HOTEL MANAGEMENT Interview Questions & Answers! (Become a Hotel Manager!)

hello there my name is Richard McMunn from the interview trading company past my interview comm and in this tutorial I will teach you how to pass a hotel management interview so if you have any kind of management interview coming up for any hotel from across the world please do watch this tutorial from beginning to end because it will make a huge difference to your preparation and in order to achieve that this is what I will cover during the tutorial I will give you a number of sample hotel management interview questions I will give you suggested answers to those Hotel manager interview questions I will tell you the qualities that you have to demonstrate throughout your Hotel Management interview and I will also give you further resources to help you succeed so there's four really strong reasons why you should watch this tutorial from beginning to end now before I get into the training a very warm welcome to this hotel management presentation my name is Richard McMunn that's me there in the center and I've been helping people for about 20 years now to pass their interviews and I always do that by giving you top-scoring answers you can't find anywhere else please do make sure you subscribe to the channel and I would also very much appreciate your support if you gave the video a like that tells me you enjoy the content and therefore I will spend more time creating it for you you can also connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to I've put my Linkedin link in the description below the video and it's always good to connect with like-minded professionals ok let's get into those Hotel Management interview questions and high scoring answers the first question I want you to prepare for is tell me about yourself and why you want to become a hotel manager my tip for answering this question is make sure you list the qualities you have that will prove you can be an effective hotel manager in your answer to this question be enthusiastic and positive at all times so here is my suggested response I am a positive confident and highly organized Hotel Manager who enjoys not only the challenge of providing unrivaled customer service but also motivating the team I am responsible for to deliver consistently high standard for our hotel guests hotel management is a role that requires resilience determination and an ability to take ownership of often difficult and challenging situations over the years I have gained the necessary experience knowledge and know-how to perform highly within this role if you hire me as your hotel manager I can assure you I will always deliver outstanding customer service I will get the most out of my team and I will always ensure everyone within the hotel team acts as a positive role model for the hotel chain so that we can encourage as much repeat customer as possible that is a brilliant answer it is very positive in nature and it is loaded with important qualities that you need to be effective with in Hotel Management now you can either write these down as I progress and pause the video or if you want to wait I will tell you a canned download my full set of hotel management interview questions and top scoring answers so the next question I want you to prepare for is why do you want to work for our hotel again this is guaranteed to come up during your interview my tip for answering it effectively is this is your opportunity to tell the interview panel that you have high standards and that you have researched their hotel adequately here is my suggestion answer I want to work for your hotel for a simple reason that I feel the service standard you offer your guests are in line with my own high standards I naturally want to give excellent customer service and also want to work with a hotel team who are capable of delivering that within the hospitality industry and especially within hotel chains there is so much competition for guests to choose from that means if Hotel is going to be successful it has to not only strive to deliver the best service levels achievable but it also has to want to continually learn improve and develop throughout my research in preparation for this role it was clear your hotel has a strong brand you have a genuine desire to provide our levels of service and you also support your staff to help them achieve their objectives that will be the best answer at the interview I can guarantee that for why do you want to work for our Hotel it shows that you've researched them in detail and you're given some really good reasons why you want to work for them within Hotel Management now when you're ready if you click that link in the top right hand corner of the video it takes you through to my website past my interview comm and you can download my full set of hotel management interview questions and answers including the ones that I'm covering throughout this presentation but you before you do that let's move on to some more questions what are the most important skills and qualities needed within Hotel Management now this interview questions subtly assesses whether or not you have read the job description and the person specifications for the role you're applying for so here's a great answer to this interview question there are nine very important skills and qualities needed to be an effective hotel manager you need first and foremost high standards and you must always act as a positive role model for the hotel as the other members of staff must see you taking the lead and showing them the way regard to high levels of customer service you must be extremely well organized be able to plan ahead and foresee problems respond quickly to those problems whilst all times being a strong motivator and facilitator finally you have to have a high degree of commercial awareness and always have your eye on the performance of the hotel to make it as profitable and sustainable as possible now of course there are other essential skills and qualities needed within Hotel Management however those are the ones I feel are most important what I particularly like about that answer is you are focusing on a set number of skills and qualities needed within the role of Hotel Management and you are saying there are nine very important skills so that shows the interview that you really do know your stuff the next question that I want you to prepare for is explain how you'd resolve an issue with an extremely irate hotel guest so this is a common interview question within hotel management roles now you will on occasions obviously need to respond to and resolve guests and customer complaints as a hotel manager so make sure you have a process in place for dealing with this type of situation and make sure you mention the importance of learning from all complaints because that then helps the hotel chain to improve and develop here's my answer at all times when dealing with hotel guests who have a complaint to make I utilize a 3-step plan first and foremost I would speak to the guests calmly and reassuringly to get to the bottom of the issue now knowledge is power and the more information I can glean from the guests the quicker I can offer a suitable solution if the guest is irate I would speak to them in private and out of the sight of any other guests once I had gained the information needed I would apologize if necessary before implementing step two which would be to offer an appropriate resolution to their complaint when suggesting a resolution to a complaint I would make sure the guest was satisfied with my suggestion before once again apologizing and then following through with what I said I was going to do finally step three would be to look into why the issue occurred in the first place it may be that staff need to be retrained or it might be the situation was simply out of our control whatever happened I would try to learn from it and also make sure the members of staff were made aware of what they needed to do to prevent the same situation from happening again so that is a concise and robust 3-step plan for responding to and resolving hotel guest complaints and issues is a great answer the next question is taught me through the steps you would follow when giving a member of the hotel team feedback on their performance now my tip is the important thing to state when responding to this hotel management interview question is that you would deal with it confidently and robustly here is my answer if the team member was performing poorly I would tackle the issue straightaway as this type of situation can and will have a negative impact on not only the wider hotel team but also on the level of service the hotel guests would receive I would speak to them in private and ask them if they had any personal issues that were affecting their performance if they did have problems I would put a support process in place to her and resolve any personal issues quickly with a view to getting them back up to speed as soon as possible if the poor performance was simply down to a lack of motivation or a desire to do their work properly I will explain in very clear terms that the situation was having a negative effect on the team before setting out a clear plan of action of what they needed to do to get back to full working capacity including a time scale for that to happen I do have experience of dealing with poor performance in previous roles and I always make sure I take decisive action to resolve the situation quickly another great answer it shows that you are organized and effective and you are not afraid to take control of these situations because you understand that poor performance will have a negative impact on the hotel overall so the next step for you to take is to click that link in the top right hand corner of the video takes you through to my website past my interview comm and you can download my full set of hotel management interview questions and answers including as I say the ones I've just covered within this tutorial I hope you've enjoyed that please don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button because as I say that then tells me that you enjoy the content and I will create more for you if you have any questions please put them in the comment section below the video don't forget to connect with me on LinkedIn and I wish you all the best for passing your hotel-management interview have a brilliant day

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