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This literally takes less than five Minutes and you can get paid ten dollars Again and again and again on incomplete Autopilot from literally anywhere in the World without actually owning any Products without investing a single Dollar and by using these free AI tools Which I'm about to share with you in These step-by-step tutorial so if that's Not good enough then drop a like down Below and let us begin with the first AI Tool which is called Blue Willow just a Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Report them all this is Blue Willow Ai And blue willow is pretty much just like Mid-journey it allows you to generate Images from text you can basically type In whatever you can imagine and AI is Going to create those images for you and

They're gonna be copyright free meaning That you can actually use them so what You can do is you can click on join the Free beta and you can join their Discord Server you can continue to Discord you Can join one of these servers in one of These groups and then you want to go to Rookie one of these groups and then you Want to type in Imagine that's the Prompt and then you can type in for Example anything that's related to Specific Niche so for example let's say You chose the cat's Niche or you chose The fishing Niche or you chose the Gaming Niche it should be related to That specific Niche so for example I'm Gonna go with a cute cat wearing a hat And drinking coffee and I'm gonna type In ultra realistic image with extreme Details and now from this prompt this Bot is going to generate a unique image Which we will be able to see right in a Couple of seconds as soon as it loads so Our CAD has been generated here we have A couple of designs that we can now use So I'm gonna go with the first design as An example so I'm going to click on Upscale one to upscale this first image So it's going to make a higher quality Image it's gonna make a bigger one and Here it is I'm going to click on open in Browser and I'm gonna download it to my Computer I'm going to download this Image now as you can see it's not the

Highest quality image so it is kind of Blurry so that's why I recommend you Open up a tool like restore photo those Are just a free app scaler that's going To Upper the quality of that photo click On restore your photos and you can just Drag and drop that image over here and Our restore photos is going to increase The quality of that image which you've Got from that AI tool so it's going to Load in a couple of seconds and here we Have it now it's going to be a little Bit better quality it's going to be a Little bit sharper you want to download The restored photo and then you can Simply go over to remove.bg to remove The background of that image so click on Upload that image and as you can see now The background has been removed and you Can download this to your computer with One press button it's gonna it's not Gonna have a background now even though This is a great method I'm going to show You exactly how to make money with it Even though it is a great method to make Some money in your spare time it's not The best way to actually leverage AI to Make money online if you want to see how I've been personally able to build an Entire business in 2023 with AI then Click the first link in the description Box down below and I will walk you Through the entire process step by step And show you where you need strategy to

Make money with AI in 2023 and Beyond And it's only going to be available for The first 100 people that click the First link in the description box down Below anyways back to remove.pg once You've downloaded that image that you've Created with AI and you have it onto Your computer without a background you Want to add some text to that image and The best way to do that is to go over to Canva.com and then you can search for For example t-shirt examples or t-shirt Templates and that's going to give you a Lot of different designs that you can Customize so we're basically creating an Image that we can upload to different T-shirts mugs and pillows in order to Make money with print on demand so you Can choose one of these so let's say for Example I'm gonna go with this design Over here I'm going to click on Customize this template and instead of a Super mom I'm gonna have like a super Cat so I'm gonna go to uploads and I Will upload that cat so here's how That's gonna look like as of right now And I'm also going to position it on the Front a little bit so something like This and now instead of Mom I'm gonna Type in cat so I'm gonna change this to Cat super cat and here's how that's Gonna look like this is my design now I Can download this without a background So I can click on download the

Transparent background and I can Download this to my computer so what I Can do right now is I can go over to a Platform called the Teespring this is Dspring.com It's a printer demand Website where you can apple your designs On different products and each time Someone buys one of those products with Your design on those products you're Gonna earn a commission which is in most Cases around ten dollars and this entire Process literally takes less than five Minutes so you want to click on start Creating you want to select a product Which you want to sell let's say a T-shirt and then you can select in which Color you want it so let's say I want it In Black click on ADD image and here's How that's going to look like you can Also change colors if the black T-shirt Isn't good you can change that to white Or any other or any other color and then You can set your own price so if the Price of this t-shirt is 20 50 my Profits are gonna be around 7.73 If I up the sale if I up the product Price my profits are also going to go up So if I change this to 26 dollars now It's going to be ten dollars a profit Per each t-shirt so I can continue with This and I can with one press of a Button add the same design to all of These different products so for example I can have a long sleeve T-shirts I can

Have these stickers so basically just Press on the plus icon and it's going to Be added to my store I can also sell Hoodies with this design I can also sell Mugs I can also sell bags and I can also Sell hats and much much more and I will Have a full store with that design and You can already brief description of What this design represents right over Here so this is the description and you Can click on launch listing and it's Gonna go live on at teespring.com where It can be found by many different people That can potentially like this design And purchase one of these products and Then you're gonna make money but in Order to maximize your results in order To maximize your earnings I do recommend You promote your designs and your Listing so what you can do is you can Click review listing and you can grab Link the days people to that particular Product which you made that particular Design that you are selling and then you Can go over to a platform called Shoutcard.com oh it's a website where You can find influencers on Instagram That are willing to promote your Products and services on their Instagram Pages that sometimes have hundreds of Thousands of followers and you can get Those promotions for really cheap like For example this page has a hundred Thousand followers and you can get a

Promo for 10 bucks literally ten dollars And they're gonna share that to their Followers and at least someone can Potentially buy one of those products And you can also select the niche on the Left side so you can only select the Animals Niche so I'm going to select Unselect all categories and I'm only Going to focus on the animals Niche Because that way we can try to find People that love cats that are Passionate about cats and if we promote These type of products in front of them There is a higher chance that someone Might check out our listing so these are All like 50 bucks 30 bucks sometimes 20 Bucks as you can see this one is Probably specifically for cats which is Good like many 8 000 people love cats Follow this page and we can promote our Products for 26 dollars so it's a One-time investment that can potentially Get you some sales in return and help You boost your listing on Teespring at Least a little bit but once again if you Want to see exactly how I personally Make money with AI and what I consider To be the best way to actually make Money with AI click the first link in The description box down below if that's Still available because it is limited to The first 100 people anyways I really Hope you got some value out of this Tutorial I really hope you've learned

Something new and if you did make sure To drop a like down below and I will see You next time

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