instagram with 70% also owned by Facebook right good day for Facebook
yeah sixty-six percent of folks said they were on YouTube every day and
fifty-four percent said they were on Twitter every day so it's still over
half but I still can't believe the Facebook is on the top of that list I
can't either especially as a millennial right I mean it was never never booking
faces it's you know one of those things where you forget about it and then
you're like oh I should probably go on there no I've made a mistake
Millennials also say that Instagram has the highest influence on their purchase
behavior okay and another good day for Facebook so 52% so that they have
clicked on an ad on Instagram and 35% have purchased a product from Instagram
well right mm-hmm but there's more so so only two percent say they're influenced
by someone they follow on Instagram so those influencers what's the marketing
yeah so 62 percent said Facebook so banner year for facebook here and
then 64% said YouTube influences them as well so you're looking to you know
engage with some influencers maybe if your consumer brand Instagram is a place
to consider starting and please don't take the account Instagram ah because
I'm going to be using that for all of my old cookie recipes and delicious tarts
taking pictures of the old things right right well that's all the news we have
for you this week we'll be back next week with more digital marketing news if
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