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i've never been keen on working the main thing i've always hated about it is not the actual work itself but having to socialize as an introvert with social anxiety i found this to be completely unbearable at times so i've always been interested in finding out what kind of jobs would be best suited to me going to my local job center has never been very helpful i don't think they're very considerate to those of us who are looking for work but you are also looking to avoid people so what kind of work are you looking for well i'm very good at working by myself so how about office work surrounded by people all day no chance or maybe somewhere not in an office like out in the open maybe a gardener or something i actually think this is quite a good option for an introvert working in nature as opposed to cute up in an office around loads of people for me i quite like the idea of being in the middle of a forest so maybe a forestry job or something gardener hmm do you have any gardening skills um i used to cut my mom's grass sometimes i don't see any gardening jobs available how about a call center i would rather kill myself possibly or how about a job where i don't actually need to talk to people so you don't want to talk to people uh no actually yes that's my answer get on with it how about delivery driver you'll spend most of your time driving yeah i guess that sounds pretty good do you have a driving license not yet although i am learning oh yeah that reminds me my other gardening skill is cutting down trees seriously though a driving job could be a good option with a delivery driver you will occasionally have to talk to customers though but a long distance truck driver would be a good choice for an introvert as you're spending hours by yourself just driving are you good with computers i'm good at watching youtube and playing online scrabble uh yeah pretty good if you are good with computers there are jobs which do suit introverts for example computer programming and software development are supposed to be pretty good it makes sense you spend most of your time behind a computer screen it's also very well paid apparently similarly data analyst and virtual assistant are jobs that can be done remotely so any other jobs that you might be interested in how about a job overseas oh like working abroad no i was thinking more of a lighthouse keeper i did actually want to be a lighthouse keeper when i was a young lad even then i think i was drawn to the fact that i could stay in a place miles away from anyone else thinking about it though working abroad might be a good thing at least then my excuse for being quiet would be because i don't know the language very well unfortunately lighthouses are automated these days though so i'll have to cross that one off the list is there any security guard jobs oh yes there is one here working in a busy department store oh i was thinking of the ones where you're in a little room little room yeah you know the ones where they sit in a little room by themselves so you just want to sit in a little room if possible yeah i mean i don't mind walking around the building a few times i'm not lazy or anything security guard is something i've considered but like i said it would have to be the right kind of security work like those overnight ones i'm awake in the early hours so i'd be perfect for that how about bar work they're looking for bar staff in the local nightclub is there anywhere which is a little more quieter quieter yeah i have an ear problem in other words my ears don't like too much noise because it's annoying how about a library is that quiet enough for you wait is he being sarcastic yeah a library sounds pretty good actually a librarian should go down as a potential job for introverts these are places where you actually have to be quiet and it's especially good if you like books so what kind of skills do you have drawing cartoons that sounds too silly make it sound more professional i mean like uh you know a specialist in humorous illustration or uh illustrative designer or graphic designer something like that maybe hmm how about factory work i don't suppose it's a factory that makes cartoon drawings by any chance is it sausages cartoon drawings of sausages cool no they make sausages god i hate it when people don't realize i'm joking seriously though if you can draw a freelance artist or illustrator is a good job for an introvert the same goes for a writer and other creative stuff like that there are also jobs like graphic designer or web designer or video editor which are good choices for introverts of course a lot of jobs require a skill or qualification but if you don't have that you can always study an online course one thing you can do which doesn't need a qualification is transcriber this is basically listening to an audio file and typing out what people have said there are sites where you can sign up to and pretty much start working right away similarly there is proofreading where you basically read through stuff and correct any spelling and punctuation mistakes of course working from home is the most ideal kind of work particularly for people with social anxiety because of coronavirus a lot more people are working from home recently which goes to show that a lot of jobs can be done from home and i hope that that will continue not the virus the working from home bit if it was possible to do a lot of jobs from home it makes me wonder why weren't they doing this in the first place i guess they'll give some kind of corny answer like participating in group activities builds team spirits and all that crap i'm not there for the team spirit if i want that i could just play football or something i don't want to socialize i just want to be paid some money in return for doing the stupid work they give me to do the good news is the internet is making working from home more realistic than ever before for example you could become an online seller with online shopping becoming increasingly popular lots of people work from home buying and selling on sites like amazon ebay and etsy and talking of selling online i have comic books and prints and original artwork for sale on my website i've also got an etsy shop where i sell some sam stuff plus my other artwork quick little plug there well that's about all i can think of for now if you can think of any other jobs which is sued for introverts and people with social anxiety then please let me know in the comments or if you do work let me know what kind of work you do and how it affects you i'm sorry there doesn't appear to be any job suitable for you oh it's okay forget it i'm gonna be a remote worker anyway you

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