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Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only of your earning potential. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all for that matter. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic, experience, etc… As always there is a risk with any business. I am not a financial advisor and nothing in this video should be considered legal advice

This video is not about how to make a Little bit of money in your spare time This video is about how to use an AI bot For completely free to build a Sustainable online business from Anywhere in the world to make money Online for a long term without having to Do affiliate marketing without having to Build your own YouTube channel and Without having to have any social media Followers or anything like that so once Again this is not an app where you can Just go and complete a couple of surveys To make a couple of dollars and this is Not just quick way to make some Affiliate commissions this is how to Build a sustainable online business so Let's actually dive into a full Step-by-step breakdown just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never fax you

Like that so just stay safe and report Them all so what you want to do first is You want to open up this AI bot called The meter Journey over the meet Journey.com so you basically just want To join their beta over here and you Want to create an account and then log Into their Discord server and once you Log into their Discord server you can Essentially build images from whatever You can imagine so for example I asked Them to create a weird futuristic Gadget A little realistic and this is what they Came up with this is entirely generated By AI this is original content literally Created just for me whatever I can Imagine I can turn that into an actual Image if I don't like it I can of course Make variations or just redo that and All of that stuff so what you want to do Is you just want to join these different Rooms and then you just want to enter The forward slash and enter imagine and Enter The Prompt whatever you want so Let's say for example I want to create a Cute cat wearing a medieval clothing and I want to make it ultra realistic and I Also want to make it with extreme Details and let's see what they are Actually going to come up with so now we Are sending this prompt and the AI bot Will generate that image for us we just Have to wait for a little bit and by the Way this is not really user friendly as

You can see there are a lot of other People in the same chat requesting their Images so you just want to make sure That you are paying attention to Yourself This is for example whenever It's in yellow it's highlighted with Yellow you know that's you all of these Other ones are not really relevant to You so here we have a cute cat wearing Medieval clothing it's still loading so It's not done yet it's still adjusted 62 Percent and once it's completed we will Be able to choose which which on one of These we like the most and we can Upscale that so let's say perhaps I Personally really really like the second One uh I'm gonna use that one so I'm Gonna use the second one I'm gonna Upscale that so if you like the second Version or the third or the fourth you Just select u4 or u3 or you few which One you like the most and then it's Gonna upscale that and make a higher Quality of that image so now you're just Gonna wait for them to generate a super High qual quality image for you so now That's going to load it's going to take A couple of seconds and so here it is This is our cat wearing medieval clothes So now what you what you can do and by The way this is Once Again original Content that I can now use so I can now Download this image to my computer and Then you can just go to the second AI

Called removal.ai to remove the Background you can click on choose a Photo and you can upload that image of Whatever you've created and it's going To remove the background for you so in This case it's gonna remove the Background from this cat and it's going To separate the cat for the background So we can use that as a PNG file so Let's see how it's going to do it and as You can see it is actually high quality So now I can download this to my Computer I can download that image now The next thing you want to do is you Want to go over to canva.com which is an Absolutely free graphic design tool Where you can just upload that design of Your in this case my cat which has no Background all I gotta do is go to the Upload section click on upload files Then I can upload that cat and I can Play around with it from designs and I Can perhaps add some text around her so For example like can add something Related to this even if it's just Feeling cute or whatever that might be I Can perhaps even use Google as Inspiration and I can see what other People are using their designs and I can Perhaps say something like that and you Can also add different effects as well So maybe I'm going to add this effect Over here and I'm gonna also position This in the back so I'm gonna position

It backwards and this is how my design Is gonna look like so now what I can do Is I can click on share and I can Download this without a background as Well so I can download this cute cat With some headline above it I can Download that in my computer and what You can do is you can create a themed Images so you in this case I selected a Theme to be cute cast like cute medieval Cats for example this is even more Niche Down it's not just about cats but it's Cute cats wearing medieval clothing and What I can do with these images is I can Upload them to a website like Teespring Which is a print to demand platform Where you can build your own store and I Recommend you build a themed store that Is really niched down so for example not Just a store about the cat so not just a Story about coffee or not just a story About fishing but for example go coffee And maybe go create a store that's only For people that love fishing and coffee Together and then you can create those Designs or for example I created cats so Not just a story about about cute cats But cute cats wearing medieval clothes So it's more Niche down to people that For example love the Medieval Times Medieval movies but also love cats and Now they will be way more likely to Purchase one of the products from my Store so I can create a store by

Clicking and start creating then just Click on create a product and I'm just Gonna start with a basic t-shirt so I'm Gonna Outlook that image and this is how It's gonna look like on a t-shirt so Here I have my own design on here and I Can set the price he already considered My profits are going to be 11 per T-shirt and the best part about this is You don't actually need an inventory you Don't actually need to do anything you Literally just upload your designs to These products and whenever someone buys Them Teespring will do all of the work They will actually create a product they Will they will print this design and They will ship the product the customer Support all of that all you got to do is Just upload your designs and drive Traffic to your store so you want to Click on continue and with one click of A button you can add the same design to All of these different products so maybe I also want to sell at this as well so We'll click on the plus icon maybe I Also want to sell a mug with this cat Design maybe I also want to sell a Hoodie I can also just click on here and It's going to add all of those products To my store with literally just one Press of a button I can also sell bags I Can also sell these bottles I can even Sell watches I can sell a lot of Different things with my design on them

And just click continue to start Building this and to start building my Store and I can enter a title so I'm Gonna enter something related to my Design and you can even enter a brief Description of what this represents if You have no idea you can even just ask Chat gpta I bought to generate a Description for you and it's going to be Full of keywords and you can just launch Your listing with one press of a button And if you were to view your listing you Can see that you can start building a Themed store with those similar products So this is going to be my first product In the store it's this medieval cat and We also have these monks and hoodies and Phone cases and whatnot and whenever Someone buys this I will earning Commission so now I can just go back to Me journey and generate similar images So I can also search for different cute Cats in medieval clothes and then cute Cats doing something in a medieval times Or whatsoever and they when they give me Those designs I can also customize them And add some text with canva I can even Add more elements in Canon and create Something unique and then upload those To you my t-shirts Max pillows all of These different products and it's Actually a very fun and creative process To create these designs and create a Weary themed and a niche down page and

Niche down store on Teespring to start Selling those products and of course you Can just rely on the traffic that's Coming from Teespring you can't actually Get sales from that when someone comes Across your designs on Teespring and They like them and they can buy them From there but if you want to increase Your chances of getting more sales and Making more money I do recommend you Drive some external traffic perhaps go To different Facebook groups or try Building your Instagram page about that Topic and start attracting people Interested in that particular Niche for Example in this case I would need to Attract people that love medieval times And also are passionate about cats so I Can promote these products to them on That Instagram page so you can drive Consistent traffic with different social Media accounts without actually having To build anything in invest from the Start because all of these products Don't really exist in an inventory from You you don't actually need to own any Of these products you literally just Upload a digital design which was made For you and you can sell and earn Commissions without having to ship those Products or do customer support

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