Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 380 – Full Episode – 29th March, 2021

I, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya welcome you to today's episode
of 'Crime Patrol Satark'. In this world, deceit,
betrayal and loot have become the main profession
of some people. They earn money through this. But they don't think about
the outcome of this betrayal. Many times, this betrayal
leads to the destruction of
an entire family. Somebody's life gets ruined. Our today's story
is about some innocent people who fell prey to the plans
of some cunning people. Oh my God! Look how boys will
start following you now. Shall we go?
– Yes. pari.
What is all this? Dad, it's you.
– What is this nonsense? Will you roam around
in such clothes? – No.

Dad, listen to me. Will you ruin my reputation? Dad, listen to me.
– Let's go from here. Come on. Come on.
– Leave me. Control your daughter. She's getting out of control.
– What happened? It's entirely your fault. You don't know
to take care of the kids. Why are you angry?
What is the matter? Look at her clothes.

Girls wear such clothes
these days. Really?
– Calm down. Dad, calm down. She is ignorant.
I'll explain it to her. Look at your sister.
Learn from her. She is good at studies.
She is well behaved. If nothing, learn to wear
proper clothes at least. Is it good to roam around
by exposing yourself? Don't you feel shy? I will..
– Dad.

You have always liked sister.
– Pari. You only praise her. If you are not concerned
about me how does it matter to you
if I go anywhere or wear anything? Will you argue with me?
– Hey! – Dad. – Will you argue? pari. – Stop it, Pari.
Is this the way to talk to dad? Did I say something wrong? Look at her.
– Dad. Stop it now.
Go to your room. Go to your room.
Go! What's wrong with you?
Does anybody hit their daughter? Kavya, my hope lies in you. Don't break my trust, dear. Go and handle Pari. Why are you irritated? Wow!
Oh my God! Hot massage? A1 Massage Centre. Hello.
I saw your ad about the hot massage.

Sir, we have all kinds of
massages. You can book
any kind of massage. And the best part is females do all the massages. Do females do all the massages? And we won't reveal
your identity anywhere. Okay. Book a massage for me then. Sir, it's only Rs. 5,000
per sitting. – Okay. Where do I have to come? Welcome, sir.
– Yes. I am Ramesh Mahatre. Yes sir.
We were expecting you. This way, please. This way, sir.
Please come. This is your room.
Please enjoy your massage. Welcome, sir! Sir, please change your clothes
and relax yourself. Now tell the court what you were
doing here. Come here, girl. S-Sir, please!
– Stand here! – Sir, please! Sir, please!
– Hey! Stand up! Come closer.
– Sir, please! Now we'll circulate this
in the media.

Wait and watch. Sir, please!
I've got a family. I'll be defamed. Please, let's sort this out
for some cash. Get up! If you don't want this matter
to be suppressed you'll have to shell out cash.
– Sure, sir. Go ahead. Where are your watch,
chain and purse? Over here, sir. Deepak, hold this. Tell me the card's PIN.
Speak up! 3246.
– Deepak.. Get all the money. I'll keep
an eye on him. – Okay, sir. Sit down here. Sir.. I withdrew all the money.
– Sir.. All my money?
Sir, I've got a family! I'll be ruined! – You should've
thought about it earlier.

Now forget what happened here.
Forget about the money. You can always earn more.
But reputation.. Once gone, it can't be
earned back. Get lost now. Get going. Move.
Take your purse. And your clothes.
Now run! Scuttle! Run! Get lost!
Run! Hey, Komal! Did I hurt you?
– Not at all! And you.. You look like a real cop
in this fake uniform. What an actor!
– Wow! We caught a big fish!
– It's time to party! Yeah!
– Yeah! What did you do!
Shame on you! Why did you go there
at this age? How will we meet ends now? Couldn't you think about
our two young daughters! How will we get them educated
and married now! There's only one way out now,
Sarita! Let's sell this house.
– What! What happened?
Why are you both so tense? Nothing, dear.

We were discussing about
your marriage. You've grown up now. It's time to look for suitors
for you now. Mom, why worry so soon?
Let me finish my studies! Then I'll get a job and
give you and Pari a good life! Then we'll think about marriage.
Okay? Sorry, Dad!
I just wore it casually. I won't wear it outside!
I promise! Let me change right away..
– No, listen! Now my choice doesn't
matter anymore. Just tell me something. These clothes that you wear.. Can you wear
even shorter dresses? Dear, you've troubled me
all my life.

Now listen to me just one last time. Dad, what are you saying?
What happened? Dear, I made a mistake. I went to a massage parlor
after seeing an ad. Cops raided the place
while I was getting a massage. In order to get out of there
I gave away all my cash and jewellery. They even took all the money
from my credit card. Now there's only one way
out of this.

Or else, we'll be homeless. But what do I have to do? Come on.
Ready? Smile!
Now pose like they do on TV. Sit down. I can't stay for long. Dad told me return home soon. If finds out about us he'll be very mad. What's to be mad about? We love each other. We want to marry each other. If he truly loves you he'll accept our relationship. Dad's in a lot of stress
over Pari. I don't want him to find out
about us in these circumstances. All right. We won't let him find out. All right? Shall we go to my house? No, I'll have to go home. Dad's waiting for me. No, sir, Rs. 5,000 isn't too big an amount. Visit the parlor once and you'll say
that it's too low. You'll get a great service,
sir.. We give full service..
Get it? Thank you, sir..

Everything is fine. Are you ready? Smile a bit.. Don't be nervous.
It'll be all right. I'll be with you. Dear, you know
why we're doing this. Can you do it? Yes, Dad. I'm ready. Very good! That's it! Best of luck! He'll be here soon. I'll bring him in. Bye. Be ready. Welcome, sir.
Please come. Sir, change out of those clothes and get relaxed. Well, is it done? Yes, sir, it's done.
– Very good. Take this. And these boxes with you. How's the TV?
– It's great. How's the nuptial chain? It's pretty.
– Good.. Now eat this.. You eat too.
– Yes.. Oh, here's my girl!
– Dad.. Just a minute..
Have pizza first.. Dad, Mom,
what's going on here? We're having a pizza party! We're having pizza for lunch. Just a minute.. A gift.. A laptop for you. What's going on, Dad? New sofas TV..

And a laptop? Did you win a lottery? You can think that. Come on..
Sit down.. We'll have lunch together. I don't want it.
You eat. Pari, what are you wearing? And in front of dad! Oh, chill, Sister! Dad won't mind anymore. What you mean? All these new things in home.. It's because of me. Dad, what's Pari saying? Don't you worry about it. Just eat pizza. There! Come on, get freshen up and join the party. Go.. Hey! Hi! Hey.. I say.. We have a lot of money now. You should stop this. I'm scared of a misfortune befalling us. It's going to be all right. Don't worry. We'll shut down everything. After a big gig I'll stop everything. Really. Greed for money corrupts
all sorts of good people. A father was using
his own daughter as a bait and extorting money
from people. It's not believable, is it? Doing frauds the way he was Ramesh was inviting
huge trouble. Bad deeds never end well. It had been too late
by the time Ramesh realized it.

Excuse me do you know where
this address is? Divya, is Kavya with you? No, sir, she didn't
come to my house. Okay. Sheetal..
Call her. Hello?
– Sheetal did Kavya come to your place? No, sir, she didn't. We'd left college straight
for our homes. All right. Thank you. What happened? Even he doesn't know
anything. Where has my child gone? Whose phone call is that? I don't know. Hello.
– Kavya is in our custody. Hey, who is speaking? Put it in loudspeaker. Listen, arrange
Rs. 2 Crores. I'll tell you when and where
the money has to be delivered. Also, if you try
to approach the cops you will face
severe consequences. Hello.. Hello..
– Rs. 2 Crore! How will we arrange
so much money? Let's approach
the cops. What are you thinking? My daughter's life
is in danger. Let's go to the police station. Let's go. Sir, I spoke with
many friends of Kavya. No one knows
where she is. A few kids said
that they saw Kavya leaving the tuition centre.

She has never spent
so much time outside. I'm feeling very scared, sir. Please look for her. Okay, don't worry. We're starting
the inquiry. Circulate this photograph
everywhere and find out
Kavya's last tower location too. And get the CCTV footages
of the route from Kavya's house
to her tuition centre. And get the details
of the phone number which was used
to make the ransom call. Okay, sir. All of you go home. We will try our best
to find your daughter soon.

Sir the kidnapper called
from a PCO at Kamalwadi. I have made the arrangements to
get the CCTV footage of that location. Sir, I got the CCTV footage
of Kavya's kidnapping. Look, sir. Two people.
Man has covered his face and the woman
is wearing a scarf. But look
at the car number, sir. I could find the car owner's
name using that number. His name is Sanjay Kadam. Talk to him. Okay, sir. Yes, sir,
that is my car's number. But my car got stolen
two days back. And I had registered
a police complaint at the Kandivali police station. This is the receipt. Sir. Sir, I spoke with Sanjay. Sir, his car
got stolen two days back. And he had registered
a police complaint too. I think someone stole his car
for kidnapping. And Kavya's phone's last
location is Janata Nagar. Her phone got switched off
after that. There are no many
CCTV cameras in Janata Nagar. But I already checked
all the footages. We couldn't see
Sanjay's car anywhere. Continue the investigation
in Kamalwadi and Janata Nagar.

They are nearby, right? I think Kavya
is somewhere there. We must find Kavya
as soon as possible. Yes sir. Dear, let me tell you something. Let's give all the money
that we have. I want my daughter back. I want my daughter back.
Did you hear that? Mom. We earned money
with so much hard work. How can we lose
that in a go. Do you call swindling
others as hard work? Look, Sarita I had gone bankrupt
earlier too. I can't lose everything
once again. You became bankrupt
because of your foolishness. But now it is about
my daughter.

Do you both consider money
as more important than Kavya? Both of you listen
to one thing carefully. If anything untoward
happens to my daughter I'll teach you both
a lesson. Mom. Sir, we didn't get any
information about Kavya yet. And the kidnapper
didn't call Ramesh either. Shirke, one thing
is bothering me. Ramesh is a middle class
man, right? Then why the kidnappers
demanded Rs.

2 Crores? Kidnappers researched about
their target very well, right? Even I'm unable
to understand that, sir. Sir, I got the CCTV footage
of the Kamalwadi PCO. Sir, look. Sir, we matched the time. The time of the ransom call matches with this time. Sir, I've sent this
scooter number to the RTO. We will get the details soon. Good. Hello. What! Okay, don't open
that bag. We are coming. Sir, they found a bag
with blood stains in a forest. Let's go. That way, sir.
– Where? – Follow me, sir. There are blood stains
on the bag. It has been dragged from here. Open the bag and check. She is Kavya.

Take out her body and check. Check the area. Sir, one of Kavya's earring
is missing. Her back has four wounds. She has been attacked
with a sharp object. Send the body for post-mortem.
– Sir. – Inform her family. Shirke, check all CCTV footage
which leads to this jungle. Okay, sir. Kavya! Kavya, my child! Why did this happen
to you, my child! Hang that imbecile
who has done this! Sir, the PCO
in Kamalwadi from where the kidnapper had called
Ramesh.. We found him. His name is Arush, sir. One more interesting fact. The car used for Kavya's
kidnapping belongs to Sanjay. He and Sanjay are friends
and studies in the same college. Arrest both of them. Sir, honestly..
I don't know Kavya. Why should I kill her?
– Sir. Arush's father stays
in Janata Nagar. Kavya's last location
was in Janata Nagar. Start talking. Sir, I don't know. Search his house.
– Sir. Remove the cover. Sir, look at the number plate. Sir, this car belongs
to Sanjay Kadam and he filed
a missing complaint.

Karde, break open the door. Search the house. 'Kavya Ramesh Mahatre.' Sir! Look, sir.
Kavya's missing earring. This rope.. Handkerchief..
I found this bag. It has notebooks
with Kavya's name on them. This looks like,
Kavya was tied here. Arush and Sanjay
must've murdered her. Call the forensic. – Sir. Take that bag. Sir. The post-mortem report says,
Kavya died on 10th January
between 3pm to 5pm. Look. She was attacked four times
with a sharp object on her back. The forensic says,
a novice has done this. And sir, Kavya was raped. Her body has traces
of two persons' semen. She was also
two months pregnant. Pregnant. – Sir. Sir, even she was involved
in Arush's planning. When I was trying to find out
about Arush and Sanjay I came to know
that she's Sanjay's girlfriend. In fact, the girl seen in
the CCTV kidnapping footage.. She is the one, sir. She hid her face
with a scarf. Her pendant was clear
in the CCTV footage.

This pendant gave her in. Take her in custody. Karde.. Tripti. Start talking.
– We didn't murder Kavya, sir. I felt bad seeing
her condition. It was me who released Kavya. Better run from here or they'll do
the unthinkable with you. But please, don't tell anyone. Sanjay and I
are going to get married. Or we'll be in trouble
along with Arush. – Okay. Thank you. – Wait. Take your phone. Kavya left that place. I don't know what happened
to her after that. Arush was angry
for what I did. On his behist,
we had kidnapped Kavya. He even raped her. No, sir. She is lying to you.
I did no such thing. First, you raped Kavya then you stalked her
only to kill her! No, sir.

I did no such thing. Where were you people on January 10 between
3 p.m. and 5 p.m.? Sir, I was at home.
– What about you? S-Sir, we were having lunch
at a restaurant. Tell him.
– Y-Yes.. Both of us were in a restaurant. You look like educated teenagers
from respectable families. Maybe your parents are rich.
Then why kidnap a girl from a middle class family and ask for a ransom
of Rs. 2 Crore! Sir, those people look innocent but they are not.
– What? They have fleeced me, sir. How? – Sir, I have installed
a dating app on my phone on which I saw an ad
of a massage parlor. I called up the number
given on it. Ramesh received the call,
fixed the fee and called me to the mansion
for the massage. Have fun. I'll pick you up
in two hours. Okay? Welcome, sir. Shall I make this viral? Sir, they have fleeced

pexels photo 267371

50 lakh from me till date. Rs. 50 lakh?
– Yes, sir. My dad would've got furious
if he had learned about it. So I hired a private detective and gathered
information on Ramesh. I wanted to kidnap Pari. But she never goes out alone. So I kidnapped Kavya. To exact revenge, you raped her
and then killed her? Trust me, sir. I did none of it. We'll find that out.
Now show us the house where Ramesh had called you.
Take him away. When a person is overcome
by a feeling of vengeance he will no longer be in a state to comprehend
the results of his actions. Arush and his friends
had decided to do something but they were unaware of the dreadful
consequences of it. The police did not know if Arush and his friends
were speaking the truth. Was Kavya murdered
by someone else? Also, they learned of a fact
about Kavya's father.

Did that have anything
to do with Kavya's murder? Sir, this is the mansion where the father and
daughter robbed me. Hello sir.
– Hello. I stay here. My master
visits this place occasionally. What's the matter, sir?
– Let's go inside. Sir, tell me what's the matter. Sir, please tell me
what's the matter. What massage parlor?
This place looks clean. S-Sir, the massage parlor
was right here. What massage parlor?
Who was running it? This is a residence,
not a massage parlor. Sir, I've been taking care of
this mansion for four years now.

I'd have reported if anything
shady was happening here. Don't take my word for it. Enquire in the neighborhood about this mansion. That will
put your doubts to rest. When did you get
a massage done here? Yes.. Why are you lying to him? You are lying to me
and wasting our time! Come on! Sir, believe me..
This was a massage parlor.. I'll give you a massage now. Were you people aware of the
fact that Kavya was pregnant? What! What are you saying? No, sir.

T-That's a lie.
That is impossible. This is a lie. – A post mortem
report never lies. Kavya's pregnancy might be
linked to her murder. So tell us about
all that you know. Arush told us that you
and your daughter Pari blackmailed him and robbed him in the name of massage service. Is it true? No, sir. A-All of that is a lie. No man would make his daughter
do something so despicable. Sir, t-those boys are doing this
only to save their skin. Okay. You may go for now. Hopefully you are
speaking the truth. Shirke.
– Sir. Get information on Ramesh.
– Sir. Sir, Sanjay, Arush and Meera..

I checked their alibis.
They are speaking the truth. Maybe their parents are
lying to us to save their kids. Quite possible, sir. But if they are
speaking the truth somebody else is
Kavya's murderer. But the question is who. In the forest of Nirmal Nagar where we found Kavya's dead body we found CCTV footage
from a road nearby. On January 10,
between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. around 285 vehicles
passed by that place. In one of those vehicles
Kavya's corpse was transported. Shirke, check if Meera,
Sanjay or Arush bear any connection
with these vehicles. – Yes, sir. Sir, here's a strange finding. Kavya's phone was re-activated
on 10th January, at 2:00 p.m. Kavya's sister Pari was called
using that number. Meera told us that
while she rescued Kavya 'she had returned her phone.' Maybe Kavya called her sister
after going outside.

But Pari never told us that. Why? – Sir, I was attending
a birthday party then. That's when Kavya had called me. Hello! – Hello!
– Pari, I escaped from there! I can't hear you, Sister!
– I'm in Janata Nagar right now. Come soon.. Hello!
– Hello! Then I called my father
and told him this. Then my phone got switched off
and I couldn't contact anyone. Your sister was kidnapped
and you were enjoying a party! Did you not care about her?
Not even a bit? – Well.. The atmosphere at home
was really tense. Even I was upset. My friend
nagged me to attend to the party and I hadn't told her anything
about sister.

Did you know that your sister
was pregnant? – What! No, sir. Yes sir. Pari had told me
about Kavya. I even hastened to that spot
in Janata Nagar. I looked around for Kavya
but couldn't find her. I thought someone had played
a prank on me. So I never told you. Then you
told me about Kavya's murder I was in a shock then. Had you told me right then
Kavya could've been alive. We'll produce them in court.
– Sir! I found out about a friend
of Kavya's named Pallavi. Sir, Pallavi knew that Kavya
was pregnant.

– Summon her. Yes sir. Kavya had a boyfriend who had promised to marry her.
Kavya was really naive. She was completely
under his spell. What's her boyfriend's name?
– She never told me his name. Does anyone else know about
Kavya's pregnancy? Kavya would consult
Dr. Kusum Rahne. That's where her pregnancy
report was confirmed. Yes, ma'am.
Kavya was pregnant. And she asked me to
keep this truth from her family.

Kavya, the report is positive. You should take further decision
with your family. – Family? No, ma'am!
I cannot tell my family! Or else, they'll be devastated!
– But Kavya.. Ma'am, I beg of you!
Please don't tell my family. Please, ma'am!
– But I felt otherwise. So I told her family. Mr. Ramesh was really furious. What are you doing! – Quiet!
Do you have no brains? We had such high hopes from you!
You ruined it all! You should've died! At least
this would never happen! Then I realized that
I shouldn't have told them.

I thought Mr. Ramesh would
support her. But it all backfired. Sir!
– Yes? I'm sorry. I'll come back later.
– Come in, Shirke. Had lunch? You continue, I'll return later.
– Come, sit here. Karde, get a plate! Tell me – I found out lots
about Ramesh's family. He owned a small shop before. Suddenly he got a lot of money. He cleared all his debts and even bought 10 acres of land
back in his village. I recently heard that he spent Rs. 25 lakh to build
a bungalow in his village. So Arush was right.
– Maybe, sir. Another interesting fact.
Just two days ago Ramesh spoke to Birju,
the contract killer. Sir! I was checking Kavya's
call records. She would often call one number
and spoke till late night. It's registered to a certain
Shashank Shrivastav. Sir, seems like
they had an affair. Shirke, get Shashank Shrivastav.
– Sir! Here's a search warrant
for your house! Check the whole house. But there's nothing here, sir! We'll find out soon,
after the search.

Sir, look at this. I found a bag containing money. Such a big amount? What is this? Where did you get
such a big amount from? You guys have looted people,
right? Is this the looted amount? And you have only killed
Kavya, right? You got angry
because she was pregnant and you killed her. No, sir.
I did not kill Kavya. You must have got her
killed then. We've found a contract killer's
number in your call record. Birju.
You spoke to him, right? Sir, I had called Birju. But that was to get
Kavya's boyfriend killed. And that's because she was
pregnant due to him. I loved my daughter a lot. Why would I kill her? Arrest him.
– I've not done anything, sir. Sir. – Sir, I've not done
anything. Sir. – Sir.
– Pari. – Dad. Yes, Shirke.
Tell me Sir, the DNA of the semen
found on Kavya's body matches with Arush
and Sanjay's DNAs.

This means, these two
had raped Kavya. What is this? Why did you run away
from Mumbai? Sir. – Come on.
– Sir. – Let's go. Where are you taking me?
What have I done? I'll tell you what you've done.
Get inside. We both raped her together,
sir. Sir, by rapping Kavya
we took revenge against Ramesh for what he did to Arush. Sir, I had borrowed
some money from some people. They were forcing me
to return their money. That's why I had to leave
the city. – Making up a story? Sir, I collected
all the details about en. He tried to leave Mumbai
as he made Kavya pregnant.

Not just that. He is having affair
with several woman. Sir. – He didn't spare
even Kavya's sister Pari. He had contact
with her too. No, there is nothing
as such, sir. It was Pari who was
following me and she wanted to separate
me and Kavya. And we had an argument
too regarding that. Pari, stop being with Shushant. He is my boyfriend. He is intelligent enough. If he really loves you then why are you bothered? Are you afraid of
competing with your sister or do you believe that
Shashank will leave you and come to me one day? I've been supporting you
in front of my dad.

I've been trying to save you
from his anger. I think I shouldn't have done
all that. But listen to one thing
very carefully. He is my boyfriend
and he can't be your boyfriend. Do you get it? Sir, Pari sounded
as if she may do anything wrong. But I never thought that she would murder
her sister. Sir, I doubt one of the cars
in the list of cars in the range of 285.

Whose car is that? That's registered under
the name Pratap rental services. How is Pratap Rental Services connected to Kavya's murder? Because its office
is in Janata Nagar. And that's the place
where Kavya was kept captive. That can't be a coincidence. Find out who was riding
that car then. Okay, sir. Wow, wonderful family. Father swindles people with the help
of his daughter. And the sister
hates her sister so much that she murdered her so that she can get
her boyfriend. No, that's not true. I didn't do
anything as such.

We know how many calls
you used to make to Shashank and the kind of messages
you used to send him. And your mobile was not
switched off on 10th January. You switched it off
purposely. You knew your sister's location. Janatha Nagar.
You went there and murdered her. No, I didn't do
anything like that. I'm telling the truth. I didn't do anything like that. That we will find out. Sir, we don't have any record
of who took the car between 3 to 5 p.m.
of January 10. Sometimes,
people we know take it. We don't record that. What do you mean? Have you lost your mind? Do you give people
without any records! This is investigation
of a murder.

You'll be imprisoned
for a long time. Is there a CCTV camera where
you park the cars? Yes sir.
– Karde collect the footage
of January 10. – Sir. Where's the car now? It hasn't been rented today.
It must be parked. Parked? This is the car. Has it been immobile
for a long time? Yes, we haven't it in a while. Open it. Karde, check it.
– Sir. Sir, here! What is it? Look at that. Do you see this?
Bloodstains. It's because you rent
cars carelessly. I'm sorry, sir.
I have no hand in this matter. Karde, call the forensic team.
– Sir. We're sealing this car up. Sir.. The forensic team has confirmed
the blood found in the car to be Kavya's. Many fingerprints were also
found on the steering wheel.

One of those matches
that of a suspect. Whose is that? Who's the suspect? So what? I've rented car
from there many times. Driving a car
isn't a bad, is it? Driving a car isn't but killing a person putting the corpse inside a car and throwing in a forest is. It's a crime.
Don't you know that? We found traces
of Kavya's blood in the car. Since January 10, no one
but you have driven it. No, sir, I don't know anything. But you know that at
4 p.m. of January 10 you were in Nirmal Nagar. Yes, sir, I was meeting
my boyfriend, Sanjay. Correct.
But it takes only 15 minutes to get to that restaurant from Nirmal Nagar. And as per the CCTV footage
of the restaurant you got there 4:30 p.m. Where were you
the rest of the time? I.. I'll tell you.
– Go ahead. I asked Kavya to leave.

Sanjay came after she left. I told him that I'd told
Kavya to leave. He got scared. He told me that he too had raped Kavya. I was very mad. But I love Sanjay a lot. I was scared that Kavya would tell someone. That if the police found out Sanjay would also
get imprisoned. I went out to look for her. I found her in Janata Nagar. Why are you still here?
Why didn't you go home? I've called my sister. She'll be here soon. But it'll be a problem if anyone
sees you here in the meantime. I'll drop you off.

– Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much!
If you weren't here I wouldn't be alive.
– It's okay. Kavya trusted me because I'd helped her escape. I booked a car
at Pratap Car Rental. Hello, Guddu. An employee there, Guddu,
was an acquaintance. I took the car and bag from him and left with Kavya. Then.. At a desolate place.. We.. Why are we here? Actually, this is a shortcut. If we go by there,
it'll take time.

Come on quickly.. After that,
you and your boyfriend, Sanjay went to a restaurant to create alibi
for the investigation. There's a saying,
'people can go blind in love'. But you became a criminal and only save a rapist. Rot in jail for the rest
of your lives you and your dearest love. Arush and Sanjay were convicted for kidnapping raping Kavya and Meera for murdering her. The question is,
could these events be prevented? The answer is yes. Person A betrays Person B. Then Person B takes revenge by harming Person A and
the people connected to them. It's just better to be wary of wrong ways
and making wrong decisions. Keep in mind, a crime
could become the cause for further crimes. With that, I,
Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya take my leave. Let's meet again
with a new episode of 'Crime Patrol Satark'.

Take care, stay safe and keep watching 'Crime Patrol Satark'. Jai Hind..

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