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hello everyone Zoe is here with another 
video and another guest as you know I'm   passionate about helping graduated students and 
immigrants to get familiar with work industry   and job demands in Australia and those junior 
ones to get closer to their dream senior roles   today i'm gonna interview Ligia Chelotte 
who is an experienced marketing manager   in sydney Australia if you want to know 
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today thank you thank you so to start can   you please tell us a little bit about 
yourself and your career journey please   yeah sure so my name is Ligia i'm 29 years 
old and i'm originally from brazil my   field my area of expertise it's marketing i've 
been working with marketing for 10 years now   i've graduated back in brazil in 2012 and then 
that's when i started actually i started my   first job in 2010 inside university and 
then i decided to come to Australia in 2015   first it was more for the experience to see 
different countries and different people and   different cultures but uh in 2016 i decided to 
do my MBA here in Australia which was a huge step   in my career here as well wow that's great yeah 
so after my MBA i got my first job not after it   was actually during university so i was able to 
get my first job here in marketing in Australia   in the office which was great and after that i've 
been working full-time ever since yeah that's good   that's amazing so for someone who is coming from 
another country and uh moving to Australia do you   think it helped them to get a qualification here 
in Australia or yeah um it really depends like   for me i wanted to do something very like relevant 
to my career and as i've already done my bachelor   and my degree like in brazil the next step would 
be a masters so that's why i decided okay like if   we want to do this we gotta do it right and 
i just went to the master's level which was   a big challenge in the beginning to deal with 
university and working and the fees were like   super expensive i know you know right yeah so but 
i think it was a good choice because it opened a   lot of doors for me so people see like masters 
in your cv it does give that like weight that   like she's in a good level but that i think in 
Australia people look more for experience rather   than just qualifications so if you do have like 
a diploma or a certificate level you can still   get a job but i was really aiming like higher 
because that's something that i wanted to do   personally yeah in my career anyway so yeah it 
really changed my life here in Australia so it was   a good thing good decision that's amazing so if 
someone is looking for a job in marketing industry   what qualification and the skills are required for 
them to have here in Australia so qualifications   i think you'd be looking at as i was saying a 
diploma in my opinion or a diploma in business   that is focused more on marketing there's so many 
different areas in marketing that you could go   there's like the social media way there's like 
events and online digital influence or resources   sort of thing yeah um or you can go more to the 
like strategic planning side of the marketing   which is the one i personally prefer um but yeah 
there are so many qualifications available from   like certificate three level until the 
masters or the PhD so it's really up to   where you are in your career and what's the next 
level for you but i think if you come looking for   a diploma level you would be able like to get a 
job to work in your shop to get into the first   level and then and then you can continue yeah you 
can step up if it's something that you are looking   for yeah yeah that's fine don't think about 
uh social media if someone is a kind of like a   social media influencer is that easy for them to 
get a job in marketing industry do you think um   i think they're kind of different things but 
like i think everyone can get a job in marketing   as soon as they have like the basic knowledge and 
nowadays there's so many things available online   that you can do like free courses or i don't know 
like not a qualification but you can do just like   a short course that would give you some basics 
you know into marketing but as a social influencer   i think like people already know like what 
their target audience likes and how to   i don't know use the advertising 
online which is great as well   um so yeah i think it is possible yeah 
it just it depends where you want to go   and what are your goals which industry that that's 
really um different as well like i've worked   in marketing in different industries and every 
industry and every company is a different thing   you know yeah so it seems that i'm learning like a 
new marketing engine or um the steps are basically   the same that's right but i gotta learn like a 
lot from different uh companies and industries   so that's right so what are your responsibilities 
can you walk us a little bit through like your   everyday job responsibilities and stuff 
in marketing yeah so based on my um   latest experience here in Australia i used 
to do everything by myself when it comes to   marketing so i didn't have like uh because 
in brazil i used to work for a big large   pharmaceutical company and it's such a different 
experience because back there i had like a lot of   departments working with me so we're doing only 
one portion of the job i was like coordinating   things you know but i had like an event department 
i had social media department i had the graphic   design department and the video department and 
everyone that i would just you know put together   and coordinate but here in Australia ( as i work 
in a small company) i had to do everything by   myself so i got i had to learn like how to do the 
website management but i had no idea how to do it   um i had to learn how like how to do the 
web design wow i like i know the basics   like i'm not a professional in web design or 
anything related to that but i kind of like   i like to deal with design even in a known 
professional way something that i like to do   and manage events i really like to 
manage events face to face or online   from end to end um the planning the strategy for 
the company so like planning all the campaigns   which target audience you're going to reach 
what are the materials you're going to use   how much you're going to spend so like budget 
management as well deal with a bit of money   which is the hardest part i think sometimes i 
think that's where your MBA helps you a lot as   well right yeah yeah maybe helped me with so many 
different things but yeah the financial side was   very important yeah that's like that's amazing 
yeah so Ligia how is earning capacity for this job   um well again it really depends yeah the size of 
the company or the industry and if you're doing   as i was doing like everything by myself 
or if you have a lot of people in your team   yeah and the level of experience as well but i 
think in general um Australia pays quite well um   i think you can start like a part-time job 
depending on your level of experience you   can get like 25 30 an hour average it's 
more like an entry coordinator and then   if you go to a manager level you can get like 
40 or 50 dollars an hour and then if you go on a   salary that changes a little bit but yeah it's 
a good it's not like super yeah uh well paid   but i think it's um it's good like it's 
very open to very different levels and   types of personalities as well that's cool 
yeah and how about working hours is that like a   standard like other companies like nine to five or 
you guys have to stay on the shift working on the   weekend like how yeah if it's if it's an office 
job it's usually nine to five uh the experiences   that i had was really standard like i didn't 
have to do many over hours just sometimes like   if you're preparing for a big event or if you have 
something huge coming up you have to work a little   bit more to prepare but it's usually nine to five 
that's the Australian which is awesome i love it   i love same it's great yeah awesome that's great 
and how is the demand Ligia how is the demand of   this job and this career here in Australia um i 
see a lot of people still looking for marketing   experts or marketing specialists coordinators 
i don't know so many titles but um yeah i think   there's still um a lot of room it's not like in 
high demand or in like i.t or engineering sort of   jobs but i think there's still room for a lot 
of people to come in and work in marketing   so many companies like every company needs a 
marketing person even if it's a small one if   you want to grow your business you gotta you know 
have someone to do your job it's not just a pretty   i used to say that marketing is not just like 
colourful nice looking things yeah it's much   more than that so yeah there's plenty of room 
for everyone so very interesting yeah that's   great yeah come and work you know find a job 
yeah that's great that's good that there are many   opportunities yeah yeah from my experience yeah 
awesome thank you thank you very much for all your   information that you shared with us um is there 
any other tip or advice that you can add at the   end for those who migrated to Australia they are 
looking for the job and they really want to get   into the marketing industry or those who graduated 
from university and they're looking for a job at   the moment yeah sure my tip is always never stop 
booking and never give up because it's going to be   hard or it was bad for me in the beginning i had 
to go like too many different interviews to find a   job it wasn't the first one um i had a lot of nose 
because of my english or because of my real life   yeah because of my i don't know that i couldn't 
work that many hours or because i didn't have the   experience in Australia that they always require 
um but you just keep looking and you're gonna find   something so that's my my tip you know to never 
give up because it's gonna be hard it's gonna be   challenging but it's life and there's always room 
for people that are good that are hard working   just keep looking you're going to find something 
that's right just be passionate love be patient   if that's something that you want that you really 
want just keep looking and you find something   there is always an opportunity waiting for you 
somewhere that's right yeah okay guys hope you   enjoyed watching the conversation please comment 
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