The Only Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

This is a FREE Step-by-step Guide (course) on how to start earning on Clickbank. This is the only guide you will need without paying for any online course!

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The Only Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

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If you clicked on this video chances are That you are looking for a new way how To build sustainable and growing source Of online income from the comfort of Your home without any prior experience Without paying a few thousand dollars as A down payment or without any fancy Degree or showing yourself in front of a Camera if that's the case or whether you Are just interested in looking for new Ways how regular people can make crazy Money online then I got you so listen ClickBank affiliate marketing is one of The easiest business model that you can Start right now I know for some it may Look too oversaturated competitive or Dead but it's all because of all the False information floating around the Internet you watch and read a lot of Free stuff you will get information Overload and ClickBank affiliate Marketing seem almost impossible to do But listen promoting and selling Products that is a business model that Is working since we know how to set a Fire it works now and it will be working In the next 10 to any even 100 years and That's exactly why I created this Ultimate ClickBank tutorial to show you Easy step-by-step process about this Business model and take you by hand to Setting up your own affiliate business And start earning first paycheck on a ClickBank platform

And I know what you are just asking also Why should you listen to a 23 year old Kid about how to make money online from A laptop well I'm glad you asked I Started this online business while Finishing University and making over ten Thousand dollars in the very first three Months over one hundred thousand dollars In 12 months and now I'm drinking in Around 20 to 30 000 per month without Paying even a single penny for ads which Means that I'm getting 100 profit so not Like all the Drop Shipping guys claiming To be making millions every single month While their profit is just 10 to 15 did I say this too loud and I'm on my way to Creating generational wealth Financial Time freedom and security for my world Family and my goal is to provide you Real no BS information without promoting You any paid course at the end of this Video and I know it's hard to believe While I'm wearing this Suite [Music] But I have some really cool bonus that I'm going to give you at the end of this Video but now let me show you what you Are going to discover in this ultimate ClickBank tutorial so as a step number One I will show you how you can find Profitable and easy to promote product On a ClickBank so you can get your Paycheck as fast as possible as a step Number two you will get my secret double

Your paycheck formula with a free Upgrade and here I will show you how you Can double your paychecks but as well How you can get even more sales that you Can ever imagine then as a step number Three we will go into the traffic and I Will show you how you can get 100 plus Potential customers to your affiliate Links without paying even a single penny For an ads or without having any Existing following and what I use to my Very first sales but as well what I'm Using at the moment to hitting twenty to Thirty thousand dollars per month with Affiliate marketing and most importantly The bonus because I have prepared for You this free ebook in which you will Discover the three-step guide on how to Make your very first paycheck with a ClickBank and especially this is the Number one AZ ClickBank guide to 300 per Day with free traffic using first first ClickBank paycheck formula this is an Ebook that I have created dedicated for This tutorial so everything what I'm Going to talk about in this video you Can find written in this ebook and most Importantly I will edit into this the Best products that you can start Promoting on a ClickBank down for your Websites and templates that you can take Just by clicking buttons in this ebook Free traffic sources that you can start Using right away after watching this

Video one thousand dollars in a script So scripts that I have paid for one Thousand dollars and now I'm giving it To you for free you can just take it From the ebook and much much more Because there is over 20 pages of Materials that you can very simply copy And paste and use for your own business And you will get this ebook as a gift at The end of this video so make sure that You are going to watch this till the end And that you will see where I'm going to Give you the ebook so you can start Using it with this tutorial so you have All the done photo scripts order down For the websites order down for your Templates and everything what we are Going to cover in this tutorial so you Can super simply use it and start making Your first paycheck on a ClickBank and If you want to get a maximum leverage And start earning as an affiliate Marketer the fastest way possible then Also don't forget to hit that subscribe Channel button and hit that notification Bell so you won't miss out any new Tutorials on how to make money with the ClickBank or affiliate marketing and as Well you can already find on my channel Over 100 videos on how to make money With affiliate marketing and hit that Like button so this video can impact as Many people as possible and now let's Start with the tutorial first things

First you need to head out to the Google And we need to look for ClickBank Because that's the place that's the Website where all the magic is happening So you just find this website click and Open this and as you can see this is a Global affiliate marketplace where you Can find all the products and this is The website that on which I have built This war tutorial so this is the number One and the most important step that you Need to do so you just go up there into The login even if you don't have your Account first because we want to create Account right here we just click on Create an account then we will just add All of our info so I'll just add my name My phone number then just an email Address super difficult password with All of different characters you just Need to create it and then I will just Click on continue the terms and Conditions uh I would just read it super Quick like this and then I will click on The create account now when we are Inside we can join their free community But I don't want to so I'll just go to No thanks continue to sign up and then We need to go and we need to complete Our account profile so I just come here And I just want to add all of the info That they basically want from me then How would you like to be paid you just Add your name and let's optimize your

Performance you just add you want to Promote products as an affiliate and Then my company annual revenue is most Probably are at zero so we just add zero Click on Save and now our profile was Updated what this means that we can now Start using all of this stuff and most Importantly the affiliate Marketplace But what I will do at first I want to Create my account nickname because this Is the most important thing if you want To get actually access to all of the Products so I'll just pick affiliate and I will just add nickname for example Then I don't know 99123 it's still checking hopefully and Yes then 99123 is actually available so I'll just click on the sign up and here You'll be able to see how much money you Have made so far so weekly sell snapshot They really sell snapshots but obviously If you have just created your account There will be zero but this is the place Where you'll be actually getting your Daily dopamine hits when you'll be Getting sales and you'll be seeing that Your revenue is growing and as well that You are selling some products but you Just go back and even before next step I Just want to show you how this actually Weekly sells snapshots and daily sales Snapshots can look like so you can see There are some sales of 400 this is my Main account that I'm using on a daily

Basis and you can see there is this Month something about uh eight thousand Dollars seven thousand dollars and this Is how your account will look like if You follow this tutorial and you'll be Doing this for three six maybe in 12 Months you'll be able to grow to these Numbers as well and this is how powerful This tutorial truly is so now we can Start with the step number one and That's finding profitable and easy to Promote product on a ClickBank so you Just go inside affiliate Marketplace and This is the place where you can find all The products on ClickBank platform so as You can see on the left side there are All the categories all the niches that You can start promoting in different Products for example like Arts Entertainment computers internet just All what you can see heroes are all in Niches or the markets that you can start Marketing in but what I recommend you if You are a complete beginner or if you Don't know what Niche to pick or what The market to pick as a complete Beginner I would just go with E-Business E-marketing then a second one health and Fitness and as well nutrition and the Third one is self-help those are the Three biggest niches and basically the Most profitable niches and I recommend To start with this because I as well Started with one of these and I was able

To make my very first ten thousand Dollars in just three months using one Of these niches but as I was telling you Before about the bonus about the free Ebook that you will get at the end of This video in this ebook you actually Have top three nations that you should Start and as well I give you their my Top three recommendation for the best Products so if you want to get it just Wait to the end of this video and you Will get the whole ebook you can just Take all the products that I was Basically mentioning there and as well All the scripts all the templates that I'm going to give you in this video but One of the products that I'm promoting And as well I want to show you the worst Strategy about this product is actually Product from the health and fitness and To this product I'm going to give as Well different websites different Templates that you just copy into your Account and you'll be able to use it by Yourself now what you can see here are Actually the best converting and Actually the most money making products Inside of the health and the fitness Industry or the market or the niche so As you can see at the top there is the Exit pier and if you just check one of These statistics for example like it's Gravity score this is showing us how Many people are making money from this

Product so 800 people is making money With initial conversion 142 dollars and Average dollar per conversion is 146 Dollars what this means that for every Customer that you will get to this Product you can potentially make 146 Dollars what is a huge amount of money For the product that you even don't have To create you don't have to be creating You don't have to deliver it or what you Are doing is just promoting a simple Simple link then there are as well Different symbols of for example upsell Pro this is showing us that from this Product we can make more money than for Example is the initial conversion then That this is a physical product it's Just a one-time payment what is super Important is actually checking this Recurring because this is actually Something like a passive income that you Are going to get to your account without Doing anything that month and that's a Passive income that you will get to your Account if you will get some customer And as well he will take an option from Which you'll be getting this recurring Level of 30 dollars every single month What is a pretty cool because you are Not starting the new month from a zero But you already have some money that Will go through your month no matter What happens then affiliate tools this Is as well super important because all

Of these creators or vendors of these Products they are creating some engaging And converting different affiliate and Promoting materials that you can very Simply just copy and paste and start Using it to put this together if you are Looking for a product that you want to Start promoting the number one thing is You want to check out the gravity score Average conversion if this has some Recurring or rebuild or passive income And most importantly if it has some Affiliate tools that you can copy and Paste and use and the product that we Will take today is called icaria juice And it's actually this product with Gravity 463 average conversion 141 Dollars with affiliate tools but it Doesn't have any recurring or reveal but I believe this is still super good Product now maybe you're asking why we Are not promoting the exhibitor there is A very simple solution to this if you Open the exhiber we'll be able to see That this is the sales page that we can Actually use for the promotion this Sales page is not converting if you are A complete beginner this is only for the People that already have some social Status they already have a big following Big email list and they are able to Promote and sell this product even to This not very converting sales page what This means that if there would be some

Video for example it would be much much Easier for you to make a sale as a Complete beginner because these people That you are going to promote to they Have no idea who you are if you already Have some following these people know You and they trust you and they can even Buy from a website or from a sales page Like is this one but what we are looking For if you go into the icaria juice and We will open this you can see that there Is this converting vsl so these people Will be watching actually this video and From this video they will get all the Info that they need and it's much much Easier for you to make a sell if you'll Be promoting sales page with a video or A vsl like is this one when we want to Start promoting this product the number One thing that we need is actually Affiliate link to this product so I'll Just click on a promote I will just add The nickname account that I was adding And it was then 9n123 and click on the create a hop link And now what we will get is actually This and this is the unique this is the Unique affiliate link that you are going To start promoting and making the money Out of this then you want to copy the Affiliate link and you want to save it Somewhere where you have easy access to This link because this is super Important step and you will need these

Links to actually make money to your ClickBank account and when we have the Affiliate link now what I want to show You is the affiliate page and I want to Show you how much money you can make From this product so this is uh icaria Lead Belly Joys so some juice that People can use to lose some weight or Get some energy boost or anti-aging Script etc etc but what is super cool About this product that in this one you Can get 75 commission by default what This means for you that you can make 75 Of the full price from the product so Vendor is going to make just 25 so Imagine this that without creating the Product you can actually make much more Money than the vendor and actually buy 75 from the full price and if you Request you can even get commission bump To 80 to 85 so you can be making 85 from The full price of the product what is Truly amazing now if we just scroll down This is the affiliate page where you can Find all the links that you can start Promoting and for example there is the Link generator for even different things So for example retargeting page Instagram traffic YouTube traffic that You can be using auto play No Exit pop Etc etc then copy ideas so you'll have Their copy ideas that you can use for Some for some page so for example some Headlines for headlines into the emails

That you'll be sending then some Campaign images that you can very simply Just copy and paste and that's basically It's a lot of cool stuff that you can Use just for copy and pasting without Being scared of copyrights because this Is actually created for you so you can Make money out of this much faster and Much easier now when we have the product We can move to the step number two and That secret double your paycheck formula With a free upgrade how you can make Much more money on a ClickBank products The reason why you want to create this Upgrade is because what is most people Doing especially people are not making Any money on a ClickBank is that they Will just take affiliating from the ClickBank and they will just start Posting it somewhere on a social media Putting it into the ads and I don't know Sharing it on the forums etc etc but This is not the way how you can make Money online and if you want to make Money instead you need to create Something valuable you need to create Some asset that will be giving more info And then from this basically asset People will be redirected straight into Affiliate link where they can make a Purchase and you can make money out of This and this is exactly what I'm going To show you right now now let's imagine Instead of using free link from the

ClickBank as everyone is using from the Marketplace that you will be using a Free upgrade for example like this one That will be increasing your chances to Make money because this is something That is going to give people volume and As well then redirect them into the Product so what is this all about this Is a quiz funnel that I have created Before and this is for people so they Can discover the best nature of fat Burning nutrients for your body time and Metabolism then there is a simple quiz And if they will just start clicking uh On a different questions they will get To the end then it will be questioned we Found for a unique combination can we Send it to you into the email they will Go to yes please they will just add the Email first name and then I will Redirect them basically straight into Our affiliate link that looks something Like this and from there they will just Find out okay this is the product and in This product they will get the unique Combination of all of these metabolic Blend exotic fat burning nutrients and Etc etc and some different additional Ingredients so they have the fastest Way Los Angeles supplement that will be Helping them to lose weight more Effectively and get more energy Etc etc now you can see the difference Between sending people straight into the

Affiliate link or give leaving some Volume before so for example like this Quiz and after that sending them into The affiliate link so they can make the Purchase of the product so now let me Show you how you can create this I want To tell you that you just copy and paste It from me because I have pre-created This for you and you can just take it as A free down free website or a free down Free template and all that you will need For this is to go into the ebook that You will get at the end of this video And you can super simple just by Clicking few buttons get access to this Funnel you can change it you can edit it As you want so you have your own asset But for this one we'll be using this Website that is called this is Free funnel Builder where you can find Tons of a different let's say tools that You can use for growing your affiliate Marketing business and this is free Forever if you will use Link Down Below In the description or the link that you Find as well inside of the ebook because There is everything ready for you so What you can do with this one is Actually creating the website using Email marketing you can be creating Different products as well you can be Creating blogs and many many different Features that you can use right here if You go into the pricing you will be able

To see that this is free forever but you Will get a lot of limited basically Features and what I recommend if you Truly mean this that you want to build Your online income and you want to be Making money as affiliate marketer I Highly highly recommend to take at least This startup because it's not so Expensive and you will get much more Features in this one and I can tell you That this wood is in a free one it will Be stopping you from making more money From affiliate marketing so I definitely Definitely recommend to go with the Startup but as well you can stick with The free one so when you'll be there you Just go up there and see the get started For free you add your email address Create your account and we will meet Inside then the next step that you will Need you just open the ebook that I have Prepared for you you can take as you can See the system I free trial here and Then you just click on clone my upgrade Funnel here or clone juice received Funnel as well so I have prepared for You two different funnels then you Basically click on this button claw my Upgrade funnel then this funnel that I Have created photo that I was showing You before this one will get straight Into your account and you'll be able to Edit it and as well use it for your own Business so if you will go to this

Button and click on this this will be Automatically added into your Account and you just click on this and The very first thing that you will need To do is just change your name to it so For example this will be juice funnel Upgrade but you want to add your own Name because you we don't all of us want To have uh the same funnel name and when You would have so then you go inside Here into edit the page and instead of Edit the page you can just a bit change It because not all of us can be using The same funnel over and over again so What I recommend you to at least change For example the headline and most Importantly change the questions in the In this survey or in this quiz so what You will do you just click right here on The service and this is the system that IO editor as you can see there is the Content inside and on the left side you Have these elements and the blocks so This panel that you can be using for Example to edit things and drag and Dropping then if you click on something You can start editing it on this left Side but I will show you how this Actually works in this video so now what Do you want to do you want to edit this A little bit because if you all of us Would start using this exact funnel it Will get a bit oversaturated so what I Recommend you to change this a bit so

What is the number one thing that I Would do I would for example change the Headline so we just click here and Change it to I don't know something Something something you just change it I Will just change this back and then the Second thing that I recommend to change Is actually a Distillery or this quiz That is inside so I'll just click on This uh then what you will need you will Just click on edit survey questions and In there you can just start editing them So for example you open the first one You will a bit change it for example the Wording or you would completely change It then you can change all the answers The subtitle and if you want you can as Well add multiple new answers so for Example there will be I don't know 50 Pounds etc etc something like this but I Will just delete it and then if you Click on the back it will be saved and For example you change another question You just change the wording or Completely change the question and this Is what I believe anyone needs to do Because you want to have your unique Funnel and your unique questions inside Of your funnel then when you change for Example your headline your survey then There are two options that you can be Doing alright guys so the first option Is That what you want to do display final

Steps if someone is going to finish this Survey they can display final step and Final step is actually that you will get As well their email and their first name And if they will click on yes send it to Me they will get redirected uh basically Straight into affiliate link so if you Want to use this option this is much Better because there you'll be growing Your email list and getting people's Information so you can for example add As well some email marketing sequence to This that I won't be showing you how in This video but if you want to check it I Will leave a link how to do so in the Description under this video so you can Get even better tutorial how to make Money out of this but what you will do There is yes send it to me and there is No redirection so we want to change this To a custom URL and what will happen That if anyone is going to add their Email and then their first name and they Will click on this button you will get Their their name their email address but As well they will get redirected Straight into the product affiliate page So then what I will do I'll just go back To the marketplace and I want to take This link once again because I obvious Obviously lost it one three two or one Two three Let's try one two three then I want to Go for affiliate link I will just copy

This I will go back to the and I want to change this redirection URL so If I will keep it just like this and for Example I will click on Save the changes What I will do I can just preview this And what is going to happen to take the Quiz below to find out the best nature Of fat burning nutrients for your body Type and Metabolism so people will be Like okay cool I can just try this so This will be the quiz and I want to lose 10 pounds uh how much physical activity So I'll just click something random Random random random there will be if You want to send it to your email yes Please and I will just add email for Example like this and then if I will Click on yes send it to me what will Happen I will get the email to my Account and as well they will get Redirected into this product that we Were picking before so now you can see How much more powerful this could be if You'll be using this with this custom Funnel that I just gave you so what I Will do then just watch this video it Will be like okay cool this is something That will be working for me they will go Into the order now click on buy now they Will make a purchase and you will make 75 percent of the price so for example If they will take these six bottles you Will make uh I don't know 180 dollars Out of this which is pretty cool for the

Product that you didn't have to create So this is the number one option if you Want second option it could be that if You just click on a survey there won't Be any final steps so there won't be any Email or first name and when there will Be just redirection it will be higher Chance that people actually click uh or Get access into the affiliate page Because not many people want to be Giving away their email or their first Name but maybe would be still interested In the products but because of they Don't want to add you your email they Just basically won't do so so if you Want to get increase your chance that These people will go inside of the Affiliate link but you won't get their Email address but you will get 20 more People in the affiliate link then you Can just change action to redirect and Redirect URL you just paste here uh this This affiliate link so now if you change This and we will try this once again What will happen that if you just click This and whether it will be last Question as well you want to delete this Question because they won't be getting Anything to their email I will click Last question and Bank just like this I Will get redirected straight into Affiliate page and it's higher chance That these people will actually get There because they don't have to be

Doing the additional step in the quiz so There are two options that you can do You can pick whatever you want if you Want to be growing your email list I Recommend to go with the number one Option if you don't want to be growing Your email is but you want to get more Sales I recommend option number two and You can get all of this basically in in These funnels then the final number two That I have created for you I'll just go Back And I will go into the funnels is this Top 5 juices funnels and if I will open This one uh I need to a bit edited I Need to finish it this is actually top 5 Juices for rapid weight loss and Prolonging life and this is as well Created for this ikaria juice product as I was showing you before so you can see Here there will be juice number one Juice number three juice number three Four and five I need to edit it and Finish this and then below this one our Delicious secret bonus juice dissolves 62 pounds of shocking fat if they will Click on this image that you can change Basically here your affiliate link as I Already have they will get redirected Into this product as well into the Affiliate page is I was showing you Before so this is the second funnel I Need to edit it a bit because I wasn't Finishing it up but then you will have

Something that you can use as a quiz so Basically get people that you can get a Free quiz or you would just be sending Them to this funnel that is actually Something like a blog post that they can Get more information about the best top 5 juices that they can use for weight Loss and prolonging their life so two Different options where you'll be giving The volume and then sending people into The affiliate link so this is basically The secret upgrade and double your Profits format that you can be using Because this is working very very good And then there is one more additional Upgrade that you can do if you truly Want to make money from this tutorial And from the ClickBank and this is Changing your website domain because as You can see at the moment I'll just I Will just copy this you can see that This is Dan a something something Something this is the domain this is not Looking very professional and if some People will actually see this domain They won't be interested in buying Anything or going through this domain Because they will see how this look like So what I recommend you is actually to Buy your custom domain it's costs Something around 10 dollars per year and It's super super cheap for the quality That you will get out of this so how to

Do this you just go up there into your Profile you will click on the settings In the settings go to custom domains Then you just click on ADD domain and Here you will need to add in domain but For this you actually need to buy this Domain first you can see under this There is an article that you can use for The domain setup but how this actually Works is that you just go to website That is called and on this Website you can be buying the domain so Let's just imagine that our product is Something about the juices you can see The price for example here and the and The website that we want to use will be Called for example weight loss juices And let's try to search for this if There will be something that is free Weight loss juices that fit a custom Domain you can get it for seven dollars Per year so if you would for example Want this domain you can get it for Seven dollars and it is free in the com Version you can as well for example get For ten dollars per year so I believe This is a really good this is a really Really good domain that you can get Basically for this exact product and It's for ten dollars so I believe the Number one who will actually take this Will get access to this amazing domain That I just showed you so then what you Will do you just click on add to the

Card you just buy this domain then you Will go back to the and add The domain right here and in this Article you will actually discover I Will show you what you need to do so you Just go step one add the domain name is A or the domain That you are going to buy and then you Need to do this DNS configuration that Could be a bit hard for you to do but What you can do on an ape chip is that If you just scroll down there is go to Live chat page so this is basically a Support page where you can get their Help so what you will do you just send Them a message hey I need to help with DNS records and connect my custom domain To the funnel Builder and I need to do For example you just send them Screenshot of this exact window and you Just give them all of this data but not From this to tutorial but from the Actual domain that you'll be using and They will do this for you so it will be Super fast then when you will do this You just open your funnel that you'll be Using so it could be the top 5 juices or The quiz one and you just go here in the Settings you'll go into the funnel Domain and here you will have on it you Can choose multiple domains I don't have Any because I'm not using primarily I'm using click funnels but

Click funnels is super expensive and I Don't recommend it if you are a complete Beginner so there you will just have Your domain you click on this and then This domain that we have just created Will be connected to this website that You'll be using for the promotion Alright guys so now we have finished the Step number one what is find a Profitable and easy product to promote On a ClickBank guys we'll show you Affiliate resources and different stuff That you can use completely for free to Get bigger chance that you are going to Actually make money on a ClickBank then As a step number two we put together the Secret double your paycheck formula with A free upgrade and I basically give you All of the downfree resources that you Will need to this and this is truly Something that is going to increase Yourselves out of this and now as a step Number three we are going to check out To get 100 plus potential customers a Day for free without existing following Or paying for ads so now when we put Together the product and the funnel the Next most important part is to actually Get the customers get the clients get The traffic into these affiliate links Because without this nothing is going to Work as I told you with the steps what We are going to use are just free or Organic strategies how to get customers

To your affiliate links but even before That let's check out how paid ads are Working because what I believe that most People are using a paid ads for their Business but now let me show you how you Can actually substitute the paid ads With a free organic marketing because Let's imagine that with the paid ads What you are basically doing is that you Just paid for some ads this ad will Start looking for the people on the Platform that you will use for for ads So it could be Facebook ads it can be Instagram ads it can be Google ads etc Etc and they will try to find the right Traffic for their sales page for your Product then these people can make a Purchase and you are going to make Affiliate sales but what you can do Instead you can get rid of these paid Ads basically step you can get rid of This this arrow and you can do one thing That you can actually go to the same Platforms for example like our Facebook Instagram YouTube etc etc and what you Can do you can just start going to the Places where these people are kind of a Gathering uh around some Niche around Some topic around some market and Instead of paying to be able to find Them you can just use search bar and Actually find the traffic into these Groups and do the same process right Here so this is what I'm going to show

You instead of paying for ads and Basically get the system looking for the People I will show you how you can find Huge bonds of people where you can start Marketing and when you can start making Profits without paying a single penny For the ads and I'm going to give you Everything everything which you will Need to this and the number one tool That you will need to this is actually This ebook because as you can see there Is multiple different templates and Basically done for you stuff that you'll Be able just copy and paste and use for The promotion and all of the strategies With down for you templates and scripts Are written actually in this ebooks so You'll be able to take all of the info That I'm going to share with you in this Video from this ebook copy and paste it Reuse it just take some inspiration and Make the profits out of that and the Platform that we are going to use is This one I know many people Who start selling themselves that they Already tries to start using Facebook For marketing they already tried to make Affiliate marketing on this platform but The reason why this maybe didn't work is That you weren't using the right Strategies because a lot of people are Teaching Facebook marketing they never Did it they never made a single penny I Personally made 30 000 on a Facebook so

I can show you everything step by step And especially the right strategies that Are working at the moment so let's start With the strategy number one and this is Actually posting into the Facebook Groups so what we need to do we'll just Go back uh to the to the Facebook and How this actually works what do you need To do you need to go into the search bar And you need to look for some keywords That are related to the niche that you Are promoting in NS what's the product That you have just picked so let's say That I have a weight loss product so I'll just go into the weight loss and What we are going to do in this strategy We just click here into the groups so we Can get actually access to all of these Groups and this is something what I was Selling you before so instead of using The paid ads to get access to the people You can simply just find groups where Are fifty thousand ninety six thousand One hundred seventy four thousand other Members that are already interested in This Niche and for example as well into The weight loss so very simply you can Just access these groups and start Promoting and make and doing the Marketing in these groups I know many People are teaching this but let me show You what is the biggest mistake that you Can start doing or what most people are Teaching they will just tell you that

Open one of these groups so I'll open One of the groups go to the right or Something and let them know for example If you want to lose weight in 2022 Uh this is what you need and there will Be link bank and they will tell you that This is the process how you are going to Make money on a ClickBank there are Three big mistakes that you will be Doing the first one is that the ClickBank is not allowing basically uh ClickBank links in Facebook secondly you Will get banned by the Admin in the Group and thirdly no one is going to buy From uh from a post just like this if we Would be living in a 2015 maybe there Will be a chance but in a 2022 where Basically if you go into one of these Groups you will see that people are Doing this over and over again sharing Same stuff doing the same exact stuff And this is something that is just not Working what you should do instead are All the strategies that are written in The ebook so instead of trying to Basically create this very cheap uh Selling points you should be creating Something that is going to give volume That is going to increase some Interaction that is going to give you Some proof some social proof and as well You will get people interacting under Your post so for this you can be using Infographic post very simple this one

Will you post it I'm going to show you In this video how you can super simply Create without having any unique Expertise in the area or in the niche or In the market then for example just Quotes interaction posts and at the end As well I'm going to show you how you Can combine multiple different Strategies in order to get cells out of This without creating anything for Example like is this one that is not Working at the moment and how all of These strategies actually works is that You just get a traffic for example from Facebook group now we know that this is A Facebook group then in this group we Are going to create some post and in This post we will let them know to Interact for example leave a like leave A com leave a comment or answer some Question and then they will do so we Will connect to this another two Strategies that are written in the ebook And that's actually commenting strategy And DM strategy and just like this we Are able to find just the most quality People in the group people that are Already interested people that want to Be interacting people that as well want To be buying the products and we will Get them from the group in into the Neither strategies and from there we are Going to make affiliate sales so this is The strategy maybe this looks too

Complicated but you have all the Templates all the scripts for you what You'll be doing is basically just copy And pasting what I'm going to give you So the first strategy that we are going To use are this infographic post which Is very simple post that will take you Like one minute to create and this is Working brilliantly because let me show You I'm using this by myself on my Profile and you can see if I'm creating Something like this I'm getting huge Engagement there and people basically Want the info from me so I'm able to Send them the message and send them Affiliate link and then make a profits If I just scroll down you can see on This one 96 comments if I'll just scroll Down you can find 11 comments not too Much 36 comments 17 comments 114 Comments uh 65 comments here for example 160 comments and those are all the People that want the info from me and That are interested in the niche in the Market in the information that I want to Share with them so how you can create Something like this is just go into the Group click on write something we want To delete this you want to go into this AAA and you want to click here and under Is when you just scroll down you are Able to find these templates with some Color in the background so I'll choose For example this green one and I would

Just write something like what is the Best way to lose weight in 2022 And into the bracket you just add I lost 20 pounds in just 45 days What is this going to do that all the People in this group when you are going To post it are actually going to start Answering like what they believe is the Best way then there will be another Group of people that will be interested How you lost 20 pounds in 45 days and a Third group of people that will be just Somehow interacting with it with the Post for example leaving the likes or Leaving some comments that will be off Topic but those are all the people that You are able to contact and connect to This another strategy so let's imagine That we will just post this now at the Moment this post is spending by this Post is not selling anything so there is A huge chance that they are going to Approve it and if not what I would do I Would just go to another group because There is 50 different groups that I can Use and I'll just basically start Creating the post like this in these Groups and here you can see how powerful This infographic posts actually are so This girl just asked wants to lose Weight please help me so she basically Just asking for help out it's very very Similar like what is the best way to

Lose the weight in 2022 and she got 172 Likes and 700 comments now let's imagine That you would create infographics like This you will get some comments with Some likes to it and now you may be Asking what is the next logical step Next logical step is go into the ebook You just go to another page and you'll Be able to find out this strategy what Is a commenting strategy to the random Post but as well to your post so what You will do is that you just go into the Ebook and you'll for example copy there Are comments for the random post so this Was random post so what I would do I Would just copy this message go back to The Facebook I will just open more Comments and I will just start Commenting then just for the Demonstration what you will do is just You just go find someone who is as well For example looking for a way or just Have some good comment you just like This you'll go into the reply and you'll Just paste their descript that I have Created for you so I feel the same or Have the same experience or can relate To topics so let's say the topic or Niche will be losing weight Or I would just I would just leave it to I feel the same about strategies I would Just keep that I feel the same about Strategies to losing the weight and Usually requires a lot of dedication and

Work so for example losing the weight Requires a lot of dedication and work I Tried a lot of stuff what I found online To accelerate my weight loss eventually Found a way to get me the for example Initial results to lost 20 pounds in a Specific time frame 20 days or 30 days But to pinpoint one thing that helped me The best is this quiz blog post or video Here you just basically add the link but To pinpoint one thing that helped me the Best is this for example the quiz so you Just add a quiz for the best Micronutrients or the best unique Combination of micronutrients the the Quiz that I shared with you and it will Help you to some results that they can Get from the quizo get unique Combination of nutrients to help you Lose the weight the fastest if you want It check it here and there you just add Your link to the quiz so you are not Promoting the product you are just Promoting the quiz and actually giving Some volumes but here Emily is not a Good example of this because she is Giving some some valuable advices but For example this jono benefit problem How to get rid of it in need of help Please this could be really really good Fit for his comment that you were just Creating so instead of selling something You can start interacting with them into The comments and you can just start

Sending these comments this is one of The strategies the next strategy that You can use are not just random posts But are your posts so let's imagine that You just create infographic like we Created before and what you'll be Sharing is this message so I'll just Copy this one and I'm going to Demonstrate you this process on one of My uh posts that I have created so for Example I would just write yes that I Need something and what I would do then If someone would leave this comment I Would just reply to them with this Message that I just did but I will click On the reply so this is hyperlink thanks For your comment thank you so much for Sharing this I found out one quiz online That helped me to figure out the best Way Niche related process to weight the Loss or lose weight two something Something loose ninja is also some Amount of pounds or what they actually Want to get in time frame so some time Frame it's by far the best way to start If you want to figure out what's going To give you the fastest Niche result so Lose some amount of weight and PSO I Think I found it in my Chrome tabs you Can check it here and here you will just Add your quiz your blog post or whatever You are using as a promotional material So now you can see the deep instead of Just posting your affiliate link

Somewhere that no one is going to notice You at first want to give some value you Just want to get people interacting you Want to get them interested and then in The comments you will start basically Doing the sales and start sending these People into the affiliate links I know This may looks a bit more complicated Like the first way but from the first Way you are not going to get any people To your links from this second strategy If they will do some interaction and You'll send them a comment like this one Everyone truly everyone is going to Click on your affiliate link so there is A huge chance that some of these people Are actually going to make a sale and Then to get even better results you can Use this direct message strategy what This means that instead of just leaving Some interaction post and commenting Somewhere below you can as well directly Send message to these people but there Is a limitation I recommend to doing This strategy with 30 people maximum so How this actually works there are three Different things that you can be using Random people messaging after one two Interaction messaging and after call to Action so what this means random people Are that you just go into some of the Groups and in one of these groups for Example I would found this guy in jono That is looking for some answer what I

Would do I would send him the friends Request and when the friend request will Be sent I want to send him a message and In the message I will just copy this Very first message and go place it here And it says Hey name so I'll just add There jono I see we both are members of The group group name is this fitness Exercise so I'll just rewrite it under This group name I was wondering have you Found some helpful tips info and tips Over there and I will just send this Message he would reply something then I Would copy the second part and he will Just reply to him awesome I found some Olivia tips in the group but most what I Know I found on the Google the info is Already there it's just about how the Right resources and find the right Blocks Etc and here a huge chance is That he's going to reply like what is The most valuable asset or what are you Using to getting your information so if You just reply something like this then You just go back and you are just going To copy this part you just paste it into The message and it says if you want to Get Niche results to lose weight I Recommend to check quiz to find out what Is going to be the most effective way For you specifically so or what are the Best nutrients or micronutrients or Combination of nutrients to get the best Results if you are going to talk about

The specific product that I show you in This video I can share with you a quiz I Took a few weeks ago that helped me to Find out the right way to get the best Macronutrients to lose the weight then The results and after easy will send it And you can find it here you just add Your affiliate link or the link to the Quiz that you just created send it and This is a process where you at first get Them interested in the process and in The quiz or what you find out and then You are going to send them the link Because if you would do it for example Like most people are doing it they would Just find some random people here that Are going to send the request send the Message and they will just send them hey I just found out the best way to lose Weight in 2022 you can find it here you Are going to send the link no one is Going to click the link because they Have no interest in actually figuring Out what is inside but when you are Going to use this strategy that you will Just copy and pasting these scripts or a Bit changing the scripts as well you can Be like a robot you want to change it And kind of adjust it to the situation Because not other people are going to Answer the same thing logically and After a while you will see that a lot of People are interested in a three-step Free value that you can give them and if

From the freeway they will get into the Paid products chances are pretty big That they are going to as well make the Purchase then the next direct message Strategy is after one or two Interactions what this means that Instead of basically sending people to The random people I will describe it to You on my profile you just see for Example someone that commenting here so Someone for example here Nick wanted Something from me so I'll just go into The message and instead of just sending Him something into the comments so I Send him some details about something That I was promoting I would as well Send in the direct message and I would Send for example this first one and it Says Hey name so Nick I saw your comment Or like in the group or on my profile And I wanted to reach out I was Wondering if we could share some ideas Tips or three tricks about some topic so I would just send this one first one and Then after this I'll just go to the Second part and when I would send this Message from this it's actually Continuing to this script that was here Before so after I found some level tips Blah blah blah in the group or somewhere And just readjust it to this way but This is kind of a more powerful because These people already know you from some Comment section or they liked one of

Your posts they know who you are so There is a bigger chance that they are Going to reply and that you can get them Into the affiliate links and the last One is after code to action but this Could be done with the infographic or a Warrior post that I'm going to show you How to create right now so instead of Creating infographic posts just like This you can as well create a volume Post as I demonstrated right right here So five ways to lose belly fat experts Are hard hiding from you so there are Five different steps that I have written Into this post and I can tell you I have No idea what I was writing about and I'm Going to show you the process how I Created this and at the end I added the Code to action bonus tip number six take A quiz about your Crystal pick to Discover some benefits of for example Find this nutrients the best unique Combination of the nutrients if you want It let me know in the comments so people Who just writing for example yes I want A quiz or let me know what is the quiz About etc etc or consider adding healthy Juicy smoothies recipes for effective Weight loss if you need recipes let me Know below so this will be for example If you'll be using the second funnel That I share with you about the top five Juices that you can use with icaria Juice product and if you want to know

How I created this post is super simple What I did I just go to the Google and In the Google I look for five tips to Lose weight Then I would just scroll down and I Would just find for example five best Way to win your battle with a weight Loss I'll just check for example this One then there are two options that you Can do first option is that you will Just read through this this is like six Seven minutes read and when you read Through this you just rewrite this Article into your own words and you just Basically create an article just like This the second option is that you just Go to this article you are going to just Copy and paste it but not paste it Straight into the Facebook but you will Go to this software that is called a Quill bot and this is actually a better Phraser and in the better phraser you Just basically paste it here on the left Side click on a paraphrase and from this You are going to get a new version of These exact words but this version has No copyright basically clamp so you can Just use it just by copy and pasting so Now I would just get it I will just Reread it and basically create the Article from this so the step number one Step number two step number three tip Number four step number five but what is Super important to actually adding there

And coming up out of your head is Powerful hook what hook means that you Will get people to stop scrolling so for Example if people will be scrolling Through the Facebook group and they will See 5 ways to lose belly fat experts are Hiding from you they will be like really Like what are they hiding from me so They want to read this article this is Super powerful and this is most Important thing that you need to be Adding into your article to actually get People stop to scrolling then the second Part is get powerful content so they Actually get to the end because the most Important part of this article is Actually at the end and this is the call To action so you need to get people from The hook to read the contents of the Call to action so you get them to make Some action and you just create a post Just like this it's super simply just by Copy and pasting or rewriting article Into the Facebook not a big deal just to Show you really quickly how to create This so for example you just get there a Five unique ways how to lose weight Experts are hiding from you than you Will get number one And we just come here Copy for for example take this copy this Go back into the group paste it here This is already number one so I'll just Make it for example bold it

And when I will have this go to the next One and I'll just take something that I Would like I need to read through this To find out but now I'm just Demonstrating how to create this then it Will be this and I'll just find step Number two copy the step number two also Most important I will get it through the Feather phraser because I don't want to Be just stealing the content then I Would say for example something that Will be related to this step the most Paste it here then I will make both of This and just like this I will create The wall article and at the end I will Add call to action and you have Something that you can use to get people Interacting and actually they will be Asking for some quiz or for some blog Post or something that you are going to Share with them as a free volume so you Don't get banned in one of these groups And then when you will do so you will Get go to action and you can use the Last strategy direct message strategy And this is actually after call to Action so this says Hey name so someone Who is going to interact I saw that you Were interested in some bonus in the Group group name let me know if you are Still interested because I have just Limited copies so I want to make sure You are going to take advantage of this So they will want the quiz so you just

Want to let them know and ask them if You truly want this because if you just Send them write the link they'll be like Okay this is for free I don't actually Don't have to take this so maybe I won't Take this but if you're going to ask Them are you still interested there are Limited copies there is much higher Chance that they are going to say yes I Want it and that they're actually going To click on it make the quiz read the Blog post etc etc and this is the way How you can actually get the maximum People interacted to get maximum sales And actually start making your very First money on a ClickBank so this is What I show you are multiple strategies That you can start using on a Facebook Platform the platform that I use to Build thirty thousand dollars income Just from these three organic platform That you don't have to be paying for Because all of this what I show is 100 For free all of this what I show you as You were able to see I'm using it by Myself if you go to my profile you can See very very similar strategy that I'm Using and I was using before then you Can start checking this out checking the Ebook my profile start mixing the ideas Start taking the inspiration from other People that you will see on Facebook but I can tell you if you'll be just using This script this script I was using it

As a complete beginner I made it work And I believe anyone is going to make This work as well so all that you need To do now at the moment is just start Putting this into the action and you'll Be able to start making profits on a ClickBank platform start making your Very first sell but as well I'm pretty Serious to say that you can even build This strategy to 10 20 even 30 000 and I Told you before that I'm going to give You additional source of income and this Source of income you can find it in the Video in the description in this video I Wish you nine more additional traffic Sources that you can use to start making Income from the ClickBank and in this Video I actually started digging deep Into all of these traffic sources so I Don't see a reason to be explaining it Once again into this video but you can Just very simply open another video Start using these strategies start Combining with these strategies then you Will have a lot of ways that you can try And actually start building your income Start making your very first sales on The ClickBank and as well growing it to Much much higher numbers and now which We are all waiting for is actually the Free gift the ebook that I have created For you if you want to get this ebook You just need to go to this URL then ebook guide and on this

Website you'll be able to get your free Copy of the ebook that I was showing you Right here that you can start using copy And pasting all of the stuff from here And as well there are more multiple Strategies and more in-depth explanation Of one of the strategies that I was Basically talking about in this video so With just this ebook guide and with this Video you have a wall course that I Believe if I will start selling this for 200 300 maybe 500 it will be definitely Possible to make the sales out of this And at the end I need your help it would Mean a road to me if you would hit that Like button so as many people would be Able to get volume out of this video and So they can get some impact from this Video as you are getting at the moment If you are still watching this me and my Team put in this video over 25 hours of Work to get and create everything for You so you have the easiest way on how To make make sales on the ClickBank to The list that you can do is to hit that Like button if you want you can share This so the most people can get the life Better from this video and for a maximum Leverage and if you want to get new Strategies on a daily basis over and Over again every single week then please Make sure that you're going to leave a Subscribe because if you are going to Subscribe and also hit that notification

Bell you'll get notified every time when I'm going to create new money making Videos and new strategy new tutorial About how to make money with affiliate Marketing with the ClickBank but as well With many other ways that you can try And you can eventually build your income From and as well already you can find on My channel over 100 plus videos that you Can watch even at the moment and also Super important information don't forget To leave a comment if you have any Problem feel free to comment below I Will try to answer all of the comments That I'll find there and as well if you Are going to use this strategy and you Are going to get some results out of This you are going to make some money And make sure that you are going to Leave some testimonial comment under This video let us know what strategy Have you used how much money you have Made and if you will do so I will send You one of my paid courses as a gift That you can use to get even higher Income out of these strategies because You are the one who took the action and I truly truly will you action takers so If you will get the result don't forget To comment but for this one this was Everything from me and hopefully see you In the next video bye bye [Music]

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