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So Courtney, what did you do today? Played the guitar, I checked my emails, and then I laid out. Hi my name is Caitlin, I just
graduated with a marketing degree. I stuck around an extra semester and picked up a
minor in classical studies, because I'm pretty terrified of the real world. Hi
I'm J-Mo, I just quit my job and I'm now looking for a new one, so I'm real
excited to get out there and you know, put my name out and meet people and shake hands, and all of that A typical day for me is waking up, eating oatmeal, checking my facebook, commenting on friends statuses. I've been on Twitter
for a long time, kind of addicted. I tweet about, you know, five to ten times a day.
They say tweet as much as you eat, so every time I get a snack I tweet, and I
think that's okay. Oh yeah, I totally got Twitter. Caitlin set me up, bless her
little heart, but I mean I don't I still don't get it, and the only thing I care
about is that I have twitter and John Michael doesn't have Twitter.

Wait, she said I wasn't on Twitter? Everybody's on Twitter. My mom is on Twitter. She's the
Twitter. I've sent some emails to some friends that I know who were doing kind of what I want to do. That seems to be going decently. Those are at least people I
know and I feel like I'm not not talking to a brick wall like I am on lots of company websites. Well, one of the things I plan to do is use resumes, right?
Everybody's got a resume, but I've got a I've got a whole stack of resumes, and what I'm going to do is go stand outside of office buildings and
just hand my resume out to anyone that that wants to take it, and I think
that'll be a great way to get people to you know, hire me and give me a job.

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think I'm one step above him in the employment process, I really do. I mean
he's out walking around, I'm tweeting . I'm tweeting about what I ate – PB&J today.
Yeah, it's been really good I've heard back from a couple of jobs, and I've got to make a big decision, and I'm really kind of worried.
Just a second, it's Courtney. Hey what's going on? Oh, it's going really well, I'm
kind of stressed out, I have three jobs to choose from and I just
don't know what to.. I think she hung up on me. So, I've been doing some
writing on the internet, on a blog and such, and actually it's been going real
well. I write about office stuff, about work, and about the future, and
there was a CEO from a company that came and commented on my blog , and I've been talking with him on Twitter, and hopefully it's going to turn into
something, so I'm definitely excited about that.

Decided to check out my
friend's Facebook pages, not just for current photos, but to see where they're
employed. Did some stalking for about three weeks, got an interview, and you're
looking at an employee right now.

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